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of consulting other works to obtain the knowledge necessary to understand and to

" The translators are to be congratulated on their selection of this work as a
medium through which to bring the current views of German surgeons before the
English-reading medical public. Written by an acknowledged master of his art,
accepted in the country of its production as a standard text-book, and bearing
the imprimatur of a fourth edition within five years of its publication, it is
admirably calculated to reflect the opinions and practice of the surgeons of to-day
in Germany. . . .

'' The first volume consists of thec Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology,'
and constitutes one of the best expositions of these subjects at present available. . . .
The work before us (vol. ii.) deals with the Regional Surgery of the head, neck,
thorax, and spine, and after a careful survey of it we do not hesitate to say that
it would be difficult to find a more satisfactory presentation of the modern aspects
of scientific surgery than its pages afford. ... It is sufficient praise to the
publisher to say that the paper, type, and illustrations are worthy of the text."
Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal.