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2(5                                 POLITICAL SCIKNCK.
plebiscites, if approved by the st*iuti% wrrt? in have equal
validity with laws passed in the ivwt/ftt«M/urt<tttt*   (Mnmm*
sen, i., 361.)
A few years later, in 292, one of lh«: trihimrs niih thr ob-
ject, it would seem, of lessening the consul'* iwfi'rtitu* in
judicial matters, proposed a revision nf the Uus s»» a
fixed form should be given to them and «ultitr,iry j
be prevented. After years of strife llii* j»iMJr«;t UMS curic
and the laws of the twelve tabks were wniipiletL Thr aris-
tocracy during the strife endeavored to pacify the miiuK of
the opposite party by several concessions, lunu-ly,, the
number of tribunes should be raise*! from live t«* ten \2*jj
U* C,), so that two should be elected (rum each davi ; that the
part of the Aventine mount which h.ul been public land,
should be assigned to poorer plebeian ctlixcn* fnr Iniiklin^
purposes (298 U. C); and that the power of impMsin;; fine*,
which had been without limits exercised by the cuiiHui*,
should be restricted (300 U, C,) This wa«4 a great relief, as
fixing a maximum of fines, as Riving the power tn all the mag-
istrates of imposing them and thus disconmrctiiiK them with
the consul's impcrium, and probably ati allowing appeal from
the magistrates* decision.*
The commission for making a code was not carried in the
way in which the plebeians desired, They winded a share in
the codification, but the other party would not consent, on
the pretext that it was necessary to clothe the commission
with the imperiiim, since alterations in the constitution could
be brought to pass according to usage only by persons in-
vested with that power ; while plebeians could have no i>*/V*
rium granted to them, both for political and for religious
reasons. The commissioners for preparing the code, ten in
number, were invested with consular impcrium, and thus
superseded the existing chief magistrate**, although it if not
made out that this regime was meant to be lasting. The
decemvirs not having finished their work, a new set were
* See L, Langc, R6m, Alt, L,