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CONSTITUTION OF KI.ORHNCK.                          77
Between the time when the gonfnloniore of justice was first
created (1292) and the institution of  the  <w<r///o;r (1306),
several important events occurred which we must  notice in
passing.    One was the banishment of Giano dclla Bella, the
author of the ordinances, obtained by the vengeance of the
grandi*   Another was the bitter strife between the Itianchi
and Neri, parties of Guclphs, of which the G:rchi and Donati
were respectively heads,    Of the two parlies the Hianchi, to
which Dante belonged, and with six hundred of whom he
went into exile, may be said to have had a leaning towards
Ghibellinism, but the strife originated in a division between
members of the great and powerful  family of Cancdlieri at
Pistoia.     To  compose it,  the pnjn*,   Boniface VIH.t  sent
Charles of Valois, brother of Philip  the Fair of Franco, to
Florence.    This was, without question, a plan of the Neri,
who did their best to make it believed that tln*ir foes were
Ghibellines.      He  came, with   twelve   hundred   horsemen,
under an unusually solemn authorization of the si{.;nori» sec-
onded'by the general council of the (Judphu: party, and by the
votes of all but one of seventy-two truths included under the
guilds, and gave his promise that ho would rxercis<* no juris-
diction, nor accept any honor, nor change any usnjjt.' or law.f
(1301-)   Buthe did not keep the oath which he made to this
effect, either because he was unwilling or wan unable; Urn
priors who entered office Oct. 15 were made to resign, and a
guilds, i. e., and makes the guilds sixteen in wimVr, Vor the list state-
ment I cannot account, ami for the first only Ity his sri-kmj; to give
a Greek coloring to his works at the expense of ttmh. Just allt-r-
wards he is willing to be inaccurate n#ti»», \vhr» In? says (p, No), thai
there are two great councils, one of the pipits tin* «nlu;r of the
aptorac. But the people could belong to the c:oum:il t>f the cuitimune
as well as the aptorot.
*Comp. Ammirato, i.f 123, b, iv, Villani, vii!,, 8, niul Stilwfler-
BoichorBLHor. Stud, pp. 89-91.    <U.j,,/M 1874.)
»nu    Villain (viu., 47), who was pivst-iU wlu*n author-
nltV*   ** fr\  N<in    fl</»   ..i..,.__  1          p    ^i         *•*..».§.      11            »     *             *