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606                              POLITICAL SCIENCE.

ruler than he can do good. We need then a moral and spirit-
ual force that shall pervade society, that can go downward as
well as upward, that can produce an enlightened general
opinion on the rights and the qualities of a good government
and on the political duties of citizens, and that can fortify all
this by the power of ennobling realities. Whether a particu-
lar government can be made better, or must be made over,
cannot be told beforehand ; but if the latter alternative is
necessary, it can begin again with new sobriety under the
control of moral and spiritual truth. It seems probable now,
as we look back, that the Roman empire could not have been
reformed, that the overturnings and disintegration effected by
the German invaders were a necessary introduction to a new
order of things. It would seem that in Christian communi-
ties, where the mass of the people were neither without faith
nor without principle, but corruption had been long on the
increase, some new putting forth of the power of purifying
truths and principles could in time do away with the evil.
But this we affirm, that decay of states and degradation of
polities are necessary in old societies, where faith has become
extinct and moral principle has lost its power; that the re-
vived prevalence of Christian faith can raise a nation from its
corruption, where this corruption has not run to an extreme;
and that, where a catastrophe has come, that same POWER
can in the end give a second, a reformed life to a people.

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