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Full text of "Political Science Of The State"



LANGE, L,, on the Roman constitution,
it, 24, 26, 28 ct alibi.

LAV KM-: YE, E. de, on village and family ,
communities, 53; on the Russian mir,
ii. 390 ; on election of chief-magistrate
by popular vote, 271, 272 ; on chuosing ,
part of a ministry by a legislature, j
287; on minority representation, 293; i
on method of electing two legislative ,
chambers, 309 ; on Belgian communes, '

3S7. 3S8.

LEGISLATIVE   department, ii. 287-326;
relations of the representative, ii. 290;
small electoral districts necessary, 291,
292; can interests be represented ? 292,
203; minority representation, 293-295;
the cumulative plan, 294 ; Prof. Qruik'.s,
/V'/i/,; Mr. Hailcy's, ibid. / Mr, Hare's,
295. Direct and indirect elections, 295- '
3ox; evils of, 206 ; election of President
in the U. S., not strictly election, 297;
universal suffrage brings with it a luml
of double  election,   298;     Courcclle
Seneuil on indirect election, 299, 300;
general  remarks on indirect election,
300; J. S, Mill on ditto, 301; number of
chambers, Ibid. / two by historical acci-
dent in the English system, 301; pro
ferred by the Anglican race, 302 ; num-'
ber in  France, 303 ; in Sweden, M/V, / |
in Norway, ibid. ; composition of the (
more popular liuu.se, 303, 304; the dis-
tricts need not be exactly equal, 30-1 ; '
size of the popular house, 305 ; districts
ought to  be able to   chouse persons
from   outside,   306.    Composition    of,
tipper house, in Knglund, 307; in the
U. SM 308; must this house represent ;
wealth antl capital ? 309, 310 ; are two ',
chambers part of an aristocratic sys-j
tern ? 310; differences of functions of!
two houses, 311;  advantages of two j
chambers,  312,   313;   composition   of
upper chamber as  proposed by Mr,
Mill, 314 ; limitation of legislative com-'
petence, 318,   Time of holding olucc,
319 ; length of sessions, ibid.; power of
executive to dissolve the legislature or
estates, ibid,; the veto, superseded in
England, 320; absolute veto, qualified,
as in our constitutions, 321; suspensive, .

as in Norway, ibid. / varying plans in
French constitutions, 321, 322 ; the veto
not a legislative act, but a check on
legislation, ibid.; abuse and use of it
among us, 323 ; compensation to mem-
bers of a legislature, 323 ; Mr, Mill and
Prof. Lorimer against this, 324, Nomi-
nation for legislative office, 325; privi-
leges of members, Hi id. • rules of order,
326 ; power of arrest, MM.
Li; MAISTKE, on the state, 149,
LKO, 1'rof, H., on the Dutch act of abju-
ration, ii. 226.
LniKKTY, what? }iS; its conflict with
equality, 303.
LIKM;K, I>r. K, on rights, 131; on insti-
tutions, ii. 353, 354; on t\\o chambers,
Ln-T., limb, locomotion, personal safety,
rights of, 38-41; right of life cannot be
waive*I, 39.
LiMtTKn monarchies and mixed, their
nature, 518-520.
LIMITATION of amount of penalties,
360; on pardoning puwer, 381 ; of time
for prosecutions fur crime, 381 ; on leg-
islative power, ii, in; of the state's
powers, especially those proposed by
W. v, Humboldt and J. S, Mill, 249-
260; examination of their views, 261 ;
difficulty of adjusting these limits, 263 ;
just limits and liberties of a people con-
sidered , 264 nnw.
Lrn;R<;i,K at Athens, ii, 133,
LOCAL government and self-government:
two plans, central and local government,
ii. 366 ; instinct of a free people to allow
self-government, Miit,; despotic plan,
367 ; union of a gencr.il with local the
true plan, ibid. ; central and distributed
power, 367, 368 ; De Tocqueville on
central government and central admin-
istration, 368.
LOCKK, on rights, 128; on the state, 167,
168 ; on revolution, 414.
LOCOMOTION, right of> 40; its relation to
property, 50; the .state aids this right by
roads, ferries, and bridges, ii. 399-41?1*
Low PS, house oŁ in England, s^i-5^4'
Lor at Athens, ii. 126; at Florence, IL
, 80,   Comp, Florence, Squittinio,