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Full text of "Proceedings of convention of the National association of professional base ball players, held in New York City, March 17, 1871"

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professional gasc gall IjlagffSJ 


l^T .A. IK, C IK 17, 1871. 

:m ds ds t x w* a 


provisional Mase Ipfl |pag«& 


liiiliiy Evening, Hard 17, 1871. 

R O C E E D I N G S . 

Meeting was called to order by Mr, J. W. 
Scofield, at 7.30, P. M., who nominated Mr, 
Jas. N. Kerns as Chairman, and N. E. Young, 
Secretary. — Carried. 

The Secretary stated the call for the meeting. 

Mr. Scofield moved that a committee of three 
be appointed on permanent organization. — Car- 
ried. The Chair appointed Messrs. Scofield, 
Wright and Davidson as such committee. 

The following named gentlemen presented 
credentials : 

JAMES N. Kfaixs, Athletic, Philadelphia, Pa. 
N. E. Young, Olympic, Washington, D. C. 
Alkx. V. Davidson, 

Mutual, Netv York. 
J. W. Scofield, Union, Troy, N. Y. 
Wm. H. Kay, Eckford, Brooklyn. 
Harry Wright, Boston, Mem. 

IIailry Wright, Forest C% Iiockford, Til 
J. P. Evans, J<V m * City, C belaud, 0. 

J. M. Thatcher, White Stockings, Chicago J 11 
0. R. Hough, National, Washington, B. & 


The committee on permanent organization 
recommended that this Association be designa- 
ted as the " National Association of Pbo- 
fkssional Base Ball Playbbs/' and also 
that the following named officers be created by 
the Association, to wit : President, Vice Presi- 
dent, Secretary and Treasurer. After con- 
siderable debate, the report, on motion of Mr. 
Kay, was accepted and the recommendations of 
the committee adopted, subject to the approval 
of the clubs represented in the convention by 
their proper officers. Moved and seconded 
that a committee of three be appointed to nomi- 
nate officers for the ensuing year.— Carried, 
rius Chair appointed Messrs. Scofield, Wr1g w 
and Davidson. 

The committee reported in favor of the fol- 
lowing nained gentleman, as officers of the 
Association for the ensuing year: President* 
dames N. Kerns ; Vice President, J. F. Evans J 

&*te, X. K. Young; Tveamirer, 3. &< 


The chair announced the next business in 
order that of arranging match tours. Mr.N. 
E. Young, on behalf of the Olympic Club, of 
Washington, presented their programme for a 
tour, from the 15th to the 27th of May, inclu- 
sive. It was moved and seconded that the 
programme of the Olymjnc Club be agreed to. 
' — Carried. 

The Chicago Club next presented a pro- 
gramme for three Eastern tours. After con- 
siderable debate it was decided to arrange for 
the first tour only from May 29th to June 

The Fared City Club, of Cleveland, Ohio, 
next presented their programme for a tour from 
June 12 to June 29th, inclusive.— Agreed to. 

The Fared City Club, of Kockford, next 
claimed the date from June 19th to July 9th, 
which was allowed them. 

On motion of Mr. Thatcher, the constitution 
and by-laws of the "National Association," 
as adopted at the last November convention, so 
&* as they do not conflict with the interests of 
professional clubs, were adopted for the gov- 
ernment of this Association, 

On motion of Mr. Hough, the convention 

proceed to consider the question of champ ^ 
of the United States, Mr. Ken* read reso^ 
tioni adopted by the Athletic Club in *? fo i- 
totbii question. Mr. ¥oung offered fc *, 
lowing resolutions, which were earnc* 

nwittlyj fchtt iD- 

/.'■ ofarf, that inasmuch as the title o ^ ^ e 
pious of the [Jnited States is b noml *Z le to 
only, without any authority K> r i * ,r . t ioH il ^ 
govern it, not beta niied by { l 

Association, tin-n ion- I)*' it 



//• tad, that this convention '"""-j |; , r i»y 
lies a championship title to be ™ nte f*Z of &txf* 
the various profession*! clubflin J*! n d to** 
and decided as hereinafter set forth, & 

rned by the following rules: ^ r ^ 
All dubs deeiring • "... writ»^ 

championship must make applfc** 1 ,.,,1,111^" 
to the chairman of the ebampfo**^ 

! - " n "- 1 j -lit 
1871 ? and no dub to be admi^^ 

date, aor ? f; be 

to the chairman of the eb^P 10 * /^ JM 

rati"" " 

reach him. Each appta ..,, doll* 1 * 

.1 by a remittance ol , ( ' nllt ..-li' 1,J ' 

cl h ng * IU1 '* ^announce t ^'' n:llm * nl to* 

^ contesting t* ( > r the title, by publication. 
l * * ne series for the championship to l»" 
u "'"' 1!i five games, each club to play b 

'ir(»fi lit r * 

e , ave games with every other contesting 

i at suet, t ; lll( , an(l j t - nm 

upon* fi^ i* 

pj ! . m " t,tv t games played to be the cham- 

j. g) and ail games to be played bef 
w 7fmber 1,1871. 

games ■ wum ^g the gn atesl number <rf 

( , lit Jj** 10 &e championship series, with cltttw 
eeaso U 8 /'T, ? € championship daring the 
United declared champions of the 

mitteeof t, l te8,IUld W r,rtifi, ' (1 l " h >' ll co»- 
Chaj^ . V, ' , who AlM ^appointed by the 
^own!^ 4! thi> r " nv,n,i,,,l > :l ^l who shall be 
the CW Cham P ioMhi P^nwwttee f and to 
' dual MU ! llau of which ^amittee each dub 

Kl, T] 

lN n "'"<l cn or b fovemh r 

;i| ' " '" :1 tie between two or more 

, ^v,, 1 ,4;;;.' , ; i ' ,ll ;'';' l '''''''<' hall examine 

ha vin J the club bo tiebg, and the one 
10 '"-i average in championahip 1 


test, to be declared champions of the U" itct 

5th. A championship streamer shall beP u 
chased by the said championship commit^ 6 ' 
with the funds accompanying the applied 100 
of clubs, and present the same, on or before 
November 15, 1871, to the club entitled to 
nccivc it. 

6th. The club winning the championship :1 
fcheend of the season shall be entitled toff 
the streamer until the close of the following 
"n, and then to be given to the elub tli:l 
the championship committee shall declare to 
be entitled to receive it. 

The following resolution, as offered by 1 ^ 
Young and amended by .Mr. Bcofield, vv:l " 
unanimously agreed to: 

Rewfocd, that the question of selecting 
umpire between contending clubs bearrang 
by the visiting club presenting the names 
five persona to the local dub to select < ,n '' ° 
their number, and that sufficient time be g* vC 
before tb( day of play to make such ftrrang^ 
raents. The persons named for selection sha^ 

known and acknowledged as competent & 
for.the position, and shall be chosen from tb 


* more clubs. In case the umpire selected 
l0u W iHil, from Borne unknown cause, to ap- 

1 )( : U1 * on the day of the game, then the umpire 
** a U be selected by the two captains of the 

^testing nines. 
^ r - Evans offered the following resolution 

*Mch was carried : 
Resolved, that any base ball player who is 
&der an existing and valid contract to play 

*U with any club belonging to the Association 

«hnfl --. , '., , . , .., it- 

ttOt be eligible to play w r ith any club in 

lll:itf 'h Millie, until each contract is honorably 

^ r * Thatcher offered the following, which 
r [to: 

Solved, that in case the services of a player 
. e claimed by more than one club, each club 
^'■'•'■Med may select the President of another 
. Ub »and those two a third, which three shall 

aV( ' power to send for persons and papers, and 
.f^de the question, and their action shall be 

a Ir - S^Qfield offered the following resolution, 
* h *t was carried: 

in case the club to which a player 


Pfcga does not live up to their agreement 


with the player, then the player, after a &# 
trial before the committee on championship* 
and the club found guilty of wrong, shall » e 
declared freed from his contract. 

Mr. Thatcher offered the following : 

Resolved, that when this convention adjoin' 11 ^ 
it adjourns to meet at Chicago, on the n lb 
Monday in December, 1871. 

Mr. Scofield moved to amend by inserting 
Troy, and March, 1872.— Lost. 

Mr. Evans offered an amendment, which # . 
agreed to, that when this convention ad J oU f^ 
it adjourns to meet in Cleveland, <>n the n r * 
Monday in March, 1872. • g 

On motion, a recess of fifteen minuteft . 
taken, for the purpose of partaking of &>, 
refreshments kindly furnished by the -"" ' 
Club. ^ 

The Secretary was instructed to write to ^ 
Haynic, for a copy of the Rules of the N» tl0 
Association. ^ 

The President announced the following 
mittees for the ensuing year. ^y, 

Judiciary.— Messrs. Thatcher, Y ° ung ' Va ido 
Scofield, Mason, Wright, Davidson, 
and Kerns. 


Rules. — Messrs. Evans, Ray, Thatcher,Waldo 
u, "l Bcofield. 

Printing, — Messrs. Young, Bcofield and 

Nominations.— Messrs. Davidson, Thatcher 
u, "l Evans. 

( 'hampiomhip.— -Messrs, Wright, Davidson 
lUl <l Young. 

Communication of II. A.Dobson, in reference 
t() scoring, was referred to championship com- 

The thanks of the Ajssociation were tendered 
^Mutual Base Ball Chh of New York, for 

■ lv kind reception and hospitality ; when, >i 
,n " l, <>n, the convention adjourned. 

< v > r> tary* 

Jamks N. Kerns,