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January 11, 2013 


Saturday, January 5, 2013, was an amazing historic 
day for our College. Senator Elizabeth Warren chose 
to have a ceremonial swearing-in for the people of 
Massachusetts who voted for her. She personally 
chose RCC because she felt her candidacy got off to 
an excellent start during appearances at RCC. 

The Media Arts stage was filled with dignitaries from 
federal and state government. They included: 
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan; Senator John 
Kerry; Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband, 
Bruce Mann, Governor Deval Patrick; recently retired 
Representative Barney Frank; Representative Ed 
Markey; Representative Stephen Lynch; Steve 
Holman, Union President; Andrea Cabral, former 
Suffolk County Sheriff, and soon to be a member of 
the Patrick Administration; State Auditor Suzanne 
Bump; Attorney General Martha Coakley, 
Representative Grossman. 

The program opened with a brief introduction by 
Kevin Small, first-year student and president of our 
newly-revived Phi Theta Kappa. Interim President, 
Dr. Linda Edmonds Turner, was the MC, inviting 
Senator Kerry and Senator Warren to come into the 
auditorium and take their places on stage. Then 
Justice Kagan was invited to come to the stage. 

The pictures on page 2 really tell the story. They 
were taken by our wonderful photographers: Milton 
Samuels, Pam Green, and Joel Pierre. 

Thanks to the RCC team for helping the Warren 
delegation plan the event. The RCC Team: President 
Turner, Trustee Steve Tompkins, VP Janey, VP 
Mercomes, Marshall Hughes, Keith McDermott, Pam 
Green, Audrey Kimball, Kelsey Jarboe, Justin Petty, 
and Ken Hall. 


We all lost a dear friend last week, and I daresay that 
most of us are still in shock. Our hearts are heavy and 
sad with the loss of Mark. He was highly respected and 
liked by students, faculty, and staff. And he, in turn, 
loved working at RCC. 

We will truly miss his energy, his innovative ideas, and, 
most especially, his smile. 

Memorial Arrangements for the late Mark Garth have 
been confirmed, 

Date: Saturday, January 19 th at 2pm 

Location: First Church of Boston 
66 Marlborough Street 
Boston, MA 

In lieu of flowers, donations in Mark's name may be 
made to: The Roxbury Community College Foundation 

Condolences and other messages may be sent to: 
Steven Hatch 
32 Murray Hill Road 
Maiden, MA 02148 

President Turner, Senator Warren, and Justice Kagan 

The Cohasset Girl Scouts, with Grace Lloyd 

The RCC Board of Trustees with Andrea Cabral and Justice Kagan 

^^^^^^H ^L - Jot 

ffr# Rml f^felp^^ 

Senator Warren with her husband Bruce Mann 

Platform Guests 

Far right: Kevin Small, President of Phi Theta 

Kappa and Emery Henderson, who sang the 

National Anthem 

Platform Guests, including Gov. Deval Patrick