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Issue 41 
January 24, 2013 


On January 10, Dr. Brenda Mercomes, Vice- 
President, Academic Affairs, was invited to 
give testimony at the State House in support 
of a bill that will aid community college 
students in completing their studies without 
money being their biggest obstacle. The bill, 
sponsored by Representative Kay Kahn, is 
entitled ''Pathways to Family Success/' 


Freddy Gonzales, Director of 
Corporate and Community 
Education, decided to retire. 
He and his wife Val have left 
the frigid Massachusetts 
climate and relocated to 
Puerto Rico. 

* r w 




Since 2007, Freddy's innovative ideas have 
brought new energy to many of our programs. 

We will miss him, but we wish him well. 
Maybe he'll save us a seat on that deck 
overlooking the ocean. 


On November 30, 2012, the RCC Science Department hosted 
the event ''Discover Your Career in the Sciences" for 
approximately 100 high school juniors/seniors majoring in 
the Sciences. Attending schools were Brighton High School, 
Community Academy of Health and Sciences, Madison Park 
Vocational Technical, and Cambridge Rindge School of 
Technical Arts. 

Prior to participating in the interactive laboratory 
demonstrations presented by Professors Rodriquez, 
Stieglitz, Gaskin, Laird and Olsen, students and teachers 
listened to a vibrant panel discussion focused on careers in 
the sciences from a personal perspective. The resonating 
message to the students was the importance of an 
education and to be passionate in the field they choose. The 
panel consisted of: 

Roxbury Community College Student and Alumni: 
Emmanuel Limage (student), Lab Animal Care 
Technician/Research Assistant 
Girma Endale (alumni), Visiting Research Scientist at 

Sauveur Jeanty (alumni), Research Assistant - Tissue 
Culture Technician/Wyss Institute for Biologically 
Inspired Engineering at Harvard University 
Industry: James Phillips, Chemist, Waters Corporation 
Roxbury Community College Science Faculty: Professor 

Kristin Laird and Professor Alfred Gaskin 
Related Partners: 

Meghna Marjadi, MA Promise Fellow and High School 

Program Coordinator, Science Club for Girls 

Dean Charles Diggs, Roxbury Community College 

Enrollment/Dual Enrollment 

Ellen Ronayne, Senior Education Advisor and Outreach 

Coordinator, American Student Assistance (formerly 


During lunch, students were able to visit informational 
tables to gather resources and to complete their "Discover 
Your Career in the Sciences Passport" that would enable 
them to enter the raffles. Upon their departure for the day, 
teachers and guidance from each school were presented an 
RCC pennant. 

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The RCC Weekly 

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It is with great sorrow that we mark the passing of John Thomas, our former 
Director of Athletics from 1995-2005. 

Many of you will remember John's amazing years as an Olympian. Some 
memorable statistics from his career: 

He became the first to clear 7 feet indoors; 

He was inducted into the National Track and Field Hall of Fame; 

He competed in two Olympic games and won two medals, the bronze in 

Rome, 1960; and the silver in Tokyo in 1964. 

He was an incredible athlete. 

Services were held for Mr. Thomas on January 22 nd at Temple Adventist Church in Brockton. 

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This event was facilitated by Jennie 
Thrash, Career and Technical 
Education Coordinator in 

partnership with the Boston Public 
Schools Career and Technical 
Education Department, Cambridge 

Public Schools Career and Technical 
Education Department, Roxbury 
Community College Admissions/ 
Dual Enrollment Department, 
Roxbury Community College Science 
Department, Roxbury Community 
College Marketing Department and 
Roxbury Community College Phi 

Theta Kappa Honor Society. Funding 
was provided through the Carl D. 
Perkins Vocational and Technical 
Education Grant. 

For more information, please 

contact Jennie Thrash at (617) 933 - 

7434 or 

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