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Issue 42 
February 15, 2013 


Sharon Katz visits RCC 

Musician, teacher and scholar, Sharon Katz was 
with Nelson Mandella, throughout the Apartheid 
struggle in South Africa. She will tell her story and 
perform in the Great Room in the Media Arts 
Building on Tuesday, February 25, 2013 at 10:30 
AM. The event is free and open to the public. 

DATE: Tuesday, February 25, 2013 

TIME: 10:30 AM 

LOCATION: Great Room, Media Arts Building 

For more information, 

please call Pam Green 

at (617) 541-5380 

or email 

pgreen@rcc.mass. edu 


Because of the recent inclement weather, the event had to 
be rescheduled 

DATE: Wed, Feb 20 and Thu, Feb 21 

TIME: 10am to 4pm 

LOCATION: Faculty Lounge (3)424 

Wouldn't you love . . . 

$100 worth of car washes? 

To stay in one of the best rooms at the Liberty Hotel? 
To have brunch at Mooo, one of the "Best of Boston" 

X-Rays, Exam and Cleaning at a local dentist? 
Brunch at Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel? 
Handmade jewelry by Prof. Stacey Olson? 
Handmade quilt by Prof. Michelle Harrell? 
An adjustment and evaluation by a local chiropractor? 
Gift baskets designed by Ruth Ronan? 
Full course Italian dinner for 4 cooked by Prof. Linda 
O'Connor and Prof. Judy Kahalas 
. Or one of so many more exciting and unusual items! 

It's never too late to show the 

love by supporting the Roxies. 

100% of the proceeds will go to 

purchasing textbooks for ^??^ Valuer Day'. 

students who can't afford them. Your donation and purchase 

are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

The Roxies - Helping to Open the Gateway 

This event was facilitated by Jennie Thrash, Career and 
Technical Education Coordinator, in partnership with the 
Boston Public Schools Career and Technical Education 
Department, Cambridge Public Schools Career and Technical 
Education Department, Roxbury Community College 
Admissions/Dual Enrollment Department, Roxbury 
Community College Science Department, Roxbury Community 
College Marketing Department and Roxbury Community 
College Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Funding was provided 
through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical 
Education Grant. 

For more information, please contact Jennie Thrash at (617) 

C) - ,-,< 



The RCC Weekly 

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The Video/Audio Club 

As part of our programming and in honor of 
Black History Month, Broadcast Media 
Technology and the RCC Video/Audio Club will 
be presenting a series of videos on the Internal 
Cable Broadcast System. 

The first series will be from Africans in America and will 
air throughout the day beginning on Monday, February 
11, 2013. The Eyes on the Prize series will also be shown. 
More information on the programming schedule will be 
released as it becomes available. 

From 4pm-8pm we will break for our weekly homework 

call in program "ExtraHelp" 

Friday, February 15: African American Cinema, Pt.l 
Tuesday - Thursday, February 19-22: Eyes On The 
Prize Series, Volumes 2-5 

Enjoy and let's Celebrate Black History! 

Database Suggestion for 
African American History Month 

The library currently has one outstanding database on 
the African American experience. It is, appropriately 
enough, called The African American Experience, 
Academic Edition, published by ABC/CLIO. 

They claim it is the widest-ranging and easiest-to-use 
online collection on African American life ever 
assembled, The African American Experience is the 
definitive electronic research tool for African American 
history and culture from one of the most respected 
publishers in the field. 

To find articles, documents, general facts and figures, 
gateway to historical eras, idea exchange for stimulating 
ideas for projects, feature stories. 

To find this database, 

Go to library website 
In the middle column, click Articles 
Click Alphabetical List 
Click on African American Experience 

Library Services 

J Borrowing 
J Reserves 

* Media Service 

J Faculty Services 

* InterLibrary Loan 

Books, Articles and Videos 

5 Books 

* E-Books 

* Articles 

J E -Journal List 

* Streaming Videos 

About the Library 

=■ Hours and Staff 

* Library Maps 

1 Philosophy, Goals and Policies 

=■ Inter-Library Cooperation 

=■ Library Video 

Book Suggestions for 
African American History Month 

The library currently has 2,069 books on the African 
American experience. They can be used anywhere!!! Just 
open and read. 

To find these books 

Go to library website 

In the middle column, click Books 

Type in African Americans in the search box 

Click Go 

Next to Sort, choose Publication Date in dropdown 

to retrieve the newest 


equity & excellence 


Achieving the Dream's 2013 Annual Meeting on 
Student Success was held February 5 - 8 at the Hilton 
Anaheim in California. Five representatives from RCC 
were among the 1,600 attendees from community 
colleges across the country. They met and networked 
with many of RCCs peer institutions and had a chance 
to connect with fellow 'PRESS for Completion' 
colleagues. They attended a variety of sessions on 
faculty engagement, course redesign and acceleration, 
institutional research (data), promising models and 
practices, and scaling interventions, to name a few. 

For more detailed information on the conference, visit 
the DREAM website at 

The RCC Weekly 

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Irina Galatskaya, Director of 
Career Development and 
Internships, hosted the 
Occupational Education 
Advisory Board Meeting on 
Tuesday, Feb 12. Advisory 
Board members include 
Industry Representatives, faculty, 
staff, administrators and students. 
Roxbury Community College and its 
students benefit greatly from the 
involvement of business, industry, 
and community leaders on the 

President of Phi Theta Kappa, RCC 
student Kevin Small Jr, spoke to the 
group about how the Phi Theta 

Kappa experience can change lives. 
Membership recognizes academic 
excellence and helps members grow 
as scholars and servant leaders 
united by fellowship. Members have 
access to millions of dollars in 
scholarships, resources and life skills 
to help them succeed as students 
and productive civically-engaged 

In the current climate of economic 
unrest, the opportunities provided 
by Phi Theta Kappa are needed now 
more than ever. Phi Theta Kappa 
membership helps students win 
scholarships and acquire the 
leadership, critical thinking and 

Irina Galaskayo, Director of Career 

Development and Internships (left) and Kevin 

Small, Jr. (right) RCC Student, President of the 

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. 

organizational skills sought by 
prospective employers. The value of 
membership is beyond measure. 


On Saturday, February 2, 2013, the eyes of the track and field 
World were focused on the Reggie Lewis Center for the New 
Balance Indoor Games - Grand Prix professional track meet 
televised by ESPN. This meet featured several Olympians and 
World Class track athletes representing over 15 countries— 2012 
Olympic Champion and World Record Holder Aries Merritt, 2012 
Olympic Silver Medalist and American Record Holder Galen Rupp, 
Jenny Simpson, the reigning IAAF World Champion at 1500mm 
and Jenn Suhr, the 2012 Olympic Champion in the pole vault. 

As many of you know, 
the Reggie Lewis 
Center is regarded as 
the fastest track in the 
country and the many 
World and American 
records solidifies that 
reputation. Such 

recognition did not 
come without many of 
your personal and 
professional support. 

The meet was televised on ESPN2 on Sun, Feb 3rd from 2pm to 4pm. It was great to 
have RCC featured nationally and internationally on the World Stage. 

Items for "The Weekly'' 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, 
please submit it (by Wednesday afternoon) to Jacqueline Lynch at