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Issue # 38 
December 7, 2012 



On Tuesday, December 4th, Phi Theta Kappa 
(PTK) hosted its first Open House. Forty people 
were in attendance. Students, faculty and staff 
enjoyed hearing about the progress that has 
been made towards revitalizing the RCC chapter. 
Attendees also watched a video on the national 
society of PTK and enjoyed lunch and fellowship. 
See page 3 for photos of the event. 

Special thanks to Dr. Mercomes for funding the 
event and to Dr. Turner for taking the time out of 
her busy schedule to show support for the Honor 

Any questions about the Honor Society can be 
directed to Dr. Yvonne Anthony or Dr. Kimberly 

Founded in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa is the official 

Community College Honor Society, with over 90 

years of dedication to recognizing academic 




On Thursday, Dec. 6th, MIT-SPURS Fellow Urban 
Economics Series hosted Gabriela Rembarz from 
Poland and Patricia Cezario Silva from Brazil. The 
50 minute presentation Housing and Public 
Policy was followed by a Q&A session. The event 
was sponsored by the RCC/M IT-SPURS 
Collaboration Program and RCC Economics Club. 

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Nasreen Latif 


Artist John Wilson (pictured right) is 
currently being featured at an 
exhibit at the Danforth Museum of 
Art, 123 Union Avenue in 
Framingham. Visit the museum 
website at 

You may be aware that Mr. Wilson 

also created two sculptures that 

reside right here in Roxbury. First, 

"Father and Son" is the wonderful 

sculpture that is our logo and which sits in the courtyard 

between the Administration Building and the Media Arts 

Center. Secondly, "Eternal Presence" is on the grounds of 

the Afro-American Museum of Art. 

A recent article in the Globe by art critic Sebastian Smee 
featured a story about the exhibit in Framingham but makes 
no mention of the two pieces right here in Boston. Our 
Library Director, Mark Lawrence, noted that omission, wrote 
to Mr. Smee and pointed out 
that omission. Mr. Smee has yet 
to respond to Mr. Lawrence. 

Please see the story about the 

exhibit on our website - 


The RCC Weekly 

Page 2 


^m On Wednesday, December 5th, 

government officials from the 

Dominican Republic and Interim 

President Dr. Linda E. Turner, signed an 
agreement which would bring thirty students 
from the Dominican Republic over the next six 

months to obtain solar energy training at RCC. The agreement was 
engineered through the efforts of Assistant Dean Morisset St. Preux and 
Andy Andujar, the DR liaison, from Rhode Island. Fifteen students will come 
to RCC in February to take five courses: English for Clean Energy Technicians, 
Electricity for Alternative and Renewable Energy Professionals, Solar 
Energy System Design, Solar Energy and PV System Installation, and Youth 
Leadership Training. The RCC program is modeled after a successful program 
at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. 

In attendance from the Dominican Republic were : Jorge Minaya, Minister of 
Youth, Carlos Zaruela, his assistant, Francisco Lizardo, Vice-Consul, and 
Luis Prieto Abinader, Director of Extension. RCC 
attendees included Dr. Turner, Assistant Dean St. 
Preux, Patrick Jean-Louis and Jean-Bernard Nicholas, 
IT, Professors Nasreen Latif and Eric Entermann, Dr. 
Brenda Mercomes, and three current RCC students, 
who are originally from the Dominican Republic. 


q g% 

1 m M 


M ^^L 

(Continued on page 3) 

The RCC Weekly 

Page 3 


The RCC Archives has many 

photographs, including this 

photograph of RCC professor Aggrey 

Mbere's farewell party in 1994. The 

women in the photo are Colleen 

Spence and Grace Brown; can anyone 

identify the men? If so, please contact 

Autumn Haag, the Librarian Archivist 

at or ext. 5112. 

Aggrey Mbere Farewell Party, Photo 12, 1994, RCC Archives, A13 Audio- 
Visual Material, Box 18, Roxbury Community College 

(Continued from page 2) 

mMji ■? 


. «f» , 



w A k 



The importance of this collaboration was eloquently 
summarized by Assistant Dean St. Preux: 'This 
agreement between Roxbury Community College and 
the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Youth has the 
potential to be used as template for future collaboration 
agreements between RCC and various other countries 
throughout the world. Our goal in this venture is to 
provide the technical training as well as the leadership 
skills necessary to develop proactive young community 
leaders and builders who will be at the forefront of the 
renewable energy movement not just in the Dominican 
Republic, but in the Caribbean Basin, a region where RCC 
traditionally draws most of its student population. 
Imagine the possibilities as we are longing for that time 
when young women and young men, through their own 
ingenuity and skills, can harness the energy from the sun 
and the power of the wind— the very sun which guided 
and the same wind system which brought Christopher 
Columbus and his crew to the shores of the Island of 
Hispaniola on this date in 1492" 


to Phuong Tang for providing many of the 

photos published each week in 'The Weekly." 

The RCC Weekly 

Page 4 


I . _ .. 

science students interested 
in continuing their studies 
at four-year colleges and 
universities are encouraged 
to consider applying for a 
new summer research 
opportunity at Boston University. BU has received an NSF 
-REU award for an REU (Research Experience For 
Undergraduates) program and has committed half of the 
positions to community college students. 
Underrepresented minorities and veterans are especially 
encouraged to apply. At least one year of general 
chemistry is necessary. The purpose of REU is to provide 
students the opportunity to engage in cutting edge, basic 
chemical research projects that address biological 

The program provides a 10-week mentored summer 



research experience, $4500 

stipend, free university housing 

and a travel allowance. Students 

will be expected to live on 

campus in the provided apartment-style housing. It runs 

from June 3 - August 9, 2013 

Some highlights of the program include: laboratory 
research at the chemistry/biology interface; training on 
state-of-the-art instrumentation; seminars on latest 
chemical/biology research; weekly REU workshops and 
laboratory group in meetings; the opportunity to present 
work at a University-wide research symposium. 

For more information, visit: or 
contact Professor John Snyder, Boston University, 
Department of Chemistry, 590 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Boston, MA 02215, (617) 353-2621, 


If you have time, check out RCC's 
live Broadcast of ExtraHelp. The 
Broadcast runs from 4pm-8pm 
every Tuesday. The format of the 
show is as follow: 

4pm-5pm: General Math 

5pm-6pm: Reading/Language Arts 

6pm-7pm: Middle School Math 

7pm-8pm: High School Math 

Students in the City of Boston who have Comcast can 
watch live on channel 9. RCN subscribers can tune into 
channel 15 They can also call the RCC studio for help 
with math, reading, language arts, middle and high 
school related homework by dialing 617-708-3290. For 
those outside of Boston, watch live on the livestream 
at or on any of the TV monitors 
around campus! 

Read more about ExtraHelp at 




Free GED Practice Tests are being offered at the Dudley 
Branch of the Boston Public Library, 65 Warren Avenue, 
Roxbury on the following dates: 

Friday, January 25, 12:00 p.m. 

Friday, March 8, 12:00 p.m. 

Friday, June 14, 12:00 p.m. 

2013 is a great time to pass the GED! In 2014, the test will 
change, and become harder and more expensive. Those 
who pass the practice test will qualify to take the official 
GED test for free. Information about preparation programs 
and study materials will be available at the test taking 
sessions. No appointment is necessary, but testers should 
arrive at least 10 minutes early to get a seat. 

For more information please contact the 

RCC GED Office atx5193 or 

ged@rcc.mass. edu. 


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If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, 
please submit it (by Wednesday afternoon) to Jacqueline Lynch at jlynch