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This Planet Is All Ours 

Kn I hod I nl irl 1 'n-.n'.'nfi il ;i 

iKrmmk tTreed and a Militant IV>f!ram 
for the Sumo! Salvation and 
Redemption i»f the While Race. 


Author: Ben Klassen 
Format: Paperback 

Creativity Book Publisher 
Pub. Date: 1987 

RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours 

00. RAHOWA! It's Full Ramifications 

01. Rahowa! (from Racial Loyalty Issue 36) 

Racial Loyalty Issue 28 

02. Comparative Religions - Part V - Eastern Orthodox 

03. Objectives of our Comparison Series 

04. Greek Orthodoxy vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

05. The Search for the Great Promoter Continues - Only More Intensely! 

06. Your Editor is Going on R&R 

Racial Loyalty Issue 29 

07. Polarization and Confrontation 

08. Naples, Fla. - Jews go Paranoid Over Our New Book - Expanding Creativity 

09. Comparative Religions - Part VI - Protestantism 

10. Protestantism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

11. What is a Spirit? 

Racial Loyalty Issue 30 

12. A Planet Devoid of Mud Races 

13. In the Lighter Vein 

14. Promoting a Jewish Hoax 

15. Comparative Religions - Part VII - Hinduism 

16. Hinduism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

Racial Loyalty Issue 31 

17. A Ticking Time Bomb 

18. Comparative Religions - Part VIII - The Nazi-Germanic Religion 

19. Rosenberg's Germanic Religion vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

Racial Loyalty Issue 32 

20. Hubris, Hubris 

21. Rahowa! The Fighting Slogan of the White Race 

22. Comparative Religions - Part IX - British Israel Identity 

23. Identity vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

24. British Israelism: White Men in the Wilderness 

25. A Characteristic Encomium Oozing with Christian Love and Charity 

Racial Loyalty Issue 33 

26. Planet Earth - Our One and Only Home 

27. Comparative Religions - Part X - Mormonism 

28. Mormonism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

Racial Loyalty Issue 34 

29. Crossing the Line 

30. Rahowa Day 

31. Comparative Religions - Part XI -Atheism 

32. Atheism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

Racial Loyalty Issue 35 

33. Operation Rip Off 

34. Comparative Religions - Part XII - Odinism 

35. Odinism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

36. A Letter to Mrs. Else Christensen 

37. Conclusion of Our Series 

Racial Loyalty Issue 36 

38. Clean Drinking Water 

Racial Loyalty Issue 37 

39. The Holy Trinity 

40. The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part I 

41. Purpose of this Series 

Racial Loyalty Issue 38 
42. 1 Talked with God 

43. The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part II 

Racial Loyalty Issue 39 

44. The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part III 

45. Cleaning out the Augean Stables 

46. Creativity - Creed and Program 

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RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours 

RAHOWA! Its Full Ramifications 

The Ultimate and Only Solution 

After a long upward climb over the last 1 00 thousand years, the White Race has now reached the most perilous crisis in its tumultuous history. 
After all the brilliant achievements its gallant sons have demonstrated, especially over the last five thousand years, now suddenly, the White 
Race is facing death, total extinction, in the next generation or two. Can I state the situation more plainly? This, despite the fact that it still 
numbers somewhere around 500 million members, more or less, not all whose genes are unpolluted. 

How did our race get Into such a mess, into such a dire predicament? After all, the White Race at the beginning of this century was 
unchallenged in its supremacy. Practically all the major inventions were created by the White Man, practically all the engines of war were in the 
hands of the White Man, or at least under his control. The only meaningful weapons the mud races then had were those the White Man had 
voluntarily given him, or traded to him. This included any meaningful weapons that the Indians, or the Hindus, or even the Japs had in their 
hands. Furthermore the White Man was supreme, unchallenged, in all technology, whether it was a matter of battleships, or combustion 
engines, or telephones, or building canals, or in building bridges. No matter what field of endeavor we want to examine, the White Man had it 

This condition prevailed pretty much unchallenged until the beginning of World War 1. When the Jews engineered this treacherous, fratricidal 
war of Whites killing Whites, the most insane, ghastly holocaust of bloodletting in the history of mankind (up to that time), it was then that the 
walls of the White Man's citadel began to crack. But even then the White Man was still supreme, or so he thought. 

When World War I was over, some demographers began to talk about the Yellow Peril, meaning the Chinese, and even more so, the 
Japanese. So did some military experts, such as Billy Mitchell, as they looked into the future. In Europe some astute political leaders such as 
Adolf Hitler in Germany began to view with alarm what the Jewish conspiracy had been able to orchestrate with their financial and propaganda 
networks in manipulating all the major nations of the world. Hitler specifically blamed the Jews for provoking World War I and the defeat of 
Germany. Through sheer force of personality, persuasion and an unprecedented outpouring of energy, he and his supporters got the message 
across to the German people that there was a racial war on, a war waged by the worldwide Jewish network against the Aryan peoples of the 

For the first time in history, a portion of the White Race organized a determined, meaningful challenge against the power of the financial 
networks of the Jewish conspiracy. As we all know, by means of a flood of overwhelming propaganda, by means of political manipulation, by 
deceit and by treachery, the Jews managed to inveigle Britain, France, Russia, and finally the United States into a war of terrible destruction 
against Germany. 

As we also know, and as we have been told over and over again a million times, Germany was smashed for her unspeakable sin of challenging 
the Jew. 

When World War II was over, not only was Germany In ruins, but the White nations of the world were in total disarray. Jewish communism had 
been saved. Not only saved but began to expand rapidly and take over Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the eastern part of 
Germany, and in fact all of eastern Europe. All this, with the help of the perfidious treachery emanating out of the White House in Washington, 
skillfully orchestrated by powerful and sinister Jews behind the scenes. Not only did Jewish communism take over Eastern Europe, but it began 
to spread rapidly to China and throughout the world, and is still spreading today. (See "Russia, Israel and the United States", C.C. No. 38, P. 
245 of WMB.) When the Jews smashed the Germans In 1 945, the most intelligent and progressive nation in Europe, they won the most 
significant major victory in their three thousand year history. The White Race, on the other hand, on a worldwide basis suffered the most 
disastrous racial setback In its 100 thousand year existence. The ramifications of this monumental catastrophe are now coming to a climax. 
The White Race has been paying and paying for this stupendous, insane blunder for the last 40 some years, but the ultimate sacrifice will have 
to be paid for in blood by our children and grand children. We have now reached the stage where, unless we drastically change the course of 
events, our progeny will be slaughtered, or mongrelized, and one way or another, exterminated. It is the insane goal of the Jewish conspiracy 
that no more White babies be born, and this as soon as possible (ASAP). 

After the defeat of Germany the Jews lost no time in turning their racial hate on those very nations that they had inveigled in helping them 
smash Germany, particularly Britain, France and the United States, as we will show in the first chapter in this book, RAHOWA! Having 
smashed the "Nazis", that word now became a synonym for all those who still valued their White racial heritage. Every White now became a 
racist, therefore a "Nazi", the new code word for the ultimate sin. Whereas Black was Beautiful, Black Power was great, Israel and Jewish 
fanaticism the ultimate in commendable virtue, White pride. White achievements. White integrity, now became the ultimate sin in the new 
religion the Jews preached to the world. The most unbelievable aspect of this whole tragic trauma is that the Jews are successfully selling this 
insane atrocity to the majority of our White Racial Comrades, especially those in the Christian churches. 

The bottom line is that the White Race has now reached the POINT OF NO RETURN. Never again can we retrieve our position in the world to 
where it was before 1914. The White Race has reached the end of the line. We are now facing brutal, bloody extermination. We are now 
embroiled in a deadly racial war of survival, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we want to face it or not. The fiendish Jews have not 
only revved up the pathological hatred of their own species, but they have incited the hatred of all the mud peoples of the world against us. 
Their unwavering and unflagging goal is a massive massacre of the White Race as was foreshadowed in the slaughter that took place in San 
Domingo two centuries ago. (See C.C. No. 30, "The Grisly Lesson of Son Domingo Forerunner for White America", P. 176, WMB.) 

There are some White racial organizations in this country, such as the Identity people, who have fractured loyalties and advocate compromise. 
They talk about geographic racial separation on the basis of giving the niggers a good part of the United States, such as the South, probably 
the Northeast and the Midwest as well. In exchange the Whites would then have a clean sweep of Idaho and some of the Western states, such 
as Oregon and Washington. Even California, New Mexico and Arizona could to to the Mexicans, and South American Hispanics. 

We Creators regard such utter nonsense as unmitigated treason and will tolerate none of it. In the first place, such a compromise is completely 
insane and impossible of fulfillment. Nor would it solve anything. It would merely be a temporary stop-gap and another major retreat for the 
White Race. Just as in Africa the Jews have driven out the White minorities in country after country and replaced control of each by 
manipulated niggers, so the war would go on here in America, in Europe and in the rest of the world. These fractured loyalists must realize that 
the time for compromise passed 50 years ago, and the enemy is now smelling blood and is hell-bent for victory. The point of no return has long 
passed and is now no longer possible. Nor do we Creators want any part of a compromise, now or anytime in the future. There Is now only one 
solution total victory a clean sweep on a worldwide basis. 

There is now a new consciousness bestirring the White Race in America, in South Africa and even in Europe. It is a realization of what the 
Church of the Creator has been preaching for 1 5 years, namely (a) That we are embroiled in a racial war for survival on this Planet Earth, (b) 
All mud races are our enemies in this fight for survival, (c) The Jews are leading and orchestrating this war against us; and (d) The Christian 
churches are their most ardent ally and most potent weapon. 

It is all spelled out in the Creativity creed and program. It is further polarized in the more recent fighting word of the White Race RAHOWA! In 
this one word we sum up the total goal and pro gram of not only the Church of the Creator, but of the total White Race, and it is this: We take 
up the challenge. We gird for total war against the Jews and the rest of the goddamned mud races of the world politically, militantly, 
financially, morally and religiously. In fact, we regard it as the heart of our religious creed, and as the most sacred credo of all. We regard it as 
a holy war to the finish a racial holy war. Rahowa! is INEVITABLE. It is the Ultimate and Only solution. No longer can the mud races and the 
White Race live on the same planet and survive. It is now either them or us. We want to make damn sure it is we who survive. This Planet is 
from now on all ours, and will be the one and only habitat for our future progeny for all time to come. 

On the front face of the World Center Building of the Church of the Creator is a goal carved in heavy timbers. It reads: 
The Winning of the West Is the White Man's Prototype For the Winning of the World. 

RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours 

RAHOWA! Its Full Ramifications 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 36 - June 1986 

RAHOWA! Recognize your Enemies! 

The Jews and the mud races have ganged up in a fierce and deadly racial war designed to exterminate the White Race. Only the victim seems 
unaware that it is targeted. 

The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who cannot, or WILL not, recognize its enemies. There are very few species on 
this planet that fall into this category. 

For the dumbest of all, the ultimate booby prize goes to that creature which not only refuses to recognize its natural enemies, but will actively 
collaborate with those enemies in helping to bring about the destruction of its own kind. 

The White Race, in its present headlong rush to extinction, has the dubious honor of qualifying for both first and second booby prizes. In fact, it 
is the only species I know of that gladly and wantonly participates with its enemies in its own destruction. 

Why is this? For thousands of years the White Race has been the foremost species on the face of the earth in intelligence, in creativity, in 
productivity, in imagination; in the fields of art, literature, invention, geographical discovery, colonization, political organization and the military 
arts. In fact, it has been the unchallenged leader in these and in practically every other worthwhile field of human endeavor. 

Today the White Race is shrinking rapidly, while the mud hordes, fed by the largesse, charity and productivity of the White Race, are exploding 
in numbers all over the face of the earth. Like hordes of prolific rats, they are feeding, breeding and expanding, all at the expense of the Booby 
Prize Winner No. I, the White Race. 

I repeat the question: why are we pursuing this insane course? The answer is both simple and complex and throughout all my writings I have 
chronicled both the cause and also the solution. So that no one will miss the point, I will briefly, in one paragraph, recapitulate the cause. 

The White Man's brain has been deranged by an alien poison. It is interlaced and interlarded into his religion, called Christianity. It is being 
administered by the world's most deadly parasite, the perfidious and treacherous Jew. The essence of that poison is capsulized in the Sermon 
on the Mount: love your enemies; turn the other cheek; sell all thou hast and give it to the mud peoples; judge not; think not of the morrow; ask 
and ye shall be given; store up treasures in heaven (but not on earth); pluck out thine eye; cut off thy hand; and a whole plethora of suicidal 
advice that you would only dispense to your worst enemy if you wanted him to commit suicide without > having to bother killing him yourself. 
(Read again, "The New Testament" page 106 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) 

However, let us not be under any misapprehension that the "perfidious and treacherous Jew" mentioned in the previous paragraph is content in 
just giving us goyim bad advice and let us do the job of self-destruction unaided and all by ourselves. Far from it. Not only is the Jew the natural 
Enemy No. I of the White Race, but he is vicious and a virulent creature the likes of which the world has never seen. He is cunning, he is 
treacherous, he is tenacious, he is patient, he is deadly. He does, however, have one redeeming feature the White Race does not. Whereas all 
races (except the White Race) practice Racial Loyalty, the Jew does so with a fervent passion that is unequalled by any other race. As a 
culmination of these characteristics the Jew now sits on top of the world, manipulating its affairs, and plundering the goyim at will. (See Racial 
Loyalty No 35, "Operation Rip-off.") 

But the Jew is not only a master parasite sucking the blood of its victims. The Jew is also a master destroyer, infiltrating, under mining, 
poisoning and exterminating peoples, nations and civilizations. This he has been doing with an expert (hidden) hand for thousands of years, 
going back as far as the Ancient Egyptian civilization. This the Jew is doing today with a deadly virulence and accelerating speed as never 
before in its turbulent Jewish history. And the No.1 target, as we approach the end of the Twentieth Century, is the total White Race. That 
means you, Whitey, your family, your relatives, your race, your civilization, and along with it any future progeny that you might have 

We, the White Race, are enveloped in a vicious deadly race war, whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not. Like a boa constrictor 
wrapped tightly around our body, we are locked in, while poisonous little asps are nibbling at our toes. 

Let us study our enemy more closely and examine the modus operandi he employs with such deadly skill. Which operation shall we examine? 
Should we study the French Revolution and the decapitation of France's most stalwart leaders? Or the destruction of the great Roman 
Civilization? Or the mongrelization of the great White Egyptian Civilization? Or the destruction of the great German Reich? Or the Spanish Civil 
War? Or World War I, that sent the White civilization on a downward tailspin? Or World War II, that killed off 50 million White men, women and 
children? Or the War between the States of 1861-65? Or the fire-bombing of Dresden in which 335 thousand Germans were incinerated in two 
nights of concentrated firebombing? Or the pointless Vietnamese War in which 57 thou sand American boys were killed and hundreds of 
thousands wound ed, crippled or maimed? We have an almost endless list of Jewish atrocities to choose from that if we wanted to cover them 
all, we could write a 24 volume encyclopedia on the subject and still not exhaust the material evidence. 

But let us concentrate briefly on the ongoing Jewish war in the Middle East that has been in progress for a century and is still very much in the 
news today. Let us briefly examine how and why the Jews raped Palestine, stole it from the Arabs and by sheer force, deceit, chicanery and 
treachery appropriated it unto themselves as their "homeland." In so doing let us also describe the methods of terrorism they used so 
effectively and at which they are now the world's foremost protagonists and experts. 

We choose the Palestine theatre, because there, in microcosm, is represented the heart of the Jewish struggle to enslave the world under its 
brutal heel. Palestine, this geographical sump hole of the world, nevertheless also represents the spawning ground of the world's three most 
dominant religions: Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism. Palestine: it is "holy ground" to three of the world's major cultures: Jewish, 
Arab and White Christian. Palestine: the crossroads of the world for three thousand years and an unsettled battleground of races, religions and 
cultures for an equal period of time. 

The Jews developed their tribal cohesiveness while parasitically sponging off the healthy Egyptian civilization while the latter was at its prime. 
They learned many, if not practically all, of their religious ideas from Egyptians. The idea of soul, spirits, gods, monotheism, etc., all came from 
the Egyptians. When this parasitical tribe of Judah finally became so obnoxious and detrimental that the Egyptians could no longer tolerate 
them, they were finally driven out around the 12th century B.C.E. 

This band of parasites then targeted the nearby domain of the Philistines, who had lived in Palestine from the earliest of historic times, as their 
next "land of milk and honey." After prolonged periods of warfare, perhaps two hundred years or more, the Philistines were conquered by the 
Israelites under King David at about 1000 B.C.E. 

For the first seven years David's headquarters were in Hebron, about twenty miles south of a fortified village called Jebus, the capital of the 
Jebusites. After some further warfare David decided to take Jebus by force and make it his capital. In time it became known as Jerusalem. 
Since these places later became emotional "holy ground," it is noteworthy to mention that one of the hills in Jerusalem was known as "Zion." 
This, as we all know, later became the rallying point of the "Zionists," and since the Zionists are now the core of the aggressive Jewish drive for 
world domination and enslavement, it is well to note its early beginnings. 

Without going too deeply into early Jewish history, suffice it to say that the Jews as a "nation" lasted less than a hundred years, when it split 
into two parts. The northern section, consisting mainly of Samaria assumed the name of "Israel," although Jerusalem and the Temple of 
Solomon were in the southern section, called Judah, and later Judea (if we can believe the Jews' concocted story.) Relations between these 
two Jewish groups remained acrimonious and warlike, as it has always been between Jews and goyim, or if confined to live with each other, 
between the Jews themselves, to this day. They are a hostile, obnoxious and rebellious people, no matter where they live. 

In order to get a proper historical view of the Jews' claim on the Palestine of today it is cogent to point out that the Jews, Judeans or Israelites 
as such never occupied Palestine as a nation for more than 300 years out of the last 3,000 years. They were neither the first to settle the land, 
nor did they have the longest tenure. The northern area was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.E., while the southern sector was 
conquered by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E. From that time on the Jews were insignificant in numbers and the area was under the control of 
many larger nations and empires, such as the Romans, the Ottoman Empire and others. 

In any case, the longest tenure of the land called Palestine has been by the Arabs, who have occupied it as theirs for the last 1 ,300 years. 
Even as recently as 1 948, when the Jews claimed Palestine as their "ancestral land" given to them by Yahweh, they were still a minority, even 
in the partial territory that was "awarded" by the United Nations. 

So much for ancient history. Let us now see (a) how these parasites cunningly connived to steal this piece of real estate from an outraged Arab 
population and (b) why they would want it in the first place, when it is really such a miserable and economically detrimental piece of real estate. 

The heart of both these questions goes back to religion Judaism which has been the mainspring of Jewish cohesiveness and solidarity for 
the last four, or perhaps five thousand years. The core of their religion is enveloped in the claim that they are "God's Chosen", a special people 
to Yahweh (their own tribal god) who, they claim, has given them "a covenant" saying so, and along with it the unlimited right to claim all the 
goodies of the world from the goyim (the Jewish term for all non-Jews, meaning cattle or animals.) God has given it to them and they have the 
moral right, yea, the duty to take it from them by one way or another, be it by force, treachery, swindle, or whatever. They have written all this 
into their Old Testament and more. For example, in Exodus 19:5 (the Lord speaking), "Now therefore if ye will obey my voice, indeed, and keep 
my covenants, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine." 

The same theme is reiterated again and again, not only in the Old Testament but also in their Talmud, which is even holier unto the Jews, and 
even more bloodthirsty. 

The question still persists: why, when the Jews were doing so well incognito, and controlled most of the wealth of the world long before the 
seizure of Palestine in 1 948, why would they go public and stir up a hornet's nest of trouble over Palestine? On pages 253 and 254 of The 
White Man's Bible, I give five reasons and still believe all five are valid. However, the more I study the situation the more overriding becomes 
Reason No. 1 : to Bolster and Unify the sagging ideology of the Jewish rank and file. Through their fanatical practice of racial loyalty and racial 
teamwork, this small minority had become so wealthy and affluent that their moral (Read "Racial Fanaticism") fiber was becoming flabby. The 
younger generations became more and more "assimilated" into their "western" host nations and marrying Gentiles in greater numbers, thereby 
forsaking their religious racial and historical heritage. The older Jewish hierarchy became much disturbed by this turn of events, and felt that 
new hostilities, new warfare must be engendered and the Jews must polarize around their ancient "roots," their religious fairy tales of Abraham, 
Isaac and Jacob, their "nation" of Israel in the time of Saul, David and Solomon and other religious traditions. Hence back to Palestine to their 
"roots," no matter what the cost in bloodshed or mayhem. Otherwise, they might vanish as a "nation," a religion, a race, or an entity. 

The idea of a "homeland" for the Jews, a place of refuge they could flee to if things got too rough, had been simmering among a certain 
segment of the Jews ever since Moses Hess wrote the book "Rome and Jerusalem" in 1 862. Hess was an early apostle of European socialism 
and a collaborator of Karl Marx. Later they went their own separate ways because Hess wanted to mingle his socialism with a bit of spiritual 

As anti-Semitism (actually, Gentile awareness of the Jewish menace) was rising in Europe, during the latter half of the nineteenth century, the 
idea of a Jewish state somewhere in the world (even the Island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa, was considered) was becoming more 
urgent to a certain segment of the Jewish population. There was the Dreyfus Case in France. There were Georg von Schoencrer and Dr. Karl 
Lueger in Austria. In Germany, Eugen Duhring wrote his stirring book 'The Jewish Problem as a Problem of Race, Morals and Culture." There 
was the bitter struggle between the Czars of Russia and the Jews confined to the Pale. The Jews had always been at war with their host 

nations, but now they were getting even more antsy. They were becoming intensely aware of the fact that their conspiracy could blow up in 
their faces and they might have no place to go. 

However it was not until Theodore Herzl wrote his book "Der Judenstaat" (the Jewish State) in 1 896, that the idea of Zionism really began to 
polarize. In it Herzl laid down the first real blueprint for a new Jewish nation. Herzl called together a conference on Zionism in Basic, 
Switzerland, the following year, and Zionism was off and running. The Jews credit Herzl as being "the Father of Zionism." Seven years later 
(1904) Herzl died at the early age of 44, but his "blueprint" marched on with a vengeance. 

The Zionist idea, however, was not embraced by all the Jews. In fact, at first the majority opposed it. Many of the wealthy, comfortably 
entrenched Jews, especially in the United States, took the position of "Why rock the boat? We never had it so good!" 

But there were a number of fanatics, like the British chemist of sorts. Dr. Chaim Weizman, and a number of other Jewish zealots who began to 
move mountains. The story of their intrigue, their machinations, conniving and treachery is unmatched in history. It is a story we cannot 
chronicle here for lack of space, but can only point to a few highlights. 

It was through the chicanery of Dr. Weizman that the Jews during the stress of World War I got a member of the British bureaucracy to sign the 
ambiguous and contradictory "Balfour Declaration." It had all the binding contractual obligations in it of a "get well" card, no more, no less. All it 
consisted of was a short letter, written by the Zionists themselves, reluctantly signed by Arthur James Balfour, then a Foreign Secretary in the 
British cabinet. It was addressed to Baron Edmond de Rothchild, a wealthy Jew of no official standing. All it said in effect was that "His 
Majesty's government" viewed "with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." At the same time "nothing 
shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities (the Arabs) in Palestine." (The Jews at this time 
comprised of only 9.5 percent of the Palestine population.) 

This was during the heat of World War I when the war was going badly for Britain. The Jews promised to bring the United States into the war if 
Balfour would sign the letter. This, Balfour reluctantly did, and meanwhile such influential Jews as Justice Brandeis, Bernard Baruch, Col. 
Edward House (President Wilson's alter ego) successfully manipulated a befuddled President Wilson to indeed declare war on Germany. 

On this flimsy pretext, the Balfour letter, which at best said two contradictory things at the same time, and which traded in real estate which was 
neither the Jews' nor the British to give, the Jews now shouted to the world they had a "Charter" to rush into Palestine and take over, although 
this country was then settled by Arabs whose ancestors had been there for 1 ,300 years. 

The Jews made the most of their piece of paper. At the ensuing Peace Conference at Versailles in 1919, the Jews swarmed all over the 
conference, while the Arabs were poorly represented and got short shrift. Their legitimate claims were ignored. 

Most Jews are Khazars. 

There is one further factor that completely demolishes any "ancestral" claims the Jews pretend to have on Palestine. Ninety percent of today's 
Jews are Khazars, descendents of a Mongol-Tartar race that once resided in that area of Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. These 
scurvy mongrels were converted to Judaism circa 800 C.E. and are even more virulent and bloodthirsty than the once Palestinian (Sephardim) 
Jews, but never set foot in Palestine. 

Without going into the intervening details of history, we all know that from these bastardly beginnings the United Nations, with massive 
pressure from a Jew contaminated United States, did in deed declare the partition of Palestine and grant the Jews the State of Israel in a 
predominately Arab land, a land that was not theirs to give. 

With it was ushered in an era of terrorism, perpetual warfare, chaos and unmitigated turmoil that has redounded badly for both arch co- 
conspirators of the Jews, Britain and the United States. Britain not only lost all her influence in the Middle East, but consequently lost all her 
colonies as well. She is now a poor third-rate power, herself being invaded and overrun by the mud races of the world. The United States is 
now vehemently hated by not only the once friendly Arabs, but by practically every other country in the world as well. Furthermore it is now 
fighting Israel's wars, perpetrating unmitigated terrorism on Israel's enemies (such as the recent $70 million raid on Libya) and subsidizing its 
great "ally" Israel to the tune of increasing billions each year. 

But let us examine what a vicious beast the State of Israel really is, and the unmitigated terrorism it has carried out, before, during, and after 
the take over of Israel, and how it has deliberately used terrorism as a most effective weapon to brutally panic and stampede the native 
population to flee and abandon their lands, and bludgeon its way to power. 

We also want to examine how "thankful" Israel (and the Jews in general) are to their "allies" who were stupid enough to aid them in their brutal 
drive for power. In particular, we want to see just how Britain and the United States, their most "dedicated" friends, have fared and how they 
have received their just rewards. 

Britain had served its purpose then was torpedoed. 

At the Versailles Treaty negotiations the Jews made sure that Britain was granted a "mandate" over Palestine so that its friendly military 
powers could be utilized to help protect the minority of Jews then in Palestine, and the flood of immigrants that were now invading that 
miserable and unfortunate country. 

In 1 920, there were about 500 thousand Arabs, 70 thousand Christians and about 60 thousand Jews in Palestine. In other words, the Jews 
comprised only about 9.5 percent of the population. As the migration was accelerated by Rothschild money, by Zionists propaganda and by the 

rising fear of anti-Semitism in Europe by the rise of Hitler, the flood of Jews, especially from Eastern Europe, increased to a torrent. Naturally 
the Arabs became alarmed, and the British, with a certain sense of duty, tried to stem the illegal tide. By 1940 the population count in Palestine 
had shifted to the following figures: 947,846 Moslems, 120,587 Christians and 463,535 Jews, the latter still only 30.4 percent of the total 

By now the Jews regarded the British as enemies and oppressors and covertly began to organize their own terrorist gangs and armies, 
although openly they were still "allies" against Hitler. By 1 943, although still pretending to be "allies", the Jewish terrorist gangs began full scale 
operations against the British. After World War II was over, they discarded the hypocritical "ally" stance and viciously turned on the British, 
openly bringing their terrorist gangs into full play. There were three major gangs: the Stern gang, consisting mostly of Polish-born Jews, the 
Irgun Zvei Leumi, led by a Polish Jew named Menachem Begin, and the Haganah, which called itself an "official" Jewish army. Of the latter, the 
Palmach division was the terrorist commando spearhead. 

The Jews, now fired up by a Messianic complex, would stop at nothing. First, they would drive out the British, then the Arabs. In both cases 
they largely used the sneaky hit-and-run tactics at which they excel: TERRORISM. 

First the British. 

The number of acts of terrorism against the British were so numerous that I can only give a sampling of the smaller acts over a short period of 
time and then let the reader expand this up until the British threw in the sponge and pulled out on May 1 5, 1 948. 

Scarcely was the war over in Europe when the Jewish terrorist gangs rapidly took over. May 13, 1945: telegraph poles blown up by explosives; 
an attack on the (British) Police Mobile Force at Sarona, using mortars; May 15: attack repeated; May 22: Iraqi Petroleum Co. (British) oil 
pipeline to Haifa punctured at two places; May 25: police patrol (on pipeline) ambushed; June 12: mortars aimed at King's Birthday Parade 
discovered, and on the following day mortars were found aimed at Lord Gort, the High Commissioner, who would take the salute to the parade; 
June 17: substantial quantities of gelignite stolen from quarries by armed Jews; July 13: a truck load ed with explosives was ambushed and the 
British constable escort killed; same day, a bridge on the Haifa-Kantara railway line was blown up; August 7: 3,500 British pounds stolen from a 
Tel Aviv bank in armed hold-up; August 13: a large body of armed Jews stole 450 pounds of explosives at Petch Tiquch; August 20: a Jewish 
settler who had been of assistance to British police was murdered; September 2: armed Jews dressed as British police attempted to rob a Tel 
Aviv bank and shortly thereafter a large quantity of textiles (worth $25 thousand) were stolen there; October 31: the Palmach Hagana blew up 
the railway at 153 places. 

This is a sampling of terrorist acts committed in less than six months during 1 945 alone, but actually the guerrilla warfare against the British 
had been going on since 1 943, and did not cease until the British were driven out in desperation on May 1 5, 1 948. 

A few more typical incidents: on December 12, 1945, the Irgun Zvei Leumi (Menachem Begin's outfit) blew up the C.I.D. (British Criminal 
Investigation Dept.) Headquarters in Jerusalem, killing seven policemen and soldiers, while two more were killed in simultaneous attacks in 
Jaffa and Tel Aviv. 

Shortly after 12 noon, on July 22, 1946, the King David Hotel where the British government had set up their headquarters, was blown up by a 
massive amount of explosives brought in by milk cans and placed in the basement immediately under the wing housing the staff. The job was 
engineered by Menachem Begin, who later became Prime Minister of Israel, and was wined and dined at the White House in Washington. 

Eighty-three members of the British staff were killed as well as five members of the public. 

The intensity of the Jewish hatred for the British knew no bounds. To quote their official attitude "an Englishman would always be a filthy Goy, 
who could be killed for that reason alone." On November 9, 1 946, four British members of the Palestine Police Force were killed by a booby- 
trapped mine in a Jerusalem house which they were searching for arms. 

This list of atrocities against the British (their "allies," who gave them the Balfour Declaration) is only a sampling up to the end of 1946 and very 
incomplete. The terrorism against the British went on full blast until May 15,1948, when the British, defeated, and militarily and economically 
exhausted, pulled out and dumped their responsibilities on the naive and Jew controlled United Nations. 

At the same time an even fiercer racial war of annihilation was waged against the native Arabs, who had lived there for the last 1 ,300 years. Let 
us briefly review their fate. This war was going on even long before the start of World War II. 

Next the Arabs. 

The multitude of atrocities and acts of terror against the Arabs, like those also against the British are far too numerous to list, and completely 
beyond the scope of this limited article. Therefore, I will list but two examples to draw a general picture of the fierceness and brutality of the 
deliberate Jewish campaign to accomplish by murder, terrorism and wanton destruction what they could not accomplish by legal means. They 
used terror systematically and ruthlessly as an instrument to frighten, stampede and drive the Arabs from off their native lands. In this, they 
were experts and the results achieved were extremely effective. 

Deir Yasin. 

Under the leadership of Begin, the Irgun Zvei Leumi on the night of April 9/10 occupied the Arab village of Deir Yasin situated on the outskirts 
of Jerusalem. Of about 700 Arab inhabitants, 254 defenseless men, women and children were murdered in short order and many of their 
bodies thrown down a well. 300 were wounded. 

The women and children who survived were rounded up at dawn, loaded on trucks and paraded through the Jewish section of Jerusalem. The 
Jewish crowds greeted their victims with a hail of stones and curses, spitting on them as they passed by. 

Later 1 50 women and children were released near the Arab sector of Jerusalem and sent off with a volley of small arms fire. 


World opinion was outraged at the brutal display of savagery at Deir Yasin, and even the Jewish Agency (the quasi-underground government 
of Jewish operations in Palestine) "condemned" the Irgun Zvei for this unwarranted display of wanton brutality, although they secretly 
participated in its planning and execution. But the bloodthirsty Jews cared little about world opinion, since their news media controlled most of it 
anyway. They were accomplishing what they set out to do: to stampede and terrorize the Arabs to flee their lands. 

This the Arabs did in large numbers. The Zionists, undaunted by outraged world opinion, on the very next day, April 10, attacked the small 
village of Nasr-ed-Din, near Tiberius, most of whose inhabitants had fled. They killed all 10 of the remaining persons who had stayed. They 
then burned down, dynamited and leveled every structure and building in the village. 

The Murder of Count Folke Bernadotte. 

Despite all the atrocities carried on by the invading Zionists in to territory occupied by the Arabs for the previous 1 ,300 years, the newly formed 
United Nations in New York did what they could to help the Jews steal their real estate, which the Jews claimed Yahweh had given them. 

By 1 948, affairs in Palestine were becoming so confused and violent that no end seemed in sight. 

On May 20, 1948, the United Nations appointed Count Folke Bernadotte, President of the Swedish Red Cross, as U.N. Mediator on Palestine. 
Bernadotte and his staff drew up a plan of partition that was more than fair to the Jews in accordance to their numbers and also in respect to 
the territory they had settled. However, nothing will ever placate the Jews, and they were furious at his proposal. 

While driving to Jerusalem on September 18,1 948 to present his proposals, his motorcade was ambushed by the Stern gang, and Count 
Bernadotte and his colleague, French Colonel Serot, were assassinated. 

The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty. 

In chronicling the viciousness, the ferocity, and the arrogance that is part and parcel of the Jewish psyche, there is one more example of 
Jewish contempt and hatred that we should cite. It also demonstrates the "appreciation" they show for their best "friend," that has helped them 
most, the United States. 

Nineteen years after the formation of the bandit state of Israel, while the Six-day Israeli-Egyptian War was in progress, the USS Liberty, a 
billion dollar intelligence gathering ship, was quietly riding 12 miles off the Sinai coast in calm waters. Suddenly out of a clear sky in the 
afternoon of June 8, 1 967, three Israeli fighter planes raked the ship's starboard bow with machine gun and cannon fire, on at least six strafing 
runs. Following the blitz from the air, three Israeli torpedo boats moved into position, blasting the Liberty with machine gun fire, and loosed two 
torpedos in a desperate effort to sink the ship. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 75 were wounded. 

While this was going on, and while the USS Liberty sent out SOS pleas for help, our traitorous President (Johnson) and military staff in 
Washington sent strict orders for nearby U.S. ships of the Sixth Fleet to turn the other way and ignore all pleas for help sent from the embattled 

The Jewish press at home (U.S.A.) clamped a tight lid on all information regarding this dastardly attack on a U.S. Naval vessel on the high 
seas. The average American citizen was completely unaware that this major atrocity had even happened. 

This, my White Racial Comrades is the kind of thanks any "goy" ally can expect from the Jews, now, or anytime in the future. 

The brutal acts of wanton atrocities the Jews heaped on the British and the Arabs in Palestine are so numerous that they fill several 
voluminous books, and a full catalogue of them is outside the scope of this article. Two authoritative books chronicling most of these events 
can be found in The Palestine Diaries Vol. 1 (1914-45), and Vol. 2 (1945-48). Each of these books is approximately two inches thick, and they 
do not go much beyond the events of 1948. They therefore do not include the multitude of murders, atrocities and mayhem Israel has 
committed on the Palestinian Arabs since becoming a (bandit) State in 1948. Nor do they list all the treacherous acts of terrorism it has 
committed on its neighbors and nearby neighbors, such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya in the last 38 years. This would easily fill 
another three or four such volumes. 

Perhaps I have spent too much space on these atrocities already and we must move on to the next phase, namely what is in store for the rest 
of us goyim, and what we can and must do about it. 

Next, the United States. 

If we study the Jewish modus operandi carefully, we find it is planned, deliberate and deadly, not only in their take over of Palestine, but of the 
world. In Palestine the order of priorities ran in this sequence: First, destroy Nazi Germany. In this they inveigled the help of dozens of nations, 
including England, the United States (did they ever!) and the Arab Nations. Secondly, turn against England and drive her out of Palestine. 
Thirdly (and simultaneously) destroy and drive out the Arabs, a still ongoing process. 

We now come to the destruction of the fourth victim, a process that also has been ongoing at a ferocious rate of speed since World War II. 

Next Victim - Destroy America. 

Just as they destroyed Germany, England and Palestine, so, too, are we in America now clearly in the meat grinder, to be minced, mutilated 
and masticated. America, that is, White America, is marked for destruction, in no uncertain terms, as is Whitey all over the world. The Jews' 
objective is to see to it no more White babies are to be born, in as short a period of time as possible, and they have openly bragged about such 

a goal. 

And since they have already gobbled up Germany, England, Russia, and the rest of the world just whom, may we ask, are they going to enlist 
to help them do this number, the biggest job of all, the destruction of the United States of America? 

Meet the White Chicken. 

Why, you guessed it! They have not only targeted Whitey for destruction in America, but they have already successfully enlisted his massive 
productivity and aid with which to do the job, not only in America, but to Whitey, all over the world no matter where he resides! The White 
Chicken, too passive to resist, is peacefully allowing himself to be pirated, looted and plucked to provide the Jews with the wherewithal to 
enslave the world and mongrelize the White Race Into oblivion. (Read again "Operation Rip-off, the World's Ultimate Patsy" in Racial Loyalty 
No. 35 in this book.) 

The fact is, whereas the Arabs were not so dumb as to allow the Jews to take over their land, homes and country without putting up the 
toughest fight of which they were capable, strangely enough, Whitey in America, is either too dumb, or too cowardly, to resist the avaricious 
Jew. Remember what we said at the beginning of this article about the dumbest creature on the face of the earth? That fits the average White 
American to a "T", who apparently is not only too dumb to recognize his enemies, but actively, morally and physically collaborates with this 
vicious vampire to help devour our own kind The White Race Nature's Finest. In this respect, I want to remind the White Chicken of what 
happened to some of our chickens on our farm in Canada. After their head was on the chopping block, they had very little control of their future. 
(Read again, "Make Hay While the Sun Shines", in Racial Loyalty No. 1 3.) 

Whether you like it or not, there is no place to hide, says the Jew (and they have Ronnie repeat it for them, because his trained elocution is so 
good.) As the Jew smirks when he says that, he is not talking about the Arabs, he is really talking about the White Chicken. He is talking about 
you. What he has in store for the White Race can be pretty well screened as a preview of coming events if we study the happenings in San 
Domingo (today's Haiti) starting approximately 200 years ago. If you want to know what the Jewish script writers have in mind for (formerly) 
White America, read again Chapter 30 of the White Man's Bible, entitled "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo A Forerunner of White America. " 
You might follow that up by reading again Chapter 35, in the same book, "Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and Their 
Unfortunate Victims." 

Whether you like it or not, my dear White Comrades, you are locked into a vicious racial war, whether you realize it or not. The Jews have 
decided for you, they have locked you into it, and you cannot escape it. You are trapped, you are cornered. There is only one way out: fight 
your way out! 


The Moslems have a word for it and have utilized it effectively for centuries. It is called Jihad, and means a holy war in the name of their 
religion, Mohammedanism. When they have invoked it, it has worked wonders. 

Now the White Race has its own term for this phenomena. We coined it only a few months ago. (See Page 5 of Racial Loyalty No. 32.) It is 
called RAHOWA! and is the official battle cry of both (a) our religion. Creativity and (b) of our race. It means we have identified our enemies, 
and we are going to nail them to the wall. And who are our enemies? There is nothing vague about that either. All the mud races are our deadly 
enemies for space and survival on this Planet Earth. But by far the most voracious, the most ferocious, the most deadly, is that foremost 
parasite of all, the Jewish network. 

Planned and Deliberate. 

We must be just as determined and as ruthless as the Jews are today, and have been for thousands of years. We, too, must polarize around 
our own hard-hitting, no holds barred racial religion, (a) We, too, must organize our own defense corps, in every city, town and village. In 
Creativity we have already suggested such a security army, and want to model it in the format of the racially belligerent esprit de corps of the 
Texas Rangers during the middle of the 1 9th century, (b) We, too, must set up an intensive intelligence network, to not only know who our 
enemies are, what they are doing and/or about to do, but also to ferret out the racial traitors in our own ranks, and let them reap their just 
desserts, (c) We must get our own Racial Loyalists running for political office and place them in positions of power, either covertly, or by open 
election, (d) We must build our own conveyor belts of information and mass means of propaganda dissemination. 

The Mossad. 

The Jews have had the foresight to provide for all these measures in order to expand their powers for centuries. Since the creation of the 
(bandit) state of Israel, they have greatly amplified and expanded these means. One of the most deadly organizations they have put together is 
the Mossad in the tradition of the murderous terrorists gangs of the Stern gang, the Palmach and the Irgun Zvei. It is an organization that is not 
only the world's largest and most effective intelligence gathering network, but also the most massive collection of the world's most ruthless and 
bloodthirsty killers. They now have the run of the world, especially running rampant in the United States, to ruthlessly commit terrorism, 
mayhem, and murder. 

A great deal of publicity around the world today is being devoted to terrorism to the point where Americans are afraid to even travel to Europe. 
President Reagan has just recently attended a conference in Tokyo where terrorism was the main subject on the agenda. While blaming the 
Irish Republican Army in Ireland, or Kaddafi, Yasser Arafat, the P.L.O., and various other Arab groups, what the President and the Jewish 
news media are not telling us is who the real culprits are. The answer to this question is not an unsolved puzzle. The overwhelming number of 
these capers such as the blast at the Berlin Disco, or the bombing of a cafe in Paris, the Achille Lauro affair, when investigated In depth can be 
traced to none other than that bloody gang of killers, the Jewish Mossad itself. 

They are best equipped to do the job secretly, expertly and devastatingly. Most of these acts accrue to the benefit of the Jewish cause and the 
detriment of the Arabs or the White Race. After such terrorist act has been committed, of course any idiot can call in anonymously and say we 

the PLO, or the IRA claim credit, and the news media will then cooperate profusely to spread the word and Reagan will get up on his hind legs 
and do his part in saying something to the effect that "we have incontrovertible evidence" that the act is "linked" to Col. Kaddafi, etc., but the 
American public is never shown any real evidence. Of course, the Mossad, the real culprit, is never mentioned. But it is the Mossad that does 
the job in the majority of cases, and the Jews are made to seem the innocent victims. 

Right now, as if the script had been written in Tel Aviv, (or Hollywood), we predict that when the President returns from Tokyo we can expect a 
wave of bombings to break loose in Washington and the United States. Kaddafi will be blamed but the slimy hand of the Mossad will be 

Racial Warfare unto Death. 

We must meet fire with fire, and protect our own. We must build up our own forces and, as Hitler said, meet force with force. Not only meet it, 
but do what we are fully capable of doing, meet it with SUPERIOR FORCE, and smash the monster to smithereens. We must build a security 
force, an elite commando force, that will far outnumber the Mossad, and be just as ruthless in liquidating it. 

The day might soon come when legal and peaceful means, as we have committed ourselves to in the past, may well no longer be available to 
us. We must then pursue the only course open to us, and do what any proud, honorable and resourceful race is duty bound to pursue, namely 
use any means, legal or otherwise, available to us for our own survival. This will mean ruthlessly hunting down our tormentors, and wiping them 
out, collectively and wholesale, or individually and one by one. When and if this stage arrives, (and we can well expect that our Jewish tyrants 
will push us to the limit,) then we must again plan our actions accordingly and deliberately, carefully and ruthlessly. One thing we must make 
sure of, and that is that we use our resources of manpower effectively. Instead of blundering into one botched up debacle after another, where 
one of the enemy costs us 20 or 30 of our most militant fighters, we must make damn sure from here on in that for every one White warrior that 
is sacrificed, we destroy 20, or 50, or 100, or 500 of the enemy. 

Let us play White Chicken no more. No matter what you do in this chaotic world, you can't play it safe. No one gets out of this world alive. We 
all have to go sometime. What is at stake is our future progeny our gene pool our race. It, too, is perishable, if we are cowardly or careless, 
or it can endure for millions of years (as did the dinosaurs.) 

We must proceed in a planned and deliberate program of blueprinted warfare to get this deadly parasite off our backs and take charge of our 
own destiny. Like the Jews, we must select our priorities, then proceed in a well-structured battle plan to demolish our enemies, one by one, 
step by step. When engaged in warfare, no half-baked measures will do. Victory, as soon as possible, is the only solution. 

In Creativity, we already have such a program. It is clearly and specifically spelled out, program by program, priority by priority, step by step. 
Let me briefly recapitulate these steps. 

1. First we must straighten out the confused, suicidal and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself. 

2. This must be done by replacing the suicidal religion the Jew has foisted on the White Man's brain, namely Christianity, by a militant, yet 
logical religion, dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of our precious race. 

3. We must then arouse and unite all our White Racial Comrades on a worldwide basis, polarizing them into one mighty battering ram and first 
of all. Priority No. 1 , smash the Jewish behemoth. 

4. From thereon out, the rest is easy. We will then be able to control our own affairs, our own destiny, our own government, our own finances, 
our own education, and all the rest of the accoutrements that go to make up a brilliant, prosperous White society. 

The rest of the mud races will then be of no particular problem, though they outnumber us 20 to 1 . All we will then have to do is have the good 
sense to stop feeding and subsidizing these hungry freeloaders and they will wither on the vine and quietly shrink back into oblivion (Read 
again. Racial Loyalty No. 30, "A Planet Devoid of Mud Races.") 

We now have the means, we have the intelligence, we have the numbers. We now also have the religion, the program (See Page 401 of the 
White Man's Bible, "Our Unswerving Program") and the fighting word to do the job. We are determined to meet Fire with Fire. 'RAHOWA! 
'Pronounced Rah'-ho'-wah (rhymes with Aloha!) 

RAHOWA: The White Man's total RAcial HOly WAr in answer to the Jewish war of extermination against the White Race. 

The reason the White Race has been such an easy prey is that a major segment of the White Race is promoting its own self- destruction and 
the overwhelming moral force behind it has been none other than Christianity itself. 

RAHOWA! is the White Man's battle cry for the resurrection and redemption of the White Race. 

RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours 

RAHOWA! Its Full Ramifications 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part V - Greek Orthodox 

Comparative Religions - Part V - CATHOLICISM - Greek Orthodox a/k/a The Eastern Orthodox Church 

Last month we reviewed the beginnings of the mighty Roman Catholic Church, and how it has held a majority of the White Race in bondage for 
nearly two thousand years. 

By the year 451 C. E. the territory of the Empire was divided into five historic patriarchates of Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and 
Jerusalem. When the Council of Chalcedon met in that same year (451 C. E.) it also marked not only the culmination of a long period of 
theological controversies, but it also was the starting point at which Constantinople began to emerge as the sole Eastern Orthodox patriarchate 
within the eastern half of the Empire, and consequently a powerful rival of Rome. 

Rome, as we all are aware, was by this time rapidly disintegrating as an Empire, and the virulent effect of the new (Jew instigated) Christian 
religion was a major cause in the collapse that was in the making. By virtue of its pacifist teachings it had managed to turn the once formidable 
warriors of Ancient Rome into peace loving wimps, chasing phantom spooks supposedly floating around (somewhere) in the sky. 

The rift that was developing between East and West was partly due to political rivalries, but mostly due to theological differences. At the above 
mentioned Council the Chalcedonian formula defining Jesus Christ as possessing two natures, human and divine in one person, proved 
unacceptable to several non-Greek peoples The Egyptians (who were followed by the Nubians and Ethiopians), the Syrians (of both Syria 
and Palestine), and the Armenians. 

The Egyptian revolt took the form of monophysitism, the doctrine that Jesus Christ possessed only one nature, the divine. 

The Syrian rejection took the form of Nestorianism, of the Antiochene school of thought. The Nestorians held a tidbit of difference in their view. 
They held that whereas Christ was both human and divine in perfect harmony, this divinity however did not extend to the Virgin Mary. 

The Armenians, who at this time were hard pressed in defense of their territory against the Persians, preferred to retain the theological 
formulas current prior to Chalcedon, whatever they were 

Thus these Eastern territories, embroiled in nitpicking religious controversies that went on for centuries, were easy prey for the fanatic Arab 
Moslem armies in the seventh century and were soon converted to Mohammedanism by force of the sword. As a result, of the Eastern 
patriarchates, only Constantinople remained within the Empire. 

The rivalry between Rome and Constantinople really began in 325 C. E. when Emperor Constantine founded that stellar city as the site of his 
new capital. 

In the meantime, as Rome decayed and was finally overrun by the barbarians, Constantinople not only held its own but prospered and gained 
in strength. With it, the rift grew larger until it finally culminated in the Great Schism of 1054 C. E. The two not only became two distinctly 
separate empires, but two separate religious entities, each with their own popes and their own organizational structure. The two were now 
widely separated politically, culturally, ecclesiastically, as well as religiously, with the head of the Eastern Church now centered in 
Constantinople. But the conflict of religious claims of doctrine and authority continued on for centuries. 

After the Great Schism, Roman Catholic Europe began to gain in strength, while the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire began to disintegrate into a 
racial and religious collection of many diverse and polyglot eastern factions. By the time of the Ottoman Invasion of the Turks in 1453 it fell like 
an overripe tomato. Constantinople became the prime jewel of the Turkish Moslems and has remained so ever since. 

The fall of Constantinople in 1 453 was one of the major turning points In history, and a major setback for the White Race. When the victorious 
21 year old Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet II rode his horse up the steps of the Hagia Sophia, the largest and most prestigious cathedral in all 
Christendom, the victory over the Christians was complete. This Mehmet II did with a flourish on May 29, 1453, and Christian Constantinople 
was no more. It was now Islamic Istanbul. 

Although the Byzantine Empire was now destroyed and Constantinople became head of the Ottoman Empire, the Byzantine Church not only 
survived the catastrophe but enlarged Its powers. It became the head, the "ethnark" of all the Greeks within the Turkish Empire, since the non- 
Moslems could not be subjected to legislation deriving from the Koran. As a result, the Christians were formed in to separate communities 
(apartheid in practice) and the patriarch became their political as well as religious ruler. 

As time went by, through sordid and utterly unscrupulous corruption, the patriarch collaborated with the Turkish rulers to exploit and degrade 
the Christian communities now under his control. Not only did it abuse its authority within its own patriarchate of Constantinople, but it soon 
gained control of three other patriarchates now under Moslem rule Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem. It further extended its power over the 
Serbian patriarchate of Pec, the Bulgaria patriarchate of Ohrid, of Athens, and the Romanian metropolitanate of Moldavia-Wallachia. 

Russia was converted to Christianity under Byzantine auspices in 987 C. E. and subordinate to the patriarchate of Constantinople, During the 
next several centuries the Russian church was governed by Greek Hierarchs. However, in 1448, the Russian Grand Duke Vasily rid himself of 
the last Greek metropolitan, Isidore, and ordered the Russian episcopate to choose a native metropolitan from their own ranks. Thus Russia 
finally became independent from Constantinople. 

Thereafter Russian ecclesiastical as well as political self-consciousness grew rapidly. Grand Prince John III assumed the title of Tsar, claiming 
to be the heir of the Byzantine Emperors before the Turkish take-over, and the Russian church now assumed the leadership of the Eastern 
Orthodox Church. 

By the middle of the seventeenth century the Russian church rose to such power and prominence that the country was virtually ruled by a 

diarchy, in which the church and the political government were on a par in the power they wielded. 

By 1721, under Tsar Peter the Great, the patriarchate was abolished. He created in its place the Holy Governing Synod and the church 
henceforth was subjected to the governorship of the state, 

The effect of the First World War was disastrous for the Russian church. In 1917, during the short term the Provisional Government held sway, 
the church held a council. It abolished the Synod and restored the ancient patriarchal administration. But when the Bolsheviks took over in the 
October Revolution, they soon enforced the Marxist world view on the church. It dispossessed the church of all its properties (as well as the 
rest of the population) separated the schools from the church, and prohibited by law any religious instruction to persons under 18 years of age. 
By 1929, under Stalin, and the first Five Year plan, a policy of persecution was inaugurated, and the Constitution was amended to provide 
"liberty of worship and anti-religious propaganda", but in effect the communist propaganda was the main consequence. By 1 935, the 
government asserted that, for all intents and purposes, the Russian church had been effectively liquidated and replaced by Communist 

In 1 939, the Communist government, under fear of the threat to its survival from Nazi Germany, reversed its policy. It discounted its anti- 
religious propaganda and granted relative religious freedom and there was a partial resurgence of church support. This was again reversed 
when the war against Germany had been won, and the church again faded into insignificance. 

Today the picture is cloudy as to what are remnants of the church and what is a communist facade. But for all practical purposes the church, 
what is left of it, is a tool of the Communist government. Today the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia to dead, and one Jewish mind crippler, 
Christianity, has been replaced by another ironclad Jewish tyranny, namely Jewish communism. (Read again, "Christianity and Communism: 
Jewish Twins", Page 380, Nature's Eternal Religion.) 


Romanian. The largest of the non-Greek Balkan Orthodox churches after World War I was the Romanian, which professed a membership of 13 

Serbian. After World War I the Serbian Church underwent a sudden aggrandizement with the political union of the Serbian and Croatian 
peoples in Yugoslavia, and the six Serbian ecclesiastical territories were unified. But the unification soon brought about a bitter rivalry between 
the Orthodox Serbs and the Roman Catholic Croatians and Slovenes. 

After World War II when Communist dictator Marshal Tito took over, both the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholics suffered the same fate 
as the Russian church under Stalin. The church properties were confiscated by the state and it was completely subordinated under the 
communist regime. Whereas a token of "religious freedom" was proclaimed for propaganda purposes, the church regime and communist 
dictatorship became one and the same, and for all practical purposes, indistinguishable. 

Bulgaria. A similar situation exists under the communist regime in Bulgaria. 

Others: There are smaller Orthodox bodies in Albania, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. Since all these are now under the heel 
of Jewish communism, these, too, are a shadowy facade of the original Orthodox and more a manipulative tool of the communist tyranny. 

The New York Times claims a total of 76,444,600 Greek Orthodox Catholics in the world today, of which 51 ,500 reside in the United States. 
Considering the fact that most of these are in communist dominated countries, the validity of these figures is highly questionable, as are the 
loyalties of its supposed members. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part V - Greek Orthodox 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Objective of Our Comparison Series 

1 . To illustrate by means of detailed comparison that in CREATIVITY we have finally achieved a genuine, bona fide, comprehensive racial 
religion for the White Race that is the equal of, or superior to, any religion in history. 

2. That our religion makes more sense, is more logical, is more complete and better planned and organized; it is, in fact, more effectively 
structured than any of the established old "great" religions of the world. 

3. That in order to survive at all, the White Race must now polarize around its own racial religion. 

4. To convince all the polyglot and diverse White racial groups and leaders that in CREATIVITY lies the salvation of the White Race and the 
sooner we unite under the banner of Creativity, the sooner we will be on our way in waging an effective battle for the survival of the White 

Think about it. If not Creativity, what else is there? 

Let me ask you - does it make any sense to have "deep and abiding faith" in any religion, creed, belief or theory that has neither evidence or 
logic to support it? 

Don't be a passive spectator. Become a militant activist in the White Racial revolution. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Objective of Our Comparison Series 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Greek Orthodoxy vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

A. Basis of Belief. 

Greek Orthodoxy is based on its Roman Catholic origins, which, in turn, are based on a polyglot collection of myths, legends and other ancient 
religions that preceded it. 

Besides having its origins from (and incorporating) the Jewish Old Testament, the New Testament is largely a re-hash of the suicidal teachings 
of the Essenes. This was a minor Jewish cult outside the Jewish mainstream that existed in Quram, on the shores of the Dead Sea. It 
propounded such self-destructive ideas as love your enemies, sell all thou hast and give it to the scum, and a host of other idiotic teachings 
that were supposedly taught by Jesus Christ. However, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other historic evidence indicate that the Christian church 
plagiarized all these teachings from the Essenes, a Jewish cult that existed between 100 B.C.E. to 100 C.E., then died out. 

CREATIVITY, in contrast, is based on the realities of the universe in which we find ourselves. By using logic and common sense, and trying to 
learn from the mistakes of mankind in past history. Creativity is trying to solve the multitude of problems that now beset the White Race, and 
the world as a whole. Creativity rejects the silly superstitions and premises that we are at the mercy of a passel of unseen spooks and spirits 
floating around and controlling our destiny here on earth, and especially in a supposed "next" world, an idiotic fantasy so fondly embraced by 
the Roman Catholic church, the Greek Orthodox church, and the thousands of other Christian cults and offshoots. 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

Since the Greek Orthodox churches are (unlike the Roman church) so fragmented in their control and organization, it is hard to find any central 
objective that all the different churches cling to, other than perhaps to intrude upon, and control the lives of their superstitious victims, and 
establish a power base for the polyglot mass of their hierarchies. A side issue perhaps might be claimed that they are trying to save the souls 
of their supporters from going to hell, but if the church had never invented this lame-brained idea in the first place, their gullible victims need 
never have worried about saving themselves from this fictitious monster in the first place. 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, does not engage in playing the silly spooks-in-the-sky game. Instead it focuses on the real problems of the 
world and seeks to organize and build a better world for the White Race. 

C. Some proclaimed differences between the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox churches. 

1 . The Roman Catholic church holds that the holy spirit proceeds "and from the Son" (a doctrine known as the "filioque" clause), as well as 
from the Father. Eastern Orthodoxy believes that the holy spirit proceeds only "from the Father." (Big Deal.) 

2. Roman Catholicism affirms the existence of a purgatory, in addition to a heaven and a hell. Eastern Orthodoxy does not accept the idea of a 
purgatory, though it does believe in an intermediate state between heaven and hell where souls experience a foretaste of the bliss or the 
punishment that will eventually be theirs. (Big Deal.) 

3. The Roman Catholic church believes in the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, a doctrine that Eastern Orthodoxy does not accept. 
Eastern Orthodoxy holds that only Christ was conceived and born without original sin, that the Virgin Mary was cleansed of it on Annunciation 
Day. (Big Deal.) 

4. The Roman Catholic dogma that the body of the Virgin Mary "was taken up into heaven" (declared by Pope Pius XII) is not subscribed to by 
Eastern Orthodoxy, which does not believe in such a physical assumption. (Big Deal.) 

5. Eastern Orthodoxy does not recognize the saints canonized by the Catholic church after the schism of 1 054, unless these saints have also 
been proclaimed by Eastern Orthodox synods. (Big Deal.) 

D. Racial Attitude. 

Greek Orthodoxy is completely devoid of any loyalty to the White Race and, in fact, is hostile to it. Like the Roman Church of its origin, it is now 
completely engrossed in the Jewish program of race-mixing, and encompasses many of the baser elements of our race. 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is dedicated to the best interests of the White Race and the White Race, alone. It has pledged its total loyalty 
to the White Race and the building of a Whiter and Brighter World. 

E. Organizational Structure. 

Unlike the Roman Church, the Greek Orthodox Church does not have one central pope and authority. While originally trying to emulate the 
monolithic structure of the Roman Catholic Church, it is now a hodge-podge of different authorities. Since much of its original structure is now 
behind the Iron Curtain, Communist commissars control most of its present organizational hierarchy. 

CREATIVITY is based on the Leadership Principle and seeks to purge the world of Communism and Jewish control, completely and forever. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Greek Orthodoxy vs. Creativity - A Comparison 




Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

The Search for The Great Promoter Continues - Only More Intensely! 

In Issue No. 10, I had a key editorial on the front page of Racial Loyalty entitled, "The Search For The Great Promoter.' 
continuing and becoming more urgent. 




That search is still 

We believe we have the most meaningful creed, religion, program and movement for the REDEMPTION and RESURRECTION of the White 
Race in all its tumultuous and botched-up history. The foundations are all laid, the dies are cast, the creed and program are completed. My 
life's work, for all practical purposes, is finished. 

At age 67, we now need a dynamic promoter to expand, proliferate and promote the product. For 1 5 years now, at an age when I should have 
been retired and smelling the roses, I have been carrying most of the load, both financially and promotionally. It is obvious that I cannot 
continue indefinitely, and the time has come to make a replacement. We now need someone half my age, with twice the energy to promote the 
hell out of it to all the far corners of the world. Remember, the Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople when he was only 21 . 

The White Race must survive! Examine your own credentials and your own conscience. Are you perhaps that man? 

We now need someone younger to take my place as editor. We need more people in the hustings setting up church groups of their own. We 
need organizers. We need more, more, more, in every category. But most of all it now becomes urgent that we soon find a replacement for me 
and get the movement in high gear on a permanent, expanding and self-perpetuating basis. We need your support and dedication! 

We Creators intend to reclaim this Planet for Nature's Finest the White Race. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

The Search for The Great Promoter Continues - Only More Intensely! 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Your Editor is Going on R&R 

For health reasons your editor is taking off a month to recuperate and recharge his batteries. During September I will be going to a Health 
Resort on a two week fast, followed by two weeks of breaking the fast and rebuilding. 

Publication of RACIAL LOYALTY will be suspended during the month of October. We will resume with Issue No. 29 in November. 

In the meantime, our Hasta Primus, Rev. Messick, will be in charge of the store and promoting the movement as always. He will be answering 
your letters, filling your orders for books, booklets, bulk copies of Racial Loyalty, records, video tapes, and any other materials you may need. 

So don't slow down keep the momentum moving! Keep promoting, keep distributing! We need all the help we can get, including your financial 

It is the goal of Creativity to instill in every White man, woman and child a deep and lasting consciousness of their great racial heritage. 

CREATIVITY A White Man's Religion - is the Total Answer to Jewish Christianity. 

What White Man in his right mind would like to see this Planet Earth flooded and overrun with billions of niggers? It's happening. 

The culling process is absolutely essential for the survival and health of any and every species. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 28 - September 1985 

Your Editor is Going on R&R 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Polarization and Confrontation 

The Sooner the Better 

The Jew contrives to delay it until the White Race is too weak and degenerate to fight back before closing in on the kill. 

From the earliest dawn of history, it has been the White Race that has written it, and achieved all the major accomplishments that were worth 
writing about. For thousands of years, the White Race and the White Race alone has built civilizations, built empires and reigned supreme. Not 
until as recently as 40 years ago, after WWII, has the White Race seriously been threatened of being overtaken and massacred by the 
exploding mud races. 

Today that threat is very real, in fact, ominously so, and only a major and drastic turnabout by the initiative of the White Race itself can save it 
from almost certain annihilation. 

How did we get into such a mess, such a horrible dilemma? 

It is the objective of this analysis to trace the course of this awesome development to isolate the hand of the Jew in the degeneration of our 
race, and come up with a solution. 

We want to docket, step by step, how the Jew from earliest history has deliberately, in an assiduous and planned conspiracy, chipped away at 
the White Race, confused it repeatedly, mongrelized it at every opportunity, inveigled it in religious insanity, and torpedoed its numbers, power 
and influence at every turn. This they have done without the White Race hardly ever even daring to admit that it was being assaulted. 

Let us go back to the earliest of all great White civilizations and start with Egypt, where history, and even the Jewish bible, records the earliest 
presence of this pestilent parasite on the back of civilization. 

The Jews in their concocted history of themselves (that we charitably call the Old Testament, and even more foolishly have made a major 
portion of "our" Bible) claim that they were slaves in a proud and powerful Egypt, and that they wanted out. As usual in their renditions, they 
claim they were poor, downtrodden victims and the wicked Pharaoh would not "let their people go." It was only by the perspicacity and heroic 
leadership of their Moses, coached by their tribal god Yahweh, that they were able to extricate themselves from the clutches of the evil 

What authentic history we can gather confirms the presence of the Jews in early Egypt, when Egypt was still White. However, there is no 
historical evidence of any Moses and it is doubtful that he was anything more than another fictitious character, as undoubtedly were Abraham, 
Isaac and Jacob. What history does record, is that the Jews were then already a well established breed of parasites when a small segment of 
starved and miserable Jews appealed to the sympathy of an unwary Pharaoh and allowed them to enter his domain. Little did he suspect the 
virulence and destructive nature of the tribe to which he so foolishly offered hospitality. 

The Jews soon rose to high positions in the land of the Pharaohs and simultaneously the Empire began to disintegrate as this race of vampires 
began to show their true colors. They soon indulged in their favorite historical commerce the trading of slaves derived from the black Nubians 
to the south. With slave-trading, mongrelization of the fine Egyptian gene pool was soon underway. 

Gangs of bandits sprang up and began to harass and plunder the ancient trade routes. They became bolder in the outposts of the Empire. With 
their well developed system of communication (as always) the Jews knew exactly when to strike and which towns were most poorly guarded. 

As time went on the population became darker, more mongrelized, and more alien. Its leadership became more disoriented and sluggish, and 
the nation began to disintegrate. 

An ancient papyrus in Leiden, Germany, translated by Alan H. Gardner, states: 

"Egypt was in distress; the social system became disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the 
rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. It is no mere local disturbance that is here 
described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The Pharaoh was strangely inactive." 

Does this sound similar to what is happening in America today? It does. But let us proceed to a stage America has not yet come to, but soon 
must, if the White Race is to survive. 

By 2100 B.C.E. a demoralized and divided Egypt was easy prey to the Hyksos invaders. As the Jews were to do later for the Moslem invaders 
of Spain, the Jews paved the way for the Hyksos. 

After 51 1 years, the Egyptians had had enough and finally got their act together. They ran out the Hyksos and the Jews along with them. 
Contrary to the Jews' claim that the Pharaoh wouldn't let them out, the Egyptians couldn't get rid of them fast enough and ran them the hell out 
of their domain. 

Just as the Jews have inverted and perverted the story of the fictitious "holocaust" so even then did they concoct their treacherous history and 
claim they were held in bondage and we have been stuck with that story ever since. 

But the damage in Egypt had been done and it was irreversible. A partially mongrelized and fractured Egypt continued downhill to the abject 
picture as I have described in Racial Loyalty No. 1 1 and 12. Poverty, overpopulation and helplessness is the lot of a once proud and 
resourceful White Race. 

At every opportunity at every turn in history the Jew was on the side of our enemies, and helped to betray, confuse and sabotage the White 

One of the finest of all genetic examples of the White Race that we can point to existed in Ancient Greece during the Golden Age of Pericles. In 
their Protocols, the Jews delineate the course of the Symbolic Snake. Its first stage in Europe was at the time of Pericles in 429 B.C.E. when 
the snake first began gnawing at the vitals of that great and hapless civilization. Today Greece is one of the most mongrelized of all European 
countries, and barely on the fringe of what can be legitimately called the White Race. 

We move on to Rome, that greatest of all Ancient Civilizations from which today we inherit so many of our laws, so much of our language and 
culture. This civilization, too, the Symbolic Snake thoroughly disemboweled. The Jews were again in the forefront as slave traders and did their 
utmost to drag into the Empire all the scum and derelicts of the East and from Africa. But the biggest blow of all was heaped upon the Roman 
Empire and its rapidly degenerating gene pool when the Jews slopped that racial melting pot with a poisonous new creed - Jewish Christianity. 

This brought on a total breakdown of law, order, society and the whole previous culture. The Dark Ages ensued. When Europe was assaulted 
by the fiery sword of the aggressive new Moslem religion in the 8th century, the White Race had reached its most vulnerable and lowest ebb. 

When the Mohammedans crossed the Mediterranean and the Straits of Gibraltar to invade Spain in 71 1 C.E. the Jews betrayed and paved the 
way on the Spanish side. The Semitic Arabs rushed in, conquered Spain and drove all the way into the middle of France, where they were 
finally stopped by Kari M artel at the Battle of Tours in 732. 

During their next 750 years of Moslem occupation, the White Race again suffered debilitating mongrelization. When the Moors were finally 
driven out in 1492 by Queen Isabella, the Jews were again very much in the midst of the fray, aiding, abetting and financing the Moors, and 
betraying the White Race at every opportunity. 

The Mohammedans made two more major attempts to assault White Europe, one, extremely successful and highly damaging, and another 
almost successful. 

This time it was the Mohammedan Turks, a Mongol race originating out of Asia. 

For one thousand years Constantinople had been the cultural and religious diadem of the eastern Roman Empire. Again, through racial 
miscegenation, a mixture of polyglot cultures and language, Constantinople degenerated into the hodge-podge of a racial Babylon. It was ripe 
for the plucking and in 1453, Sultan Mehmet II, then only 21, invaded and conquered the greatest of all White bastions in Eastern Europe. 
When he rode his horse up on the steps of the Hagia Sophia basilica, it was one of the worst defeats and the greatest setbacks the White Race 
had suffered in a thousand years. 

What did the Jews have to do with it? Quite a bit. Again, they had confused and demoralized the Orthodox culture of this Eastern capital for 
centuries in advance, bringing about its degeneracy and collapse. When the final battle was joined, they were again in the forefront aiding and 
abetting the enemy and betraying the city from within. 

Having secured this most strategic of all major bastions in Eastern Europe, the Mohammedan Turks continued to press onward and upward 
into the heart of Europe, seeking to conquer that whole continent. In this they were aided and abetted by the White Nations themselves, when 
the White Nations of Europe indulged themselves in a suicidal orgy and self-inflicted bloodbath. The Thirty Years War (1618-48) greatly 
decimated and weakened all of the White Race. It set them up for further Mohammedan invasion. This vicious and insane war, fought over 
Jewish Christianity, pitted Catholic Christians against Protestant Christians. All of Europe suffered greatly and the effect on the German states 
especially, was devastating. 

The Turks saw their best chance when their leader Kara Mustafa, encouraged by an alliance with France, made a major assault on Vienna in 
1 683. They were defeated by an alliance of John Sobieski of Poland, and Charles of Lorraine of the Habsburgs. This ended for all time the 
threat of the Moslem invasion of Europe. Had the Turks succeeded, as they nearly did, much, if not all, of Europe would have fallen under the 
sway of the Mongol Turks. 

Before we leave Europe let me add other fratricidal and suicidal wars and events which decimated the cream of White manhood in Europe and 
bled her dry. There is hardly a one in which the hidden hand of the Jew did not participate, instigate, enter and manipulate. 

(1 ) The Hundred Year War between France and England. 

(2) The French Revolution in which the Jews decapitated the French nobility, and with it, their most capable leaders. 

(3) The Napoleonic wars, which lasted twenty-four years and bled France dry. 

(4) The wars between Russia and Austria. 

(5) The war between France and Germany, 1 870-71 . 

There are many more, but let us now leave the continent of Europe for the time being and turn our attention to the Western Hemisphere. Let us 
sec how, after three centuries of vigorous colonization by the White Race, those two continents, both North and South America, too, were 
undermined, mongrelized and taken over by the Jews. 

One of the most crippling moves that the White settlers practiced from their earliest beginnings was the importation of black slaves from Africa. 
This was practiced by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba, Mexico and South America. It was practiced by the French in San Domingo, to their 
subsequent annihilation. It was practiced by the White Anglo-Saxons in the British North American colonies, especially in Virginia, Georgia, 
North and South Carolina. It was vigorously pursued by the White colonizers in the Caribbean Islands, which today are nearly completely 
negroid and mulatto. 

In ail these, the Jewish slave trader was the key mover, and through their historic experience in this ancient and nefarious trade going as far 
back as Ancient Egypt, the Jew knew exactly what he was doing. 

What he was programming was the future mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, which today is becoming overwhelmingly 

To help speed up the process the Jews instigated the fratricidal Civil War (1861-65), which severely decimated the cream of White American 
manhood, especially in the South. It also promoted the jungle animals into a position of "equality" with their former White masters, and, in fact, 
disenfranchised the White population of the South for two decades. 

Having dismantled both the economy and the social framework of the South, the Jewish carpetbaggers from the North rushed in and grabbed 
the physical possessions of the now destitute White Southerners for a mere pittance. After more than a century, the South has not even today 
recovered from that devastating blow. 

To further decimate and enslave the White race the Jews next embroiled both America and most of the White Europeans in two devastating 
wars. World War I and World War II in a short period of thirty years. 

The result has been overwhelming in the deliberate crippling of the White Race. Not only did the Jews thereby destroy one of the key nations in 
Europe, (Germany) but they have now successfully placed in financial bondage every nation in the world, be they White, brown, yellow or 
black. At the heart of this conspiracy is the Jewish House of Rothschild. The Federal Reserve Board, and the whole Jewish cabal. This band of 
gangsters is successfully running a worldwide counterfeiting ring, a financial seam, by which they have stolen the wealth of the world by merely 
manipulating worthless paper. 

But their financial manipulations are only part of the game. Since World War II they have seriously undermined the White race and boosted the 
power of the mud races by various treacheries and devious political tricks. 

One of these was turning the Suez Canal, one of the two most strategic waterways in the world, over to an inferior mud race, the Egyptians. A 
second treacherous move paralleling the Suez Canal caper was to turn the Panama Canal, owned by the United States, over to a tinhorn 
communist dictator, and paying this banana republic large sums of money to take it. This was not only a treacherous slap in the face to the 
American voters and taxpayers, who vigorously opposed it, but a devastating blow to the future security of the United States and the White 
Race itself. Treachery, lies, deceit and the strong arm of the Jewish political and financial power achieved this betrayal that 20 years ago would 
have been unbelievable, and even today reeks to the high heavens. 

Now let us turn to the continent of Africa. We find that after World War II nearly every territory in Africa was settled, controlled and /or governed 
by a White European power. Through chicanery, treachery and deceit, every White power has now either evacuated those colonies, or been 
driven out. The only exception is the Republic of South Africa, and it too, will soon, through deceit and treachery, be delivered over to the 
savage black animals. (See Racial Loyalty No. 28, "South Africa The Last To Go", P. 256 BWBW.) 

And so with worldwide Jew power in the crescendo, the White Man is now on the run, whether in Africa, or Europe, or America. Through 
stupidity, through cowardice, through lack of foresight and understanding on the part of the White Race, it is now reaching the end of the line. 
As we can see from a review of history the Jew has assiduously whittled away at the White Man's culture, his morale, his political and financial 
power. Through repeated bloodletting and mongrelization of the White gene pool, he has reduced the White Race to a cowering hulk of 
simpering wimps. The White Man is now denouncing and denigrating his own race, shamefully caterwauling and kowtowing to the 
blandishments of the filthy Jews and niggers. But it won't save his neck from the final reckoning for his abject cowardice and criminal idiocy. 
The sinister Jew is skillfully biding his time, all the while proceeding with his planned and deliberate program of weakening, decimating, 
demoralizing and mongrelizing the White Race, as he has for thousands of years, going all the way back to the White Egyptians. He does not 
want a pitched battle, or open confrontation between the White Race and the mud races, not quite yet. At this time such open conflagration 
would still result in an overwhelming victory for the White Race and wipe the mud races and the Jew along with them, from the face of the 

The time is not yet quite ripe. But give it another ten years, perhaps fifteen, and the White Race will be so weak, confused and decimated, it will 
have neither the will, nor the power to defend itself. When that time conies (and the Jew will recognize that pro* per time) he will unleash the 
fury of the mud races, joined by the renegade White traitors, in the biggest bloodbath in history to massacre the White Race en masse. (Read 
again Creative Credo No. 30 in the White Man's Bible "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo".) 

That is the goal and the dream of the Jewish power establishment no more White babies to destroy forever the power of the White Race 
from ever again threatening the stranglehold of the world's foremost parasite. 

We, of the Church of the Creator, are struggling to avert this major tragedy from coming about. We say - rally the White Race now and polarize 
around the only major idea that can still arouse and save the White Race - a powerful racial religion - Creativity. Arouse and organize the 
mighty force that is inherent in the White Race before it is too late. We still have the numbers, the means, the wherewithal. Let us awake, let us 
now make hay While the sun shines, organize and utilize our awesome might and save ourselves and the future generations of our progeny. 
There's no other way out. 

The name of the game is to polarize and build a White Racial power structure to smash the Jewish monster. 

Time is running out for the White Race. Confrontation now is preferable to being wiped out later. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Polarization and Confrontation 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Naples, Fla. Jews Go Paranoid Over Our New Book - Expanding Creativity 

The following article recently appeared in the Naples Daily News, and is pretty well self-explanatory, except for its significance. 

The question arises: of all the thousands of paperback books on the newsstands, why should the Jews be so deathly afraid of some one 
reading EXPANDING CREATIVITY? If the book was inaccurate, or made no sense, or was just plain diatribe, nobody would pay any attention 
to it and nobody would particularly care whether it was on the newsstand or not, now would they? So why the fear, the paranoia, the call in the 
middle of the night, the haste to destroy them, so no one could get the message? 

The answer is obvious. The Jews know, and we know, that what that book (and our other Three Basic Books) say is true and it ex- poses the 
whole Jewish cabal, including its Christian accessory that they have manipulated and utilized so cleverly. Hence they denounce and suppress 
it whenever and wherever possible. 

This act is, of course, an act of strong-arm censorship and if it were turned on the Jews, such as for instance destroying any literature or 
propaganda about their concocted "holocaust", what would happen? They would of course, scream to high heaven about censor- ship, 
freedom of speech. First Amendment Rights and their whole laundry list of rights. 

What about the White Man's right to Freedom of Speech? 

Well, let the Jews get it straight: we are not begging hat in hand. We mean to exercise our constitutional rights, come hell or high water. We 
mean to pursue our full course of action as set forth in our creed and program until such a time as the White Man is again fully in charge of his 
own destiny. Nothing less will do. 

CREATIVITY A dynamic program for the uplifting and upgrading of Nature's Finest to all the far corners of this Planet Earth. 

Along the Trail ... A hateful diatribe surfaces 
By Tony Weitzel 

BOB NABER PHONED. I was asleep. It was night. He apologized for that. But he was terribly upset. I couldn't blame him. He is a bright, 
rational guy and he knows about people and history from George Washington to Adolph Hitler. An odd little paperback book out of North 
Carolina was almost making him upchuck. 

He found the little paperback by accident. He was on Fifth Avenue in Naples between one prestigious bank and almost next to another 
prestigious bank. 

He happened to pass a news rack in front of a supermarket. There in the rack were six paperback books that obviously didn't belong there. 

The book was titled, "Expanding Creativity, a Powerful Religious Creed dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of Nature's 

THE AUTHOR'S name was "Ben Klassen, P.M., Founder, Church of the Creator," and on the first inside page it said. Expanding Creativity was 
an "idea whose time has come." 

The book has 254 pages and it apparently was composed of the first 12 issues of something called "Racial Loyalty, published by the Church of 
the Creator; P. 0. Box 400; Otto, North Carolina; 28763. Dedicated to the younger generation of Nature's Finest. It is into your hands we have 
thrown the torch. It is you who will have the awesome burden, but also reap the glory of fighting the battle for the survival of your race and of 
civilization itself." 

Bob read the paperback, getting more nauseated by the minute. It seemed to be a startling sort of revival of the stuff the little paperhanger 
named Hitler got going in the beer halls of Munich, in that dreadfully hungry period after the big war. 

THERE IS, in this dogma, only one race worthy of being carried on into the future. That is the White Race. The Jews Hitler hated and murdered 
by millions? 

After 65 years, the book says, "the Jewish onslaught rages on. Violence against our church!" 

But the paperback composed by these Neo-Nazis insists that these new Nazis are not atheists, but creators of a new all-White credo. And 
there is the Hitler appeal to youth motif. There is, in the paperback lexicon, provision for a school for gifted boys. 

Eventually, however gifted, boys will be boys so there is a notion of establishing a "Cupid's Corner". 

And a slogan, "Come out of the closet. White Man, your fear of the Jew is highly paranoid!" 

The Jew, says the little paperback book, is "stealing our most precious treasures, our genetic heritage!" 

The little paperback considers Adolph Hitler as "the master organizer of all time!" 

It analyzes Hitler's Chapter IX (Book II) on "Propaganda and Organization," and how Hitler strategy can be applied to the Neo Nazi group. 

"WE ARE NOT helpless," the paperback says. "The White Race is not using one percent of its tremendous resources. Properly organized and 
harnessed, our potential is beyond comparison. Let us use our muscle!" 

My friend Bob, already sick at heart, found there was more, and worse Neo-Nazi philosophy. 

"The White Race," the Neo-Nazi digest drools on, "in its six thousand years of civilization has never had such a core to polarize around that 
concerned the White Race as such. Never, that is, until a little more than a decade ago when Creativity appeared on the scene. 

"Remember, everything that was good and sensitive on the face of the planet was done by the White Race." 

"We have it all! Now let us do the sensible thing and channel our resources to our own benefit." 

At about that point, Bob decided he should phone me. I should know about the little paperback and the Neo-Nazi who published it. 

So he bundled all but one copy of the paperback (priced at $5.00 each) to the trash can. Then he phoned me at home where I had just given 
up on the Chicago Bears and Dallas. He said, "Tony, you wouldn't believe the sort of spiritual filth that is being peddled right here in Naples." 

WE MADE A DATE and Bob brought the book to my office. It was, he sighed, an ancient chapter out of Adolph Hitler's Nazi credo. It was a 
bloody echo of the hatred that fueled the ovens in the Nazi death camps and murdered the good people who had fled into the sewers of 

Hitler's Nazis fought their way to the very banks of the Volga River, at Stalingrad, and then his hungry, frozen army literally fell apart. 

After the awful war Hitler started, I trudged the banks of the Volga at Stalingrad and I talked to Poles in Warsaw who had given food to little 
children who crawled out of the sewers to find food for their families. 

And I visited the death camps where Jews languished until death left nothing but brittle, charred bones. 

Bob and I agreed, there is no room for Nazis, new style or old style. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 r~^ 

Naples, Fla. Jews Go Paranoid Over Our New Book - Expanding Creativity ' 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part VI - Protestantism 

The early origins of Christianity are extremely obscure, and they are intentionally so because the early church fathers deliberately destroyed as 
much of the then existing historical evidence as they could. A flagrant example of this was the outrage they committed in burning the 400 
thousand volumes of the library in Alexandria, the greatest of all libraries in the ancient world. 

The reason they wanted to destroy as much of the historical knowledge and evidence as possible was to hide and obfuscate the sleazy 
foundations upon which their fraudulent "new" religion was being built. We must remember that in its beginnings Christianity had several rivals 
in the then Roman Empire, and one of its strongest rivals was Mithraism. Christianity won out because it was more cunning, more ruthless and 
more persistent. 

However, despite all the attempts to confuse the evidence, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts do point to the following conclusions: 

1 . Most of the teachings inherent in the "New" Testament, and supposedly uttered by a mythical Jesus Christ, had already been formulated and 
taught by the Essenes at least a century before the sup- posed birth of Christ. The teachings were not "new" and they were not original. 

It is also significant to note that because of their suicidal teachings, the Essenes lasted no longer than two centuries. They were a minor Jewish 
cult living at Quram in Palestine on the shores of the Dead Sea. 

2. There is no historical evidence that either Jesus Christ, or his four purported chroniclers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, ever existed. To 
carry this further, there is no evidence that Little Jack Homer, Miss Muffet, or Jack and Jill existed, nor that the story about Hi-diddle-diddle, The 
Cat And The Fiddle, The Cow Jumped Over The Moon is factual. Just because these ditties have been widely circulated and have survived for 
centuries is no evidence of their authenticity. 

3. There is substantial evidence that Paul of Tarsus, the Jew, was real and that he wrote a number of letters and promoted the teachings of the 
Essenes with great zeal under the guise of the new religion, Christianity. (Read again Creative Credo No. 43, "Confessions of a Jew," in the 
White Man's Bible.) 

From these shabby and degenerate beginnings Christianity limped along for about three hundred years, appealing to the slave mentality of the 
incompetent, the degenerate, and the scum of Roman society. However, when the church fathers managed to inveigle and seduce the mind of 
Emperor Constantine into their scam, in 312 C.E., they struck a real bonanza. By 325 C.E. Constantine managed to pull the church fathers 
together at Nicaea (in Asia Minor) and hammer out the "new" Christian Bible. Now, with the wealth, the power and the prestige of the Empire 
(an Empire the Christians had targeted for destruction) behind them, Christianity was off and running, well on its way to dominate the lives and 
thinking of the White Race for the next sixteen hundred years. 

It had long ago brought down the mighty Roman Empire, and built up an all pervasive power structure by the year 1 052, when the first major rift 
in its hegemony came along. It was known as the Great Schism and I have described it more fully in the September Issue of Racial Loyalty 
about the Greek Orthodox church. By the end of the fifteenth century the Papacy, with its headquarters in Rome, had pretty well monopolized 
the religious thinking and power structure of our White Racial Comrades in Western Europe, and it was now supreme, without a challenge. 

With its unlimited power, it had also grown extremely corrupt and degenerate. It had also grown extremely pecuniary and mercenary. Money, 
wealth and power were now its main drives, and in this respect it was far more successful than any political or commercial entity. The popes, 
the bishops, and the upper hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church lived the life of Riley, indulging in concubines, summer palaces and rich 
living of the highest order. Not the least in its bag of super tricks in fleecing the superstitious and the gullible was the selling of indulgences. 
This neat little trick consisted of selling little slips of paper signed by the Pope or one of the upper hierarchy, saying that the recipient would get 
a reprieve of some kind in purgatory or even hell, and move him or her closer to heaven. The trick was to move said soul only a little closer, not 
all the way, so that any number of repeat sales could be effected. These indulgences supposedly would also help your dead father or mother, 
or uncle or Aunt Minnie, whomever you might be concerned about. But they could also help yourself as a future insurance, even if you were still 
alive and kicking. However preposterous these little gimmicks were, they sold like hot cakes for decades on end. The building of the luxurious 
new St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome (as well as many others) was primarily financed by means of this racket. 

As an aside, outside of its religious connotation, there is a striking similarity in this Jewish gimmick and that practiced by the Federal Reserve 
Board. Both took (or take) cheap pieces of paper, put some equally cheap ink on it, then pass these phony slips of paper off on a gullible public 
at a dear price. 

So profitable was this racket of selling indulgences that it soon got out of hand, and some concerned members of the Church rose up in 
protest. One of these was Martin Luther, an Augustinian Monk and Roman Catholic priest who nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of the 
castle church in Thuringen, Germany. The date was October 31, 1517, and this heralded the opening shot of the revolt against the Roman 
Catholic colossus. Luther was condemned and excommunicated by Pope Leo X, but this did not stop the rebellion that had now been set in 

Luther was emulated by Huldreich Zwingli in Switzerland, who began to preach against all the "Roman superstitions" in his home town of 
Zurich. The rebellion soon spread to the cantons of Basil, then Bern, St. Gall, the Grisons, the Valais, and other cantons. A Frenchman, John 
Calvin was converted to the movement and upon the death of Zwingli in 1531, became the leader of the Swiss reformation. 

In England, British resentment of the exploitation of the people by the Roman curia had long been resented and was widespread. John Wycliff 
led the revolt against the Catholic church, but his writings and his movement were soon repressed by Henry VIII, who wrote a ponderous 
treatise of his own on the Sacraments, refuting Luther's theories. For this the Pope commended him and bestowed upon Henry the title 
"Defender of the Faith", which the British Monarchs still use and cherish to this day. However, Henry soon broke with the Pope because the 
latter rejected his request for the nullification of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Henry was determined to marry Ann Boleyn and 

decided to hell with the Pope, he would set up his own church and make his own rules. 

This he did, and upon this sleazy and licentious premise was laid the foundation of the Church of England, which the superstitious and the 
gullible in England (and elsewhere) still revere and worship to this day. The Lutheran Reformation was introduced into Sweden in 1531 and 
Norway and Denmark in 1 537, not by religious leaders as such, but by royal decree of its monarchs. 

And so the rebellion spread across Europe. Some countries became Protestant. In others, like Spain, France and Italy, the Roman Catholic 
church maintained its iron grip, by war, by terror, by threat or murder, whatever was most effective. 

One of the most horrifying examples of terrorism perpetrated by the Catholic church at this time was the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in 

It began on St. Bartholomew's Day, August 24, 1572, when Paris was filled with many Protestant (Huguenot) nobles who had come to 
celebrate the marriage of Henry of Navarre and the sister of King Charles IX of France. From Paris the bloody orgy spread to the provinces. It 
is estimated approximately 50 thousand victims were massacred, all in the name of Christian love and charity and to the glee of the Pope of 
Rome, the King of Spain and the King of France. 

What did the reformation accomplish that was constructive? Not much. 

The Catholic church cleaned up its act only slightly, but by and large kept on fleecing and brow-beating its victims pretty much as before and 
perpetrating terroristic atrocities on those still in its thrall who would not bend to its insane dogma. Burning at the stake, thumb-screw and rack 
were still its best persuaders. 

The Protestants were no better. Whereas they cut loose from the Pope and from Rome, they, too, pursued terror, mayhem and torture on their 
own victims who would not bow to their (slightly) new beliefs. (Read again Creative Credo No. 51 , "The Thumbscrew and Rack," in The White 
Man's Bible.) 

Both the Catholics and the Protestants now practiced what only the Catholic church had the power to do before - namely widespread 
intolerance, torture, terror and narrow-minded bigotry, all in the name of the phantom spooks in the sky whose very existence was then, and 
still is, highly questionable. The same mass insanity and thumb-screw and rack tactics continued to be practiced by both groups with equal 
fanaticism, and increased vehemence. 

But that is not all. The Protestant groups now started splintering into a multitude of cults and factions of their own, and with it developed the 
factional warfare, overt and covert, that has persisted within its ranks ever since. 

The rift between the Protestant factions and the Catholic church simmered ominously for nearly 1 00 years and then broke out into a bloody 
conflagration that manifested itself in the Thirty Years War (1618-48), one of the most vicious, insane and destructive wars ever fought 
between members of the White Race. It involved nearly every nation in Europe, and was most devastating of all to the then still fractured 
German states. It set Germany back at least 200 years in its development, killed two-thirds of its inhabitants and destroyed about five-sixths of 
its buildings, cities, towns, farms and physical properties. 

What was the war all about? Some insane tidbit of difference of opinion regarding the spooks in the sky, about which no one really had the 
slightest bit of information anyway, and whose existence was and still is merely speculative. Talk about mass insanity! 

Today there is still bitterness between the Protestants and the Catholics. There is jealousy, intolerance, bigotry and divisiveness between the 
different factions of the Protestant denominations, which by now number in the thousands. In fact, there is nothing, but nothing, in the world 
that has so divided, splintered and fractured the White Race as have the different Christian cults, sects and religions. 

The Jews planned it that way. As the Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage said (See Creative Credo No 43 in The White Man's Bible, "Confessions of a 
Jew"), "For this mess thanks to you, to your prophets and to your Bible." 

The New York Times Almanac reports that there are 98,875,560 Protestant members of various denominations in the United States, and 
341 ,496,740 on a worldwide basis. This latter figure is approximately a third of the total Catholic (Roman and Eastern Orthodox) world 

When Saul of Tarsus set out to inflict Christianity on the Romans back in the First Century, C.E., he really unleashed a can of worms, from 
which we have not recovered to this day. 

It is the goal of CREATIVITY to eradicate this aberration of the mind and set the White Race back on a course of sanity. 

Jewish Christianity is like a huge submerged reef in the middle of a major shipping channel. Until we blast it out of existence, the White Race 
will repeatedly be shipwrecked on it. 

Remember the Church of the Creator in your will. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part VI - Protestantism 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Protestantism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

A. Basis of Belief: 

There is no one consensus of the Protestant belief, and the nitpicking details and differences vary as to each individual denomination, cult, 
sect, or even individual churches. Since these run into the tens of thousands, we cannot, of course, detail them here. There is however, a 
common denominator, more or less, in them all. 

Essentially, their beliefs are based on the Jewish/Christian Bible, which is only slightly different from the Roman Catholic Vulgate edition. Most 
Protestant denominations in the past followed the King James Version, rewritten by a group of scholars ca. 1611. It is a partially cleaned-up 
version of the Roman Catholic Vulgate text, whose language was considered somewhat vulgar, hence Vulgate. Both the grammar and the 
literary style were greatly improved by these revisions. 

Nevertheless, even the King James Version, deodorized as it is, still contains a large number of passages, stories and episodes that are 
vulgar, crude, filthy, and in fact, just to list the numbers of such chapters and verses fills several pages. (They are listed in the 1 881 edition of 
Foote & Ball's Bible Handbook.) 

Most of the liberal Protestant churches have now discarded the King James Version in favor of the Revised Standard Version, (R.S.V.) which 
uses more modern language. 

The whole Bible has been translated into English, or revised in the English language more than 50 times, and the New Testament at least 1 1 
times, thereby Ignoring it's own dictum that not a tittle be added or subtracted from "God's Word." 

CREATIVITY, in contrast, repudiates the whole superstition! contention that our lives are governed by a passel of spooks hovering over and 
around us, monitoring our every action, deed, word and thought. Instead, our creed and program are based on the realities of the universe in 
which we live, on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on logic and common sense. These eternal truths are set forth in our three basic books. Nature's 
Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living. 

B. Goals and Objectives: 

The Reformers (Martin Luther, Calvin, etc.) were zealots whose proclaimed objectives were salvation for themselves and saving the souls of 
others, even if they had to use the thumbscrew and rack to whip the others into their line of thinking. The modern day Protestant churches, 
strongly under Jewish influence, have now pretty well abandoned the salvation-for-the-hereafter business, and are hell bent on pursuing 
several issues, of which racial equality and race-mixing are now the most strident, urgent social gospels. (The media calls it Secular 
Humanism, another one of those Jewish terms that most people are confused about; but basically it means promoting sex, race-mixing, 
feeding the niggers and the scum of the world at the expense of the White Race, of course, while at the same time denouncing and 
undermining the White Race itself at every turn.) 

Creativity, on the other hand, strongly denounces race-mixing and promotes the goal of racial purity for the White Race. In fact, its sole concern 
is for the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone, seeking to bring meaning and order into a now degenerate, confused and 
chaotic world. We strive to build a Whiter and Brighter World. 

C. Some Proclaimed Differences Between the Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic church: 

From the traditional Catholic point of view, Protestantism was, and is, a heresy, a willful departure from the divinely revealed doctrines and 
institutions of THE CHURCH, leading to apostasy from THE TRUE FAITH and to obliteration of the rules of Christian life. 

From the Protestant point of view, according to the reformers, it was the Catholic church, which, on the contrary, deviated from the revealed 
teaching and discipline of original Christianity and thus from the living, mystical body of Christ. By hypertrophic growth of its institutional 
machinery, the medieval church stiffened the life of the spirit. It made of salvation a kind of mass production of sacramental and devotional 
external practices and pseudo-ascetic ways of life. Above all, it usurped the powers of the spirit to the benefit of the clerical caste and thus 
opened the door to all kinds of abuses and to the exploitation of the Christian people by a corrupt clerical bureaucracy which had its center in a 
papal Rome, whose moral debasement was the scandal of Christianity. 

So there. Take your pick. 

D. Racial Attitude: There are still a few fundamental churches that favor racial separation, but that minority is small and dwindling. Most 
Protestant denominations, especially the World Council of Churches, The National Council of Churches, the liberal churches and even most of 
the fundamental churches are now going all out to promote race-mixing, and to please and appease the Jews. Most churches, such as Jerry 
Falwell's "Moral Majority" (who claim to be fundamentalists), knock themselves silly to promote Israel and the idea that the Jews are "God's 
Chosen people." 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is striving to the limits of its resources to get the parasitic Jews off of our backs, and pursuing a sound and 
healthy program of EUGENICS for the upgrading of the White Race. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

Protestantism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

What is a Spirit? 

All Hole and No Doughnut 

An in-depth exploration into the world of gobbledygook and double-talk. 

The Jewish-Christian Bible talks repeatedly and incessantly about spirits, ghosts, demons, gods, angels, lucifers and other nebulous fantasies 
as if they were real, and not only real, but extremely important and powerful. In fact, once your mind gets locked into this line of nonsense you 
are led to believe that the world of fantasy is far more important than the real world, than the vast universe in which we find ourselves. 

Christ purportedly said, "My kingdom is not of this world." It is, he explained, a spiritual kingdom of some sort, somewhere "up there," but he, 
too, never explained what a spirit is. The whole massive superstructure of the Christian religion (and every other spook worshipping religion) is 
built on the following basic premises, for none of which is there a shred of meaningful evidence. 

Here are their presumptions, based only on "belief." 

1 . Although nobody has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt a ghost or a spirit, there is a vast world of spirits out there. 

2. These spirits have been gratuitously endowed by their promoters with unlimited magical powers, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and 
prescience. Where they got all these magical goodies from they don't say, nor do they explain why they arc so eager to attribute all these 
goodies to "spirits" when they don't know a thing about them, about their origin, or their whereabouts. 

3. Supposedly these "spirits" created everything the universe, the birds, the bees, the stars, human beings and everything else, including 
some nebulous places such as heaven and hell that are "not of this world", not of this universe. Where they are, that too, they don't care to 

4. These "believers" in spooks go further, much further, and here is where it gets real sticky, real frightening. They claim that these spirits, 
wherever or whatever they are, are continually keeping tabs on each and everyone of us living beings, looking over our shoulders, and keeping 
notes on our every spoken word and our every action. Not only that, but they can, and arc continuously monitoring our minds, and also keeping 
notes on our every unspoken thought. 

5. Having kept track of all this vast accumulation of information on billions of people over thousands of years in their supercomputer "up" in the 
sky (somewhere), when we die, we will be con' fronted with all our misdeeds. We will be "judged" for our failure to "believe" in all the conflicting 
nonsense that our intelligence rejected, and for not "accepting" the spook theory, this latter transgression evidently being the most heinous 
crime of all. 

6. We will then be relegated to the fiery pit to burn and burn and burn. We (or our "souls") will then suffer excruciating torture forever and a day, 
administered by these same charitable spirits who so loved us, snooped on us, tried to save us, but we were just too dumb to catch on. So 
there we all are in hell, tortured by the billions, in all eternity because we didn't see the light about the presence of all those spooks that 
hovered over us every moment of our life. 

That, my dear White Racial Comrades, in essence, is the story we are told by the spook-peddlers, also known as Christians, Mormons, 
Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and thousands of other fragmentary Christian cults and sects. 

What I have been trying to find out not only from the ordinary run of spook peddlers but (supposedly) highly informed and learned ministers and 
theologians is this: 

What is a spirit? What is a soul? How do you know? 

On the theory that such spirits exist, and that they have all these wonderful and magical attributes I listed earlier, is based a whole massive 
religious superstructure that sucks in at least 40 billion dollars from the superstitious and the gullible in the United States alone. This is in one 
year, but this same racket has been going on for thousands of years, and did not start with Christianity. 

The Egyptians already had it refined to an expert system, the Romans practiced it (mildly), and even the intelligent Greeks indulged in it, and 
when Socrates tried to enlighten the youth of his day that these Greek gods might be entirely fictitious, the establishment did not like his 
independent thinking. They had him tried in a kangaroo court and drink the cup of hemlock. 

In the meantime, I keep asking all these devotees of the spirit world, just what is a spirit? This perplexes them immeasurably and it is most 
amusing to see them squirm and grope for answers they can't come up with. In fact, they act as if they had never considered the question 

Last August, my wife and I were on a trip to Europe, in which we re-visited some of the most beautiful vistas in the Alpine regions of Bavaria, 
Austria, the Tyrol, Switzerland and Italy. 

There was an elderly spinster in our tour group who was a "devout" Catholic. She was also extremely voluble and never ceased talking, 
whether on the bus, or at mealtime, or on an excursion. She insisted that although she was old enough to have been married three times over, 
she never had, and that she was a Miss. Nobody disputed her claims. 

For reasons of her unending volubility, most members of the tour avoided sitting with her at mealtime, if they could help it. One evening, during 
our stay in Munich, it was my fate to be seated at the same table with her, and no supporting cast. We were alone and I was trapped. What to 

She lost no time opening the conversation and asked if I were an atheist, that she had read my flier, and what was it all about. I replied, no, I 
was not an atheist, I was a Creator, but rather than explain our movement, I suggested she could read my books if she cared. Instead, I 
suggested, why don't we talk about Christianity? 

I decided that instead of being on the receiving end I would take the initiative, and have a little fun in the process. 

I started out with the position that the Christian religion was based on the theory that there are spirits floating around somewhere, everywhere, 
who are continuously looking over our shoulder taking notes on our every action, word and even every thought. We humans supposedly, too, 
have a spirit inside of us, and it is called a soul. When we die this spirit supposedly leaves the body and will then be brought to judgment. 
Evidently, there are the master spirits and the slave spirits, and we are the slave spirits. The master spirits have been presumably only 
snooping on us during all our lifetime, but when we die, they evidently take full control and are in a position to throw all our past deeds and 
misdeeds in our face and render judgment upon us. 

Evidently, and so the Christian story goes, if we are found wan- ting, we will be condemned to a fiery pit for all eternity to burn and burn and 
burn. Endless agony and torture is the fate of our supposed spirit or soul, or what have you. And since the obstacles in getting to heaven are 
extremely difficult, such is going to be the fate of the vast majority of us poor souls, if we have any, I told my now dumb- founded spinster 

Having laid this frame of reference, I pursued the subject with gusto, and got right down to brass tacks with my key questions: 

Just what is a spirit? What is a soul? 

She started off with the usual negative answers it ii not this, it is not that. 

But I kept pressing what is it? If you didn't have the foggiest idea what a giraffe was, it wouldn't help much to say it wasn't like a mouse, it 
wasn't like a house, it wasn't like a car, etc., so please don't waste my time telling me what it ISN'T. I want to know what it IS. Does it have 
eyes? A brain? Nerves? Docs it have shape? Made of atoms and molecules? 

The answer to all these questions were negative. Alright, what does a spirit or a soul have you can tell me that is positive, and how do you 

This kind of conversation went on for about two hours at our little table, long after the other members of the tour had finished their meals and 
left. When we finally concluded, I had a speechless, dumb-founded little old lady, who couldn't answer the basic question: What is a spirit? 

But, she said, she would try to find out. I said that I would be very happy to have someone give me a sensible, meaningful answer, but, I 
insisted, how could she be so engrossed with the spirit world for all of her 70 some years, and never even have discovered what a spirit is? 

Next morning she told me (and everybody else) that she hadn't slept much the night before and it was all my fault. 

A few days later, which was the following Sunday, when we stopped over in Vienna, my friend sought out a Catholic church and consulted a 
priest. She asked him for answers to my question: What is a spirit? What is a soul? 

The next day, Monday, the tour guide slipped me a little note with no signature on it that he had been asked to give me. It said: 

SOUL - general principle of life (human beings, animals, plants.) 

SPIRIT - immaterial principle of intellect (human soul/spirit.) 

Well, I finally had some sort of a garbled answer from her priest, but for whatever it was worth, I was as baffled as ever as to what a soul or a 
spirit consisted of. 

Our little discussion had gotten around in our tour group, which included a nice Methodist minister in his early fifties. His name was John and 
he hailed from York, PA. One day I suggested to him that I would enjoy a friendly discussion on the issue of religion and especially I would like 
to hear his definition of a soul or a spirit. He agreed to accommodate, although, it seemed to me, with some foreboding. 

And so it came to pass, about a week later, when we had finished dinner in the hotel dining room in Montreux, Switzerland, we had our 
discussion. We sat in the lobby of the hotel. 

I started the discussion by posing a rhetorical question I had asked other people many times before: Does it make any sense to have "deep 
and abiding faith" in any religion, creed, belief or theory that has neither evidence nor logic to support it? For instance, the Hindu's belief that 
cows are holy? 

He readily agreed, it did not. 

Alright, I said, let's look at evidence meaningful evidence. The whole Christian religion is based on the theory that there are spirits, millions of 
them, floating around out there some are souls, some are demons, some are gods, some are angels and a slew of other forms and 
aberrations. Some are supposedly good, some are villains. The supposedly good ones are hovering over and around us, taking notes, 
monitoring our every action, deed, word and thought, and storing them in some huge super-computer in the sky. More or less, I pursued the 
same framework as I had with the elderly spinster. 

Then I concluded - now if there aren't any spirits, then the whole Christian creed and framework breaks down in a mess of shambles. It 
becomes one colossal fraud, does it not? 

So, Reverend, tell me what is a spirit? What is a soul? 

Somehow he managed to avoid the answers to that question for some time and we wandered off into other aspects of the religious issue. He 
assured me that his belief was his best evidence of the validity of Christ and the hereafter, and his love for Christ was his most cherished 

Now, really? You call that meaningful evidence? 

I reminded him that as we traveled through some beautiful mountain passes of the Alps, they revealed endless layers (strata) of rocks which 
had been formed at the bottom of oceans not only millions, but hundreds of millions, even billions of years ago. How did he reconcile this with 
the Biblical story that the earth was created by a blithe spirit in six days only some 6000 years ago? 

Well, he said, the term "days" didn't really mean a solar day as we know it, but could be an interminable period of time, even billions of years. 

Well, I countered, M God wrote the Bible, surely he was intelligent enough to know how to express himself clearly, and I can read English quite 
well. It says "days" not something else. If the Bible doesn't mean what it says, and say what it means, what in the hell does it mean, if 

There was much waffling and double-talk thereafter, but no sensible answers were forthcoming. 

I then pursued the "meaningful evidence" required. I contended that there was no meaningful evidence, that even such a character or 
personage as Christ ever existed and walked the earth around the beginning of the first century of the Common Era. The oldest "manuscripts" 
that we have arc in the Vatican library in Rome and date back no further than the fourth century C.E. That is a pretty long time gap to relate a 
story that supposedly happened 400 years earlier. Is that "meaningful" evidence? I think not. In an era of history when there were any number 
of learned poets, writers and historians in the highly developed civilization of Rome, why was it not one of them noted and recorded this 
tremendously important event in history a son of a god being born in Bethlehem with a band of angels proclaiming the event. Supposedly it 
was so well broadcast that even King Herod was scared spitless to the point where he had every male baby in his kingdom under two years of 
age murdered. (So the phony story claims.) Surely some writers in a highly literate society would take note of such a monumental event and 
record it for posterity? Yet, there is none. 

Yes, he said, there were. There was the historian Josephus, who talked of the Christ. 

Ah yes, Josephus, I said, there is always a Josephus. As I recall, he lived between 37 to 100 C.E., and could hardly be an eye witness to the 
big event. His history of the Jewish war, written approximately 80 to 90 C.E. does contain one short paragraph mentioning Christ, it is true. 
However, it is so out of context that bibliographers strongly suspect this Jewish historian, whose writings in any case are regarded as highly 
untrustworthy, never even wrote this one paragraph. Instead it is suspected that some over-zealous monk interjected it many centuries later 
while copying manuscripts. Be that as it may, I said, isn't one measly vague paragraph a pretty flimsy coat hook on which to hang a whole 

Well, there were others, he said. 

Such as? 

Well, he couldn't think of any, offhand. 

Our discussion pretty well covered the whole waterfront. I kept pressing for an answer to the basic question: What is a spirit? What is a soul? 
No negative answers, please. 

He was hard put to define either. Finally, he came up with something God was intelligence, he said. Where did he reside? He was all over. 
Any shape? Shaped in the image of man? No shape, just all over. The anthropomorphic image, the father image, was not real, just an 
explanation for the simple people to grasp more easily, he explained. 

That sounded more like the description of another nebulous substance, called the ether, which supposedly fills all space, scientists claim. 
What's the difference then between God and the ether? I asked. 

No answer. 

O.K., What about the other spirits? What about souls? He was stumped. No answer. 

And so after a congenial discussion that lasted more than three hours, we said goodnight and prepared to take off for Lucerne the next 

I still had no idea of what a soul or a spirit was, but we never re-opened the discussion again for the rest of the trip, both for different reasons. I 
felt I had exhausted his possibilities of coming up with any sensible explanation, and he, not having any answers, would evidently just as soon 
forget about the whole thing and not be further embarrassed. So ended our congenial discussion on "spirits". 

But for the thinking man the question still persists. Why should it be so difficult for a theologian to define a spirit or a soul? After all, these 
concepts have been around since the early Egyptians 5000 years ago, and probably since the beginning of civilization. Are they merely 
fictitious concepts, and if so, were these fictitious concepts deliberately designed to be so extremely vague and nebulous so that nobody could 
dissect, analyze and discredit them? 

It is my opinion that these fictitious concepts were deliberately so designed - vague, nebulous, undefined. It is furthermore my conclusion that 

the Egyptians, who were totally immersed in the clever art of spook-craft were the master-craftsmen in bringing these fictitious concepts into 
prominence, as they were in inventing most of the other paraphernalia and window-dressings now so expertly manipulated by the Judeo- 
Christian cults. 

So we find the White Race of today highly enmeshed in a net- work of fictitious concepts that are specious and spurious, mostly undefinable, 
yet shelling out at least 40 billion dollars a year in the United States alone, in order to perpetuate and maintain this nonsense and dump it on 
their children, the next generation. 

But that isn't all. This fictitious spookcraft has been expertly utilized by our most deadly racial enemies - the Jews - to get a handle on the 
brains of our White Racial Comrades in order to control us, manipulate us, fleece us and enslave us. 

It is our overriding task, our solemn duty, to expose this racket for what it is, to de-program our White Racial Comrades and to bring them back 
to sanity. This we must do if we are to save our precious race. 

It is my hope that the above arguments and logic can, and will, be used effectively to do just that. 

Question; What is the difference between "Quantity X" and a "Spirit?" Answer: Nothing, if "X" equals Zero. 


If you don't even know what "it" is, how can you tell if "it" exists? Obviously, you can't. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985 

What is a Spirit? 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

A Planet Devoid of Mud Races 

A Cherished Goal 

Today it may seem like a Dream, but the White Race has the wherewithal to convert it into Reality. 

Have you ever wondered what this world could be like under ideal conditions? 

Well, let us imagineer and speculate into a world of the future, a Planet Earth devoid of mud races, a goal that has long been cherished and is 
diligently being pursued by the Church of the Creator. 

Let us project ourselves three or four generations into the future and assume this highly desirable objective is now a task completed, and let us 
take a fond look at the new Whiter and Brighter world about us. 

First of all, we would find that our Planet Earth would be much less crowded. Our White Race would have burgeoned to perhaps one billion 
people in a few generations and then stabilized and leveled off at that point. This one billion people, however, would now be spread out over a 
land mass four times larger than the now crowded quarters of the White Race. Not only would we be occupying space left open by the now 
departed mud races in our own territories, but the White Race would be spread out over Asia, Africa, South America and other territories in 
which there are now none, or few White residents. 

Most of the thinning out would come about in the now over- crowded metropolitan centers. The big cities would be smaller, less crowded, with 
much more elbow room and breathing space. The slum areas formerly infested with niggers, Puerto Ricans and other undesirables, would now 
have been bulldozed away, cleaned up and converted into beautiful public parks and green areas, where decent men and women could stroll 
about without fear of attack from the criminals, where children could romp and play in safety, and families could picnic at their leisure. The cities 
would be clean, orderly and un-crowded, as they still are in some parts of Switzerland and a few other parts of the White world that have not 
yet been infested with black criminals. 

Speaking of slums, the Jewish media have repeatedly tried to deceive us that our cities have slums because those sections of the city have 
become old and therefore, naturally, they become rundown. This is, of course, a blatant lie. Slums come about because of riffraff that will 
neglect and destroy any kind of building or environment you put them in. Notably this shiftless and irresponsible type consists of one type of 
mud race or another, with the niggers leading the way. I have visited some of the most beautiful little cities in the world, like the beautiful city of 
Rothenburg, in Germany, or Zermatt, in Switzerland, at the foot of the Matterhorn, whose finest and most interesting buildings are more than 
six hundred years old. The cities are clean, interesting, well kept and inhabited by White people. 

On the other hand, you can put niggers into brand new apartments, as the United States government has done innumerable times at the 
taxpayer's expense, and in six to twenty-four months the windows are broken, the plumbing has been ripped out, the elevators have stopped 
working because they have been used for urinals and garbage dumps. In short, you can take the nigger out of a slum, but you can't take the 
slum out of the nigger, or to put the same idea another way, you can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the 

But to resume our dream of the future. A much higher percentage of our people would now be living out in the country, either on large family 
sized farms, or on small plots of a few acres where they would cultivate their own garden, and perhaps have a nice little or- chard of fruit trees. 
Prior to World War I, my people, the Mennonites in Russia, although living in communities of perhaps one thousand, did just that. They had the 
best part of both worlds, a real farm perhaps a mile or so from their house and barn, and an orchard and garden plot with the house. No 
crowding, lots of fresh air, lots of room for the children to play. 

We Creators regard trees as the most essential and important plants in our natural environment, and we regard fruit trees as the best of all. 
One of the first steps our ingenious and energetic White Race of the future will have tackled is the saving of our natural forests. Today we find 
this precious resource slowly dying in many, if not most, parts of the world. The lovely Black Forest of Germany is dying due to acid rain and 
atmospheric pollution, forests in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada are dying, forests in Russia are dying, forests in the 
Rocky Mountain regions are dying. The huge rain forests of the Amazon River region, which are regarded as one of the most important "lungs" 
of our atmosphere in restoring oxygen, are being wantonly destroyed and decimated at the rate of thousands of square miles a year. 

All this must and will be reversed. We cannot and do not want to exist in a bleak and barren planet. This wanton deterioration must be stopped, 
and then reversed and let Nature do the rest in rebuilding it. 

Speaking of fruit trees, since the White Race of the future will also be inhabiting the tropical and subtropical areas of the world that it does not 
now inhabit, we will plant millions of acres of fruit trees. This will include not only the newly acquired tropical and subtropical areas but also the 
temperate regions. Since our population will be consuming much more fruit, our choice of fruits will also be greatly widened. 

Whereas most of us are now familiar with such choice sub- tropical fruits as: bananas, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, dates, figs, 
papayas, mangos and others, there are numerous other tasty and nutritious fruits that we can and will grow and transport. Among these are 
such choice goodies as: cashew-apples, sugar-apples, star- apples, rose-apples, imbus, ambarellas, red mombins, yellow morn- bins, 
cherirnoyas, soursops, ilarnas, soncoyas, sweet granadillas, pur- pie granadillas, giant granadillas, capulfns, loquats, manzanillas, icacos, 
pineapple guavas, strawberry guavas, pitangas, feijoas, grumichamas, litchis, longans, rambutans, sopsdillas, sapotes, canistels, kakis, 
mangosteens, jackfruits, durians, tunas, carrissas and carambolas. 

Being man's most palatable and nutritious foods, their culture and expansion will be extensive and well advanced in the future environment of 
our race. 

Along with restoring the forests of our planet, we will have gone a long way in also increasing the natural habitat of our wildlife - animals, birds 
and fishes. We will seriously pursue the survival and perpetuation of the wildlife species that are now still with us, and do what we can to 
ensure they will remain part of our heritage and environment in the future. This includes cleaning up our rivers, lakes and oceans, and 
protecting our whales, seals, fishes and other marine creatures for our future generations to enjoy. 

The health of our people would, for several reasons, be excellent, since the overwhelming majority of our people would now be following the 
dietary program of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, getting plenty of fresh uncontaminated air and being much more physically active. 
They would, in short, be following the natural life style of Salubrious Living. There would now be little need for Temples of Doom (hospitals) or 
even doctors, people having discovered the toxic effect of drugs, all drugs, and shunning them as they would the plague and niggers. People in 
general would be more exuberant, vibrant, happy and healthy, because they were faithful in following the Laws of Nature, and a natural life 

Our people would also be emotionally and mentally far more healthy than they are today. For one thing, being physically sound and healthy is 
already a psychological lift in itself. Secondly, most of the depressing burdens the White Race is saddled with today, would have been solved 
and eliminated. No longer would we have to worry about being mugged, robbed or shot in our homes, or in a park, or walking down a city street 
at night. There would be no niggers or other lecherous animals lurking about to commit crimes. White criminals, as such, would be as rare as 
polar bears in Florida. Law and order could and would be maintained with a minimum staff of law enforcement agencies. 

Nor would our future progeny have to worry about going to hell and burn forever and a day. By now CREATIVITY would have abolished from 
their minds all the superstitious clutter and debris left over from our long departed Stone Age ancestors. One of the freedoms future 
generations will be able to enjoy is Freedom from Fear of Hell. 

Not only would they no longer be harried and harassed by their preacher, perpetually threatening hellfire and damnation with his damnable 
Jewish Christianity, but the fortunate White progeny of the future would not have the Jewish IRS continually breathing down his or her neck, 
robbing them of the major part of their life's earnings. Taxes would be an insignificant minimum and the Jewish IRS would be dead and gone. 
With no more internecine wars to fight, no military burdens to carry, no freeloading and shiftless mud races to support, governmental expenses 
would be a small, minute fraction of what they are now. Practically all expenditures would be for constructive purposes, such as building roads, 
bridges, harbors, parks, playgrounds, etc. 

The White Race would no longer shoulder the tremendous guilt burden that the Jew has now foisted upon us, about the poor, hungry, starving 
niggers in Africa, or Hindus in India, or Indonesians in Indonesia, or Indians on the reservations, or Eskimos in Eskimo land. We would not 
have to worry about them by this time. Having had the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing all these incompetent mud races, they 
would by now have withered on the vine, be dead and gone and only part of a long past nightmare. No longer would we feel guilty about their 
plight and incompetence, but we would by then have embraced the good sense not to feel guilty about anything, because there would not then 
be anything we should feel guilty about. Not even about living the good life and enjoying every minute of it. 

This guilt-free feeling would further have been reinforced by the sound psychological teachings of our religion: that no one need feel guilty 
about following his or her good sense, the natural instincts we were born with, and living the good life. (See "The Guilt Complex and the 
Fairness Neurosis"- C. C. No. 61, in the White Man's Bible.) 

Our people would be much more gregarious and communally minded, enjoying sports, concerts, plays, art, literature and music. Every area 
would have a church center within close reach, which would have recreational grounds and facilities for team sports, tennis courts, bowling 
alleys, swimming pools, concert halls, libraries and many of the other cherished amenities and activities that are inherently part of a White 
Man's brilliant culture and civilization. Our people's minds would no longer be confused and cluttered with filthy Jewish pornography, nor 
Jewish religious claptrap. The White Race would then indulge itself in that at which it is best - creative activities, cultural enhancement and 
salubrious living. 

Not only would our future generations be able to express their natural creative instincts in healthy channels at home, but a far greater 
percentage would be able to travel. This they would do, both within the borders of their own countries, to view the parks and wonders of nature, 
and also abroad, throughout the then beautiful, safe and shining world, to view all the foreign wonders. Practically all of our good White Racial 
Comrades would be solvent, debt free and affluent. Why not travel? Properly oriented, trained and given ample opportunity, everyone could 
afford those things, things we now regard as luxuries for only "the rich." Travel and transportation would be amazingly efficient and safe, and 
relatively inexpensive. But there are further bonuses. 

By that time the White Race would have adopted and learned a universal language of its own, namely a revised and streamlined Latin, the 
greatest of all the languages in the civilization of mankind. Any of our White Racial Comrades from any part of the world could now travel freely 
in New Zealand, or France, or Sweden, or Germany, the now rebuilt areas of Africa or Asia, and converse with the White natives in his or her 
mother tongue - Latin. Everybody would be fluently speaking Latin, and soon Latin only. Nor would the polyglot welter of foreign currencies any 
longer be a problem. Instead of having to go to a Jewish bank to exchange monies every time a traveler crossed a border, the White world 
community would by now have established not only a common language, but also a common currency, which would be as valid in any other 
country as it was at home. 

Furthermore, the hassle of having to pass through immigration and customs every time they crossed a border would no longer exist. Our 
people would be able to cross national borders (if there still were any) just as freely as they now cross state borders in the United States. Why 
not? No country would have the fear, or the burden of keeping out the undesirables. There would be no mud peoples or other undesirables, 
only healthy, affluent, intelligent White people, free and welcome to travel the world over. 

With the blood-sucking Jewish twins, namely the Federal Reserve Board and the Internal Revenue Service gone, with the free- loading mud 
races no longer on our back, the White people could now concentrate on producing food, clothing and shelter, as well as all the finer amenities 
of life for its own best interests. So productive is the White Race that once its hands are untied, every White family, and I mean every family, 
could now own and pay for a beautiful spacious home with adequate breathing space around it, and live like a king. There would be no drones; 

there would be no unemployment; there would be no national debt; there would be no interest to pay to the Jewish counterfeiters. Everyone 
would be competent, everyone would be solvent, everyone would have ample time for leisure and the enjoyment of the finer things in life. 

With our Eugenics program in full operation, as well as practicing the best of Salubrious Living, as in Nature, the overwhelming majority of our 
White Racial Comrades would be remarkably healthy, both physically and mentally. Mental hospitals, as such, would soon be a thing of the 
past and snake-pits of today would only be an ugly memory of bygone times. 

Instead of pushing technology to its utmost dangerous boundaries where it could (and can now!) destroy all mankind, the future White Race will 
stress not more technology, but concentrate on improving our gene pool - more intelligent people, more healthy people, more athletic people, 
more beautiful people. 

We will not waste our time, energy and resources pursuing "outer-space", or space travel. There is nothing out there for us but more space - 
bleak, endless, space - billions of trillions of miles. Our habitat, our home, our living space, is here, on this Planet Earth, and will be so 
forevermore. To waste endless time, energy and resources flying into unlimited space is as unproductive as was Egyptian pyramid building. 
We will have better use for our energies, in first, cleaning up our Planet Earth, then building productively for our own best interests - here on 
Planet Earth. 

Nor will we pursue that life destroying insanity called atomic energy. We will instead stop it cold, and clean up the immense pollution and 
damage that we are already engulfed in. We will find new and cleaner sources of energy, such as the development of gravitational forces. In 
fact, I am convinced that we already have the technology now. I believe the oil companies and other Jewish interests are suppressing and 
stifling the technology so it will not upset their present financial applecart, at least until such time as they can get THEIR hands on it, and again 
have a monopoly in energy. 

Speaking of technology, we will long ago have scrapped the clumsy British foot-pound system of weight and measures. Like universal Latin, we 
will have adopted the much more sensible and practical Metric System. We are almost there now, except for Britain and the United States, and 
that impediment is there only because the Jew wishes to prolong confusion and divisiveness as long as possible. Anyway, good sense will 
prevail and we will have both - a universal language for our White Race, and a universal system of weights and measures that makes good 

We will stress and pursue new horizons in the field of the arts - literature, painting, sculpture, music and other fields of the White Man's culture. 
The most beautiful poems still remain to be written, the most beautiful music remains yet to be composed, the most beautiful paintings still 
remain to be rendered. We will encourage it profusely, genuine art, great art, not the kind of Jewish slop now being extolled and eulogized by a 
decadent and degenerate Jewish society. 

There is more, much more, some of which I can already foresee, some benefits which now are not too evident. But in any case, it will be a 
much more beautiful, happy, prosperous and stable society, environment and world, than the degenerate catastrophe that now seems to be 
staring us in the face. 

Does this sound too much like we are asking for a Utopia? Does it merely sound like an empty pipe dream? 

If so, think again. The foregoing is as real as the fact that time marches on, whether we like it or not. It is all within our grasp. We, the White 
Race, have the wherewithal to do it. We can make our dreams come true. So why not save ourselves, why not save our future generations, 
and build the brave, beautiful new world we are capable of? 

Lest any of our enemies and critics gather the wrong conclusions from this idyllic picture that we Creators envisage of the idealistic world of the 
future, let me make one thing clear - and I have spelled this out many times in my previous writings. Yes, we do envisage a Whiter and Brighter 
world for the future, populated only by members of Nature's Finest - the White Race. Only with more intelligent and competent people can we, 
or anyone else, build a better world. It cannot be done with the scum of society - the idiots, incompetents, the lazy and the shiftless; such as the 
Jim Jones cult of a few years ago, gathered together and ended up in mass suicide in Guyana. I repeat, it can only be done with highly 
competent, intelligent people of responsibility, such as only the White Race can produce. 

However, this does not mean we are going to wage bloody war- fare against the mud races, or that we have any mass designs of slaughtering 
them wholesale. On the contrary, we mean to exercise our religious and constitutional rights as spelled out in the First Amendment and other 
clauses of the Bill of Rights. We mean to build our religious organization and our membership, our churches, our influence, until we embrace 
most of the intelligent membership of the White Race throughout the world. We mean to inculcate RACIAL LOYALTY between our kinsmen 
and help each other financially, politically, legally and morally. We mean to cut the mud races adrift and let them fend for themselves. No 
longer, as in the past, will we feed them, educate them, subsidize them, or wet nurse them, as has "our" Jewish government of the past and 

We will go further than that. We will boycott the Jews, both in business and in politics. We will expose their nefarious conspiracy and financial 
counterfeiting racket. We will drive them from power, politically, financially, spiritually and socially. We, the White Race, will grasp the power 
and the direction of our own destiny back into our own hands. All this we can do legally and constitutionally. We are not only entitled to do so 
morally, but it is our highest moral duty to do so. Both the Eternal Laws of Nature and our own good sense compel us to do so, if our race is to 
survive, and we mean to see to it that it does just that. 

Once the White Race has control of its own good senses and its own destiny again, the mud races and its billions of incompetent freeloaders, 
of their own incompetence will wither on the vine and fall of their own impetus, like the autumn leaves from the trees. They will shrink and 
shrivel away, as did the savage Indians before the advancing White Man of our early American republic and the "Winning of the West." We will 
do it the American way, the legal way, the constitutional way, and not according to the suicidal "morals" of Jewish Christianity, but according to 
the morals of Creativity and the Eternal Laws of Nature. 

What alternative do we have? 

We are now at a very crucial crossroads in the evolution of our great White Race. We can toss in the towel and let the Jews and mud races 
take charge and mongrelize our future progeny into the filthy hell of oblivion. If you want to take a good look at what that hell is like, take a trip 
to India, and view the filthy, clawing, starving masses. Or if you want to take a shorter course and a shorter trip, go to Haiti and take a good 
look at those miserable starving wretches. They are a prime example of integration and race-mixing. Do you want your children and 
grandchildren to be absorbed in such bleak filth and misery? If not, do something meaningful. 

What can you do? Plenty, and I have spelled it out repeatedly before. Promote CREATIVITY. Distribute the Basic Bibles, become an ordained 
minister of our church, organize a church group of your own. Remember, we are now at the crossroads. We need every one of our White 
Racial Comrades to pitch in, and that means YOU, especially YOU. Again, consider the alternative. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 r^ 

A Planet Devoid of Mud Races 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

In the Lighter Vein 

Ridicule is frequently employed with more power and success than severity. - Horace 

Heavenly Humor About Christmas 

The Jewish propaganda machine is at this very moment again cranking up its promotional machinery and putting it into high gear in order to 
incite the goyim to buy! buy! buy! and fill its commercial coffers. Since this Christinsanity is based on a purely fictitious concept, on an event 
that never happened, and on a date that was picked at random six hundred years after the supposed event, we caution our White Racial 
Comrades to remain objective. In order to help keep things in perspective, we again publish a little Christian humor. 

A few days after Christmas, a Protestant, a Catholic and a Jew were sitting at a bar, recalling how they each had spent Christmas day. The 
Protestant said, "Well, we started celebrating on Christmas eve. We went to our local church and listened to a short sermon and sang some 
Christmas hymns. Then on Christmas morning we gathered around the tree and opened presents. Then later, we had a few highballs and 
about four o'clock in the afternoon, we had our big Christmas dinner." 

The Catholic said, "Well, by and large we did the same thing, except we didn't celebrate Christmas eve, but got up early the next morning and 
we went to Mass. Then, about 1 :00 p.m., we opened our presents." 

The Jew said, "Well, we have a different approach altogether. On Christmas day we invited all of our relatives and co-religionists to come 
together at the department store. We opened a case of Slivovitz, then we rubbed our bellies and looked with glee at the empty shelves and full 
cash registers. Then we kneeled down and gave thanks to our boy, Saul, who invented this clever gimmick and made it all possible in the first 
place, and then we all joined hands and sang, "What a friend we have in Jesus." 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

In the Lighter Vein 








Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

Promoting a Jewish Hoax 

Before we go silly again glorifying a Jewish spook that never was, let us examine this annual hoax. 

The above story sums up in a nutshell what fuels the buying splurge in which the average White goyim is caught up annually and perennially. 
Starting right after Thanksgiving (and many stores can't even wait that long) the biggest propaganda campaign of the year lets loose full blast - 
buy! buy! buy! from the Jew-owned department stores and all the other stores, 90 percent of which are Jew-owned. 

The pressure build-up is tremendous. If you don't succumb to the Jewish campaign to buy, whether you like it or not, something for all your 
friends and relatives, whether they can use it or not, why, you are a Scrooge, a penny pincher, a tightwad, and not in the pro- per "spirit" of 
Christmas. Just so you will never forget what a reprehensible character Scrooge was, Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is trotted out at the 
proper time with great fan- fare. This happens BEFORE Christmas, year after year. You can depend on it. 

So, before we again are overwhelmed with this Jewish outpouring of mushy spirit - let us ask some sensible questions. 

What is Christmas all about? Why should we spend all this time, money and hocus-pocus glorifying a Jewish hoax that never was? Wouldn't it 
be a lot more sensible to utilize the same time, energy, money and zeal promoting some of our own White racial heroes and values? 

Yes, it would. Let us first look at the history of the Jewish hoax. Let us collect our senses and ask: What is Christmas all about? 

Well, supposedly we goyim arc all overcome with deep religious awe and sentimental gush and arc celebrating the birthday of Christ, our 
Savior, who supposedly came down from heaven (via Mary's womb) to save all of us poor rotten sinners from a fate of fire and brimstone, and 
we supposedly are all thankful as hell that he was so charitable. 

Save us sinners from hell? Really? 

There are so many flaws in this whole fictitious fairytale that it would make your head swim when we go beyond the first gushy, childish 
euphoria as to what Christmas is all about. 

In the first place, there is no evidence, no claim even by the gullible Christians that they "know" what date Christ was born. It is only a date 
picked at random, since the adulators wanted to celebrate his "birth" and had to have some date, any date. 

Why did they pick December 25? 

Well, there was a good reason for that. Many pagan (White) peoples already had a long standing tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice at 
about that time of year, and it was a well establish- ed traditional holiday. 

The Romans, for example, had had a long-standing religious tradition of celebrating December 25 as the birth of the sun god. 

The Catholic church wanted to do away with this "pagan" festival, but Emperor Constantine refused the church's request, claiming it was too 
popular. He finally did accede to the church's request for a law freeing all slaves who accepted Christianity, and renounced the sun test. 
However, these converts continued to celebrate the sun festival and in 345 A.D., under Liberius, the bishop of Rome, the December 25 date 
was declared a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Christ. Previous to this the church had taken the stand that it was sinful to celebrate 
Christ's birthday, since the date was unknown. 

The Christian oligarchy, being led by Master Sneaks of all time, decided it was more expedient to turn an existing tradition to the glory of their 
movement, than to try to fight it and set up a completely new tradition. This they succeeded in doing with overwhelming success. 

They did the same thing with Easter, which was already a well established tradition. For years the White peoples had celebrated the Spring 
Equinox, the fertility of new crops and new growth, the rites of spring and similar ideas. 

So we, the White pagans, were hoaxed from a long-standing custom of celebrating traditional White holidays, and converting them into 
(Jewish) Christian holidays, including honoring a Jew from the seed of David, whose birth date we do not know. But let us move on. There are 
many more deceptions in this picture. 

Not only does nobody know what day of the year the Jewish Savior was supposedly born, but nobody even knows what year, either. And that 
isn't all. The fact is, nobody "knows" whether he was born at all, or whether "he" is just another hocus-pocus myth, like Santa Claus, or Mother 
Goose and Hi-diddle-diddle The Cow Jumped Over The Moon. 

Now considering the tremendous impact Christianity has had on the fortunes (or rather misfortunes, to be more correct) of the White Race, you 
would think that some researchers and historians would go to some considerable trouble to track down this mighty historic event and resolve 
once and for all: did this Jewish teacher, preacher, "Son of God", "Savior", (or whatever) actually live or didn't he? 

I would like to think this one point would be rather important - no Christ, then all is a hoax. It's similar to somebody giving you a million dollar 
check. I believe it would be damned important to determine if the check were for real, or if the check was a phony, without a cent in the bank to 
back it up. I would think any sensible person would want to determine this issue as quickly as possible. 

Well, I for one have spent a lot of time and research doing just that. I have already written any number of chapters on the subject such as, 
"Christ's Existence not substantiated by Historical Evidence", and "The Spooks in the Sky Swindle", and many others. Many other historians 
and researchers have done an even more thorough search into the genuine annals of history, and they have come up with the same answer as 
have 1 . There is not a scintilla of evidence that such a figure as Christ ever existed; that the stories told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are 

phony as hell. Not only phony, but contradict each other on dozens of important points. Not only are their garbled stories as fictitious as Santa 
Claus, Mother Goose and the Tooth Fairy, but there is no historical evidence throwing any light on who Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were, 
where they lived, or if, in fact, they ever lived at all. 

All we have are myths, stories, hearsay, much gullibility and deception. In fact, the oldest "documents" regarding the authenticity of their scripts 
date no further back than about 400 A.D. Four hundred years between an event and a report is a pretty hefty gap. 

Alright, no Christ, no Savior, no Christmas. But nevertheless, we, through repeated mind manipulation and programming are stuck with a 
traditional holiday that really moves billions of dollars worth of merchandise every year. It also has a multitude of other significant ramifications. 

So let us probe further as to what kind of a traditional holiday we are stuck with, what are we really celebrating. 

Well, for one thing we are celebrating a hoax, and a Jewish hoax at that. And the joke is on us. 

The Jewish mind manipulator, Saul of Tarsus, the Christian's St. Paul, did more than any other man in history to put this hoax across and sell it 
to the goyim. That is why the Jews are so grateful to him when they count their shekels the day after Christmas. And well they should be. 

There is no other event (or non-event) in the business world (mostly monopolized by Jews) that generates as much force-fed business as does 
Christmas. It is the biggest shot in the arm any department store (or thousands of other stores) get to hype their business. To many stores It 
means the difference between making money and staying in business or going broke. Many stores do half their volume of business before the 
Christmas season and many make the total year's profit from just Christmas sales. So the gimmick the Jew-boy Saul, stirred up is not to be 
sneezed at. No wonder his co-religionists are eternally grateful to him for this innovative gimmick. 

Now let us look at it from the White Man's point of view, as we Creators are inclined to do on every issue, and ask a few questions: 

1 . Should an intelligent White Man join in promoting a Jewish hoax, of which the White Race is the prime target? 

2. Even though we realize that Christ per se is a myth, should a proud and race conscious White Man join in glorifying a mythical "hero" who is 

3. If you know the truth, do you think that under any circumstances it is morally justifiable to lie to yourself (and/or others) if you think that 
nurturing the deception will make you (and/or others) happier? 

From the Church of the Creator's point of view, we would like to pose the following unanswered questions of those Christians who profess to 
"believe" these Jewish stories: 

1 . Did Christ's supposed dying and being nailed to the cross really "save" all the sinners? 

2. If so, why are there thousands of varieties of confused preachers running about imploring you to come to their church and put money in their 
collection plate? 

3. If Christ did the job two thousand years ago, why do we need all these bumbling preachers today to do the job all over again? 

4. According to the criteria of all these blubbering preachers, and according to the New Testament itself, just about everybody in the world 
today, two thousand years later, is going to hell anyway. How do you explain that? 

5. If Christ and/or his pappy arc so anxious to "save" us all from hell, why did he/they construct the abominable monstrosity in the first place? 

6. If the Devil is the root of all evil, why doesn't the all-powerful Lord wipe him out once and for all, instead of relentlessly and repeatedly putting 
the monkey on our back? (See "The Phony Fight Ruse" in January, 1984, Issue of Racial Loyalty.) 

What sensible answers any intelligent Christian can come up with I haven't the slightest idea. I have never heard them do so. since all their 
premises at best are based on superstition and gullibility, on mawkish myth and hocus-pocus. Nevertheless, I would be interested in hearing 
some, but will not hold my breath in the meantime. 

But the key question I would like to ask these befuddled Christians is this: 

7. If it came to a showdown of either defending the White Race, or the Jewish myth of Christianity, which side would you choose? This may 
sound like a hypothetical question, but I want to assure you that most decidedly it is not. Before this century is over, in fact, even this decade, 
many a White Man is going to be pushed to the wall in the upheavals of our society and will have to come to grips with that question. 

Just about now I can hear some bleeding heart slopped with mawkish sentimentality exclaim, "Aw! Aw! Gee! Aw! Aw! Do away with Christmas? 
Klassen wants to kill Santa Claus!" 

Well, no. Relax. I'm a good sensible and sentimental fellow myself. I don't want to kill anybody, least of all Santa Claus, and for two good 

1 . You can't kill somebody that doesn't exist. 

2. I don't even want to do away with the mythical Santa Claus either, since (a) at least he is not a Jewish character (b) his origins are a 
derivation from the German Kris Kringle, as explained earlier, and therefore. White. 

But, I do want to: Abolish all this Jewish commercialism that surrounds Christmas; to explode the Jewish hoax of celebrating the birth date of a 
Jew, any Jew, for the same reason I will not celebrate the birth date of Martin Lucifer Koon; to expose the outrageous nonsense about a non- 
event that never happened, and try to get the White Race back to sense and reality, back to their own rich heritage and values. 

In this context, I make the following suggestions in building up our own healthy White racial religion: 

1 . Let us keep the events of Christmas and Easter at the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox respectively, but let us turn the tables on the 
Jewish hoaxsters: Let us turn them back into White holidays. Let us give them new names, names completely removed from any Jewish taint. 

2. As far as Santa Claus is concerned, let future custom and preference decide, but let us separate this myth from all Jewish and Christian 

3. Let us take the commercialism completely out of these and any other holiday, and emphasize instead the spiritual, traditional and genetic 
strength of our own White culture. 

4. If we are going to celebrate and honor folk heroes, let us make certain they are White, of our own race and culture, whether such characters 
are mythical or historical. 

5. Let us begin now in building traditional holidays for the advancement of the White Man's culture, and shun all others. 

6. Boycott all Jewish businesses, whether they be stores, real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, politicians, writers or whatever. 

This Christmas, instead of throwing your hard earned money into the coffers of the Jewish department stores and buying a lot of "presents" that 
nobody needs, why not consider a new approach. In- stead of succumbing to Jewish propaganda commercializing Christmas "in order to 
glorify" a Christ that never existed, a non- event that never occurred, why not help promote The Church of the Creator and the White racial 
movement? We cannot carry on without financial and moral support. We need all the help we can get in building the School for Gifted Boys, in 
putting out RACIAL LOYALTY, and meeting the thousand and one other demands made upon us. Don't support a Jewish hoax. This year, 
instead of enriching the Jewish department stores, why not change course and spend some of it disseminating the racial idea. Give some of 
our Basic Books as presents. They will cost you less, have much more long-lasting, constructive benefits; and you will be doing something 
meaningful for your own culture, your own kind, your own religion. I repeat, we need all the help we can get. 

Creativity is the most constructive thing that has happened to the White Race since civilization. Help realize the benefits. 

You can lead a man to enlightenment, but you can't make him think! 

Remember, without the White Race the Jews and other mud races would be nothing, but without the mud races and left to its own destiny the 
White Race would be a marvel. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 r-j^- 

Promoting a Jewish Hoax 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part VII - Hinduism 

Among the world's handful of so-called "great" religions, Hinduism is the most ancient of them all. Its very beginnings are lost in antiquity. The 
origins of superstitions, beliefs, customs and traditions date back to prehistoric times. Whereas the world's religious establishments rate it as 
one of the "great" religions (along with Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism) we Creators see nothing very great in this morbid collection of 
fungus on the brain. In our opinion, it is a hodgepodge collection of stupidities and superstitions at its worst. It points up what we have been 
saying repeatedly - the so-called "great" religions are an archaic hangover from our Stone Age ancestors, debris and clutter of the mind that is 
based on superstition, gullibility and ignorance - an impervious roadblock to enlightenment, advancement and logical thinking. 

Be that as it may, the number of adherents to Hinduism embrace nearly half a billion of the world's population, mostly mud peoples, and ranks 
third only after the Roman Catholic faith and the Moslem religion. In India alone there are 300 million faithful. 

Hinduism is unique in many ways. For one thing, it has no one founder. It evolved over the millenniums as a strange and confused 
intermingling of many peoples' cultures and outside influences. Its beliefs and customs are therefore hard to define, and there is no one 
common creed, no one doctrine, that binds all Hindus together. 

Basically, Hinduism is not just a religion. It is more of a vast complex of theological, metaphysical, philosophical, ethical, cultural and social 
institutions, whose predominant breeding ground was the subcontinent of India. It comprises of four main elements: religion, race, country and 
social organization. Each is bound up and is an integral factor in the life of the others, and cannot be separated. So loose and diverse is the 
complex nature of Hinduism that there is room for every contradictory belief and custom imaginable to be embraced within its discordant creed. 
In fact, Hindus have followed almost every conceivable variety of theism, atheism, polytheism and pantheism. They have maintained conflicting 
standards of morality; their worship has been both idolatrous and iconoclastic, all are tolerated as long as the rules of caste are not violated. 

I have stated in some previous writings that some enterprising soul has compiled a catalogue of 30 thousand different gods that superstitious 
and gullible fools have invented and worshipped over the ages. But I now learn that this only scratches the surface. The Hindu religion alone 
has a pantheon of 33 million gods, most of which in addition to the standard list of deities, embrace local, village or even individual gods. 
Spooks, spirits, gods 33 million of them count them at leisure. 

All Hindus recognize the domain of DHARMA (religious law) as the supreme agency of destiny. It is the important link between all the 
complexities of their belief. 

One of the most important tenets of Dharma is the rigid caste system that has been imbedded in the Hindu religion for thousands of years. The 
four main castes all belong to early Aryan society, and are based mainly on birth and color of skin. They are, in descending order: 

(a) Brahman, the priestly and cultured elite. 

(b) Kshatriyas, the ruling aristocracy. 

(c) Vaisyas, the farmers and professional artisans. 

(d) Sudras, the lowest caste, of the early Aryan society, who provided the needed menial labor. 

As south India was Brahmanized, there was also an outcaste category, a fifth caste, which was non-Aryan and called the Panchamas. It 
consisted of the Pariahs and Harijans (God's people, the untouchables) and other destitute creatures who number around 80 million in India 

As far as birth, residence, heredity, occupation, and the regulation of food, drink, and marriage are concerned, each Hindu, even of the 
depressed classes, knows exactly where, according to custom, he or she belongs. 

But the above five castes are by no means the end of the complexities of the caste system. Just as the Hindus have a total of 33 million gods, 
national, local, etc., so too, do the local villages have a further subdivision of their own sub-castes. Here is a typical example. 

The village of Chandrauti's four thousand people are housed in six hundred dwellings. In 22 of these dwell the Brahmans, members of the 
priestly caste, and one belongs to the household of the Kshatriyans, the warrior caste. Others are identified by sub-caste: 16 dwellings of 
Banias, merchants and businessmen; 40 of Mallas, fishermen and boatmen; 20 of Lohars, blacksmiths; 10 of Khatiks, who deal in fruit and 
raise pigs; 15 of Ahers, cowherds; 10 of Dhobis, washer men; 5 of Gawals, sheepherders; 3 of Bhats, singers and dancers, who perform at 
weddings and go out into the fields at harvest; 2 of Nars, barbers; 2 of Doms, the cremation attendants; and 1 of Gonds, who fry and sell 
peanuts and other snacks. 

There are also 50 Moslem households in this village, weavers and tailors, and 200 untouchables, the Harijans, who now may own land but still 
must dwell outside the village in their own compound. In almost every household, the young men follow the trade of their fathers. 

Although Hinduism evolved in prehistoric times, it began to take shape at about 1500 B.C.E. and we can follow its development by reviewing 
the sacred books that molded its development. There are six distinguished classes of literary works, all written in Sanskrit. 

1 . The Vedas (books of knowledge) emerging around 1 500 B.C.E. There are four books (a) the Rig-Veda (psalms); (b) the Yajur- Veda 
(formulas); (c) the Sama-Veda (charms); (d) and the Atharva- Veda (chants). Of them all, the first is the most significant, and the oldest 
religious document in history. 

2. The Brahmans (priestly writings) dating circa 1000-800 B.C.E. They, too, occupy a singular position in world literature and are rated as the 
earliest extant prose writings in the Indo-European tradition. 

3. The Upanishads (seances) circa 800-600 B.C.E., are speculative treatises concerning man and the origins of the universe. 

4. The Law Book of Mann, dated at about 250 B.C.E. Its twelve chapters are an impressive code of Hindu Law. 

5. The Bhagavad-Gita, composed about 1 C.E., is the most highly esteemed document of all the Hindu literature. This dramatic poem suggests 
the possibility of universal salvation. 

6. Epics and Puranas (ancient tales), produced 1250 C.E., lay the foundations of folk Hinduism ("Career of God Ramma"). The Puranas, 18 in 
number, are a collection of religious stories. So much for their "Sacred Books." Most, if not all, rate highly in the annals of ancient world 

That Hinduism is unique and a distinguished religion in a class by itself, of that there is no doubt. However, that it is "great", we Creators do not 
accept. There are a large number of idiosyncrasies and characteristics that if looked at from an enlightened White Man's point, are both bizarre 
and repugnant. 

Hindus hold that all animals are sacred. Since they believe in transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) even a rat or a snake might house their 
grandmother's or Aunt Minnie's soul, therefore, they dare not kill it or harm it in any way. The net result is that in a land of poverty and hunger, 
the country is overrun with rats, snakes, and other pests, completely out of control. 

The most sacred animal of all is the cow, and woe unto any alien who would strike a cow and drive her away from a fruit stand at which she 
might choose to be lunching . Of course, it is no more bizarre to worship a cow than a "spirit", as do the Christians. At least you can hear, see, 
feel and smell a cow, which is more than you can say for a spirit. No preacher has ever given me an intelligent definition as to what a spirit 
really is. 

India's 200 million cattle can do no wrong, and national fiat forbids their slaughter. Hindu literature decrees that anyone who eats flesh or 
causes a cow to be slaughtered will rot in hell for as many years as there are hairs on the cow. Many Hindus believe that a concoction of a 
cow's five products - milk, urine, curd, butter, and dung - will cleanse the body inside and out. Even prominent "world leaders" like the late 
Mohandas Gandhi, and the late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, indulged in such repulsive and filthy practices. 

Hindus regard the Ganges as a sacred river and its water holy. This 1 ,560 mile long river, winding through the heart of India, is fondly referred 
to as Mother Ganges. Though befouled with endless sewage, the Hindus believe it cannot be sullied, and despite the fact it is one of the dirtiest 
and most polluted rivers in the world, millions of Hindus bath in it annually as a religious ritual to cleanse their bodies and their soul, and the 
water is bottled and drunk as a purification agent all over the country. 


Though it may be the oldest and one of the most prestigious of the "great" religions, we CREATORS do not find anything very great about 
either the Hindus or Hinduism. It may have been around for more than three and a half millenniums, and it may even have produced some 
great literature (mostly under the aegis of the Aryans and their descendants who invaded India from the north about four thousand years ago). 
Nevertheless, despite their caste system, it did not prevent the mongrelization of the White invaders who conquered, took charge and created 
an outstanding civilization four thousand years ago. Today, India is one of the densest, sickest, most over- populated, filthy, poverty-stricken of 
all the large nations in the world. Its hungry, superstition-ridden 750 million are one of the most desperate and miserable population masses in 
the world, completely out of control and completely unable to solve any of their vast multitude of problems. They are unable to feed their 
masses, nor are they able to control their population bomb. Stupidly, the White Man, (particularly, the taxpayers of the United States) is 
annually sending millions of tons of grain and other foods to them, gratis, thereby expanding and proliferating the misery. (See Racial Loyalty, 
No. 22 on the subject.) Sooner or later, this will have to end and Nature will solve the problem by ruthless means mass starvation. 

Hinduism has 477,991,300 followers throughout the world, of which there are 88,500 In North America and 475,073,000 in Asia. 

Such is the final drama of superstition, incompetence and stupidity. Such are the historic consequences of the White Man trying to conquer, 
govern and exploit an inferior mass of mud races while tolerating geographic mixing with the conquered. Let us learn once and for all Nature's 
eternal lesson. India and Hinduism say it all. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

Comparative Religions - Part VII - Hinduism 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

Hinduism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 

A. Basis of Belief. 

Hinduism is based on primitive customs, superstitions, taboos and hangovers that originated as far back as the Stone Age. 

They believe in Karma, the transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) into animals, snakes, humans, or whatever. They believe that the form they 
transmigrate into in the "next" life depends on how well they performed in the previous life. This supposedly goes on endlessly until the soul is 
finally liberated into an indescribable state called NIRVANA. Life on earth is considered as a transient migration of the soul and at best, a 
burden to bear, not to enjoy. 

Although Hinduism is complex, confused and contradictory in most of its aspects, it became more formulated as its religious scriptures, written 
in Sanskrit, were handed down beginning approximately 1 500 B.C.E. These scriptures. The Vedas and the Upanishads, have already been 
described in greater detail in our accompanying text. 

Of prime significance, also, is the Dharma, religious law, which details the caste system, dietary laws, religious law and even civil law. These 
are neither consistent, nor well organized, and are at best a confused hodgepodge of contradictions. 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is in dire contrast to the superstitions and confusions of Hinduism. Creativity is based on an intelligent 
assessment of the universe in which we find ourselves, and seeks to solve the realities of life for the betterment and advancement of our own 
kind - the White Race. In so doing, we shun all the superstitious mind clutter that has been dumped upon us by an ignorant and superstitious 
past, and instead pursue reality, logic and common sense, as detailed in our THREE BASIC BOOKS, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White 
Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living. 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

Hinduism has no particular goals or objectives that have any earthly purpose or meaning. When the (White) Aryans from the north invaded the 
Hindu Kush and finally conquered all of India, they set about organizing and governing their new homeland. This occurred circa 2000 B.C.E. In 
so doing, they absorbed many of the indigenous religious customs and traditions of the black mud people they had subjugated, and were now 
organizing. But that is not all they absorbed. They soon found to their horror that through miscegenation, they were being absorbed and 
mongrelized into the bloodstream of the more fecund and more numerous aborigines. They desperately tried to prevent this catastrophe from 
happening as best they could. They formulated harsh civil laws, proclaimed religious taboo against it and instituted the caste system of 
separation. As history plainly shows, as long as there was geographic mixing of races, none of this worked, and the exemplary Aryan race that 
conquered India four thousand years ago was completely mongrelized into the stupid negroid masses within approximately six centuries. 

The present day objectives of Hinduism, if any, are for the soul to migrate from creature to creature, until finally it ends up in some dim and 
distant Nirvana and is no more. Life is considered a burden and the objective (if any) is to end it all in some dim and distant future. At the same 
time, they want to be fertile on this earth and produce as many offspring as they can. This is, of course, a stupid contradiction that results in 
nothing more than endlessly proliferating the misery in an overcrowded, filthy, diseased and hunger-ridden world. 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, will have no truck with all this superstitious hocus-pocus, nor with the incompetent mud races. In- stead, we 
seek to organize the tremendous potential of the White Race and the White Race alone, and build a Whiter and Brighter world for our future 

C. Racial Attitude. 

The caste system, formulated and implemented by the Aryan conquerors, was not only highly racial, but was primarily based on color of the 
skin, and therefore indirectly on race. After six centuries the original Aryans were drowned in an overwhelming sea of negroids and the caste 
system no longer had any useful purpose. It then more or less classified the classes by profession and status rather than race, although the 
upper castes had and still have to this day, more White genes, less negroid, than do the lower castes. 

However, outside of being an archaic relic of a dead past, it has little or no racial meaning anymore in today's mongrelized masses, and 
Hinduism embraces and welcomes any and all mud races. There arc even a number of White Americans that have embraced it and stupidly 
find it "different" and "fascinating". 

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is highly racial and the whole religious creed is based on race - the White Race. We have learned our lesson 
well from the fatal mistakes made by the Aryan conquerors of India several thousand years ago, the mistakes made by the White Egyptians 
three to five thousand years ago, and every other White nation that has gone down the sump hole of history via mongrelization with its "cheap" 
negroid labor. We are determined not to make the same mistake. 

We want to "conquer" no mud races, we do not want to enslave anybody, we do not want to exploit any race, nor are we looking for "cheap" 
yellow, black, or brown labor. We want to advance and expand our own kind, do our own work and build a Whiter and Brighter World for 
ourselves. This, we are determined to do until we inhabit every square mile of good territory available. The whole world is our oyster and we 
will not rest until this beautiful Planet is all ours. 

D. Organizational Structure. 

Hinduism is one of the most disorganized of all the major religions and has no central head, only a loose scattering of temples, holy men and 
groups, sects, etc. No one knows exactly what the real creed of Hinduism is, as I have already outlined. The only structural organized tenets, if 
any, are inherent in its caste system, but it too, is loose and vaguely defined, and varies from area to area, and from village to village. 

CREATIVITY is based on the Leadership Principal. Its fundamental creed and program are clearly delineated in our Basic Books. As it grows, 
we will continue to build our organizational structure according to the basics of the Leadership Principle, as did Adolf Hitler, and as has the 
Roman Catholic church for the last 18 centuries. 

As far as the White Race is concerned the Jew controlled United States government is a powerful tyrant and can be rated as Public Enemy 
Number One. 

The overwhelming issue is and re- mains: Either the White Race takes charge of this world in toto, or it will shortly be drowned in a sea of mud. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 30 - December 1985 

Hinduism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 

A Ticking Time Bomb 

More Deadly Than the H-Bomb 

In this analysis we want to explore the devastating destructiveness of a mud avalanche of massive proportions in its uncontrolled deluge upon 
the human population. 

For several days running we have recently read in glaring headlines of the newspapers, how the Navada del Ruiz volcano in the Andes erupted 
in Colombia. For months it had been sending out signals and rumbling its ominous threat to the townspeople below, but no one had taken any 
particular heed. 

Then suddenly, on November 13,1 985, the three mile high volcano broke out in all its fury and spewed forth blazing volcanic ash, rocks and 
fire. It melted its huge overlying snowcap and hurled down torrents of mud that buried four sleeping towns in the Andes Mountain valley of the 
Langunilla River. 

At first fiery volcanic ash cascaded into the valleys below. A few hours later a massive avalanche of mud crashed down upon the four towns, 
which had a combined population of 70 thousand. 

The Langunilla River became a rushing wall of mud and sludge. It destroyed at least 85 percent of Armero, a coffee farming town of 50 
thousand people, located 105 miles northwest of Bogota and 30 miles from the volcano itself. 

Three other towns that lie on the river between the volcano and Armero were also wiped out in the rampaging avalanche of mud, sludge, 
volcanic ash and rocks. 

The initial count was 20 thousand dead. As the rescue workers tried to move in they were at an extreme disadvantage since the highway and 
five bridges leading to the disaster area had been deluged in mud, in some places by walls of mud 1 5 feet high. 

Buried under this sea of mud and sludge were thousands of bodies, most of which are buried permanently and will never be recovered. A week 
later the count of the dead and missing was revised upward to 22,500. Sixty thousand acres of farmland had also been destroyed. 

Many ugly scenes accompanied the tragedy, footers began to appear, and robbed the mud covered corpses, as well as what could be found in 
abandoned remains of buildings. The army was instructed to "shoot to kill" on the scene any looters caught in the act. A week after the initial 
eruption, firemen around Armero rounded up two thousand dead bodies in a number of piles and burned them in a funeral pyre in an attempt to 
stave off the spread of contagious disease and prevent impending epidemics. 

As the rescue teams went to work under an extreme handicap, pictures of people being pulled out of the mud were copiously being displayed 
in the news media, on TV, and in the papers. Mud, mud, mud, all over, on bodies, faces, plants, animals, buildings. A major mess, a major 

Such a devastating catastrophe grabs world headlines because of the personal tragedies and dramas that are involved, and rightfully so, 
because it is a natural disaster of portentous dimensions. As usual, the largest amounts of aid and rescue came from good old Uncle Sap, or to 
be more exact, the White American taxpayers, upon whose backs are laid all the burdens, tragedies and shortcomings of the world. 

Just how important is the tragedy of the Colombian mud slide? In answering that question we must ask this question - from whose point of 

In Creative Credo No. 2 of The White Man's Bible we spell out our answer to this question, and it is clear and simple. As far as the Church of 
the Creator is concerned, every issue is viewed through the eyes of the White Man, and boils down to this basic criteria: is it good, or is it bad, 
for the White Race? 

Looked at from this perspective, the Colombian disaster is of little import to the White Race, except that the exploited and over- burdened 
White taxpayers of America will be further strained in ex- tending their largesse to every remote corner of the world, to corners and peoples in 
whom they have little or no interest. The White people of America are, in fact, forced to aid and subsidize, whether they like it or not, the very 
type of people who through the ominous population explosion, are threatening to crowd the White Race from off the face of the earth. We are 
talking about the mud peoples of the world, whose subsidized explosion will inevitably wipe the White Race from the face of this planet, unless 
we change course. 

Looked at through the eyes of the White Man, from the interests of the White Race, from the point of view of the Church of the Creator, the 
Colombian disaster is of minor significance, and except for the increased aid being demanded from us because of it, it really concerns us very 
little. Of much more disastrous import to our best interests. In fact, to the very survival of the White Race itself, is the massive avalanche of 
mad peoples that la descending upon every country built and Inhabited by the White Man, particularly the deluge that is now flooding the 
United States of America. 

It is this particular disaster, the massive avalanche of mud peoples now converging upon and polluting the United States of America, the last 
bastion of the White Race, that I want to especially focus upon in this dissertation. It is this mud flood that we Creators deem a million times 
more ominous than that which recently happened in Colombia, but which the Jew-controlled news media studiously is determined to ignore. 
While pretending not to notice the genocide of the White Race, the Jewish powerhouse is, in fact, feverishly promoting this development, 
treacherously orchestrating the demise of the White Race and the rapid proliferation of the mud races throughout the world. 


Now the Colombia mudslide was a natural disaster, and along with earthquakes, hurricanes and other such calamities, we have natural 
disasters of lesser or greater magnitude every year. Although they cause a considerable amount of damage, the human race manages to 
survive them without a hitch, and keeps on increasing and multiplying in spite of them. But what would you say if there were a sinister group of 
people that deliberately planned, instigated and perpetrated a mudslide a million times more deadly than the Colombian disaster, and 
perpetrated it on a whole race of people in order to destroy it and wipe out that race? What if the group that was perpetrating such a heinous 
crime was the scum of humanity, a parasite on the human race, and their target for genocide was Nature's Finest? What if the race they were 
perpetrating it against was your own race, the White Race? Would you consider this an act of war, a war that should be recognized, declared 
openly, loud and clear, and the enemy, the parasite, destroyed as quickly and decisively as possible? 

The fact, the realities of today's situation is that all of the above "what ifs" are happening. The Jewish power establishment is pursuing 
genocide upon the White Race with a vehemence and hatred unparalleled in all history. The United States is no longer a White nation, it is now 
a racially pluralistic, polyglot mixture of miscreants, ruled over and tyrannized by the Jewish Occupational Government (J.O.G.) which control 
the news media, the government, the finances, and every other meaningful nerve center of power, which means are considerable. 

Some of the most sinister of its programs in destroying the White Race are: (a) Promoting the population explosion of the mud races all over 
the world by subsidizing their increase at the expense of the White Race, (b) Flooding the formerly White countries of the world with hordes of 
mud races through immigration, (c) Race-mixing the conglomerate mess so that the White Race is mongrelized out of existence. 

In short, its program is to wipe out the White Race in a dismal flood of mud. This is happening on a worldwide scale. The White Race is 
deliberately being drowned in a sea of mud, as surely as were the victims in Colombia. 

Let us briefly look at recent history, and some not so recent. 


About 33 million years ago, anthropologists theorized, our ancestors resembled an anthropoid that was somewhat of a cross between a small 
monkey and a cat, and weighed somewhere between four and five pounds. The "human" race as such had its dim beginnings probably three or 
four million years ago, but as to when it crossed the line into being "human" is a matter of conjecture. The White Race as such became an 
entity as a species probably as long as 1 00 thousand years ago, distinguishing it from other anthropoids of lesser intelligence. Civilization as 
such began to emerge approximately 1 thousand years ago, evolving exclusively from the continuing development of the White Race. 

Be that as it may, and although all these benchmarks may be extremely tentative and somewhat blurred, nevertheless, they can be of 
considerable value in lending proper perspective and a clearer overview of the historic calamity that is unfolding before our eyes now in the 
latter part of the 20th Century. 

Starting with the year I of the Common Era, until 1650 C.E the population of the world increased very little. Then the Industrial Revolution set 
in and the White Race of Europe was (slowly) able to produce more goods and food for itself, and by 1850 C.E. the world population reached 
the benchmark figure of one billion. As the Industrial Revolution gained momentum, so did the increase in population, again, thanks to the 
productivity of the White Race. It took only another 80 years to add the second billion to the world's population. By this time we have arrived at 
the year 1 930, the world depression, followed by a genocidal war of decimation between a confused and insanely disoriented White Race. 

Despite all these devastatingly destructive setbacks, it took on- ly another 30 years (1960) before the third billion was added. It then took only 
another 15 years (1975) before the fourth billion was add- ed. By 1984 the world population was estimated at 4.6 billion with the explosion 
accelerating rapidly. 

But this is not the end of the ongoing explosion by any means. In fact, we are now only in the middle of a rapidly expanding population the likes 
of which the world has never witnessed before. Projecting this cancerous growth forward, (and, yes, it is cancerous, very much so) 
demographers project a world population of 6.2 billion by the year 2000 C.E., (not far away) and leveling off at 1 0.5 billion by 211 C.E. 

Imagine 10.5 billion starving, clawing, filthy, overcrowded people on this poor, groaning Planet Earth! What a scenario of horror! How ghastly! 
At this point I suggest you read again the article "Expanding and Proliferating the Misery" in Racial Loyalty No. 22. As a pallative, and just so 
you won't want to go out and commit hah kari before evening, I suggest you also read, "A Planet Devoid of Mud Races" in Issue No. 30, which 
is the real answer to the dilemma we are about to explore. But we are getting ahead of our story. 

I ask you again, can you imagine a world that is crowded with 1 0.5 billion people? Can you envisage the pollution, the garbage, the filth, the 
miserable, crowded anthill this world would become under such conditions? Even at the present population of slightly less than five billion, it is 
becoming an infested and infected garbage dump, in which fewer and fewer areas of this planet are fit to live in for a creative, freedom loving 
White man, woman or child. 

We Creators have no intention of living in a world that if rapidly deteriorating into a pigsty. We will not tolerate living like a pig, nor living like a 
nigger. We are determined to live the good life, the abundant life, at a level that is befitting to every decent White person, a lifestyle even better 
than we have become accustomed to in the past. 

Do you realize what it takes to sustain even one White American for one year? Here are a few random statistics supplied by the United States 
Bureau of Mines (1975): It takes 7,650 lbs. of petroleum; 5.200 lbs. of coal; 4,200 lbs. of natural gas; 8,000 lbs. of stone; 8,000 lbs. of sand and 
gravel; 660 lbs. of cement; 450 lbs. of clay; 430 lbs. of salt; 1 ,400 lbs. of other non-metals; 1 ,000 lbs. of iron and steel; 46 lbs. of zinc; 1 1 lbs. of 
lead; 31 lbs. of other metals. The total of these non-renewable minerals is 40 thousand pounds per year for every man, woman and child. This 
is for every 12 months. If all the rest of humanity wants to live at our level (and they do!) multiply this by 10.5 billion, and you don't have to be a 
genius of a mathematician to realize that such an overcrowded world would be one of a clawing, starving mass of humanity, living at a level 
worse than 50 hogs in a pigpen designed for two. 

In the above scenario we have not listed the tons of water, food and fiber that would also be required. But this is hardly necessary. I believe the 

picture is adequately clear. 

Now we CREATORS have emphatically stated time and again - we have no intention of settling for a world that is nothing more than a 
miserable pigsty. We CREATORS envisage an uncrowded world stabilized at no more than perhaps one billion people, as it was back in 1 850, 
but with several differences. 

For one thing, we envisage a planet settled exclusively with capable, intelligent White people - people competent to produce, to organize, to 
maintain law and order, to maintain stable governments and an orderly society. 

So far we have only told half the story of the world population explosion. We now come to the bad news - the real crux of this article - the part 
the Jewish news monopoly has never dared to reveal to you. That ominous fact the news media have sought to suppress is this: The present 
world population explosion is not shared by the White Race. The White Race is actually shrinking, retreating from formerly occupied territory, 
and lamely apologizing in the process. The world is rapidly being overrun with hostile, incompetent mud races - blacks, browns, reds and 
yellows - all hostile as hell to the White Race which has subsidized and sustained them in recent times, and made the present population 
explosion inevitable. 

The mud peoples are coming! The mud peoples are coming! Are they ever! They are coming by the billions. They are coming with a 
vengeance, instigated, incited and lead by the Jews. Their main objective is to exterminate the White Race - the goose that laid the golden egg. 

When I say goose, I do mean a stupid goose. No race in history has ever acted more stupidly as far as their own interests and welfare are 
concerned. It is the unswerving objective of the Church of the Creator to alert and alarm the White Race of this situation, to arouse the 
slumbering giant, to organize and take charge of our own destiny, and to rebuild the world in the idealistic projection as envisaged in last 
month's issue No. 30 of Racial Loyalty. 


Let us examine the mechanics of the multiplication factor and what it portends for our Planet Earth, our one and only home. 

It has been mathematically calculated that if only one pair of amorous flies were left to breed to their full capacities, and their succeeding 
offspring likewise, with no restrictions of food, air, space, etc., that by autumn of the same year all their descendants could cover the entire 
surface of the earth with a solid layer of flies 60 feet thick. 

Think of that. One pair of flies. Now, if this multiplication factor were to continue, in short order that 60 foot layer would expand into a ball whose 
radius would reach all the way to the sun, and soon the radius of that ball would be expanding at the speed of light. 

Now we realize that all such production and multiplication is limited by food, water, air. space, etc. The same restrictions, of course, also apply 
to the expansion of the mud races, otherwise they, too, would soon cover the earth with a solid layer 60 feet thick and onward to the sun and 
beyond. It might take a little longer than one season, but not more than a generation or two. Of all these limitations, the first limiting factor to 
come into play has been a shortage of sufficient food. It is mainly food, the lack of it, that has prevented the present explosive increase. It is the 
unprecedented subsidization of the mud races by the phenomenal productivity of food by the White Race that has fueled the present runaway 
population explosion. Whereas the White Race produces, the White Race gives away, the White Race subsidizes, it does not, however, share 
in the population increase. It is, in fact, rapidly shrinking into oblivion. It is this unbelievable generosity, this unprecedented magnanimity (read 
stupidity) that is setting the stage for a worldwide disaster of major magnitude. 

But the Jew is not satisfied with just subsidizing the mud races on a worldwide basis in their own poverty-ridden countries. It is moving heaven 
and earth to bring the muds inside the borders of the White countries themselves in order to hasten the demise of the White Race. By means of 
immigration it is flooding inside the border those very countries that the White Race can still call their homeland. 

Let us examine immigration of muds into the United States, the official policy of our Jewish Occupational Government (J.O.G.), the violation of 
those laws, and the magnitude of the flood. 


In 1790 the young Republic held its first census. The count was roughly four million people, including approximately 750 thousand black and 
mulatto slaves. Of the ethnic White population, approximately 89.1 percent was Anglo Saxon, and approximately 8.1 per- cent of German and 
Dutch national origins. English had been established as the official language of the land and the other White peoples adopted it, and in short 
order blended into the homogeneous population that set the pattern of its culture, laws and customs. Contrary to the "melting pot" myths the 
Jews now love to promote, the White people of the United States were remarkably harmonious in their genetic origins, and the rest of its 
people, Indians, niggers, mulattoes, were of no real influence or significance. 

Due to the Industrial Revolution, the growth of industry, and the rapid population growth, the pressure for immigration increased in the countries 
of Western and Northern Europe. For most of these people, the vast, empty spaces of America were an overwhelming magnet. At first it was a 
trickle. Only 8,385 immigrants arrived in 1 820. But by 1 840 the annual immigration reached 84,066. 

From there on out it began to accelerate rapidly. Between 1 841 and 1 860 more than 4,311 ,465 came. Of these more than 87 percent were 
from Ireland, Germany and Great Britain, all good, desirable racial stock. 

The Gold Rush in California led to the importation of Chinese coolies to help build the railroads that soon followed. Again, it was the greed of 
the White industrialists (heavily sprinkled with Jewish money and control) that could not resist the temptation of taking advantage of the cheap 
labor available from inferior races, to the detriment of the White gene pool. 

The White working man, however, became alarmed, and saw the poorly paid Chinese coolies as a threat to their very existence, to their jobs in 

the mines, railroad building, and other areas. State legislatures reacted to the sudden influx of Chinese and enacted legislation to exclude 
them. Then in 1 875 the United States Supreme Court (again, that damned Supreme Court) ruled that state laws regulating immigration were 
unconstitutional, on the pretext that they restrained interstate commerce. However, the racial instincts of the then predominantly White 
population was still fairly sound and the public demand increased to keep these Orientals out. As a result, that same year, 1 875, Congress 
passed legislation aimed at restricting the entry of Chinese coolies. When Chinese immigration continued despite this law. Congress passed 
the Chinese Exclusion Act, which did significantly reduce Oriental immigration. However, by 1882 approximately 220 thousand Chinese had 
already polluted our shores. 

About this time there was another significant shift in the pat- tern of new immigrants into the United States, other than Orientals. Not only was 
the tide of immigration swelling into a flood, but the source of the new immigrants changed drastically, again, to the detriment of White racial 
quality. Whereas up until the 1 880's about 95 percent of the immigration to the United States was from Northern Europe, an increasing tide 
now began to originate in Southern and Eastern Europe. Whereas the original settlers and builders of America were of Anglo-Saxon or 
Teutonic stock, i.e., Nordic, now the tide shifted to those from Russia, Italy, Poland, Eastern Austria and Hungary. Included in this mass 
migration were hordes of Eastern Jews from Poland, Russia, and the Balkans. 

The earlier Nordic immigrants were interested in farms, in acquiring land, and living in rural areas. This new Eastern wave was different. They 
were clannish, congregated in cities and grouped together in ethnic enclaves. The Jews, especially, formed alien "ghettos" of their own making 
and soon began to dominate politics, finances and most other nerve centers of power, all the while fiercely retaining their old country mores 
and customs, and especially retaining their hostility to the Gentiles and their loyalty to the Tribe of Judah. 

Here are some figures that reflect the shift. Whereas in the decade between 1 860-70 only 1 .5 percent of the immigrants to the United States 
originated in Eastern Europe, by 1881-90 it was 18.3 percent; 1891-1900 it was 51.9 percent; and by 1901-1910 the figure was 70.8 percent. 

Not only was the type of immigrant drastically changing but the mass of the number of immigrants as well. By the decade of 1881 to 1890 a 
total of 5,246,61 3 entered the United States, twice the number of any previous decade. The frontier was coming to an end and many 
Americans were alarmed at the mass and at the type of the "new immigrants". Public demand led to new restrictive immigration laws in the 
1 890's and the early 1 900's. 

At the same time Japanese immigrants were entering California and the West Coast in increasing numbers. Because of their low standard of 
living and their high birthrates the White residents were alarmed that sooner or later these Orientals might take over and drive them out of their 
own land. Public pressure increased for a total ban on Orientals, and this finally led to the Immigration Act of 1917, which greatly broadened 
the restrictions on new immigrants from the Orient. 

Meanwhile the flood from Europe continued. The dislocations from World War I in Europe threatened to pump even larger numbers of 
immigrants into the United States, which now itself was suffering from unemployment and a shortage of housing. 

In 1 921 a stop-gap law was passed limiting the number of foreigners coming in to about three percent a year respectively of national origins as 
they were represented in the United States in 1910. This reduced the tide to about 358 thousand immigrants per year and especially reduced 
the immigrants coming in from Eastern Europe. Still there were too many. In 1 924, another immigration law was passed phasing out the 1 921 
act and replaced it with a national origins plan to take affect in 1929. This was designed in an attempt to (a) maintain the ethnic status quo, and 
(b) it placed a limited total quota per year, originally set at 153,714, a drastic cut back from the 5 million plus tide of the 1880's. 

At last the United States had a sensible immigration law that reasonably, protected it from becoming a dumping ground of the "refuse", the 
"teeming masses", from foreign shores, as eulogized on the Statue of Liberty. It would, had the law been kept, had a fair chance at keeping the 
United States White, prosperous and fairly comfortable, an uncrowded land in which to live. There was, however, one fatal flaw in it. It did not 
keep out the alien Jews, nor did it do anything to keep the disruptive Jews already here from taking control, dismantling, polluting and 
destroying our fair country. 

After World War II, both the flood tide of more Jews and their disruptive tactics reached epidemic proportions, and the dismantling of America, 
the destruction of the White Race and the worldwide population explosion accelerated rapidly. 


The Jews, who were the real instigators of World War II, were also the real and only winners of that war, a war that cost the world at least 50 
million casualties, the overwhelming number of which victims were from the White Race. Yet even before the war was over, they had cunningly 
contrived a hoax that they would spread on an unsuspecting world, namely that the Germans had gassed six million Jews. This was, and is, 
one of the biggest and most successful hoaxes in history, rivaled only by the Jewish hoax of Christianity itself. (Read again, C.C. No. 37, "The 
Six Million Lie" in The White Man's Bible.) 

Be that as it may, what with their almost total control of worldwide propaganda (and just about everything else) they have made that hoax stick 
until this very day, 40 years later. The dividends they have reaped from this hoax have been tremendous, and they were now in the position to 
move from the destruction of Germany and Europe to the dismantling of the United States and the destruction of the White Race itself on a 
worldwide basis. They have lost no time in doing so. 

Whereas during World War II it had been a sin (according to Jewish propaganda) to be a Nazi and/or a German, it now became a sin to be a 
"racist," well, that is, if you were White, which also soon became a sin. To be a fervent Zionist, fanatically pro-Israel, that was great, to be a 
nigger racist, like Martin Lucifer Koon was to become a national hero, the grandeur and sublimity of which was to exceed those of our former 
national heroes of Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln. (If you don't believe this, just measure the adulation meted out in the Jewish press on 
MLK, the former reprobate, car thief and whoremonger this coming January, and compare.) It now became not only a crime to be White but to 
even think like a White Man. 

During the last half of the 1 940's the first major step was to loot the American taxpayers and support the rest of the world with a give- away 

program called the Marshall Plan. This supposedly was under the guise of "Fighting Communism," whose neck we had just saved in World 
War II. (Read again, "The Phony Fight Ruse" in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity.) It was the first major step in the population explosion of 
the mud races of the world, all at the expense of the White American Taxpayer. 

The next step, with the help of race traitors such as Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, was the enactment of the "Civil Rights" Laws of the 
1 960's. When a willing Kennedy floundered and no longer had the prestige and influence to push these asinine laws through Congress, the 
Jews, with the instrumentality of their Mossad agents, had Kennedy assassinated. On the then orchestrated wave of sympathy for a "martyred" 
president, the Jews neatly manipulated their rapid passage under Johnson. It now became the law of the land that you had to love niggers, live 
next to them, fawn over them and adulate over them, whether you liked it or not. Race mixing now became the new dogma, the new religion of 
the establishment, and the Jews have been riding high on this abomination against Nature ever since. 


As could be expected, with the Jew promoted Civil Rights Laws of the 1960's soon came a profound change in United States immigration 
policies. Since the official religion of the establishment now was to hate Whitey and love the niggers, muds and aliens, it now became our 
beholden Christian duty to not only feed the scum of the world but to take them to our bosom and allow them to flood our homelands. 

The rest of the "Third World" (read mud peoples) hordes were ready to surge in by the millions and needed little encouragement. But 
nevertheless, our J.O.G. determined to provide encouragement - plenty of it. By (a) first of all providing food for all the muds and providing the 
basis for the population explosion; then (b) sending in the C.I. A. to promote communism, revolution and anarchy (Read again, "The Phony 
Fight Ruse" in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity)', then, (c) adding to the debacle by sending in our troops, as in the Vietnam War, or in 
Central America, or the Middle East; or, by (d) overthrowing friendly foreign governments and installing communist regimes, as in Cuba, 
Nicaragua, and several other mud countries; or, (e) by a combination of these methods, by meddling and interference, the United States has 
deliberately created refugees, millions of refugees, either real or pseudo. It doesn't matter which, as long as they have an excuse, they can't 
wait to leave the miserable areas they now live in, and they all want to come to the United States, the touted land of milk and honey. And the 
hordes are coming, by the millions and the tens of millions. 

With race traitors like Teddy Kennedy and a host of others fronting for the Jews, Congress has scrapped the once sensible In migration Act of 
1924. It has drastically changed the immigration laws a number of times, starting with the Eisenhower regime. Without reviewing here all the 
intricacies of all these changes, the net effect now is drastically weighted against any White immigration and heavily favorable to the all of the 
mud peoples of the world . We not only welcome them, we even send our Navy out to help bring them in, as is the case of the "boat peoples" of 
Vietnam and other Indonesian countries casting about in the Indian Ocean. 

The result is catastrophic. The alien mud hordes are descending upon us like a vast plague of locusts, or like a huge tidal wave. The 
Vietnamese are coming, the Cubans are coming, the Haitians are coming, the Hindus arc coming (they are now taking over most of the Class 
B motels in America), the Pakistanis are coming, the Japs are coming (they have taken over most of Hawaii), the Chinese are coming, there 
are over 1 000 million (a billion) of them, and most of them would like to come to the United States. Not only are all these and more coming, but 
millions of them are already here. But the biggest invasion of all is from our wide open southern border two thousand miles of it - and the 
exploding hordes from Mexico in particular, and Central and South America in addition. (Read again "The Festering Ulcer of the Soft 
Underbelly of the United States" in issue No. 27 of Racial Loyalty.) We are being deluged, and the Jews planned it just that way - years ago. 


While the United States is the prime target of all these hordes of mud races, all five billion of them, throughout the world, a major catastrophe is 
unfolding in the homelands of the mud peoples themselves. The countries of Asia, Africa and South America, where the major population 
explosions are taking place, are rapidly denuding their forests, destroying their farmlands, polluting and ravaging their own lands to the point 
where they will soon no longer sustain man or beast. 

Our precious Planet is being ravaged and devastated by the exploding hordes, a situation that is painfully irreversible, a situation in which the 
White Man has a major stake for his own future generations. 

But this is a whole new story, one which I would rather expound upon in some future issue. 

Meanwhile - What is the Solution? 

There is only one solution to this major debacle, and that is for the White Race to get its own act together and take control. 

1 . First of all it must take control of its own destiny on a worldwide basis, starting right here in the United States. This it can best accomplish by 
polarizing under a fervent Racial Religion, such as The Church of the Creator has already provided. This we must do by all means, and the 
goal is so overwhelmingly clear and crucial, that any means, I repeat, any means is justified. 

2. Secondly, having control of its own destiny, the White Race would (and must!) take control of the United States government. 

3. Having done so, the first order of business would be to shut off immigration, all immigration. This would entail some drastic, ruthless action 
on our Southern borders, but so be it. We are being invaded by hordes of hostile aliens and yet we have completely abandoned our right and 
our duty to defend the sanctity of our borders. Even President Reagan has admitted we have completely lost control of our borders. So why in 
the hell doesn't he take action? 

I suggest that we quit playing games, that we set up machine guns, enfilade the entire two thousand mile border with army troops and 
ruthlessly mow down any wetback that dares to cross the Rio Grande, or any other part of that border. It would be amazing how quickly these 
harbingers of disease, poverty and anarchy would get the message. 

4. Having taken this decisive step, we then must hunt down and expel every illegal alien now in our midst, be they Mexican, Iranian, Chinese, 
Pakistani or Swahili. 

5. This is only the beginning, but from it, and here on in, the battle has already been won. We would then follow through with the rest of the 
program, as has already been detailed in our Basic Books and several articles in Racial Loyalty, especially Issue No. 28, en- titled "The Black 
Tide and the Mud Flood Are Upon Us." 

In any case, the whole solution rests upon the White Race polarizing around its own racial religion with a fervency that can on- ly be described 
as a holy religious war. The Mohammedans have a word for it Jihad. We must now either wage a Jihad of our own or perish miserably in a 
worldwide flood of mud, just as surely as 22,500 people in Colombia perished in a local deluge. 


Does the above solution, the only solution that is realistic, sound drastic, cruel, ruthless, inhuman? 

Well, it depends on whose viewpoint we choose to adopt. The Jews, niggers and Christians will scream that it is. Looking at it from the White 
Man's point of view, the only one we Creators are concerned with, it is none of these things. It is mild, reasonable, logical, and in fact, the only 
one that makes any sense. But let's compare it to other recent historical events. We have any number to choose from. The Vietnam War, in 
which we sent 57 thousand of our young men to their deaths over a most frivolous cause, and transported 500 thousand troops halfway around 
the world to do it, is a case in point. We can compare it to Israel's aggression into Arab territory and uprooting and killing millions of Arabs. We 
can compare it with the Communists driving 14 million Germans out of their historical Eastern territory and depriving them of their land. None of 
the god- damned bleeding hearts that will scream about the plight of the mud races were particularly disturbed about any of THESE atrocities. 

But, best of all, let's compare it to the American moral position in World War II in which they sacrificed life, limb and vast amounts of material 
wealth to save the world for a continuation of Jewish tyranny. 

Unlike the Mexicans that are invading our borders in defiance of law and historical sanctity of borders, the Germans did none of these things to 
America. In fact, the last thing in the world the Ger mans wanted was any friction with America. The citizens of the United States at that time, in 
fact, were and are at present, at least 25 percent of Germanic origin. Yet, we (that is, J.O.G.) mustered an army of 14 million men and women 
and sent them all the way across the Atlantic ocean to participate in a blood bath that killed at least 50 million people in the most senseless war 
in history, merely to save the neck of our Jewish oppressors. 

Now in comparison, in light of such an abominable atrocity, is it unreasonable, is it immoral, to take stern measures to defend our borders 
against illegal, aggressive, invading mud peoples that are destroying our homeland, just as surely as the Colombian mud slide destroyed 

No, it is not unreasonable. It is the moat mild, logical and imperative action any sovereign nation has ever taken in the face of a mega-disaster. 
It to the least we can do. 

So let us not be stupid, and let us not be gulled by the mushy propaganda dumped on us by the Jews, niggers and Christians through their 
bleeding heart stooges. Rather, let us use our brains and our instincts, and take action! Let us get our act together and save ourselves and our 
future generations from a vast, worldwide deluge of mud. 

The first step: Build the Church of the Creator. Do your part. 

For more comprehensive details on the immigration disaster we have an excellent new book available, called "The Immigration Time Bomb." It 
is published by The American Immigration Control Foundation. Order from Church of the Creator; P.O. Box 400; Otto, NC 28763. $5.00 each. 
Quantity prices available. 

Plough money back into your own race. It is the best investment you can make for your own future and that of your children. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 

A Ticking Time Bomb 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part VIII -The Nazi-Germanic Religion 

Alfred Rosenberg's Mythos of the Twentieth Century 

In Mein Kampf Hitler flatly stated that the man who establishes a new religion has achieved a much greater accomplishment than he who starts 
a political party, since the former is of much greater impact and enduring influence than the latter. Covertly, it was his dream to bring into being 
a new racial religion for the German people, one that would supplant the existing Christian religion. Since he never gave the contemplated 
religion a name, we will call it the Nazi-Germanic Religion, for want of a better term. 

When we speak of the Nazi-Germanic Religion we are talking more of an attempt by the Nazi movement to formulate a new racial religion for 
the German, or Teutonic peoples, rather than the accomplishment of such a task. The Nazi movement itself was not a religious, but a political 
movement, as Hitler has repeatedly pointed out. It was a political movement for a devastated and beleaguered Germany, forged out of dire 
desperation and designed to achieve the following: (a) Free Germany from the chains of the Versailles Treaty, (b) Purge Jewish-Marxism from 
the minds, culture and politics of the German people, and replace it with a Germanic nationalist ideology, (c) Regain German territories lost in 
World War I, and further, (d) to expand the German living room eastward into the Balkans, the Ukraine and Russia. Hitler has furthermore 
repeatedly emphasized that the Nazi movement was purely German in nature, and was not for export. 

Nevertheless, nascent in the Nazi movement were a number of goals that are now also closely inherent in the CREATIVITY movement. One of 
them was to implement a Eugenics program for the genetic upgrading of the German people. Another was the formulation of a nationalist 
Germanic religion that was racial in nature that would, when successful, replace Christianity as the basic religion of the German people. That 
neither one of these goals was achieved is mainly due to the short life of this dynamic movement that was utterly crushed and destroyed when 
Germany lost the war in 1 945. Nevertheless, these two objectives were uppermost in the minds of the Nazi leaders as future goals to be 
pursued with the utmost zeal, had they won the war. That they did not win the war and these goals died stillborn, is a major tragedy for the 
German people and the White 

It is the attempt to formulate a new racial religion for the Ger-man people that we want to explore in this treatise, what was its nature, what 
success, if any they had, and what were some of its shortcomings. 

The ideological leader of the Nazi movement was clearly acknowledged to be Alfred Rosenberg. No other German writer or thinker of the era, 
not even Adolf Hitler, had such a broad and comprehensive understanding of the Germanic soul and the Nordic folklore, superstitions and 
history as did Alfred Rosenberg. His Magnum Opus, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930) laid the basis for the formulation of the new 
Nazi-Germanic Religion of the future, which fitted within the framework of the Nazi movement. 

Because of his Jewish sounding name, Alfred Rosenberg was the butt of a good deal of rough humor among his colleagues. He was, however, 
genuinely German, and the name Rosenberg (rose mountain) was a common German name in the Baltic area, where he was born on January 
12, 1893. 

He studied at the University of Moscow, where he graduated in Architecture in 1918 at the age of 25. He then returned to Germany and he was 
appalled and disgusted at the degeneration, chaos and anarchy prevalent in post-war Germany, his native country. He joined the Nazi party in 
1 91 9 and was the only member (outside of Hitler) to remain prominent from its earliest beginnings until the very end. He was hanged on 
October 1 6, 1 946, after being railroaded through the vengeance-bent Talmudic Nuremberg trials along with 21 other high officials of the Nazi 

After joining the party, Rosenberg became editor of the party newspaper Volkischer Beobachter in 1 921 . He wrote a great number of articles 
and also published some relatively minor books. After Hitler and Rudolf Hess were imprisoned at Landsberg in 1 924, Rosenberg inadvertently 
became the custodian of the then outlawed and inactive Nazi party. After Hitler was released and the party again ] became active, Rosenberg 
became head of the foreign policy office \ of the party, and was also in charge of defining party policy with regard to secondary and higher 

In 1 940 he was given the responsibility of setting up the civil administration of the occupied Russian and Baltic territories. However, Rosenberg 
was a philosopher and a writer, not a good administrator, and his subordinates, men like Erich Koch and Heinrich Loehse, exercised the real 
administrative power. 

When Rosenberg was brought to trial after the war, the Nuremberg kangaroo court charged him with every conceivable crime, but his real 
crime was for what he thought and wrote, in particular his racist and anti-Jewish views. It was again a clear case ' of brutal Jewish vengeance. 
He was hanged for the same reason as Hainan's 1 sons were hanged in The Story of Esther. "(See page 1 32 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) 
They were deemed to be dangerous enemies of the Jews. Again the Jews were celebrating their Feast of Purim. 

Rosenberg's Mythos was the most influential of all the Nazi writings of the era in shaping the philosophy and ideology of the Nazi Party, but it 
was by no means unchallenged. For one thing, many of the party hierarchy had their own religious views and affiliations. Some were Catholics, 
some were Protestants, some were Atheists, most were indifferent Christians of one kind or another. In any event, most party leaders were not 
too interested in the religious aspect of their movement, but only in its political pursuit. Whereas Rosenberg was totally loyal to Adolf Hitler, he 
was in conflict on several major points with others prominent in the top echelon. His feud with Dr. Joseph Goebbels is almost legendary and 
cannot be reconciled within standard Nationalist Socialist thought. It struck at the very basis of the new state system. Whereas Goebbels 
favored a modern, concentrated, industrial state, Rosenberg preferred a rural, medieval, dispersed society, claiming that the best racial stock 
came from the farm population. 

Just what did Rosenberg's Mythos say? In trying to answer this question we encounter a diverse and confused conglomerate of many religions, 
many writers and thinkers, a hodge-podge that is not necessarily consistent. 

He reaches back into early Hindu literature (because it is "Aryan") such as, the Rig Veda and Zenda Avesta. (See again our article on 
Hinduism in Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 30.) 

He was highly impressed by the teachings of Lao Tse who lived 2,500 years ago, whose teachings, he says, beautifully embodied the Chinese 
soul of his era, and Lao Tse's wisdom is in the longing for solidarity between soul and spirit. 

He also read Count Arthur de Gobineau, the Frenchman whose book On the Inequality of Races can be considered the first major work 
highlighting the superiority of the White Race, but it did little more. 

Rosenberg also read Houston Stewart Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, which, he claims, "set him at once on fire." 
Chamberlain, it should be noted was the son of a British Admiral and the son-in-law of Richard Wagner. 

In his Foundations, he lays much of the groundwork for Hitler's racial ideas. It should also be noted that Chamberlain frankly admits that no one 
really knows, cither the geographic or ethnic origins of the "Aryan" race, or if there were two or more such aboriginal races, or if the whole idea 
is mythical. We Creators consider the whole idea conjectural and immaterial. We believe we should concentrate on the White Race as it exists 
today, or more correctly, what is left of it. Instead of pontificating endlessly on the "origins" of the "Aryan" race, the concept of which is as 
nebulous as is the hypothetical existence of the Continent of Atlantis, we Creators say this: let us get busy on solving the dire problems the 
White Race finds itself in today. Let us concentrate on the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, building a Whiter and 
Brighter World, and forget all the hocus-pocus of the supposed "Aryan" race. 

Rosenberg read all of Nietzsche's works and was strongly influenced by his philosophy of the coming superman. It should be noted, however, 
that he never did solve his own problem of how all this was to be achieved or brought about. He was, in fact, both apolitical and anti-racist, and 
in some of his writings even anti- German. He wrote a number of highly sophisticated books, and, like the genius he was, we find him endlessly 
pontificating in the loftier stratosphere of higher theory. He talks endlessly about the coming of the superman and how we must subordinate 
everything to this great and inevitable event. He leads us to assume that this will inevitably come about as a result of Nature's law of the 
Survival of the Fittest. 

We CREATORS say - not so! History does not bear this out. The Ancient Greeks of Athens and Sparta were far superior to the present-day 
species of the White Race, but were eventually supplanted by a vastly inferior species in their own territory. So were the superb Romans of 
Ancient Rome. Just as the mighty chestnut trees were killed by a lowly parasitic fungus 50 years ago, so, too, the parasitic Jew is destroying 
the unique White Race of today with astounding success. This will not be reversed by just merely allowing Nature to take its course. It will only 
be reversed by a fanatic, deliberate, well- designed program implemented by the White Race itself, such as is inherent in the CREATIVITY 
blueprint, and then executing such a program with zeal and determination. 

One major contribution Nietzsche made to the cause was his relentless attack on Christianity, although he never did expose its Jewish origins. 
However, in attacking Christianity, he was neither the first nor the last to do so, but more brilliant than most. 

The great German composer, Richard Wagner, also strongly influenced Rosenberg. He considered Wagner's Ring der Nibelung cycle of 
operas as probably the greatest of all musical creations and as a true expression of the Nordic soul. It is an opinion shared by many Germans, 

including myself. 

Rosenberg was much preoccupied with, and strongly influenced by, the Christian bible, since the Germany of his era was still predominantly 
Christian and the thinking of its people overshadowed by its Judaic philosophy. It to in the attempt to compromise his new Germanic religion 
within the framework of Christianity that, in my opinion, was Rosenberg's undoing. But we will have more to say about this later. 

Rosenberg was an omnivorous reader and he read many other books that helped shape his thinking, but nothing influenced his outlook as did 
the chaos, the anarchy, the shameful degeneration of his own native Germany when he came back to it from Moscow in 1918. Leading this 
shameful degeneration was a passel of Jews, both native and foreign swarming in from abroad. During this era, the Weimar Republic, and 
especially Berlin, was regarded as the "cesspool of Europe." Rosenberg was shocked at what he saw. 

As he labored within the ranks of the Nazi Party, the idea grew upon him that what the German people really needed more than anything else 
was a nationalistic religion of their own. (Let us remember the word "nationalistic") He delved into the history, the mores, the superstitions and 
the folklore of the Germanic tribes (we must remember that Germany never was a nation until Bismarck partially put it together in 1 870). He 
wanted to find the "spiritual roots" of the Germanic "soul" and build upon these roots a new religion for the German people. 

One of the most peculiar aspects of Rosenberg's search for the "Germanic soul" was his strange fascination and obsession with a Dominican 
priest who lived approximately six hundred years before Rosenberg's era. His name was Meister (Master) Eckehart. (1260-1328) a Catholic, 
yet a rebel to the Catholic hierarchy of which he was a part. 

What was so great about Master Eckehart and what possible contribution could he make to a present day religion that should concern us? The 
answer - not much. He, too, (as did Rosenberg) dabbled in the mystics, in metaphysics, and other obscurantist hocus-pocus that serves more 
to confuse than to clarify either the problem or the solution. Master Eckehart did stress logic, which was fine, but then reverted right back to 
talking about God, the need to define God. In so doing he went into a lot of nonsense about the mystical experiences, "flying" to the Godhead 
through contemplation and a lot of other meaningless double talk. We do not have here the space to review all of his nebulous meanderings, 
nor do we consider them worthwhile. At the same time Eckehart admits that God is indefinable and unknown. In short, we might as well be 
talking about Quantity "X", about which we claim to be enamored silly, but don't have the foggiest idea what the hell it is we are talking about. 

So much for Master Eckehart. 

Out of all this conglomerate that also included Lao Tse, Hinduism, Nietzsche, Wagner, Gobineau, Chamberlain, Moses, Jesus Christ, and a 
host of other parts, what conclusions, what formulations of a new "Germanic soul" religion did Rosenberg finally put together? 

Because of his self-defeating approach in trying to compromise the new Germanic religion within the framework of Christianity, his effort, in my 
opinion, was an utter failure and a pointless pursuit. 

He reasoned that since the overwhelming majority of Germans were Christian and had been such for many, many centuries, that somehow, we 
must salvage the best parts of Christianity and combine it with the mores, folklore and traditions of ancient Teutonic myths. Under this eclectic 
arrangement, we could have the best parts of both. 

Alright, what parts of Christianity should we keep, and what parts should we throw out? Well, the Old Testament, he concluded, was a lurid 
history of the Jewish peoples, who were definitely un-Aryan and an enemy of the German people. Therefore, it would have to go. So there 
goes 70 percent of the Christian bible. 

Then we come to the New Testament. Is it thoroughly Aryan? Well, no. Jesus was a good fellow, probably even Aryan and had some valuable 
teachings, which we should preserve. But then there is this fellow Paul, slimy Jew that he was, who got into the act and distorted and perverted 
Christ's teachings. Therefore we must sift out all the Pauline teachings and all that is Jewish. What would then be left would be good kernels of 
Christ's teachings, who, he claimed, was not a Jew, because there is no substantial evidence to indicate that he was a Jew. 

In this latter statement, we CREATORS concur. We agree that there is no evidence that Christ was a Jew, or anything else, since there is not a 
shred of evidence that he ever existed any more than Santa Claus exists or existed. 

But to get back to the New Testament. Since out of its 27 books, 1 3 were written by Paul, there goes 48 percent of the New Testament along 
with all of the Old Testament, and we now have a scant remnant left in which to search for Christ's good original kernels. But even here, 
Rosenberg says, we are not on good ground either, because much of this remnant too, has been distorted and polluted by that Jewish villain 
Paul, and we have to be extremely careful. What good kernels Rosenberg ever gleaned from the polluted remnants is hard to determine, and 
Rosenberg does not enlighten us. 

We CREATORS take a completely different approach. Why pick through a barrel of rotten apples to see if we might possibly salvage a few bits 
of good meat in a rotten mess? Why indeed, when we can go out into Nature's beautiful orchard and pick nice, wholesome apples right off the 
tree, good ripe fruit, washed by clean morning showers and sparkling red and yellow in the bright afternoon sun- shine? We say dump the 
whole barrel of rotten apples at the nearest garbage dump. Go directly to Nature's garden and start out fresh. Why pick through a rotten mess 
of garbage when there is nice fresh fruit to be had for the picking? 

The only good end result of Rosenberg's efforts are basically what he would and could have concluded had he never poked around in the 
Christian bible, or loaded his book with so much boring mysticism, metaphysics or other hocus-pocus from Master Eckehart, or other 
mythological sources. Even Nietzsche's contributions were of little constructive value. The basic philosophy that is of any significance in Mythos 
is the emphasis of racial values, and, of course, in his book this is confined to the Germanic peoples, or the Nordic, or the "Aryan" race. In this 
we CREATORS agree wholeheartedly, except that we encompass the whole White Race, Germanic, American, Anglo, French, or otherwise, 
and seek to unite the total White Race, organize it, polarize it, and smash forever our biological enemies, the parasitic Jew, and go on from 
there to build a Whiter and Brighter World. 

In any event, Rosenberg did not inaugurate a new Germanic religion, and Jewish-Christianity is still as rampant today as it was 50 years ago. 
In fact, he did not even give a name to the new religion he attempted to construct, but never really brought into meaningful focus. 

Had Hitler won the war, his racial philosophy of blood, soil and honor would undoubtedly have expanded into the national religion of the 
German people, and eventually replaced Christianity. However, Hitler arrived at his racial ideas long before Rosenberg joined him. That Hitler 
wanted his political philosophy to become a religious philosophy, of that there is little doubt. The fact that the Hitler Youth had regular, 
organized meetings of indoctrination, just as did their Christian counterparts, and that they conflicted with church and Sunday schools in their 
timing, is strong evidence to that effect. This met with hostile opposition from both the Catholic and Protestant churches, but the Nazi Party was 
easily winning this critical battle for the minds of the youth. Had they only had more time, the Christian church would have withered on the vine 
and disintegrated within another generation. Hitler supported Rosenberg's efforts to forge a more comprehensive religious dogma out of his 
political philosophy. Whereas we CREATORS admire Hitler as the greatest leader the White Race has ever had, and the greatest White Man 
that ever lived, and agree with his racial ideas, we cannot help but come to the conclusion that as a religion for the White Race as a whole, 
Rosenberg's Mythos was woefully incomplete and left much to be desired. 


We CREATORS agree that the idea of the German people having a religion of their own to replace Jewish-Christianity is sound, but that 
Rosenberg's approach of trying to compromise it within the framework of German Christianity is contradictory and self-defeating. We believe 
that Rosenberg and the Nazi movement as a whole would have been far better off if they would have completely rejected Christianity and 
started anew from a sound realistic basis, such as CREATIVITY has done, building on the Eternal Laws of Nature. 

However, several other basic differences remain and we will spell them out in the accompanying "Comparison" box. One of the major 
differences is that where the Nazi movement was basically nationalistic, political and concerned with the expansion and interests of the 
German people, the CREATIVITY movement is dedicated to arousing, organizing, and uniting all the White peoples of the world and making 
this Planet Earth the home of the White Race exclusively, and erasing the conflicting lines of nationality. 

The most astounding achievement of the 20th Century has been the unbelievable success with which the Jewish conspiracy has conned the 
White Race into betraying its priceless heritage for a mess of garbage. 

Half a century ago Hitler succeeded in uniting all the Germans. It is the unswerving goal of the Church of the Creator to arouse, unify and 
polarize all the White peoples of this Planet Earth. 

The nigger is one of Nature's most dismal failures. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part VIII -The Nazi-Germanic Religion 




Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 

Rosenberg's Germanic Religion vs. Creativity - A Comparison 




A. Basis of Belief. 

The German nationalistic religion that both Hitler and Rosenberg envisaged never became a reality. At the time of Hitler's death in 1945 
Protestant and Catholic Christianity was the prevalent religion of the land, as it still is today. We therefore have to distinguish between the 
religious dogma of the contemplated religion and the political dogma of the Nazi party. 

The religious philosophy was dimly outlined in Rosenberg's many writings, particularly his magnum opus, Mythos, and also in Hitler's Mein 
Kampf. They vaguely expressed the intent to create such a religion, to be based on the myths, mores and folklore of the Ger- man people. 
Since this never materialized, or crystallized, we have to leave it at that, and fall back on Hitler's dogma of Blood, Soil and Honor. 

CREATIVITY has much in common with this idea, but is much more fully structured, more complete, clear and comprehensive, CREATIVITY 
takes in every major issue and aspect necessary for the future religious and racial needs of the White Race. These are spelled out in detail in 
the Three Basic Books of CREATIVITY, namely Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living, further supplemented 
by Expanding Creativity. 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

Hitler's and Rosenberg's goals were goals basically concerned with the welfare and best interests of the German people, and during the short 
tenure of the Nazi Party its political and religious goals were practically inseparable. They were: (a) To tear up the Versailles Treaty and restore 
German independence, power and honor, (b) To unite the German people, (c) To break the Jewish stranglehold and get these parasites off the 
backs of the German people, (d) Reclaim lost German territories, (e) Enlarge the living space (lebensraum) of the German nation by 
conquering new territory to the east, at the expense of the Poles, Czechs, Russians, etc. (f) To cleanse and Germanize the cultural, economic 
and racial elements of the German people. 

The goals of CREATIVITY are very similar, but instead of such objectives being narrowly limited to the German nation only and at the expense 
of other White nations, CREATIVITY seeks to encompass the total White peoples of the world, be they German, French, Anglo, Polish or 
whatever. It seeks to do so at the expense of the mud peoples and to the benefit of the White Race. CREATIVITY seeks to straighten out the 
confused and Judaized thinking of all the White men, women and children on Planet Earth, to arouse them, unite and polarize them into one 
huge battering ram and smash the Jewish monster once and for all. It is then the objective of CREATIVITY to expand the numbers and 
territories of the White Race until it inhabits (exclusively) all the good territories of Planet Earth. There are many other objectives, such as 
Eugenics, Salubrious Living, and a number of others, as spelled out in detail in our Three Basic Books, and as briefly summarized under the 
Twenty Fundamental Points in Racial Loyalty No. 30. 

C. Racial Attitude. 

There is very little difference between the racial attitude of Creativity and the Nazi philosophy, except for this one major detail: Whereas the 
Nazi goal concerned the cleansing and the genetic improvement of the German people. Creativity seeks to encompass the total White Race on 
a global basis. Whereas Hitler stressed Nationalism, we stress the common biological origins of our race as the common bond and point of 

We believe this is extremely important. Whereas nationalism has been the cause of innumerable wars between White "nations", from time 
immemorial, we are firmly convinced that the whole idea of "nationalism" is highly destructive for the White Race and has been one of the 
Jew's most effective tools in their diabolical technique of "Divide and Conquer." We therefore seek to unite the White Race under one religion 
and one language, never to wage fratricidal war amongst themselves again. 

Whereas Hitler sought to unite the Germans only to wage suicidal wars against other White Racial Comrades, we seek to unite the whole 
White Race on a worldwide basis. We claim the whole Planet Earth as the exclusive and unchallenged heritage of the White Race. 

In Racial Loyalty No. 4 we have spelled out in more detail eight fundamental differences between the Nazi philosophy and Creativity. 

There are many armchair admirers of the Nazi regime who argue that "if Hitler had only won the war" he would have extended the benefits of 
the Nazi idea to the White Race on a worldwide basis. 

In the interests of solving the urgent problems and the dire dilemma that faces the White Race today, I want to make two salient points. 

(a) Hitler lost the war. He has been dead for 40 years. What he might or might not have done is academic at this stage of history and a 
pointless conjecture that is wasting much valuable time in pontification when militant action is what is needed. 

(b) We Creators are convinced that the whole idea of "nationalism" as espoused by National Socialism is a divisive and destructive idea, and 
we supplant it with Racial Socialism. Had Hitler won the war, other countries such as France, Poland, England, America, etc., would 
undoubtedly have formed indigenous Nazi parties of their own in their respective countries, with undoubtedly, German direction and 
interference. There would have in each instance been much resentment and opposition in each country, and justifiably so, that the "Germans" 
were taking over, and it would probably have sown the seeds for endless future strife and resentment, such as the Irish resentment of the 
English governing a section of their country. 

In the CREATIVITY Creed and Program most of these problems are substantially solved and eliminated. No White country need be, or need 
feel threatened that they might be governed by an "alien nationality." As time went on, as Latin became the universal language of the White 
Race; as the racial idea grew and the "nationalist" idea subsided; as CREATIVITY became the universal religion, the White Race of the world 
would move in unity towards a true entity interested in advancing the goals emphasized in Creativity; upgrading its own genetic heritage and 

utilizing its tremendous potential for its own best interests. 

We therefore appeal to our "nationalist" White brothers to stop pontificating endlessly and pointlessly about "what might have been", to come 
back to the world of reality, and join with us as militant activists in building a Whiter and Brighter World. 

D. Organizational Structure. 

We are completely in harmony with the Leadership Principle as expounded by Adolf Hitler and consider the former Nazi Party and 
governmental organization as a model structure for our own future development. We consider Hitler's Nazi Germany between 1933-1939 as 
the finest and most efficient society the White Race has ever produced for its own best interests. We intend to not only emulate its 
organizational structure, but to utilize it as a stepping stone to further improve upon, to expand it on a worldwide basis to serve the White Race 
for its own best interests. 

The Church of the Creator is one out fit that does not march to the Jewish drummer. We have our own. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 31 - January 1986 r~^ 

Rosenberg's Germanic Religion vs. Creativity - A Comparison 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Hubris, Hubris 

The Major Roadblock 

We have the means to smash the Jewish network now in 1 986. All we need to do is sort out the important from the trivial, separate fact from 

Right at the outset, up front, I want to make three cogent claims: 

1 . The White Race has enough informed militant activists to smash the Jewish powerhouse and grasp control of its own destiny now, in the 
year 1986. 

2. In implementing Creativity, we have the blueprint, the creed, the motivation, the religious zeal to make the historic breakthrough that is within 
reach, not some distant future, but NOW. 

3. Blocking such a glorious victory is a common defect of human nature that the White Race in particular is heir to. It is called HUBRIS. 

What is hubris? Webster has several definitions, but let me coalesce them into my own version. Simply speaking, hubris is a combination of 
overwhelming personal egotism mixed with over whelming jealousy. It is as old as the human race itself, a pernicious defect of human nature, a 
flaw that has been a major force in the shaping of history, and also in the wrecking of its constructive progress. The Jew has been particularly 
skillful in capitalizing on this fatal defect of character, and the White Race has throughout history been a willing and cooperative dupe in 
allowing the Jews to expertly manipulate us in their odious "Divide and Conquer" technique. 

Why do I say that the White Race is particularly prone to this stupid flaw in their make-up? I say it because it is true. Why it is so, that I will not 
even attempt to explain, but let me cite a few examples. 

A prime example of hubris arc my own ancestors, the Mennonites. When I say this I do not intend to disparage this intelligent and industrious 
group of people, who, although relatively small in numbers, are dispersed all over the face of the earth. No, not at all. In fact, I am proud of my 
ancestors. They have many redeeming qualities. Besides being intelligent, hardworking and industrious, they have proven to be tenacious, 
honorable, relatively honest (compared to the average bear) and they have shunned race-mixing. They are clannish, and for this I am thankful, 
otherwise, I might not have been White. They have kept their blood lines pure for the last several hundred years, with nary a nigger, an Indian 
or a Jew intruding into their social or genetic structure. In Russia, where my progenitors lived for a century and a quarter, they would even shun 
marriage with a Russian, such being absolutely taboo. 

But they did suffer from hubris, probably even more so than the average White kinsman. It is my observation that the Mennonites were highly 
motivated, competitive, ambitious to get ahead and were extremely conscious of what their neighbors and/or their relatives were doing. As a 
result they were also petty, jealous and back-biting about someone getting ahead of them. They had this compulsive habit of gossiping about 
everyone else's business and affairs that I found extremely distasteful, and some of them, (not all) including some of my relatives, would 
categorize other people into two groups. 

(a) If someone got ahead of them and did better in the field of achievement they would be labeled as "stuck-up." 

(b) If someone did worse than they did, they would poke fun at him as a ne'er-do-well, or as a village clown. 

Either way, it was a no-win situation, a Catch-22. 

Because I disliked this prudish, petty attitude I never did join the Mennonite Church, nor in my younger years was I ever attracted into the 
Mennonite circle of society. In fact, I did not appreciate some of the finer qualities of the Mennonite people until later in life when I began to 
study the make-up, the characteristics and the histories of the White Race. Today, I am thankful for both their faults and their virtues, for had 
they been otherwise, I would probably not be White. 

Another example of hubris that I want to cite is the relationship between two outstanding inventors, namely Thomas A. Edison and Nikola 
Tesla, who lived in approximately the same era, shortly before, and after, the turn of the century. 

Now we have all heard of the great Thomas Edison and his life has been well chronicled and eulogized in books, newspapers and even in the 
Jewish movie industry, which has seen fit to glorify him in at least two movies, one when a boy and one in his adult years. Edison lived a long, 
productive and flamboyant life of 84 years, from 1 847 to 1 931 , and since his story has been so well publicized there is no need for me to review 
it here. 

Not so well known to the average public is the life of Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant and creative scientists and inventors in the history of 
the White Race, if not the most brilliant. His life spanned a period of 87 years, from 1 856 to 1 943, being born only nine years later than the 
world's most celebrated inventor. 

Whereas Tesla and Edison lived in more or less the same era, and were both inventors principally in the field of electricity, there is, however, a 
remarkable difference in their make-up. Whereas Edison was primarily slow, plodding, and uneducated, (one percent inspiration, 99 percent 
perspiration, according to his own dictum) Tesla, on the other hand, had an extremely brilliant and creative mind, was well educated in science 
and math and understood the complex principles of physics more intricately than it has been the privilege of only a select few. He was, in short, 
a genius of the first caliber, far outshining anything Thomas Edison could ever envisage, and his achievements in the field of electricity, 
alternating current, generators, transformers, power transmission, A.C. motors, is so vast and extensive that it boggles the mind. Having 
studied engineering myself and having earned a degree in electrical engineering, I believe I can have some understanding of the magnitude of 
this great man's genius. It is my conclusion that most of the vast systems of electrical power generation and distribution as we know them today 

are based on the theories, inventions and designs produced by the great mind of Nikola Tesla. 

Yet, whereas Edison is eulogized and lauded to the skies, and has been for a century, few people have even heard of Nikola Tesla. Whereas 
Edison rates much space and usually a picture in most en cyclopedias, I find only a short four inch column for Tesla in the 1 929 edition of the 
BRITANNICA, a six inch column in Funk & Wagnall's 1970 edition and nothing at all in Collier's (1952) Encyclopedia. 

In the fall of 1 983 I attended a Symposium for the Development of Unconventional Energy in Atlanta, more as an interested spectator than a 
contributing participant. 

Convened at the three day meeting was an assemblage of approximately three hundred of the most brilliant scientists that it had ever been my 
privilege to witness. They came from all over the world, Canada, U.S.A., France, and especially Germany. Dozens of lectures, papers, replete 
with slides, graphs, and sometimes even models of their inventions or ideas were presented. These ranged over a wide variety of technical and 
scientific subjects, but most predominant was the search for a clear, safe and endless source of energy. Among these was the goal of 
converting gravitational energy into practical use. 

Anyone observing these scientists would have been amazed (as I was) that it was Nikola Tesla who was looked upon as the hero and the giant 
of all those scientists that had passed through history. Not Edison, not Einstein, but Nikola Tesla, and his scientific papers, especially on 
gravitational energy, were studied and reviewed with the greatest of intensity and interest. Edison was hardly even mentioned, and when he 
was, it was not in a favorable light. 

Anyone studying the development of our electrical power plants and the transmission of electric energy into our homes will find that back at the 
beginning, in the 1 880's, Edison installed some of the first central power plants and transmission lines to carry electricity to streetlights and 
homes. His system was based on direct current (D.C.) instead of alternating current (A.C.), and as a result, had severe limitations. For one 
thing, because D.C. cannot be used with transformers to step up, or step down, the voltage, he had to limit his voltage (in the transmission 
lines) in the range of two hundred volts, otherwise it would be too dangerous for public use at the receiving end. This limited the transmission to 
approximately no more than half a mile from the central power plant, and furthermore (a) because of the low voltage in the transmission lines, 
the voltage dropped lower and lower the further down the line any hook-ups were made, and (b) much of the power was lost in the 
transmission lines themselves due to the low voltage used, and (c) it would take hundreds of small central plants to service cities like Chicago 
or New York. 

It was not until Nikola Tesla came along a few years later and demonstrated the obviously superior advantages of alternating cur rent. He 
invented transformers to step the voltage up or down as required. He invented several types of A.C. motors. In fact, he more than anyone else 
conceived most of the technical inventions that made possible the whole system of power transmission as we know it today. With high voltage 
(500 thousand volts are common) transmission lines it is now possible to economically carry power for hundreds of miles, and deliver it to the 
consumer at any voltage specified. 

Since this genius came out with so many brilliant inventions that it is impossible to list them here, I nevertheless want to point out one strange 
controversy that developed between Edison and Tesla, and the electrical industry as a whole. 

Tesla's brilliant, fully structured electrical system with alternating current, transformers, high voltage transmission lines, and other 
accoutrements made Edison's direct current system as obsolete as a buggy whip almost overnight. But because he had a vested interest in the 
few already established plants, and because of his hubris (he didn't think of the A.C. system first) he viciously fought Tesla tooth and nail. He 
used every dirty tactic in the book to calumniate and discredit Tesla. 

One dirty trick he used was a deceptive scare tactic. Since in some states the electric chair (using two thousand volts) had been introduced to 
execute those guilty of capital crimes, Edison quickly latched on to this incident and called alternating current the "death current," that it was 
highly dangerous to human beings and should not be used in the home. 

Now the fact of the matter is (and Edison was well aware of it) that A.C. or D.C. are equally lethal or safe depending on the voltage used, the 
connections made, etc. But with the press largely with him he used this argument exhaustively to prevent Tesla's superior A.C. generating and 
distribution system from being accepted by the public, and for some time he succeeded in delaying its acceptance. 

It's a long story, but the lesson to be learned are these: (a) Because of his hubris and insufferable egotism Edison tried, and was able, to long 
delay the acceptance of a fully structured system that was far superior to his own makeshift set-up, (b) In the end Tesla's system prevailed 
because it was highly superior, (c) Propaganda and misconceptions can be highly destructive to progress and a rational solution to a problem. 

We now come to the overwhelming problems that beset the world today. The foremost of all these is the omnipresent Jewish parasite that has 
fastened itself to the back of the White Race and is inexorably implementing our death and destruction. Strangely, no one seems to know what 
to do about it, least of all the White Race itself, most of whose members through the aegis of Jewish Christianity are actually subsidizing, 
eulogizing and aiding and abetting the parasite. 

The brutal fact of our times is that the White Race is dying, it is being murdered by the Jews, and the White Race, instead of taking up arms 
against this vicious parasite, is too drugged with that Jewish mind-scrambler (Christianity) to even realize that it is being murdered. 

Not every one is unaware, however. Since World War II we have had at least 20 thousand fractured and fragmented "patriotic", "nationalist", 
"racist" groups, some phony, some sincere, that have tried to sound the alarm in some fragmented and disjointed manner. Some are alarmed 
about the communist threat, some are alarm ed about our financial chaos, some are alarmed about the IRS, some about encroachment on our 
right to bear arms, some that our Constitution is being undermined, some about the flood of illegal immigrants across our borders; and a dozen 
other worthy causes. 

We Creators too, are concerned about all of these vital problems, and more. The difference between us and the 20 thousand past failures is 
this: Whereas the "Deplore and Lament" crowd does nothing but cry "alarm," none of them has ever come up with a meaningful solution to the 

vast array of problems that now besets the White Race and must now be confronted and solved. Deplore and Lament! Deplore and Lament! 
Alarm! Alarm! But never a meaningful solution. At best their "solutions" were either nonexistent, or they are frivolously frittering around the 
fringes of the problem. Few dared to get to the heart of the problem and confront Jewish Christianity. 

We are sick and tired of hearing from the deplore and lament crowd. If you don't have a solution, don't bug me with your problems. 

Professor Revilo P. Oliver, one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable men I have had the honor of meeting, has said categorically that 'The 
Church of the Creator represents the on rational religion of which I know." Hitler has said that in order win the masses and build a powerful 
movement that we must foci on one central idea, and keep pounding away on it. 

So what central idea can we, the White Race, effectively foci on, and polarize around? If we can't rally around a dynamic ration religion like 
Creativity that covers all the bases, what can we rally around? What are the alternatives? 

Should we rally around the Identity movement that has one foot in the racial camp and the other in the enemy camp? An idea that is based on 
superstition, gullibility and historical nonsense? I think not. 

Should we try to revive the Nazi approach? Hitler was, in my opinion, the greatest man the White Race has ever produced. Were he young and 
alive in America today (I wish he were!) I am sure I would take an altogether different approach than he did to save Germany in the 1920's, and 
I have a feeling that it would be amazing similar to Creativity. Like the Klan, the Nazi party served a useful purpose in its time and place to 
solve the problems of their day, but for today, both are as dead as the dodo and about as useful in solving the multitude of urgent problems that 
now confront us. 

Should we embrace the "we love 'em all!" approach? No battle, no war has ever been won no meaningful movement has ever been built with 
a polyglot collection of diverse goals, loyalties or beliefs. It invariably dies of its own deadweight in a mass of confusion and dissention. (Read 
again Issue No. 10 in EXPANDING CREATIVITY, "A Polyglot Mind and a Polyglot Society Who Needs Them?") Again, we go back to 
experience in Germany during the 1920's and 30's. Until one monolithic, well structured, well organized movement emerged, nothing 
happened. When such unified movement consolidated all into one ideology, it smashed the Jews. 

Should we revive the ancient Norse religions? Hardly. Odin, Woden and Thor are not going to get off their rumps and save the White Race, 
anymore than is the Jewish YAHWEH. We have a deadly war on our hands and have more important things to do than waste our time playing 
childish games that should have been relegated to a kindergarten class in the first place. A spooky religion that couldn't hold its own a 
thousand years ago when it was at the height of its power cannot now be revived any more than trying to breathe new life into a long dead 
horse. Furthermore, its basic precepts really with which we are now confronted. 

Should we rally around a revived Populist party? It, too, is ancient history and failed miserably many decades ago. It, too, does not really 
address and confront the real enemy, the Jewish parasite and its offspring, Jewish Christianity. In fact, it trips all over itself to tell the world it is 
not racist nor anti-Jewish. To embrace a wimpish program of that caliber is to live in a fool's paradise, and tantamount to joining the enemy. 

If the above should "offend some delicate sensibilities", that is just too damn bad. We have a serious battle on our hands and can't be endlessly 
genuflecting to wet-nurse all the little bruised egos. No, time is running out and the Jews, Mexicans and niggers are closing in on us. Before 
this war is over there will be more than delicate little hubris' bruised. There will be blood flowing in the streets and millions of White Racial 
Comrades slaughtered. So let us forget all this nonsense about whose little "sensibilities" (read hang-ups) we might offend, and get on with the 
battle. Those who insist on hanging onto their little hang-ups and nurturing their little hubris aren't going to be any help in that battle anyway, so 
we haven't lost anything. 

There is an alternative, and we have it an idea to which any rational, militant White man or woman can give their total loyalty and dedication. 

We Creators have a real, lasting solution. We have a racial religion to offer to the White Race, the first meaningful, genuine White racial religion 
in six thousand years of civilized history. 

It is comprehensive, complete, clear, consistent, coordinated, constructive, conclusive, cohesive and cogent. It covers the whole spectrum, the 
whole ball of wax. It is not makeshift, not a temporary stopgap solution, nor is it a patchwork of haywire and chewing gum. It was tailor-made to 
not only solve the dilemma the White Race finds itself in today, but also to give our race a sane and sound philosophy to live by and prosper for 
the next million years. 

There is only one movement in recent history that has challenged the odious Jewish power structure and overcome it, if only on a regional 
basis, and that is the National Socialist movement of Adolf Hitler when it came to power in Germany in 1 933. True, it was later smashed by the 
combined forces of all the other White nations under the aegis of the Jewish monster, but that is another story. The fact is, it did successfully 
wrest power away from the Jewish parasite in Germany and we should learn some powerful lessons from it. 

1 . After Germany's defeat in 1 91 8, some two thousand "nationalistic" (and otherwise) groups sprang up to try to solve the terrible dilemma in 
which the German people found themselves. 

2. There was much bickering, jealousy and infighting amongst them. 

3. The numerous fractured and fragmented parties or groups were powerless to stem the Jewish juggernaut until Hitler's Nazi party became the 
one and only powerful battering ram and took over the German government. 

4. There were no "mergers". Hitler's movement absorbed former members of the various splinter groups, including thousands of converted 
former members of the Communist Party. A few leaders of the former splinter parties joined him (such as Julius Streicher) but most of them did 
not. Had the leaders sublimated their hubris and had the foresight to join with Hitler, the Jews could have been over come in 1 924 perhaps, 
instead of 1 933. How this might have changed the course of history we can only speculate. 

In any case, the main, the most cogent lesson is this: Until the overwhelming majority of the German activists consolidated and polarized into 
one powerful movement, nothing was achieved. Once they did, they took over the power of the state, drove out the Jews, and constructive 
solutions were rapidly implemented. 

Sixty years later, we here in America are faced with a similar situation in overcoming the Jews, although the racial problems facing us are much 
different and really encompass the whole White Race on a global basis. 

Whereas Hitler's movement was tailor-made to solve the political and racial problems for the Germans of 60 years ago, the Creativity 
movement in a completely different milieu is tailor-made to solve the racial problems of the White Race on a global scale, the only way it can 
now be approached. Whereas Hitler was highly successful in uniting the Germans in the 1 930's, it is our goal to consolidate, unite, arouse and 
polarize the White Race on a global scale. We are dedicated to this goal, not because it is easy, but because it must be done, and we have the 
creed and program with which to achieve it, but only with your help and zeal. 

It is a tall order. But it is that, or nothing. In this respect we emulate the fearless philosophy of the indominitable Texas Rangers of the 1 9th 
century, "Know you're right and just keep coming." We vow to "keep coming" until we have cither achieved total victory, or until we are dead. 
We know we are right. 

In pursuing this lofty and urgent goal, and in hastening the day of victory, we appeal to all White Racial Comrades to submerge and sublimate 
your own insignificant and fleeting hubris to the major goal - the survival, expansion and advancement of your race. We have now forged the 
tools and weapons to do the job, and they are formidable. We are not helpless. (Read again EXPANDING CREATIVITY in Issue No. 6 "The 
Self-imposed Handicap" and Issue No. 9 "We are not Helpless".) But fragmented and divided, we are not only helpless, we are doomed. 

Whether we like it or not, the Jews have us enmeshed in a highly dangerous and deadly game, in which there can be only total victory, either 
for their side or ours. We are not playing ping-pong, nor are we playing marbles. Nature's basic laws are now coming into full play on a massive 
scale, and it is now an issue of whether the White Race will be murdered (remember Dresden!) or whether we demolish the Jewish monster 
and survive. This issue will be resolved one way or another, in the lifetime of many of those living today, and believe me, there will be no 

I want to reiterate the initial premise stated in the beginning of this article, namely, we have the means to do it now. Standing in the way, 
mainly, is the hubris of many of the leaders of the numerous small splinter groups, who, because it is not THEIR brain child, would rather fight 
Creativity than spread the word, not realistically thinking of the consequences that will ensue if we don't settle upon one major movement and 
consolidate. These shortsighted individuals would indeed cut off their nose to spite their face. 

In so saying, I am sure that there are many who will take the easy alibi and accuse me of a hubris of my own, therefore the problem is 
answered and by-passed. 

No, my friend, it is neither answered nor by-passed. The overwhelming problems remain stark and real, urgent and overwhelming. If we don't 
get our act together, and soon, it will be all over, and the White Race will be finished. That includes you and any stub- born little hubris you may 
nurture. It includes your immediate family, your relatives, your race and your civilization. This will be a world overrun with screaming, clawing, 
starving mud peoples, billions of them. It will be a hellhole of the worst kind, one in which the White Race cannot survive, or in which it would 
even want to live. 

So this is hardly a silly little game of "who's got the hubris?" If you want to play a cute little trick on personalities and turn tables on me, go 
ahead, indulge yourself. I couldn't care less. If it makes you feel any better, be my guest. I am neither concerned about my hubris, or the lack of 
it. Frankly, I never wanted to be in the public eye, and I don't care to be now. Christ knows I have examined every possible organization which I 
hoped might be able to help do the job and solve the problem. I was a member of the John Birch Society, of the Citizens Council, of the 
Republican Party, the Presbyterian Church, I even formed my own Nationalist White Party. When I came to the conclusion that none of these 
were even remotely fitted to do the job, I sought ways and means that would be meaningful and cogent, and Creativity was the answer. 

Having finally found the answer, we are determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done only total victory will suffice. Like the Texas 
Rangers,, we will push on, come hell or high water. I will be only too happy to relinquish the leadership and pass it on to younger, more capable 
hands, and fade into the mists. In fact, I have been searching for such an outstanding promoter for years and we will find him. We have several 
excellent young prospects right now. I can hardly wait to go into retirement, write a few more books, (I have six in mind right now) and let 
younger, more capable, more energetic hands carry the torch and reap the glory, if any. 

It is hard to understand the intransigence of some of our racial leaders who secretly take the position "If I didn't think of it myself, I would rather 
torpedo it than give someone else the credit." Why anyone should take this self-defeating stance is neither rational nor constructive. After all, 
200 thousand Christian preachers in America who arc also White, do not take such an absurd position. They don't claim to have invented 
Christianity nor written the Christian Bible, yet they have no reservations in breaking their necks to spread an idea and a book that they had no 
hand in either inventing or writing. (Actually, the Jews planted the whole mess.) So why should a White racial leader be so obtuse and irrational 
about helping promote an idea that will save his race from extinction? 

So it is not a personal issue. Not with me, nor is it with you. Indeed, it is not a matter of personalities. It's not a matter of nitpicking trivialities. It 
is a matter of life and death. At stake is your life, your future, that of your family, your country, your race, and even more important, your future 

What can you do? If you are not in the racial movement as yet, join with us, become a member of the Church of the Creator. If you are already 
in a racial group, join with us, and persuade your leader to convert to a C.O.T.C. group. Become an ordained minister of our church. Stop 
fighting with slingshots when you are being offered the best machine guns available to use as your weapons. Also, you must remember no 
program, no creed, no matter how dynamic, is self- implementing. We need good people like you to get behind the movement and give it 
muscle give it all you've got. 

Remember, we are not playing marbles. This is a deadly game. There is no substitute for victory and you will have little hubris to crow about if 
you end up a slave, your face down in the mud with a Jewish jackboot pressing down on the nape of your neck. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Hubris, Hubris 


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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

RAHOWA! The Fighting Slogan of the White Race 


The White Race is enmeshed in a race war that will not end until it, the White Race, is either exterminated or it inhabits the Planet Earth 
supreme. Although most members of Nature's Finest either don't realize it, or whether it is stupidly trying to ignore it, is beside the point. The 
Jews, the niggers and mud races are keenly aware of it and will wage it unto death, whether we want it or not. 

When a people stoop so low as to abjectly bow to the traitorous power structure to "honor" Martin Lucifer Koon as a hero above their own 
traditional White heroes, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.) then it is time to declare open war. I cannot think of anything more humiliating than for 
Nature's Finest to surrender their own honor and abjectly kowtow to a nigger reprobate whose FBI record was so odious it has to be locked up 
from public scrutiny until the year 2027. How low can you stoop? 

The mud races have foisted war on us. There is no escaping it. We therefore are forced to pick up the challenge, wage it fiercely, no quarter 
given, until victory is ours. We must also give it identity, give it a name. The Moslems have their name for theirs. It is Jihad. We need to have 
our own and the Church of the Creator has coined a word for it. 

The word is Rahowa! It means White RAcial HOly WAr. (Pronounced rah-ho-wah.) 

Let us wage it fiercely, fearlessly and tenaciously until victory is ours. RAHOWA! 

"The Church of the Creator represents the only rational religion of which I know." - Dr. Revile P. Oliver 

The Perfect Con-game: Promise pie-in- the-sky when you die. Nobody ever comes back for a refund. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

RAHOWA! The Fighting Slogan of the White Race 

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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XI - British Israel - Identity 

A Vice-President in charge of advertising for a large cosmetics firm was chatting with a friend, exchanging a little banter over a few drinks. 

"How can you make such fantastic claims for your cosmetics?" asked the friend. 

"It's easy," replied the V. P. "We just lie like hell." 

"But how do you get away with it?" 

"No problem," replied the V. P. "The women desperately want to believe that our face creams and lotions and potions will do all those 
wonderful things for them. So they just buy, buy, buy. They're happy, and we make millions." 

This brings us to the subject I want to expose and examine in more detail, namely, the art of spook-peddling, which is even more profitable and 
more deceptive than promoting cosmetics. 

Today, with the aid of the electronic Jew, one of the most lucrative (and deceptive) rackets on the modern scene is the nefarious art of peddling 
spooks in return for millions. It is a con-game without parallel. We have such unholy con-artists as Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Jerry Falwell, 
Garner Ted Armstrong, Billy Hargis, Billy Graham, Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, Robert Schuller, and the late, great Jim Jones 
of Guyana fame, and slews of lesser con-men on the boob-tube selling the spooks-in-the-sky swindle, day in and day out. Many of these top- 
notch con-artists take in forty, fifty and sixty million dollars of funny money a year. Federal Reserve notes that are as phony as the lies these 
swindlers are peddling to their gullible victims. With or without the electronic boob- tube, this racket has been going on for thousands of years. 

However, in the last century or so a new breed of purveyors has been emerging that has given the standard hellfire and brimstone crowd a new 
twist, and that is the British-Israel wing, also known as the Identity movement. Since the accompanying Liberty Bell article gives a scholarly 
history of this movement, I need not repeat it here, but rather I want to focus on the impact it has had, and is having today, in the crucial battle 
for the survival of the White Race. 

Some of these Christians, those who have discovered what skillful and congenital liars the Jews are, of how obnoxious and repugnant they 
have been throughout history, found themselves in a serious dilemma. Since most of their precious bible is Jewish from cover to cover and 
keeps gushing repeatedly about Yahweh's endless and palpitating love affair with these despicable reprobates, they found this hard to take. So 
some ingenious inventor came up with a brilliant new twist. Why not claim that the Jews are not at all the real Israelites, but children of the 
Devil, and we, the White Race are the genuine article. Why, with a little sleight of hand, some clever juxtapositioning and a lot of gullibility, we 
can claim that the 'Ten Lost Tribes of Israel" wandered into an uninhabited Europe sometime in the first millennium B.C.E. and rapidly 
populated it from one end to the other. Isn't that wonderful? Now we, the White Race, can claim that we are the real Israelites and the scurvy 
Jews are nothing but phony impostors. Isn't that great? (Why, with the same procedure, you could be Napoleon Bonaparte reincarnated. All it 
takes is a little bit of INSANITY.) Ipso facto, the problem is solved. Now WE are the ones that the Yahweh of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob so 
dearly loved that he would knock himself silly in order to ingratiate himself with these reprobates that had all the morals of an alley cat. How 
lucky can you get? 

In a nutshell, that is the position of the Identity movement. 

There are so many misconceptions contained in the fraudulent assumptions of the Identity movement that it is hard to list them all. But I will try 
to sort them out. 

(1) There is not a shred of evidence that the Jewish tribal god of Yahweh existed in the supposed time of Abie, Ikey, and Jakey, or exists today, 
anymore than that Santa Claus or Mother Goose exists, or existed. 

(2) There is not a shred of evidence that Abraham, Isaac or Jacob (or Moses, for that matter) ever existed, and all indications are that they are 
no more than fictitious figments of the Jewish imagination. 

(3) There is not a shred of historical evidence that there ever were any Ten Lost Tribes, and if they ever existed and got lost, all I can say is 
GOOD RIDDANCE. Too bad the other two didn't disappear also. 

(4) It is absolutely preposterous to claim that Europe was an empty wasteland until the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" entered into it and suddenly 
populated it. It is contrary to Greek history. Roman history, Celtic history. Prankish history, Teutonic history and all other authentic history. It 
also contradicts all archaeological evidence that has been unearthed in the last several centuries, including cave drawings in France, Spain 
and other parts of Europe. Many of these artifacts and drawings by our White European ancestors date back as much as 20 thousand years. 
For a thorough anthropological study of our ancestry, I suggest you read the November issue of National Geographic. Also Madison Grant's 
classic, "Passing of the Great Race" is an excellent treatment on the subject of racial movement in prehistoric Europe. 

(5) We now come to the final question: considering what sleazy characters Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were, according to the highly touted Old 
Testament itself, who but a deranged idiot WOULD WANT to have these lecherous pimps, murderers and whoremongers for their ancestors? I 
would much prefer to have a set of genuine old-fashioned horse thieves for my progenitors than these sleazy Jewish reprobates. 

Besides being a shiftless nonentity at the age of 75, Abraham (so the stupid story goes) was a footloose pimp who peddled his (half-sister) wife 
to the highest bidder, not only once, but repeatedly, for ill-begotten loot. He murdered a number of people. He fornicated with his maid. He and 
Sarah had their first child when both were ninety-nine. (Would you believe?) Isaac followed a similar pattern. Jacob deceived his senile, blind 
father and betrayed his brother Esau, all with Yahweh's explicit blessings. Then there is that great Lion of Israel, Judah, who fornicated with his 
daughter-in-law believing she was a common roadside whore. There is the big Star of the Show, King David, who while wooing King Saul's 
daughter Michal, brought a dowry of two hundred foreskins from slain Philistine warriors to Saul. (Read it for yourself: I Samuel, Ch. 18, Verse 

27.) For more sick, lurid details read Chapter 10, "The Old Testament" in Nature's Eternal Religion. 

Now I ask any sane, intelligent White Man who has not yet gone bonkers in the name of Yahweh, why would you want to break your neck to 
distort history and WANT to be a descendant of such trash that even the morals of an alley cat would be put to shame? I would say that no 
sane, self-respecting White Man would. We now come to the next cogent question: Why should we Creators, who are totally dedicated to the 
survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race be particularly concerned about those misguided souls that believe in British-Israel? 
After all, they constitute only a minor percentage of the Christian population, perhaps less than one percent. 

Well, there are good and sufficient reasons why we should be concerned. Whereas the overwhelming majority of White Christians do not 
believe they are the "real Israelites", the average run of Christians are the poorest of all prospects for building a White racial movement. For all 
practical purposes, the gung-ho Christian is unreachable for the present. The Identity crowd, on the other hand, are a different breed of cat. 
They crave Identity as a member of the White Race and arc therefore the type of people the White Race needs to save itself. The big problem 
is they want to keep their hang-up with the Jewish spooks intact at the same time, a frustrating dilemma that splits their loyalty straight down 
the middle. We therefore have dual loyalists (as the SPOTLIGHT calls the Jews) that claim to be for the White Race, but also for the Jewish 
spook - an impossible incongruity. In so doing they confuse the hell out of those White racists that could effectively help wage the war for the 
survival and resurrection of the White Race, 

Not only do they vastly confuse the issue, but these befuddled spook-chasers hate us rational White Loyalists much more passionately than 
they hate the Jews. Why? Because the Jews claim to believe in some kind of spook, even if they don't believe in Jesus Christ, so they can be 
forgiven. But we Creators oy vey! That is a different story. We cut the very ground out from under them that supports their favorite hang-up 
their personal Holy Cow. We demolish with sheer rationality all this intoxicating nonsense about spooks all around us, surveilling us, monitoring 
us, judging us, burning us in Hell. It makes them insanely furious that we expose and ridicule their cherished escape into insanity, and they 
would gladly burn us in Hell if they could, as witness the letter from Bishop Grant R. Powell, which we publish on a previous page. Is there 
anyone more vicious, more sadistic, more hateful than a born-again Christian? I think not. 

I remember a meeting I attended in Kansas City in 1 977. There was good old Gerda Koch expounding on how our country and our constitution 
were solidly built on the Christian Bible, an idea thoroughly repudiated by the Founding Fathers, who were determined to keep the church out 
of government. However, as she fixed her baleful eye on me, her main invective was directed against those miscreants who did not "believe" in 
the supernatural. 

Then there is the Rev. Richard Butler, who with an engineering background should know better. As head of "Aryan Nations" he is pursuing the 
"Dual Loyalist" course of a true hypocrite, subservient to the Jew-concocted spooks and White racism, two completely conflicting and 
diametrically opposed concepts. But when it comes to those who would fight for and pursue a rational and well structured creed and program 
for White survival without dragging all this damn spooks clutter along with us, why, then all hell breaks loose, and there is no fury equal to that 
of a spook-chaser spurned. 

It is the position of the Church of the Creator that the fight for survival against overwhelming odds is going to be fierce and drastic enough as it 
is, without weighing ourselves down with a lot of unnecessary clutter and tying our hands behind our back. (See "Self- imposed Handicap", 
Issue No. 6, EXPANDING CREATIVITY.) Who needs all this confusion, clutter and bickering that the Christians themselves haven't been able 
to reconcile for the last 18 centuries. We sure as hell don't, and it must (and will!) be our continuing pro-gram to purge the White Man's mind of 
all this Jewish trash and rubbish. 

At this point I would like to ask every White Man to ask his own conscience this categorical question: What i (> great In having "deep and 
abiding faith" in wine "belief that i founded on neither fact nor logic? For example, could any thinking man have anything other than pity and 
contempt for a Hindu who insisted in believing cows are holy? Or a Christian, who "believes" in spooks in the sky that no one in all history has 
ever seen, heard, felt or smelt? Or an Identity fanatic, who will persist in claiming that the mythical "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel" populated Europe 
in short order and are our ancestors, when every piece of archaeological evidence, every written manuscript of history, categorically refutes 
such nonsense? 

We Creators are sick and tired of putting up with such idiots who will indulge in such obvious insanities, and expect that we will "respect" their 

Frankly, we have no intention of doing so, or even tolerating such nonsense anymore than we intend to respect a Hindu's "belief that cows are 
holy. Facts are facts, evidence is evidence, and nonsense is nonsense. Pity the poor bastard who can't tell the difference. We will use our 
intelligence and our good judgment in the area of religion just as we will in any other. We will praise and commend good common sense, and 
we will ridicule and condemn any person, idea or movement that we find is based on nothing more than a nonsensical "belief. 

But let us look further into the claims and character of the prestigious Rev. Richard Butler. 

Recently a young man came all the way from the state of Washington to visit us at our World Headquarters. He had been working with the 
Jews in Hollywood when he slowly became aware of what an odious and repugnant bunch they were, which, in turn, alerted his racial 
consciousness. Moving to Spokane, Washington, he became aware of the Aryan Nations group, who further aroused his racial loyalty. 
Someone gave him a copy of The White Man's Bible, which he read with considerable interest. When he asked the Rev. Butler about this book, 
the latter, avid Christian that he is, immediately responded with contempt, "Oh, Klassen, he's a Jew! He's an atheist! He's got to be a Jew!" 

Now, Christians brag' about their veracity, their kindness and charity. The Rev. Butler flagrantly violated all these tenets out of hand, without 
giving it a second thought, confirming what I have always contended: Never trust a Christian. Anyone who would lie to himself will repeatedly 
lie to others. 

The facts are Klassen is a CREATOR, not an atheist, anymore than Butler is an infidel dog (according to the Moslem view). Nor is Klassen a 
Jew, anymore than Butler is a black nigger. (Should Butler, in fact, be a nigger, I will retract that statement.) The Rev. Butler had every 

opportunity in the world to check my racial genealogy before disseminating such a derogatory lie. But he didn't bother. He evidently felt he had 
to protect his "Identity" hang-up at all costs, and lying about someone else evidently presented no problem. As I said before - anyone who will 
lie to himself.... 

There are those confused and well meaning Individuals who will say - let's not bring up religion. Let's all just get together and fight the Jews. 
Maybe even the niggers and the Mexicans. Everyone's "religious faith" is a private matter and let's leave well enough alone. 

Sounds good. But it doesn't work that way. Anyone's private "faith" is very much a concern in a life and death battle for the survival of our race. 
For instance, would you join hands with a White Man whose "private faith" was communism? Or if he belonged to the Black Muslims? Or if he 
was a dedicated Mooney? Or if he embraced Judaism? Or, like Jerry Falwell and his ilk, was an Israel Firster? 

No, I would not. There is nothing more dangerous than having a schizophrenic with a split loyalty in your ranks and having to depend on him in 
time of crisis. And that is exactly what the Identity crowd is. They are hypocrites with a dual loyalty that is split between loyalty to the White 
Race and loyalty to Jewish Christianity, two diametrically opposed concepts that are fundamentally hostile to each other. The Billy Grahams, 
the Jerry Falwells and the rest of their ilk, at least we know where they stand, and we won't ever entertain any trust in them. But the Identity 
crowd is even more dangerous because they would deceive us by pretending they are on our side. But we Creators don't believe them. Comes 
der Crunch, and they will opt for the rapture, Jesus Christ, Yahweh and all the rest of that clutter. So we are their enemies, and they are ours. 
The sooner we realize this, the clearer will be our thinking, and the better off we will all be. I have no illusions about straightening out the 
confused clutter in the minds of such as the Rev. Richard Butler. Like concrete, their minds are all mixed up and hard set. He and his kind are a 
lost cause. However, it is the younger set like the young man that came to us, whose minds are still open and receptive, it Is to these we 

We say to them: dump all this Jewish Christianity and its accompanying garbage. Join with us in a rational hard-hitting White racial religion that 
if dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone. It is well structured, it is clear, it is 
complete, it is comprehensive. It is specifically designed to overcome the treacherous Jewish network and again make the White Race the 
pride and epitome of Nature's Realm. 

Can we do it? You damn right we can, and we will. We now have in our hands the blueprint and the tools to do it with. If we distribute and place 
in the hands of our White Racial Comrades as few as 1 million copies of our White Man's Bibles, not only the battle, but also the whole war 
will be won, once and for all. And believe me, it will be the biggest bargain the White Race ever bought for itself. We spend more in one day, 
than the 1 million Bibles would cost, on subsidizing the free-loading niggers in our midst, not to mention Israel, the Jews and all the other 
parasites on a global scale. 

Once the CREATIVITY idea has permeated the White Man's mind, the battle will be over for all time. We will then be able to save our ecology, 
save our land, save our planet and get on with the long term job of up-breeding and advancement of our precious race. 

We have ample means with which to do the job - so let's get with it! (Read again Issue No. 9, "We Are Not Helpless," in EXPANDING 

We want more problem solvers, not more hand-wringers. 

Rights are something that are not granted, but taken by those who are capable. Nature has endowed us with the means to become the natural 
heirs to Planet Earth. 

Before the White Race can ever organize a steamroller movement of any kind it has to polarize around a racial religious core. Creativity is the 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XI - British Israel - Identity 

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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Identity vs. Creativity - A Comparison 




A. Basis of Belief. 

The Identity movement is a fragmented, loose and scattered conglomerate, and no specific set of beliefs would accurately characterize all of its 
many parts. The best we can do, therefore, is to generalize, and in so doing we can state two beliefs that the many fragmentary groups have in 
common; (a) They strongly espouse Jewish Christianity as portrayed in the Old and New Testaments, and (b) the peculiar twist that the "Ten 
Lost Tribes of Israel" wandered into, and populated Europe, something not even remotely suggested by either the Old or New Testament, and 
most emphatically repudiated by all authentic history to which we are heir in today's civilization. 

These two beliefs are both based on pure fantasy and absolute I nonsense. Furthermore, they completely contradict one another. Anyone who 
believes in the Jewish Bible ( O.T. & NT.) can hardly come to such an absurd and paradoxical conclusion. In fact, the whole reasoning process 
here exemplifies some bizarre mental gymnastics, and defies all logic. Starting with an unsubstantiated hypothesis (the spooks in the sky 
theory) it is followed by a non-sequitur (that the historic Europeans are the "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel," whose historic existence is extremely 
questionable in the first place). 

CREATIVITY on the other hand is based on Logic and Common Sense, the Eternal Laws of Nature, and a critical study of past history. It faces 
reality and accepts the facts of life and the universe as they are. It seeks through logic and reason to build a better life for our race and future 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

Again, the goals of the Identity people are fuzzy and clouded, but can be best described as (a) fighting for the survival of the White Race, and 
(b) the spreading of Jewish Christianity. The ultimate goal, it would seem, would be to have the White Race again ruling America and the world 
with Christianity being the dominant power over the White Race (and the world), not unlike the tyrannical power it once wielded during the Dark 

CREATIVITY'S goals have been spelled out repeatedly, and they are: The survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, with 
ultimately the White Race inhabiting (solely) this Planet Earth, devoid of mud races. This can be further expanded into the Twenty Points of 
Creativity as set forth at the end of this book. 

C. Racial Attitude. 

Here the Identity movement and Creativity have much common ground. Identity preaches White Supremacy, whereas Creativity goes one step 
further and advocates not White Supremacy, but completely White hegemony and exclusive possession of all the good lands of this Planet 

D. Organizational Structure. 

The Identity movement is a loose conglomerate of many parts with no central point of focus, and little coordination. 

The Church of the Creator has its World Center near Otto, North Carolina and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle. It has 
ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most States in this country, and also several foreign countries. Its 
creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, Building a Whiter and Brighter World, and this 
book, Rahowa! Its creed and program are clear, comprehensive, consistent, complete and well-structured, covering the whole spectrum of 
eugenics, race, religion, morals, politics, economics and culture for the present and future welfare of the White Race. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

Identity vs. Creativity - A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

British-lsraelism: White Men in the Wilderness 

By permission of Liberty Bell Magazine, Reedy, WV. 

That part of the world which the Romans called Palestine was known as Canaan to its original inhabitants, a luckless people who were 
displaced from their homeland by twelve tribes of Hebrew- speaking invaders who employed the rather unedifying methods of conquest 
described in the Old Testament book of Joshua. After consolidating their gains, the Hebrews under the rule of Jereboam, around 900 B.C.E., 
divided themselves into a northern kingdom of Israel and a southern kingdom of Judah. Two centuries later, the ten tribes living in Israel 
became the notorious Ten Lost Tribes when they were carried off into captivity by the Assyrians. And thus came to pass a great mystery. 

Perhaps the Gnostic heretic who held that the world was created by an evil demiurge was correct, because the truth concerning most 
supposedly great mysteries is usually either unpleasant or boring. The truth about the ten tribes, which falls into the latter category, is certainly 
no exception to this rule. Sensible historians have concluded that the lost tribes were assimilated into the Assyrian nation, with what effect we 
do not know save for the fact that the Assyrians soon thereafter disappeared from history. 

The boring facts, however, have not stopped various hopeful or imaginative people who have rushed forth with delightful nonsense in 
explanation of the Ten Lost Tribes. The Puritans, hopeful that they might have a chance to convert ten-twelfths of Jewry, believed at first that 
the American Indians were the errant Hebrews. Americus Symmes, son of John Cleves Symmes (1742-1814), and exponent of the hollow 
earth theory, fantasized that explorers in quest of confirmation for his father's theory would find that they had been anticipated by the missing 
tribes who had long ago discovered the inner earth to be an ideal redoubt against Assyrians, Babylonians, and Roman tax-collectors. Finally, 
more than one science fiction writer has found an extraterrestrial abode for the lost tribes, a whimsy that was possibly the literary projection of 
an earnest wish. 

Most theories concerning the lost tribes are simply silly, but one, British-Israel or Anglo-lsraelitism, is somewhat pernicious in its effects and 
should be exposed as such. The fourteenth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica includes the following definition of this theory: "Anglo- 
lsraelitism, the contention that the English-speaking peoples are the descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel deported by Sargon of Assyria on 
the fall of Samaria in 721 B.C.E. Richard Brothers (1757-1824), the 'Nephew of the Almighty,' may be regarded as its first modern apostle." The 
dubious career of Brothers is further detailed in the article "Anglo-lsraelitism" in the Encyclopedia I of Religion and Ethics, edited by James 
Hastings, published in 1908 and still the standard reference work in its field: "According to his \ account he was a Divinely appointed prophet. 
He described himself as a 'nephew of the Almighty,' and claimed descent from David. Among his prophecies were those of the imminent 
restoration of Israel to the Holy Land, and the elevation of himself as prince of the Hebrews and ruler of the world. Brothers was confined as a 
lunatic, \ but succeeded in obtaining many admirers..." Hastings next\ enumerated several good reasons why the theory is false. 

British-Israel theorists, in the absence of sound evidence for their theory, have nonetheless persisted in demanding that it be accepted as a 
matter of faith. Surely this is a faith that recalls Tertullian's Credo quia absurdum because it defies all common sense. To see this, one need 
only ask how the Ten Lost Tribes could have wended their way from Israel all the way to the British Isles, a part of Europe that is far removed 
from Israel, without encountering the outraged resistance of people met along the way. How could they have subdued all those Celts and 
Teutons who were then occupying central and western Europe as their descendants do today? 

The most recent generation of British-Israelites, who may have been troubled by this question in addition to seeking a wider potential audience, 
has come forth with a more extensive species of nonsense which they call "Identity." This fantasy equates Israel with all Europeans. The major 
objection to this revised theory, the fact that Celts and Teutons lived in Europe long before 721 B.C.E., is conveniently ignored. 

The Celts not only lived in Europe around 1 000 B.C.E., but also quite possibly had colonized portions of what is now New England. This is the 
thesis advanced by Barry Fell, an Australian biologist at Harvard, in his recently published book America B.C. Fell, an ex- pert in Celtic 
languages and archaeology, has deciphered numerous rock carvings, mostly writings in the old Celtic ogam alphabet, which suggest that 
America was what the Celts call largalon, the land of the setting sun. 

Even if Fell's theory is not accepted, however, the fact remains that Europe was the homeland of the Celts and Teutons long before the ten 
tribes were carried off from Israel. The amount of archaeological evidence that supports this statement would suffice to bury all "Identity" 
enthusiasts up to their eyebrows. However, this would be a pointless effort for they are the same kind of people as those who told T.H. Huxley 
that Satan invented fossils to tempt us to believe that the earth existed before 4004 B.C.E., the year which the great Anglican Archbishop 
Ussher had established as the beginning of Creation. Such people simply refuse to accept the evidence of their senses; it is too boring or 
painful for them. 

Another serious objection to the "Identity" foolishness also meets with silence. This is the fact that European languages have no linguistic 
affinity with Hebrew. British-Israel fanatics have argued that Saxon is derived from "Isaac's sons." Actually, Saxon is deriv- ed from the Old 
English seax, a knife or dagger, which is akin to the Old High German sahs, a rock or stone. It is also a fact that Anglo-Saxon, a dialect of Old 
West Germanic, is so closely related to Old High German that a student who reads Beowulf, oldest poem in English literature, may with little 
more instruction also read the Hildebrandslied, the oldest poem in German literature. Furthermore, not only all Teutonic languages, but also all 
other European languages together with Sanskrit may be traced back to one primal Indo-European or Aryan language. The Oxford English 
Dictionary gives an etymology going back to Aryan roots for thousands of words in English. However, no Indo-European tongues can be traced 
back to Hebrew or any other Semitic language. We people of European descent have a unique linguistic heritage and, consequently, a unique 
mentality, a fact we may forget at our peril! 

British-Israel would be simply silly if it were not also pernicious. One sentence from the Britannica article cited before offers words of warning 
that should be sufficient for the wise: 'The theory, still held by over 2,000,000 people, materially assisted the settlement of Jews in England in 
the seventeenth century." The Jews, many of them usurers of course, had first entered England immediately after the Norman conquest in 
1 066, and were then expelled by decree of Ed- ward I in 1 290. Their usury, graphically described in Carlyle's Past and Present as well as 
Macauiay's History of England, was the major factor in their expulsion. Not surprisingly, the period following their expulsion was one during 

which England prospered and became the world's foremost power. The Elizabethan age needs little mention, but one fact is particularly salient 
as evidence of the prosperity enjoyed during this Judenfrei period: The real wages of the English workers did not again attain the level they had 
reached in 1500 until 1900! This is noted by economist Robert Heilbroner in his The Making of Economic Society (New York: 1962, P. 30). 
British-Israel's contribution to the re-entry of the Jews was an effort on behalf of the British people's undoing. 

Some of the worst excesses of the industrial revolution in Britain were not unrelated to the readmission of the Jews. Many of the leading 
capitalists of Manchester were Sephardic Jews. Among them was Ricardo, a theorist of capitalism who was praised by Marx because he 
described the economic process without reference to ethical considerations, i.e., "bourgeois ideology." Another Jewish political economist and 
capitalist of Manchester was Nassau Senior, and it may be significant that one British-Israel tract, British Israelites and the Ten Tribes (1 885), 
was authored by one H. W. J. Senior. 

While the Jews' Bill, legislation to grant civil rights to the Jews, met considerable opposition, philo-Semitic illusions were so cultivated in 
England that it was almost another century before the British became alert to the type of Jew that has been given a classic portrayal in the 
character of Fagin in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. And while the insights of Sir Richard Burton's The Jew, the Gypsy I and El Islam 
contributed to an increasing knowledge toward the end of the nineteenth century, this work's salutary effect counted for little against the 
romanticized Zionism that was extolled in novels such as George Elliot s Daniel Deronda. In fact, the impact of British-Israel extends to the 
Balfour Declaration and modern-day Israel itself. 

Some advocates of "Identity" argue that they do not aid Zionism, rather combat it because they differentiate between the "true" Israelites, the 
supposedly European descendants of the ten tribes, and the Jews, descendants of Judah. The fact is, however, that there are fewer 
differences between Israelites and Judaeans than there are between Prussians and Bavarians, Scotchmen and Englishmen, or Romans and 
Sicilians. The division between the northern and southern kingdoms, Israel and Judah, meant no more than, for example, the present-day 
division between North Dakota and South Dakota. It is likely that not even followers of "Identity" really believe in this specious distinction. 

Most advocates of British-Israel, including the Worldwide Church of God, do not distinguish between Israelites and Jews, and continually urge 
their followers, mostly Americans of British descent, to support Zionist Israel. In this regard, they differ little from other bird-brained Bible- 
bangers, such as Billy Hargis and Billy Graham, who also admonish their followers to support Israel, advocate the admission to the U. S. of 
millions of Asiatic "refugees," and do whatever else they can to undermine and ultimately destroy this nation. 

Fundamentalists in general - and British-Israel is merely an outgrowth of fundamentalism - have had an unrealistic image of the Jew and have 
accepted as literal fact the fanciful history of the Jews presented in the Old Testament. This gullibility arises from at least two factors, one 
geographical and one historical. 

Geographically considered, most British-Americans were the first numerous element of the American populace to separate itself from the Old 
World. In their new wilderness homes, bereft of European cultural influences, they often had only the Bible for reading matter. Naturally, the 
outlandish Old Testament narratives appealed to their imaginations, and they attempted to find analogues for them in their daily experiences. 
After the Puritans, for example, gave up on converting the Indians, they came to regard them as hopelessly heathen Canaanites who were to 
be slain and have their lands occupied. The New England Abolitionists, John Brown most notoriously, tended to identify themselves with the 
prophets of the Old Testament, a fancy that may partly account for the overnight success of Julia Ward Howe's "Battle-Hymn of the Republic." 

Awakened by the influx of eastern European immigrants, a number of prominent British-Americans did, nonetheless, become alert to the reality 
that is Judah. Particularly noteworthy are the following: Hawthorn, U. S. Grant, Clements, James Russell, Lowell, Henry James, Henry Adams, 
John Jay Chapman, Edison, Ford, Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, T. S. Elliot, Ezra Pound, and Ernest Hemingway. 

Most British-Americans, especially the fundamentalists among them, remained, however, in the geographical and cultural backlands. Such 
Anglo-Saxons lost in a wilderness of ignorance should be the first objects of the missionary efforts of those who have become enlightened to 
the depredations of the two tribes which did not vanish with the Assyrians. 

The magnitude of this task is only exceeded by its urgency. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

British-lsraelism: White Men in the Wilderness 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

A Characteristic Encomium Oozing with Christian Love and Charity 

Bishop Grant R. Powell 
Atascadero, California 

Dear Ben Klassen, 

I hate your disgusting, foul guts. You must be a Jew. 

No, you are a Devil. After all, that's what Jews are. I have seen and read portions of your book. 

I detest you and you should be burned alive or spat upon as an evil degenerate as you are. You have said the most detestable things about 
God's Holy Race. The Aryan people who were created in the image of God Yahweh. 

I know you are either a devil or a traitor. 

Your enemy, 
God hates you, 
Bishop Grant R. Powell 


Resorting to temporary "quick-fix" or makeshift "band-aid" solutions will no longer suffice. Creativity has the TOTAL SOLUTION for all eternity. 


History has proven repeatedly that a racial religion is the most powerful force in the world in the shaping of the destiny of nations and races. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 32 - February 1986 

A Characteristic Encomium Oozing with Christian Love and Charity 








Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 33 - March 1986 

Planet Earth - Our One and Only Home 

Let's Get Our Priorities Straight. 

The Space Boondoggle - There is nothing out there for us. 

Approximately a quarter of a century ago the then charismatic President John F. Kennedy made a bold pronouncement: We would put a man 
on the moon before the end of the decade. The speech was ballyhooed around the world. It was lauded and applauded as being brave, heroic, 
monumental, wise and heaped with a number of other panegyric adjectives that would make this bumbling playboy seem like an heroic oracle 
from out of the pages of ancient history. 

The race was on! We had to put a man on the moon before the Russians beat us to ill The nation was launched on a program more zealous 
than the pursuit of the Holy Grail. 

Nine years and forty billion dollars later we did indeed put a man on the moon. We even brought back some moon rocks, that most holy of 
holies, back to Planet Earth, to presumably prove the astronauts had been there. For a while these rocks were regarded as a treasure more 
sacred than a splinter from the (supposed) cross on Calvary. 

The Space Age had been launched and the American people were led to believe that we were now entering a new Age of Discovery, an age 
that would compare in significance with the Age of Discovery opened by Christopher Columbus nearly five centuries earlier. 

In this respect, the hype and the promise of the Space Age was on a parallel with that launched by President Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" 
speech in December of 1953. (See Issue No. 27 of Racial Loyalty. "Nuclear Pollution".) Both epoch-making speeches Eisenhower's and 
Kennedy's, promised the American people much. Whereas promises are cheap, the reality is that it cost the White American taxpayers billions 
and billions of dollars, but only history will tell whether they were an epoch-making boon to mankind, or a treacherous rip-off on the American 
people. We can be sure of one thing: both speeches were written under the auspices of the Jewish powerhouse. 


We Creators have only one yardstick for the evaluation of all programs, ideas, creeds, or whatever, and it is spelled out in Creative Credo No. 2 
of The White Man's Bible. It is this: Of what benefit is it to the White Race? 

More than forty years have gone by since we started developing rocketry and space flights in earnest following the end of World War II. More 
than twenty-five years have gone by since Kennedy delivered his epoch-making speech. More than fifteen years have gone by since we landed 
a man on the moon. (During the '60's it was oh, so urgent! that we "beat" the Russians in putting a man on the moon! Now, in 1986, the 
Russians still have not put a man on the moon, and who knows when, if ever, they will.) 

After all this hoopla, hullabaloo, and hype, it is time now, in 1 986, that we take a realistic appraisal of the space program, not from the Jewish 
point of view or of Hollywood theatrics, but from a cost/benefit ratio point of view, and especially from the White Man's point of view, the only 
one the Church of the Creator is concerned about. 

We have spent one hell of a lot of money on the space program, probably more than a hundred billion dollars, paid mostly by the productive 
White American taxpayers. Outside of lavish promises of future benefits and glories, (reminiscent of the religious hucksters) what actual 
benefits have we. the American taxpayers, derived? 

After last month's dramatic and catastrophic explosion of the Space Shuttle seventy-five seconds after lift-off at Cape Kennedy, I believe this is 
as good a time as any to ask that question. So here is a brief (but far from complete) summary of what has happened since we dramatically put 
Neil Armstrong on the moon in July of 1969. 

We have made a few more flights to the moon, both manned and unmanned. No more have been made for many years. The moon rocks have 
been locked up in a vault, and as Andy Rooney pointed out on "60 Minutes" in January, nothing more has been heard of them, and nobody 
could care less. 

We have made some spectacular and highly expensive forays into "outer space" (a glamorous term, isn't it?) to "explore" the other planets of 
our own solar system and as I am writing this (last week of January 1986) our spaceship Voyager II is sailing past the outer planet Uranus, and 
has discovered (wonders of all wonders!) that Uranus has rings around it, and more moons than we had previously anticipated. Isn't that 

Well, yes and no. I believe it is fantastic that our White scientists could put together such a complex (and highly expensive!) mechanism that 
could still function out there in the void and send back such intelligent and accurate data from the far reaches of the void, almost two billion 
miles away. To be able to do so, is utterly astounding and the highest of all accolades to the intelligence and creativity of the White scientists 
who have accomplished this feat. Having studied engineering, electricity and electronics myself forty some years ago, I can appreciate the 
complexity and enormity of the feat, and I repeat, it is truly astounding. 

But we come back to the bottom line of the question: Are the promised benefits real? Could the amount of time and money have been spent on 
more beneficial goals for the White Race? Is there really a future in "space"? 


We Creators take a damn dim view of the whole "space" program. Yes, it is interesting that there are 1 2 or 1 3 moons orbiting Uranus, some of 
them of an odd-ball shape. As an engineer, or as an amateur scientist, my curiosity is piqued. Yes, I subscribe to and read National 

Geographic, and have for 25 years, and as such I am also interested in reading about marine life at the bottom of some of our oceans; about 
pulsars and about "black holes"; about gigantic galaxies millions and even billions of light-years away out there in "outer space" - Yes, it is all 
very interesting to read about, or speculate about. Yes, I am interested in science, its advancement and in the universe about us- 

But - let us get our priorities straight. Whether Uranus has 12 or 13 moons, or no moons at all, is less important to me and most White Racial 
Comrades than if a family of uncouth niggers moves in on the next block. It is much less important than the fact that millions of illegal Mexicans 
are flooding across our borders from the South. It is less important than the fact that our children are forcibly bused across town into nigger 
infested schools, and niggers into White schools - it is less important than the toxic chemical pollution and nuclear pollution of our planet right 
here at home - (Read again "Saving Our Precious Planet from becoming a Poisonous Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty", in Issue No. 26 
and 27 of Racial Loyalty.) Considering the so-called "space program" cost somewhere around a hundred billion of the White American 
taxpayer's dollars, and will cost a lot more in the coming years, it is, in fact, a damned expensive boondoggle, and of little, if any benefit at all, 
to those of us that are paying for it. 

True, a lot of large Jewish corporations that arc part of the industrial-military complex are making a killing; true, we are advancing our 
technology and scientific knowledge; true, the technology learned can be utilized for military advantages; true, it has "produced" jobs; true, it is 
fascinating to read about; true, we have "plans" to put huge space-stations, a mile or so in diameter in orbit around the earth, which will 
presumably house whole integrated communities; true, we are developing the space shuttle, the latest edition of which just blew sky high into 
smithereens last month. 

But are these values real, or are they merely specious? Let us examine them, one by one. from the White Man's point of view. 


This factor, profit, for Jew-owned corporations is, in fact, the prime driving factor for the whole space program. There is nothing so profitable 
(except printing money, as practiced by the Jew-owned Federal Reserve) and as secure as having government contracts granted for the 
production of military and/or space hardware. But the White taxpayers have to pay the bill for this cozy arrangement, and as usual, are the 
victims of this gigantic rip-off. 


Doing something that is unnecessary and superfluous in the first place is an expensive and roundabout way to acquire new technology. The 
same advancement could be achieved much more economically by scientific experiments other than producing a lot of expensive and complex 
hardware we don't need in the first place. Another question I want to elaborate on a little later is: Do we really need or want more sophisticated 


In the first place, the whole defense program against a specious enemy (Russia and communism) is as phony as the whole space program 
itself. The Jews control the United States (and its supposed NATO allies of Western Europe) just as they do Soviet Russia and its communist 
satellites. {Read again "The Phony Fight Ruse" in Issue No. 8 of Expanding Creativity.) If the White Man ever gets the Jew off his back and 
gets control of his own destiny, the need for wars and defense budgets will vanish overnight. There will no longer be any more need for 300 
billion dollar "defense" budgets by which the American taxpayer is now being ripped off in a most treacherous and deceitful manner. 


Of course any "make work" ruse creates jobs. If we had a gang of hoodlums go around day after day smashing windows, it would create more 
jobs and business for glassiers and glass manufacturers. If we had another gang go around and burn down buildings, it would create more 
work and business for building contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. But is such "make work" really a constructive approach in a 
society that could be put to work much more productively producing useful and needed wealth? No, it is not. And the whole "space industry" is 
in the same category of useless endeavor spending untold billions producing something that is not needed in the first place. 


We can read any number of science fiction stories that make just as interesting reading as do real spaceship adventures. The science fiction 
stories have one big advantage: they can be cranked out by the numerous imaginative writers at an infinitesimal fraction of the cost that 
taxpayers have to come up with to pay for all the unneeded hardware. 


There is nothing more stupid and unpractical as the orbiting space stations that we hear so much about in "futuristic plans". We are told that 
soon we will have spaceships (or stations) a mile or more in diameter, furnished with apartments, stores, gardens, trees, electric power plants, 
presumably cars or other vehicles of transportation, all encapsulated in one huge spherical ball. This sphere, then, will orbit around the earth 
some three hundred miles out, as do the present TV broadcasting satellites. 

These space stations would, presumably, be pressurized to maintain atmospheric pressure, and have exit and entrance doors that would allow 
people and materials to enter and exit and travel back and forth to earth via some sort of shuttle service. Since the people living in them would 
be subject to weightlessness, it would also have to revolve about its own axis to produce centrifugal force and the feel of "weight". 

When we consider how utterly pointless such arrangements would be, and how terribly expensive and impractical, we wonder about the sanity 
of those "our leaders" who are boondoggling the taxpayers money. Consider the catastrophe one hostile rocket aim- ed at such a space station 
could produce and it would pale last month's space shuttle tragedy into insignificance. 


In the last few years we have heard much about the "wonderful success" of the space shuttle. What we have not heard much about is the 
terrible expense of these useless toys. To replace the one that just blew up at the Kennedy Space Center is estimated to cost approximately 
two billion dollars. Two billion dollars! Do you realize how many niggers we could repatriate to Africa for two billion dollars? Along this same line 
of thinking, for the 40 billion dollars we spent on putting a man on the moon in 1 969, we could have comfortably shipped all of the then 35 
million niggers back to Africa, and made them even like it. For the 1 00 billion dollars we have now spent on the "space program" we could even 
do it today, and we would all be one hell of a lot better off. (Read again "The Black Plague in our Midst" starting on Page 49, of Nature's Eternal 

And just what useful function are these space shuttles supposed to perform? For years I have been looking for a clue as to what useful 
purpose these imaginative bureaucrats have in mind, but I have never yet heard any specific need or plan that this vast boondoggle is sup- 
posed to achieve. True, the scientists dream up highly sophisticated (but idiotic) experiments that "can only be performed in space", or "by 
weightlessness", but they are children's games at best, playthings for scientists, again paid for at great expense by the over burdened White 


1 . BOONDOGGLE. The whole "space program" is highly reminiscent of the huge pyramid building programs of the Ancient Egyptians some 
four thousand years ago. To build the Great Pyramid of Cheops, for instance, it is estimated it took 1 00 thousand workers (or slaves) 20 or 
more years. Now the pyramid itself is a huge accomplishment and a magnificent monument to the Pharaoh that had it built in his honor. So 
bully for him. But what about the poor slaves whose blood, sweat and tears went into the project what did it benefit them, or the Egyptian 
nation as a whole? Damn little, and, in {act, it is the idiotic pyramid building that is suggested by some historians as contributing to Egypt's 

The present space program is similar. It is tremendously profitable for the big Jewish corporations that are granted government contracts. It is a 
lot of fun and games for a small coterie of scientists who like to see their projects and imaginative games put into reality, with, of course, 
somebody else's money. That money comes from the blood, sweat and tears of the (mostly) White American Taxpayers, on whose backs are 
loaded all the failures, rip-offs and shortcomings of the whole world. 

2. There is NOTHING OUT THERE for us in Outer Space. 

Any intelligent person who thinks this thing through cannot help but ponder the following facts: 

(a) We know enough about the moon, and the planets (other than Earth) in our own solar system to realize that none of them are fit for human 
habitation. In fact, there are even parts of Planet Earth itself, such as the North and South Poles, that are extremely in- hospitable for human 
habitation. So let's face it there is no future for us out there on other planets in our solar system or on the moon. 

(b) The next nearest place where more planets might be found is around the nearest star, which is four light years away, a long, long distance. 
It has been calculated that even if we developed such sophisticated rockets that could eventually accelerate to the speed of light, it would still 
take 300 thousand years to get there, and presumably another 300 thousand to get back. This is due to the fact that if such spaceships were 
manned by humans, they could only be accelerated at an acceptable rate until they achieved the speed of light, and at the other end, could 
only be slowed down at a similar acceptable rate. 

Now to get a human species to be encapsulated in a spaceship of any kind for 600 thousand years, would take a lot of inbreeding and 
reproduction, something like 24 thousand generations, an idiotic conception, even if we disregarded the cruelty of the whole thing. 

Then, if they did get there, (and the chances are incalculably small) perhaps one in a trillion that this one star, which although it may have 
planets orbiting about it, that any of them would be any more habitable than our own Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and what have you. 

For the same far-fetched reasons, all this hoopla about intelligent beings in human form coming to visit us from outer space are similarly far- 
fetched fantasies of the imagination. They are, in fact, a replay of all this childish poppycock about "angels" flying around in the heavens above 
that the exuberant born-again Christians (and others) like to peddle. 

It is all very unreal in fact, it is meandering about in a fool's paradise. 

(c) This Planet Earth is unique. As far as we know, (and we have accumulated a mass of information, especially in recent years) we are alone 
as an intelligent being in this vast and limitless universe. This may be frightening to some immature individuals, who yearn to adhere to the 
fantasy of a Father-God image taking care of us all. Bui fortunately, or unfortunately, evidence does not bear this out. The chances of another 
planet having all the millions of unique characteristics of temperature, atmosphere, water, oxygen, minerals, etc., in the same combination that 
produced life on Planet Earth, are extremely remote. If such other planets exist in some distant galaxy, our chances of shuttling back and forth 
in communication with them are so remote that you might as well forget about it. If you want to play such games, go back to the Christians' 
story about angels with wings, and all that nonsense. At least you don't have to build any expensive hardware to play these kinds of games of 

No, my dear White Racial Comrades, for better or for worse this Planet Earth is it, and we had better get our act together to make sure the 
Jews and niggers don't steal it from us while we are stupidly fixing our gaze on "outer space", or on imaginary "next worlds". 

3. I have given a lot of thought to the question: Do we really need or want more complex and sophisticated technology? Is it good for the White 
Race, or are we already overburdened with more technology than we can comfortably handle? Has the recent burst of nuclear power plants, 
computers, telephones, television, airplanes, rocket ships, atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, huge chemical plants with all their toxic wastes and 
pollution has all this made us any happier? I wonder. 

Let us go back, say more than a hundred years ago when we had none of these things to enjoy, or worry about. Let us take a rancher and his 
cowboys out in the wild and wide open spaces of the West who knew about none of all these complex and sophisticated goodies. They knew 
nothing about them and didn't have any high level of expectations in acquiring such sophisticated machinery. Were they any less happy than 
the urban dweller in the midst of Los Angeles or New York, who has cars, TV sets, telephones and a host of other complicated paraphernalia 
surrounding him, including smog, traffic congestion, noise, not to mention a horde of hostile niggers and other mud races crowding in on him? 

I have no way of knowing, or of measuring, who is happier or less happy. Personally, I believe that the modem urbanite is more fearful, 
apprehensive, harassed and frustrated than were our pioneering ancestors. 

Anyway you look at it, all this modern technology is becoming highly dangerous to the survival of the White Race itself and if the hydrogen 
bomb doesn't blow us to smithereens, the niggers and mud races will do us in. Failing that, toxic and nuclear pollution will perhaps take a little 
more time, but will inevitably be the slow and lingering death of us all. 

We Creators take the position that we are a thousand times more interested in advancing the White gene pool in eugenics than we are in 
further advancing an already un- manageable technology and all its accompanying hardware. 

So let us get back to reality and sort out our priorities and get them straight. 

ORDER OF PRIORITIES FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE as viewed by the Church of the Creator. 

1 . The first order of business is to straighten out the confused and scrambled thinking of our White Racial Comrades. 

2. The next order of business is to arouse, unite and organize the tremendous potential power of 500 million White peoples on this Planet Earth 
into one powerful battering ram and smash the Jewish parasite that is fastened on our backs, and take charge of our own destiny. 

3. We must then organize our society for our own interests - our own survival, expansion and advancement. We believe this can best be done 
under the aegis of a White Racial religion such as Creativity. When we consider what wonders a racial religion has done for a small minority 
such as the parasitic Jew, we cannot help but conclude that it would work even more tremendous benefits for the creative genius of Nature's 

4. Once in charge of OUR OWN DESTINY, we will have control of OUR OWN government, OUR OWN money system, OUR OWN system of 
education, entertainment, culture, religion and all the other parameters that make up a well-structured society. We can then proceed on OUR 
OWN terms and reshape the world to OUR OWN needs. 

5. The most important step we can then take, (and must take!) is to cleanse our racially polluted society. This means shipping the niggers back 
to Africa, the Mexicans back to Mexico, the Jews to Israel. Although the latter have only the flimsiest of all claims to Palestine, nevertheless, we 
will concede this piece of desert to them, and send them to their alleged "homeland". Should this space prove inadequate for a larger horde of 
these parasites than they have led us to believe exists, then we will even let the excess masses overflow into the island of Madagascar. In any 
case, we must cleanse all White countries of all mud races, and especially history's most obnoxious and dangerous parasite. 

6. The next step will then be to cleanse our natural environment of toxic and nuclear wastes before this planet becomes so befouled it is no 
longer fit to live in, or on. This, too, is a gigantic job and will take decades to complete. 

7. Having accomplished this much we can then embark on the two final and most constructive steps: (a) putting our Eugenics program into 
practice and upgrading the physical, mental and eugenic qualities of our great and noble race, and (b) having stopped subsidizing the shrinking 
mud races, we will then slowly, surely and aggressively proceed to expand the territory of the White Race until all the good lands of this 
bountiful Planet Earth are re-settled by none other than Nature's Finest. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 33 - March 1986 

Planet Earth - Our One and Only Home 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 33 - March 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part X - Mormonism 

A/K/A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 

Mark Twain has observed that "truth is stranger than fiction - it is just less popular." The Mormon religion is a case in point, and owes its 
existence to the coming together of a number of bizarre coincidences that were not likely to happen. Most strange of all, however, is the fact 
that the basic book of Mormonism was written by a man who had no intention of starting a religion, never heard of Mormonism and died 
fourteen years before the Mormon Church was founded in 1830. 


Solomon Spalding (1761-1816) 

The story rightfully begins with a sometime Congregational preacher and part-time novelist named Solomon Spalding, who was born in 
Ashford, Connecticut on February 20, 1761. Although he was never too successful as a preacher, nor as a writer, nor as a businessman, yet, 
what he started more or less by accident would have ramifications that would reverberate into the 20th Century and far beyond. 

Solomon Spalding was the third often children. His father, Josiah, joined the Revolutionary Army, and Solomon followed him on January 8, 
1778 as a private. After the War, Spalding studied law in Windham, Connecticut, and later entered the prestigious Dartmouth College in 
preparation for the ministry, where he graduated with a Master's degree in 1785. 

He became associated with the Windham Congregational Association in 1787, which at that time was one of the largest Congregational 
denominations in the eastern United States. He was ordained and remained an evangelist for about a decade, but finally quit the ministry 
because of ill health. 

In 1795, he married Matilda Sabine and shortly thereafter moved to Cherry Valley, New York, to join a brother in the mercantile business. After 
several other not too successful ventures, Solomon and Matilda moved to Salem, Ohio, in 1 809 in order to superintend a small property they 
owned, while also working at an iron forge. As his health further deteriorated he began writing novels in an effort to earn a living. 

When the War of 1 81 2 began his business failed and the family moved to Pittsburgh in the hopes of printing and selling his second novel 
Manuscript Found, in order to help pay off their debts. Spalding and his wife then moved to Amity, near Pittsburgh, where living was less 
expensive and the climate hopefully more conducive to his now rapidly failing health. However, change of climate not withstanding, six weeks 
later on October 20, 1816 Solomon Spalding died. 

Although desperately in need of money, Spalding never was able to sell Manuscript Found. He left it with a printer in Pittsburgh, who did not 
see fit to spend his own money printing it, but would print it if Spalding would pay the costs. There it remained at the time of Spalding's death, 
and for many years thereafter it lay there in Patterson's Print Shop, unwanted and unpublished. 

Sidney Rigdon (1793-7) 

The scenario now shifts to another set of characters. Working at this same Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh was a man by the name of 
Sidney Rigdon, who was also a sometime preacher, and an unstable religious renegade of shifting ideologies. Somehow Spalding's 
unpublished manuscript fell into his hands (it is claimed he stole it from the print shop and copied it at home.) 

Now Sidney Rigdon was a man of vivid imaginations and unstable character. As a boy, he had been thrown from a horse, his foot entangled in 
a stirrup and he was dragged some distance before he was freed. In the ensuing accident he received severe contusions of the brain that 
effected his mental stability and character ever after. Although his mental powers were not diminished, it did greatly affect his equilibrium and 
he was subject to running into wild visionary views on almost every question, and strangely enough, this focused in particular on religious 
hallucinations and visions. 

Born on February 19, 1793, Rigdon joined the First Baptist Church in 1817 near his hometown of Liberty. He was ordained a year or two later 
and in 1822 he became minister of the First Baptist Church in Pittsburg. His ministry, however, was short lived and he was excommunicated on 
October 11,1 823 for teaching irregular doctrine. 

This experience greatly embittered him. It was between 1 823 and 1 827 that his vivid and unstable imagination conceived the idea of converting 
Spalding's fictional novel into the "Holy Book" of a new religion and laying the basis of Mormonism. 

Joseph Smith, Jr. (1805-1844) 

The drama now shifts front stage and center to the "hero" of our story, the alleged founder and prophet of the Mormon religion. 

Joseph Smith Jr. was born on December 23, 1 805, in Vermont, the third son of Joseph and Lucy Smith. When he was eleven his family moved 
to Palmyra, New York, where most of his family joined the Presbyterian Church. 

The Smith family was a bizarre collection of individuals and was not well received by their neighbors when they moved to Palmyra. Both 
Joseph, Sr. and Joseph, Jr. had this droll obsession of digging for money and hidden treasure in the nearby hills and Indian mounds in the 
area. Both were in particular considered entirely destitute of moral character and addicted to vicious habits, according to an 1834 report. 

Joseph, Jr. was an uneducated, (he only went to the fourth grade) uncouth character, slovenly in his manner of dress and had all the morals of 
an alley tomcat, as his later polygamous life-style was to prove. Before his untimely death at 39 he fornicated with at least 50 women that are 
on record and probably twice that many that are unrecorded. 

He had one redeeming quality, however, that fitted him to become a spook peddler extraordinaire. Even in his younger years Joseph Smith, Jr. 
could lie fluently, skillfully and convincingly, and his imagination seemed to know no bounds. He was also subject to hallucinations and 
"visions" which he later managed to turn into a very useful tool in launching his new religion. 

As a youth he, along with his father, were involved in such occultic pursuits as "glass-looking" and "crystal-gazing" and similar fortune-telling 
confidence games. In 1826, Joseph, Jr. was arrested, tried and convicted for the crime of defrauding a local victim by means of a "glass- 
looking" con-game. 

From the combination of these three rather odd and bizarre characters was launched the mighty, affluent and powerful Mormon Empire that 
exists today. With truth still as unpopular as it was in Mark Twain's day, and with superstition and gullibility still as rife and rampant as it was 
five thousand years ago in the day of the Ancient Egyptians, Mormonism flourishes today as never before. 

Here is a concise summary of the material wealth that Empire has accumulated today. 


On this sleazy and fraudulent foundation was built the ramparts of a huge financial and religious empire that now encircles the world. 
Considering that all three actors, Spalding, Rigdon and Smith, were financially incompetent and existing on the edge of poverty during most of 
their lives, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. 

Let us now briefly recapitulate the formidable financial wealth of the Mormon Empire as it exists today. Here is a thumbnail sketch of some (but 
not all) of its assets: 

A. Media. Bonneville International Corporation has seven FM radio stations, four AM stations, two television stations: Bonneville Productions 
produce commercials and others; Deseret News Publishing Company, publishes Deseret News and much of the church printing; Deseret Book 

B. Finance. Beneficial Life Insurance Company; Utah Home Fire Insurance Company; Continental Western Life Insurance Company of Iowa; 
Deseret Mutual Benefit Association. 

C. Major Real Estate Holdings. Deseret Farms of California, two commercial farms, Yolo County, California, total of 5,500 acres; Deseret 
Ranches of Florida, consisting of 300 thousand acres near Disney World; Elberta Farm Corporation, 14 thousand acres in southern Utah; 
Deseret Farms of Texas; Deseret Trust Company; Zion Securities Corporation, commercial real estate in Salt Lake City and elsewhere, and 
also 7,000 acres in Hawaiian Village, Oahu; Beneficial Development Company (development and mortgage loans); Utah Motel Company; 
Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu; a 36 story apartment and office building in New York; several million dollars worth of real estate in Nauvoo, 
Illinois; sixteen temples around the world; 2,600 acres of land in Nevada purchased from Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation; five acres of 
prime downtown real estate in Salt Lake City. (There is much more, but we cannot pursue all the detailed real estate.) Investments of 53.7 
percent of the stock in Utah-Idaho Sugar Company; second largest stockholder in Utah Power and Light Company; controlling stock in Zion co- 
operative Mercantile Institutions; $28 million worth of stock in Times Mirror Corporation, publishers of Los Angeles Times. 

D. Other Enterprises. Management Systems Corporation, data processing firm; Deseret Industries; Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Beehive 
Clothing Mills. Investments of 53.7 percent of the stock in Utah-Idaho Sugar Company; second largest stockholder in Utah Power and Light 
Company; controlling stock in Zion co-operative Mercantile Institutions; $28 million worth of stock in Times Mirror Corporation, publishers of 
Los Angeles Times. 

E. Education. Brigham Young University, Utah; Brigham Young University, Hawaii; Rick's College, Idaho; LDS Business Col- lege, Utah; 
Elementary, secondary, post-secondary schools in Mexico, Pacific Islands, Central and South America, and many other countries around the 


Again, when we consider the bizarre and deceitful origins of the whole Mormon "faith" and the circumstances that conspired to foment it, the 
growth of this cult has been phenomenal, to say the least. Here is an historical chronology of its growth since its beginning from 30 members in 

In 1900-268,331 
1981 -4.800,000 

The present (1 986) membership is estimated at 5.6 million and expanding rapidly. The projected figure by the Mormon Church for the year 
2000 is 8 million, but with the fact that it is now going multiracial with a vengance they will undoubtedly far exceed that figure, and will soon 
become one of the largest and most powerful religions in the world as it tends to cooperate and meld itself more and more with Judaism, the 
historical enemy of the White Race. 


We have already sketched the origins of the Mormon creed and find it is based on Solomon Spalding's fictional novel Manuscript Found. This 
was then picked up by Sidney Rigdon in Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh several years after Spalding's death. Evidence points strongly that 
Rigdon deserves the credit for conceiving the idea of Mormonism and converting Spalding's Manuscript Found into a new religion. He then sold 

the idea to Joseph Smith, Jr., whose more vocal and flamboyant talents were utilized to< spearhead and promote the new religion. 

It was during the years 1 827-30 that this ambitious pair got their act together and began to put their conspiracy into operation. Rigdon and 
Smith did their best to keep their contacts a secret in order to not arouse any suspicions about Spalding's manuscript. (The Mormon Church 
too, has tried to camouflage this relationship, pretending that Rigdon joined the church in 1 830 only after it was organized, and that the pair did 
not know each other before. Despite all these precautions, and denials, however, the evidence is overwhelming regarding their previous 
relationship and the fact that Spalding's manuscript was utilized as the basis for the Book: of Mormon.) 

Joseph Smith's story claimed he had had several "visions" and was told by the Angel Moroni to dig up a set of "golden plates" buried in a hill 
nearby. These "plates" were to "reveal" the true story of the peoples on the North American Continent and set the record straight. What Smith 
actually did was sit behind a curtain and dictate from Spalding's fictional novel to his "scribes," making suitable innovations and changes here 
and there to give it the flavor of a "new" religion. In tailoring the manuscript to fit the new religion much of the editing and detail work was 
actually done by Rigdon beforehand, with Smith picking it up from there. But basically the story was, and remained, Spalding's Manuscript 
Found. The "golden plates" then mysteriously and conveniently disappeared. No one else saw them except three, then eight, of his followers, 
and then only in "a vision." 

(However, no problem. In 1 979, I visited the Mormon Museum at Nauvoo, Illinois, where in a beautiful glass case they displayed a "replica" of 
the visionary golden plates.) 

Be that as it may, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was organized on April 6, 1830 and was incorporated later that same year. 
Spalding, who was too poor to have his Manuscript Found printed during his lifetime, would have been astonished to see the final outcome. In 
slightly modified form it was now printed up as the Book of Mormon, and the printing was paid for by Martin Harris, one of the original six 
founding members. 

Mormonism now was off and running. It had a creed, a bible, and an extremely loquacious con-artist as its "prophet." By the end of the first 
month it had 40 members and soon grew by leaps and bounds. 

One of the major incentives that initially helped to spread and popularize the movement in the 1 830's was the fact that the Mormons advocated 
and condoned polygamy. It was this practice, however, that also aroused the bitter hatred and violent opposition from other religions who were 
in fierce competition with Mormonism. 

There is one other peculiarity that Mormonism had to offer in the way of promises "in the hereafter" that topped those of its rivals. All spookcraft 
religions are based on lavish promises of rewards, and dire threats of punishments, in the hereafter (a shoddy practice which needs no 
collateral to back it up). However, whereas the regular Christian sects promise their subservient followers that they will become "angels," 
fluttering about in a nebulous heaven after death, the Mormons went them one gambit better. The Mormon Church promises their faithful that 
they will become not subservient angels, but gods in their own right. Each will rule as a god over the untold trillions of worlds out there in the 
endless universe. Now there, as the head of the Maflosa said, is an offer you can't refuse. At least, it is extremely difficult to top. Promises, 
promises, promises. 

In the meantime, the Mormon Church continues to increasingly extract millions and billions, most efficiently and ruthlessly, from its deluded 
victims. By 1976 it was on record as taking in one million dollars a day. By now that figure has easily doubled and is rapidly ballooning. In 
return it offers only promises pie-in-the-sky, and like a true con-man implores its victims: TRUST ME! Without having to deliver two cents 
worth of any real product in return, it continues to fill and over-fill its bulging coffers with worldly wealth. Not only pecuniary wealth, but also, 
control, power and domination over the human mind and body. 


From these sordid and surreptitious beginnings was spawned a worldwide empire, whose wealth, power and magnitude we have already 
delineated. Had the church maintained its course of White racial purity with which it began, we could assume that despite its deceptions it was 
at least more beneficial to the White Race than its rival Jewish-Christian religions. But that is not the case. For the last several decades the 
Mormons have been moving closer and closer to the Jews, citing their background of persecution as a common bond. But the fact is the Jews 
were already inside the tent at its very beginnings as we have already shown in the "Aloha" article of Racial Loyalty No. 23. In this, we pointed 
out that as early as 1 841 , Orson Hyde, an undercover Jew, became one of the Twelve Apostles, and Joseph Smith himself sent Hyde to 
Palestine to dedicate that unfortunate Arab state to the future piracy of the Jewish conspiracy. 

The Jewish influence and control has now surfaced more virulent than ever in recent years, when the late President Spencer W. Kimball had 
one of his modern day "visions" and proclaimed on June 7, 1 978 that his new "revelation from the Lord" instructed him to now take the mud 
peoples into the priesthood. (How do you create a "vision"? You just close your eyes and lie like hell.) That Jewish takeover became more 
openly obvious and the Mormons are now one of the most aggressive proselytizers of race-mixing of any of the modern religions embraced by 
the White Race. 

There is however, one thing, we can learn from the Mormons, and that is from their methods of proselytizing and promotion. We can also take 
comfort in the thought that if such a flimsy set of fraudulent beliefs can build such a wealthy and powerful world religion, just think what can be 
done with a religious creed and pro gram that is built on the Eternal Laws of Nature, Historic Fact and on Logic and Common Sense. Give us 
your loyalty and support and I am sure that the glorious and best interests of the White Race will not only prevail, but encompass all that is 
worthwhile on this dear old Planet Earth. 

Yes, we too, have "visions," but unlike the Mormon hierarchy, we don't close our eyes and then lie like hell, in order to conjure up a vision. We 
look at the world with open eyes, learn from history and learn from Nature, then use our intelligence, apply logic and common sense to accrue 
to the best interest of our race, in our unending pursuit of building a Whiter and Brighter World. 

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. It may also be less popular, as Mark Twain has noted, but it has one redeeming advantage it is also 

more powerful. It has this tenacious habit of persistence. Just as the flat-worlders finally had to yield to the fact the world is round, so the truth 
keeps coming back again and again to haunt the liars and the deluded and in the end it will prevail. 


For more information on Mormonism, we suggest you read: 

1 . Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? by Wayne L. Cowdry, Howard A. Davis and Donald R. Scales. Vision House Publishers, Santa 
Ana, California. 

2. The God Makers, by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt. Harvest House Publishers, Eugene Oregon 97402. 

3. The Maze of Mormonism, by Dr. Walter Martin. Vision House Publishers, Ventura, California. 

These can be ordered through your local bookstore or dealer. 


"Truth is stranger than fiction it is just less popular." Mark Twain 

Religion has historically been the single most powerful force in shaping the destiny of nations and races. 


Creativity is the only answer to the massive problems that confront us. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 33 - March 1986 r~^ 

Comparative Religions - Part X - Mormonism 



Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 33 - March 1986 

Mormonism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 




A. Basis of Belief. 

The Mormons claim they are Christians and believe in the Christian Bible. "Mainstream" Christians deny that Mormons belong to the Christian 
religion and want no part of their teachings, since Mormons idolize Joseph Smith above Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon above the 
Jewish-Christian Bible. Mormons ignore this accusation and claim that they believe in the Bible, as far as "the word" has been correctly handed 
down and translated, inferring that neither has been done. They therefore claim that since the old Bible has gone astray, God chose Joseph 
Smith as his modern day prophet to bring God's word up to date and set the record straight. 

However, any resemblance between the Book of Mormon and the Jewish-Christian Bible is about as coincidental as the similarity between 
Mother Goose stories and Alice in Wonderland, except that all are purely fictional, and the former two are much more, boring than the latter 

The story as told in the Book of Mormon is a dull, listless tale about some ancient peoples migrating to the North American Continent in some 
bygone era. They then split into factions and battled each other into extinction. All of this is completely contrary to any historical evidence, or 
even a plausible likelihood. What moral principles, if any, that could possibly be derived from such a long-winded, pointless story is hard to 

The creed of its faith is set forth in its Three Basic Books: The Book of Mormon, The Peari of Great Price, and The Doctrine and Covenants. 

CREATIVITY, in contrast, takes a long hard look at the factual events of history as they unraveled in a world of reality, and how it affects the 
welfare and future of the White Race. It seeks to benefit from the lessons of history; to learn from the Eternal Laws of Nature; to utilize our 
intelligence and common sense in order to build a better and brighter world for the future generations of our race. 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

Despite any pious shibboleths the Mormon Church may profess, its actions speak louder than any devious claims they may proffer. What the 
church obviously is doing is building wealth and power, not in heaven, but here on Earth. It is accumulating billions in wealth - real estate, 
banks, money, insurance companies, stocks and bonds and building an expanding power structure. They are doing what the Jews, the 
Catholic Church and numerous other deceitful tyrants have been doing throughout history - grasping for wealth and power, regardless of whom 
they have to trample on, victimize and/or rip-off. 

CREATIVITY'S goals have been spelled out repeatedly, and they are: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, with the 
White Race ultimately inhabiting (solely) this Planet Earth, devoid of mud races. In short, building a Whiter and Brighter World, as summarized 
in the 20 points of Creativity spelled out in Racial Loyalty No. 31 , and also at the end of this book. 

C. Racial Attitude. 

To the credit of the Mormon Church, the early founders pursued a course of White racial purity and continued to do so until very recently. But in 
the last few decades, and even more stridently so since 1 978 when the late President Spencer W. Kimball had a new "revelation," the Mormon 
Church has now gone all out for race- mixing, even more virulently so than both the liberal and "fundamentalist" Christian churches. (See 
Racial Loyalty No. 23, "Aloha to you, too, Kamaaina!") 

The heart of the CREATIVITY movement is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, and its further genetic upgrading by 
implementing a sound, no-nonsense Eugenics program. 

D. Organization Structure. 

The Mormon Church has an extremely well-structured and organized system of not only recruiting new members, but also of constantly 
keeping on top of its members, keeping them in line and extracting the maximum amount of tithes and services out of them. The governing 
body consists of a Board of Twelve Elders or Apostles, headed by the President, which today is Ezra Taft Benson. The world headquarters arc 
in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The Church of the Creator has its world headquarters near Otto, North Carolina, and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle, with 
the Pontifex Maximus at the head. It has ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most of the States of this 
country, and also several foreign countries. Its creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, a 
supplement. Its creed and program are clear, comprehensive, consistent, complete and well-structured, covering the whole spectrum of 
eugenics, race, religion, morals, politics, economics and culture for the present and future welfare of the White Race. 

From an organizational and expansion point of view the Church of the Creator can learn much from the Mormon Church, especially its door-to- 
door canvassing, and sending out its young missionaries to spread the word. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 36 - June 1986 

Mormonism vs. Creativity - A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Crossing the Line 

Remember the Alamo! 

Above all, REMEMBER DRESDEN! Let us make sure we avenge this horrendous outrage against the White Race as well as thousands of 
other unavenged Jewish atrocities. 

In this year of 1 986 of the Common Era the Great State of Texas is celebrating its Sesquicentennial Year with a true Texas flair. Whereas the 
whole year is dedicated to the celebration, the sacred day is March 6th, and the sacred place is the Alamo. It was on this date and place that 
marked the fall of the Alamo, when General Santa Anna's hordes of six thousand hate-crazed Mexican mongrels overran and massacred the 
1 82 White American heroes who made their stand to fight or die for Texas. It was this heroic event that enraged and inspired the White settlers 
of Texas with a smoldering fury that culminated in their freedom and independence from alien tyranny. It laid the foundation for the birth of the 
Republic of Texas 1 50 years ago. The year was 1 836. 

For 12 days this little band of American volunteers held off Santa Anna and his hordes. Santa Anna had sworn to clear Texas of the rebellious 
"Angles," and teach them a lesson they would never forget. While the siege at the Alamo was going on, the American frontiersmen, superior 
sharpshooters that they were, exacted a heavy toll from the Mexican attackers, inflicting hundreds of casualties, without suffering a single 
casualty themselves. Among these heroic frontiersmen were such legendary figures as Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, and leader of this gallant 
band, 27 year old Col. William B. Travis, the latter being a G.T.T. (Gone To Texas, usually to escape domestic problems at home) from 

While inflicting heavy casualties on the besieging Mexicans, nevertheless, the defenders inside the walls were racked by shot and shell, by 
cannonading and steady encroachment of Santa Anna's far superior forces. Food and ammunition were running out. Col. Travis' repeated 
appeals for outside help had failed, except for a small but brave contingent of 32 men from Gonzales, who arrived on the 9th day of the siege. 
Their small numbers could mean little in the final outcome, and the incoming volunteers knew it. With the 32, it only brought the total number of 
defenders to 1 83. The men in the Alamo knew they were doomed and that there was no alternative. 

On the evening of March 3rd during a lull in Mexican cannonading, Col. Travis assembled his men for a conference. In an impassioned speech 
he told them what they already knew - they were doomed. It was now a matter of HOW they died. Dramatically and filled with emotional fervor 
he took his sword and drew a long line across the dirt floor of the fort. He gave the men a choice. They could cross the line and die fighting, die 
a hero's death, or they could surrender, or they could try to escape under the cover of the coming night and take their chances. 

One hundred and eighty-two men did cross the line and vowed to fight unto death. Only one, a certain Moses Rose, did not cross the line. He 
did make good his escape that night. He made his way to Nacogdoches and lived to later tell the story. 

Meanwhile, 140 miles east of the Alamo, at a little collection of a dozen or so log houses called Washington-on-the-Brazos, another significant 
drama was unfolding. On March 2nd, the day before Col. Travis asked his men to cross the line, a group of fledgling politicians after much 
confusion and divisiveness, had drawn up a Declaration of Independence for the now declared Republic of Texas, and had affixed their 
signatures thereto. It said in part "We therefore, the delegates. now constitute a free, sovereign and In dependent republic..." Texas was 
born, and March 2nd constitutes the second most revered date in the history of Texas. 

Among the delegates at Washington-on-the-Brazos was Sam Houston. The first of Col. Travis' messages for help had arrived on February 
29th. the same day Houston had arrived at the now assembling convention. Travis' second courier arrived on March 3rd., and the plea was 
urgent and bugle-clear, send reinforcements now or we will be slaughtered. Panic ensued at the convention and delegate Robert Potter took 
the floor. He impetuously called for all of his colleagues to rush to their horses and speed at once for the Alamo. A dozen men leaped to their 
feet and cheered. 

Sam Houston kept his calm. He let the storm beat about him for awhile then calmly explained that until Texas had a legally constituted 
government they all were no more than the pirates the Mexican government claimed they were. Being the astute politician and general that he 
was, he realized that until and unless the Texans got their own act together, organized, and conserved their strength to be applied at a time 
and place of their own choosing, they were lost. It was an unpopular and one of the most painful decisions he had to make. Like many another 
general, he had to declare men he loved expendable. But as we shall see a few weeks later, it was one of his most brilliant and most 
courageous decisions, and saved the Republic of Texas. 

Meanwhile, no further help was sent to save the gallant band of defenders of at the Alamo. 

Col. William B. Travis, having made the emotional appeal to his men and having been given their overwhelming confidence and support, was 
now a calm and serene leader. Gone was the emotional turmoil, the indecisiveness of the previous days. The decision he and his men had 
made was not one of despair, but one of action, of clarity and of heroism. 

Travis exhorted his men further. "Let us resolve to withstand our adversaries to the last, and at each advance to kill as many of them as 
possible. And when at last they shall storm our fortress, let us kill them as they come! Kill them as they scale our wall! Kill them as they leap 
within! Kill them as they raise their weapons and as they use them! Kill them as they kill our companions! And continue to kill them as long as 
one of us shall remain alive!..." 

The men of the Alamo had made their choice and they were content with it. They had crossed the line. 

Three days later, on the morning of March 6th, Santa Anna had decided he would storm the fort, scale the walls with ladders and quickly end 
the stalemate by killing all the gringos inside. His buglers played the "Deguello" a primitive and ancient Moorish march signaling that no quarter 
would be given, no prisoners taken alive. It was the musical equivalent of the red flag of no mercy Santa Anna had hoisted atop the bell tower 
of the nearby San Fernando Church. 

There was no misunderstanding of its meaning by either side. 

The assault began at approximately four o'clock in the morning. By nine o'clock it was all over. But the heroes of the Alamo did not die cheaply. 
They extracted a heavy toll from their enemy. For the 1 82 dead there lay on the grounds of the fort and surrounding battlefield another 1 ,600 
dead Mexicans, a price of nearly nine to one. 

Nor did they die in vain. The massacre at the Alamo struck the settlers of Texas like a thunderclap. It aroused in them a deep, seething anger - 
an unquenchable desire for revenge. It united them as nothing else could. Their day would come approximately six weeks later. Their battle- 
cry: Remember the Alamo! 

The slaughter at San Antonio aroused fear and panic among the White settlers of Texas as they deserted their farms and fled eastward before 
the sweep of Santa Anna's three armies. Sam Houston had been designated as "General" of a non-existent army by the convention and 
managed to gather a rag-tag group of eight hundred undisciplined volunteers. As they, too, fled eastward, confidence in his leadership waned. 
As they fled towards the Louisiana border his men began to wonder out loud whether he would ever fight, or whether he was too cowardly to 
do so. But Houston calmly bided his time and did not even bother to explain himself. On the afternoon of April 21 st on a swampy coastal plain 
known as San Jacinto, he decided to strike. 

General Santa Anna's army of 1 ,250 regulars were encamped about a mile away and were enjoying their drowsy mid-afternoon siesta, when 
the Texans emerged from their hidden position behind trees opposite the Mexican camp. The enraged Texans charged into the Mexicans as if 
they were a band of sheep. In the next 1 8 minutes more than six hundred Mexicans were killed and every one of the enemy captured, including 
Santa Anna himself. The revenge-bent Texans continued to kill long after all organized resistance ceased. 

Compared to the Mexicans, the Texan's losses were light: nine men dead, 26 wounded. 

They did beautifully what every White Man must learn to do - exact a heavy price for every sacrifice on our side. They exacted a toll of 
approximately 33 dead Mexicans for every one of theirs. 

They not only had avenged the Alamo, but they had decisively won their independence from the Mexicans. The infant Republic of Texas was 

These historic events occurred 1 50 years ago. Last week my wife and I were coming back from Arizona and during that first week in March we 
drove through Texas. On March 2nd, I picked up a copy of the Dallas Times Herald, their Sunday edition. It was largely devoted to celebrating 
the Texas Sesquicentennial and referred to many of these historic events of 1836 I have related in the previous paragraphs. However, the spirit 
was missing. In fact, on reviewing the many pages I found much of the paper was filled with advertising of Jewish department stores, of motels, 
of Texas boots and other commercial paraphernalia. But it was the article about Texas itself, however, and its past and present history, that 
was most depressing. I got the feeling that present-day Texas, affluent, powerful and overpopulated, is sick, very sick, as is the rest of this 
formerly great United States of America. 

The stories about the Alamo, about the Declaration of Independence, about Houston, about the Battle of San Jacinto, all were slanted in such a 
way as to emasculate the heroism of the White Texans and denigrate them more or less into commonplace louts. Instead of extolling and 
glorifying their acts of heroism, the stories detailed the "Mexican version" of these battles, and how they perceived the Anglos as thieving 
gringos and villains. 

Whereas the whole paper was devoted to celebrating the Texas Sesquicentennial, it also had a big Sunday Supplement entitled "A TEXAS 
PORTRAIT - In Celebration of the Sesquicentennial." Looking more closely into the inside pages it would be hard to tell just what the paper 
was celebrating -whether the successful fight for Independence from Mexico 150 years ago, or the successful conquest of Texas by Mexicans 
in 1 986. Any discerning reader could not help but conclude that the good news the paper was applauding was the present day take-over of 
Texas by Mexicans, a direct reversal of what happened during the heroic events of 1836. 

But it did much more. It repeatedly kept talking of the "coming changes"; of how the Hispanics (the good guys) were preparing for leadership of 
the coming change, for, of course, they were the wave of the future, and wasn't it all wonderful? 

One article said, "New Leaders say they're ready." Then it listed Hispanic groups in Dallas. Here is a sampling: 

'Chicanes Actively United For Social Advancement. 

* DISD Hispanic Advisory Committee. 

* Coalition of Hispanic Organizations, an umbrella group comprising 17 Hispanic organizations in Dallas. 

* Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a member organization of Hispanic-owned Businesses. 

* League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). 

* Association of Mexican-American Professionals (AMAP). 

* Ledbetter Neighborhood Association. 

* Maple Avenue Redevelopment Association. 

* Dallas Hispanic Issues Forum. 

* Mexican-American Professional and Business Women (MAPBW). 

Another article was headed "Project MALDEF aims to put Hispanics in Leadership Roles." It referred to Jose Gonzales, who remembered how 
he was once discriminated against in a swimming pool controversy at Dallas Pike Park, "once an all-Anglo playground." But today, our hero, 
now 51 , directs the Leadership Development and Advocacy Program of MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) 
most of whose "funds" are undoubtedly funded by White American taxpayers, pipelined to the Mexicans through our treacherous JOG 

The program is scheduling a six month's class of 20 sessions that covers a variety of topics, all slanted toward helping the take- over of an 
American city by Mexicans. The topics include: 

'Hispanic issues: education, housing and health, employment, hunger in Dallas, political participation; 

'Health systems in Dallas county and how those systems relate to the Hispanic community; 

'The structure of city, county and state governments (a trip to the state capital to learn about state boards is slated for April); 

'The responsibility and role of being a board member on a city or county commission; 

'Political and grass-roots advocacy; 

'Minority perspectives in urban growth; 

'Management and time-planning skills; 

'How to be an effective-public speaker; 

'Fund raising and effective use of the media. 

This is a thumbnail sketch of what is happening in just the one City of Dallas. But the same thing is happening even more aggressively in El 
Paso, Houston, Austin and all over the state. In fact, San Antonio where the Alamo is located and the action that gave birth to the Republic of 
Texas took place, now has a Hispanic mayor. 

The fact is Texas is being taken over in toto by the mongrel Indian-Mexicans, who hate the White people (not just Anglos) just as fiercely as did 
Santa Anna's cutthroats of 150 years ago. 

Yes, poor Texas. It has the longest border in common with Mexico of any state, and it is suffering and suffering badly from a festering ulcer 
along its soft underbelly. (Read again Racial Loyalty No. 27.) 

But Texas is not the exception. The Mexicans are taking over California, Arizona, New Mexico and the whole Southwest. They are even 
establishing major colonies in many other parts of the country, such as Chicago. 

But whereas the Mexicans are now allowed to run wild and freely across our borders, they are not the only hordes that are coming into our 
once White United States and polluting our land into a racial quagmire. The Vietnamese are coming in, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Hindus, 
the mongrels from South and Central America, the Pakis, and a slew of other degenerate and hungry mud races are flooding into the United 
States. (Read again, "THE TICKING TIME BOMB" Racial Loyalty No. 31.) 

Internally, our JOG establishment is promoting the hell out of the expansion of the hordes of existing niggers, Indians and other indigent scum. 
Through welfare, food stamps, affirmative action and a passel of other government subsidies it is explosively expanding the mud races and 
crowding out the White Man, who built it all and whose tax dollars are now paying for his own demise. 

Behind it all is the international Jewish network that is in charge of the whole treacherous program of exterminating the White Race. 

When we survey the worldwide picture there are many other atrocities that the White Race has suffered other than the Alamo, most of which, 
unlike the Alamo, have never been avenged. There is for instance the Civil War, a horrible disaster, engineered by the Jewish House of 
Rothschild. It was perpetrated not to free the niggers (whom the Jews detest) but to begin the destruction of the White Race in America. There 
is the Crimean War. There is the Boer War in Africa. There is World War 1 . There is World War II. There is the Korean War. There is the 
Vietnam War. 

The list is incomplete and endless, but I believe we can safely conclude that behind each was the Jewish network conniving, engineering, 
conspiring to bring about a vast and deadly conflict, to bleed the White Race to death, to reduce its numbers and hopelessly enmesh it in 
endless financial bondage. (Read again. Creative Credo No. 40 in the White Man's Bible. "The Brutal Truth about Inflation and Financial 
Enslavement- The Federal Reserve Board".) 

Whereas the list of Jewish atrocities perpetrated on the White Race is endless, I believe in more than "Remember the Alamo." The battle cry of 
the White Race should be "Remember Dresden." It is an atrocity that is a thousand times more heinous than what happened at the Alamo. 
There in Dresden the Allies (Allies of whom?) in two days of February 1945, rained down fire bombs and phosphorus bombs that incinerated 
350 thousand White men, women and children, not as a tactic of "winning the war," but out of sheer vicious bestiality and brutality. It was the 
ultimate in the Jewish exercise of vicious hatred of all mankind, of their religious exercise of Purim. (Read again, "The Murder of Dresden" 
Page 93 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) 

Our battle cry must be a double-edged sword. Not only "Remember Dresden!" but also "Avenge Dresden!" 

RAHOWA! We must wage a religious war in the name of the White Race, for the survival of the White Race. 

Cross over the Line! 

My dear White Racial Comrades! How much clearer can I make it as to what is happening to the White Race? (Total extinction, if you still aren't 
clear.) How much clearer can I make it as to what the game plan of our JOG (Jewish Occupational Government) is? 

What is the answer? That, too, I have made abundantly clear. It is building a White Racial Religion (Creativity) a massive aroused and enraged 
White racial steamroller with which to smash the Jewish \ monster. 

We at the Church of the Creator have already written our Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny: You will find on page 401 of the 
White Man's Bible. Why not read it again an sec where WE stand? Make up your mind where YOU stand. 

Some pantywaist wimps will alibi and say, "But, Sirs, if I take a stand against the Jews, my whole life will change. I will lose many of my friends. 
I must change my church affiliation. I will have to give up my Jewie Yahweh! I would be taking an irreversible step!" 

True, true, true my friend. It's too damn bad the world is the way it is, but you had better wake up and face reality. The time has come to fish or 
cut bait. If your present friends and associates are helping to drag you down into the quagmire of a Jewish hell, then they are not friends at all 
and you had better get a new set of friends and contacts and a new religion. The time for decision has come. Those who are too cowardly to 
come to grips with the problem today will have to pay a much heavier price later when their options will be strictly limited, or, like the slaves of 
the communist countries, will have no options at all. Like the heroes of the Alamo, we are surrounded, we are engulfed by the mud races 
skillfully orchestrated by the Jewish network. The time for decision is now! Cross over the line! 

The rugged frontiersmen of the Old West may not have had much book learning, but apparently they saw certain basics mud more clearly than 
their present day confused and befuddled progeny They had one thing that all too many White people of today lack - they had commitment. 
They also had guts and the ability to take decisive action. They also practiced Racial Loyalty, and knew the difference between a White Man 
and a Mexican, or a nigger, or an Indian. The second president of the Republic of Texas, Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar (1838-1840), stated the 
case for Texas at that time, and his observation is as valid today as it was then. He said, "The White Man and the Red Man cannot live in 
harmony together. Nature forbids it." 

The Mexicans, who were originally a polyglot mixture of Spanish and aborigine Indian, have by now practically extinguished all traces of their 
Spanish genes and for all practical purposes are Indians, with a Spanish language and veneer, but genetically Indian. They have in fact, a 
fierce hatred for their Spanish heritage, as they do for the White Race and are moving rapidly (with Jewish tutelage) to expunge all traces of it. 

We of the Church of the Creator say this: If the stupid mud races can organize, can build political muscle, can project a plan and program for 
taking over a country conquered and built by the White Man why in the hell can't we do the same and do it better? In the do just that. We are 
girding to fight an all out White RAcial HOly WAr - RAHOWA! 

Join with us! Cross over the Line! Do it now while you still have the means and the option. 

Depending on what decision you make now will also decide as to whether your children or grandchildren will be eternally proud and grateful, or 
whether they will curse you in your grave for the mess in which you left their world, their heritage and their gene pool. 

Let us never forget Dresden! But more important, let us make damn sure we avenge Dresden. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 r~^ 

Crossing the Line! ' 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Rahowa Day 

While the Texans are celebrating their Sesquicentennial, we of the Church of the Creator in a minor way are celebrating a milestone 

of our own. Whereas March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, and March 6th celebrated the heroic fall of the Alamo, we also have our day in 

March. We celebrated March 10th as the fourth anniversary of the day we broke ground to start building our World Center. 

We believe breaking ground for the headquarters also marks a significant breakthrough in beginning and instituting a RAcial HOly 
WAr for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

The Moslems have their Jihad, which stands for a religious holy war. We have our Rahowa, which is the declaration of a holy war 

against the Jews and other mud races. It is a double-edged war, both racial and religious. It will not end until the White Race inhabits all the 

good lands of this Planet Earth. 

Rahowa is pronounced RAH-HO-WAH. 

From time immemorial HISTORY has decreed that territory on this Planet Earth belongs to those powerful enough to take it and determined 
enough to keep it. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Rahowa Day 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XI - Atheism 

Atheism is commonly not recognized as a religion, but rather as a non-religion. Be that as it may, the fact is that anyone, or any group, can 
claim that their philosophy, belief or non-belief, Weltanschauung, or whatever, is a religion, and justifiably so. We of the Church of the Creator 
defend this position as vigorously as we do the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, and/or Freedom of Religion. We fully agree with Voltaire 
when he said, "I may disagree violently with what you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say it." Similarly, we may disagree with 
many religious faiths which we consider pure hokum, but we will defend their right to espouse their beliefs, no matter how silly we might think 
they are. 

In the same context, we will also defend unto death our right to criticize and articulate how ridiculous we may find some religions to be and we 
have done so repeatedly in the last 10 segments of "Comparative Religions." 

Within this framework, we accept that Atheism is a religion in its own right. There are now officially incorporated religions that have received tax 
exemption and official governmental recognition as such under the aegis of Atheism. 

Most Christian churches are quick to hang the label of Atheism on the Church of the Creator and our members. It is the objective of this article 
to again, for the umpteenth time clarify this issue to these muddle-headed spook chasers. (See page 68 of Expanding Creativity, "We are not 
Atheists, We are Creators".) I want to draw a clear line of distinction between Atheism and Creativity, so that there can be no doubt, no 
misunderstanding about the difference, a difference that is fundamental and as wide as the Grand Canyon. 

Basically, that difference is this: whereas an atheist says I do not believe in the other fellow's spooks, he makes no claim to what, if anything, 
he docs believe in. We Creators have common ground with the atheists in that we also do not believe in the other fellow's spooks of whatever 
stripe, but we do state clearly and at length what all we do believe in on the positive side. And what we do believe in is plenty. It is positive and 
it is comprehensive and we spell it out clearly in our several Basic Books. 

Having laid this initial groundwork, let us briefly review the history of Atheism, which has been around for thousands of years before even 
Jewish-Christianity raised its ugly head. 

Webster's big dictionary (Third New International) defines atheism (small "a") as "a disbelief in the existence of God or any other deity", and an 
atheist as "one who subscribes to atheism." This is a rather brief and vague definition, and until we look up the word "God" we really have no 
idea what the poor fellow doesn't believe in. So we look up the word "God", and we find a whole passel of definitions under "god" spelled with a 
small "g" and another set, under "God" with the big "G". They vary all the way from "one who wields great and despotic power" to one that says 
"Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; all substance; intelligence." There are so many other diverse, vague and conflicting definitions in 
between that by the time you get through reading them all, you become as confused as the little boy who had just accidentally dropped his gum 
on the floor of a chicken pen. No wonder the poor atheist finds it hard to swallow all that garbage. (Read again, "What is a Spirit?" in Racial 
Loyalty No. 29, in this book.) 

Since Atheism, by definition, is purely negative and the Atheist himself may, or may not, have any number of positive beliefs or philosophies, it 
is really a loose and meaningless term, and would be completely useless, had not the Christians made it such a widely utilized and derogatory 
term. Because it is so loose and vague, it would be hard to find literature on "atheism" before Christianity. However, one could probably classify 
Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.) as an atheist, since he went around telling the youth that the Greek gods of the times were most probably spurious 
and nonexistent. For this crime of honesty and freethinking Socrates was hauled into court, condemned to death and given the hemlock cup. 

He was by no means the last. When the Christians finally grabbed the reigns of temporal and ecclesiastical power, things really began to heat 
up for the poor atheist. By the Middle Ages (better known as the Dark Ages) heads really began to roll. By the time the Inquisition was 
instituted, and later the Reformation cut deep into the once supreme power of the Catholic Church, running down heretics and confiscating 
their physical assets became one of the more lucrative pursuits of the times. A "heretic" need not even be an atheist. He could believe in 
spooks on high until hell froze over, but if he did not toe the official line, (and there were any number of official lines, depending upon whose 
jurisdiction you were under) well, it was curtains for him or her. Such gentle persuasive means of retribution as the Spanish Gag, the Iron Band, 
Breaking on the Wheel, Burning at the Stake, or dozens of other refined means of death and torture were employed. (Read again, 
"Thumbscrew and \ Rack" Page 326 of the White Man's Bible.) 

As the Renaissance began to dawn in the 1 3th Century and victims of the all-powerful Catholic Church began to slowly extricate their minds 
from its clutches, and, as the Reformation further cracked and split the power of the church, the people of Europe slowly began to become 
more aware of Nature and the real world around them. Writers and philosophers, guardedly at first, writing in parables and couched phrases 
began to voice their doubts about the supernatural, the world of spirits and the hereafter. Like Thomas Paine, they first hedged their positions 
by calling themselves Deists, a vague term, but inferring they believed in a Supreme Being. Webster (same volume) defines "deism" as "a 
rational movement of the 1 7th and 1 8th centuries whose adherents generally subscribe to a natural religion based on human reason and 
morality, on the belief in one God, who, after creating the world and the laws governing it, refrain- ed from interfering with the operation of those 
laws, and on the rejection of every kind of supernatural intervention in human affairs." 

These fellows were beginning to come over our way and were almost there, had they not thrown in a few unnecessary disclaimers and non- 
sequiturs to protect themselves. That this God (about whom no one really has the slightest information that he, she, or it really exists, or any 
other information) "created it all" and then sat back and let it run by itself, is pretty ridiculous. After such a busy session creating it all, what 
would he do with his time? Play with himself? 

During the 1 9th century, writers, especially in Germany, began to come out more openly. In America, Col. Robert G. Ingersoll (1 833-1 899) was 
a most brilliant advocate of the atheist point of view and in both oratory and writing was most effective in marshalling arguments and logic in 
tearing to shreds the spooks-in-the-sky swindle. He has left a volume of 12 books that recapitulate his speeches and philosophy. (We have all 
of them in our library except Volume 1. We would be most grateful to anyone who could supply us with the missing volume.) 

In my opinion there are, however, several flaws in his advocacy. For one thing, there is no positive replacement for Christianity, which he 
denounces so effectively. Secondly, he is not racially conscious. Thirdly, he seems to have not the slightest awareness of the part historically 
played by the Jews, both in perpetrating Christianity on the goyim, and also in their tyrannical control of world finance and power. 

When I first began to promote Creativity, I presumed that the existing atheist groups would be one of the most fertile areas which would be 
attracted to our superior creed and program. After all, we were as militant and aggressive in denouncing Christianity, the spooks-in-the-sky 
swindle, and the whole bag of paraphernalia as they were, but, we had so much additional creed and program to offer on the positive side. 
Surely, I thought, here was a natural. The first thing I did was to get a list of all the atheist groups in America and send them a copy of Nature's 
Eternal Religion. 

I was wrong. The response was negative - absolutely dismal. Some of their return literature was astounding. Some were devil worshippers, 
some were espousing witchcraft. Many denounced me for my racist position. An astounding number were Jews, and therefore, of course, 
openly hostile. That was 12 years ago. 

One of the best known, most effective, most articulate and most intelligent organization among the atheists groups is Madalyn Murray O'Hair's 
American Atheists, Inc., out of Austin, Texas. They have officially proclaimed themselves as a religion and have been so recognized by legal 
authorities. They have been most effective in instituting legal suits for the separation of church and state, taking prayers out of schools and 
other measures that have attenuated the special privileges usurped by churches and religions. We have no quarrel with them on any of these 

However, the experience of history has shown that attacking religion per se without having a positive and more powerful replacement for it has 
repeatedly failed to influence its onward march in the slightest. Hitler has made the same observation about movements, any movement, in 
general. It was his observation after World War I that communism could not be thwarted by merely exposing it. What was needed, he said, was 
"cingegengift," (literally translated, "a counter poison") an antidote, to replace it. This he did when he found- ed the Nazi Party, and it did, 
indeed, triumph over and expunge communism in Germany. 

American Atheists, articulate and logical though they are, lack this very thing. They do not have a positive belief, a positive creed or program as 
a replacement for Christianity (or any other spooky religion). For this reason, their future success will be minimal, and at best, non-productive. 
There are two other flaws on which we fault American Atheists, and they are similar to those of Col. Ingersoll. (a) They do not expose the 
Jewish peril. In fact, their membership is too heavily infested with Jews to even allow them to take such a stand, and it is not to be expected 
that they ever will, (b) They take no racial stand, and arc not interested in the survival of the White Race. 

Nevertheless, a few of our most intelligent converts come from their ranks. There is a much smaller but laudable group that I should mention. 
That is The Truth Seeker, Inc., of P. 0. Box 1832, San Diego, CA 921 12. It is headed by a venerable octogenarian, James Harvey Johnson, 
who is the successor to the Rationalist Movement, the latter dating back to 1 875. Mr. Johnson is one of those rare gentlemen who is dedicated, 
takes salubrious care of his health and is aware of the racial and Jewish problem. His greatest contribution is the excellent collection of old and 
rare books he has for sale, all of which either expose religion or promote salubrious living in one way or another. 

Our assessment of the whole atheist movement or movements can be briefly summed up in two points: 

(a) It is heavily dominated by Jews and will not lift a finger in aiding the survival of the White Race. 

(b) It has no positive program with which to replace militant intolerant Christianity. It has not in the past, and, we predict will not in the future 
curtail Christianity in the slightest. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XI - Atheism 




Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 




Atheism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

A. Common Grounds. 

Both Atheism and Creativity deplore and denounce any and all supernatural beliefs, claims and superstitions. We do not believe in gods, 
devils, spooks, spirits, heaven or hell. We denounce all such hocus-pocus as being invented by men, largely for the purpose of controlling their 
minds and worldly affairs and extracting the utmost financial gain from them. 

B. Major Differences. 

Whereas Atheism is a negative approach to a positive evil, unfortunately it lacks a positive creed and program of its own to replace the 
superstitions it seeks to destroy. The Atheist movements are mostly small, some take on some weird hang-ups of their own, and by and large, 
have done little to either help destroy Christianity or any of the other religions based on fear, superstition and gullibility. As a result they have 
accomplished little that is constructive. The Jewish influence is heavy. 

Creativity, on the other hand, has a comprehensive creed and program that embraces the whole spectrum of living: A Sound Mind in a Sound 
Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. We seek to build a Whiter and Brighter World for the future progeny of the White Race, all of 
which is encompassed In our Three Basic Books, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living, supplemented 
further by our most re- cent additions. Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World. 

We have the "gegengift" that Hitler suggested was necessary to do the job and we are determined to do it. We are certain that we are the 
Wave of the Future. 

Christianity is Mass Insanity built on a foundation of superstition, gullibility and ignorance fortified by an intensive campaign of mind 

Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be - Will it help promote CREATIVITY? 

The White Race will either inhabit Planet Earth in totality, or it will not survive at all. There will be no in between in our future. 

For the White Race Creativity is the most meaningful and beneficial idea in its entire history. 

The Ultimate Horror is the Mongrelization of the White Race. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 34 - April 1986 

Atheism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Operation Rip-Off 

The World's Ultimate Patsy 

The White American Taxpayer is the prime target for all the scum, freeloaders, pirates and thieves of this hungry and overcrowded world. 

More than 20 years ago I read a statement that really shocked me. Although I don't remember the exact wording, it claimed that despite the 
fact that the United States had never lost a war, or at least entered a war it could not have won, nevertheless, it had been looted of more goods 
and substance in the last 25 years than had been extracted by all the conquering armies from all their defeated victims combined, from the 
beginning of history. This is indeed a sweeping indictment, of both the rapacity of our enemies, and the submissive subservience of the victim. 

Is the charge true? Yes, indeed it is. It was true back in 1 965. It is more than doubly true today. 

The reader may well ask, how could this be? How could such an affluent, intelligent group of competent people as the American taxpayers, the 
most successful, productive class in the history of the world, allow this massive thievery to be inflicted upon them? 

It is this very characteristic, the fact that they are productive, affluent and hard-working that has made them the prime target o{ all the thieves, 
pirates, con-artists and looters of this world, both foreign and domestic. As the saying goes, you can't get blood out of a turnip, but the capacity 
for the productive American taxpayer to allow himself to be looted and to carry all the burdens and short- comings of the world on his back 
seems to be almost unlimited. The productive American worker collectively creates a tremendous amount of wealth, and the freeloaders of the 
world, led by the cunning Jew, are determined to take it away from him. So far they have been astoundingly successful. When this piracy will 
stop depends largely on how well and how soon the White Man can recognize his own identity, organize, get his act together, and throw the 
vampires from off his back. 

How did such a monstrous rip-off ever get started? The answers are many and they are complex. We shall explore them. Let me start with a 
story I heard Tom Anderson relate in a speech about 20 years ago. He was speaking at our Fact Finder's Forum group, which I then headed, at 
Fort Lauderdale. Here (in italics) is Tom's story: 

Many years ago a drove of wild hogs lived in the big bend of the Ocomulgee River in Georgia. These fierce and independent hogs had survived 
hunters and floods and fires and freezes and droughts. Hunters bragged when their dogs fought these hogs and returned alive. 

One day a gallused stranger stopped by the country store and asked how he could find these wild hogs. All the stranger had was a one-horse 
wagon, a lantern, on axe, some quilts, some corn and a single-barreled shotgun. 

Several months later the hog-hunting stranger came back to the same store and asked for help to bring out the wild hogs. He said he had them 
in a pen over in the swamps. People came from miles around to see how he had caught the wild hogs, which the natives knew could never be 

"It is all very simple, " droned the gallused stranger. "First I put out some corn. For three weeks none of them would touch it. Then at first the 
young ones scampered out of the underbrush and grabbed an ear of corn now and then and began to eat it. Later some of the older ones 
came out and soon they were all eating it. They knew if they didn't the young ones would anyway, so they might as well get in on the free 

"Then I started building a little fence around the corn, just a little higher each day. Before long I noticed they were all waiting for me to bring the 
corn. Next I built the trap door. Naturally, they raised Cain when they saw I had them. 

"But I'll tell you this I can pen any animal on the face of the earth if I can first get them to depend on me for a free hand out. " 

Tom Anderson concludes his narrative with "Fellow Hogs! We've been fenced!" 

Yes, we have indeed. The method by which it is being done is true to form. Unfortunately, Anderson, being a Board Member of the John Birch 
Society, did not rightly identify the true culprits who are penning us in. He went onto blame the bureaucrats and the Norman Thomas type of 
socialists, who were leading us to socialism, communism and slavery. Since the Birch Society from its inception was formed to run interference 
for the Jews and protect their chicanery from being discovered, not the slightest hint was made that behind the socialists and the communists 
there is a much more powerful and sinister force - a conspiracy that intends to do more than just bring about a socialist paradise. Behind these 
facades is the hidden Jewish network whose main objective includes mongrelization and destruction of the White Race as such, and ensnare 
the surviving mongrelized masses into eternal, iron-clad slavery. 

Tom Anderson made that speech some 20 years ago. Listening to the figures he quoted about taxes, budgets, deficits, interest payments, 
welfare and defense spending now seem relatively puny compared to what they have escalated to in this year of 1 986. It is also shuddering to 
note how far this once great White United States of America has slid down the rat hole in the last 20 years. When we examine how far this 
country has been pushed further into race- mixing, integrated schools and neighborhoods; hordes of mud colored aliens flooding across our 
borders and spreading all over the country; the quantum leaps in the national debt, in taxes, in the interest burden to the Jewish Federal 
Reserve Board; in the Federal "socialization" of medicine, farming, education and just about every other phase of our lives it is a frightening 
review indeed. Without the White people of America taking note, the fence has been raised a little higher each year and the trap door can now 
be sprung at any time. "Our" Jewish Occupational Government (JOG) now has us penned in, is looting the White American taxpayer at will, 
and the victims hardly raise a whimper of protest. 

Let us bring this incredible phenomena up to date, and see how JOG is now feeding us corn. 

The other day I read in the papers that the U.S. government (JOG) spent $3,250.00 on each citizen in 1 985, that is every man, woman and 

child. Of course, most of this money went not to the working White producers, but most of it went to the freeloading niggers and other 
parasites. For a family of ten niggers (not unusual) that would amount to $32,500.00, more than the average White working couple earns in a 
year. This is also more than my hard- working dad, who worked a wheat farm in Canada would earn in ten years during the '30's. 

To bring up a few more comparisons to illustrate how far JOG has led us down the path into the swamp, as recently as 1 9651 remember 
Lyndon Johnson giving his State of the Union address. In it he proposed a fiscal budget of $100 billion for the upcoming year, and at the time I 
thought this was fantastic. That same budget for 1 985 was 946 billion dollars, a 946 per cent increase in merely 20 years. 

Whereas the budget shows $946 billion spent, only $734 billion was taken in by taxes, the balance of $212 billion was through deficit spending. 
This means it was "borrowed" from the Federal Reserve Board, a private consortium of Jewish bankers, or more correctly, counterfeiters, who 
have the "legal" privilege of having their currency printed at will by a subservient captive government. Again, compare the $212 billion deficit 
with one of $15 billion in 1963, then considered shocking. 

Speaking of deficits brings up the subject of the national debt. Whereas that sum 20 years ago stood at the awesome figure of $369 billion, 
today, in 1986, it has reached the staggering sum total of two trillion. 

Let us pause a moment here and see if we can even comprehend how huge a figure is a trillion dollars. Most of us can understand what a 
million dollars is, and it is and has been the goal of most little boys to become a millionaire when they grow up, it representing wealth beyond 
imagination. Now a billion is one thousand times a million, and a trillion is a thousand times a billion. 

But huge as it is, the two trillion dollar debt is not the total debt owed by the United States and its citizens. It seems that every city is also in 
debt, every county, every state and every other incorporated municipal district is up to their ears in debt; so is practically every private business 
corporation, whether it be General Motors, or General Electric, or General Mills; so is practically every farm in the country, and the 
overwhelming majority of homeowners. 

All these debts put together add up to a probable ten trillion dollars rather than just the two trillion national debt. To whom do we owe all this 
money? This is more money than all the real assets of this country are "worth." For every debtor there must be a creditor on the receiving side. 
We can't just owe it to a "spirit" or a hole in a doughnut. There must be somebody or a group or a power establishment on the other side to 
whom such incredibly huge sums are owed. And there is. 

In the brilliant speech of Tom Anderson's that I referred to earlier, he too raised that question, then deftly skirted the issue by saying the 
socialists say, "don't worry about it, we owe it to ourselves," then being a good Bircher, he let it go at that, without pursuing it further. 

We Creators will not let it go at that. We will pursue it to its bitter end, because that same sinister power establishment which holds all the lOU's 
of the world is really the crux of the problem. 

We do not owe these huge sums to "ourselves." We and the rest of the world owe all these trillions to the Federal Reserve Board, a sinister 
cabal of international Jewish bankers, or more accurately described as a criminal gang of counterfeiters, so powerful the government printing 
presses now print "our" money for them for nothing more than the price of the paper and the green ink. (Read again, C.C. No. 40 in the White 
Man's Bible "The Brutal Truth about Inflation and Financial Enslavement. The Federal Reserve Board The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring 
in the World.") But you will never find the Birch Society exposing the nefarious Jewish gang of counterfeiters. 

The United States is not by any means alone. Every country in the world is now in hock up to their eyebrows. Mexico, Argentina, England, 
Spain, you name it. There is not a single country that is not. And to whom do they all owe their life's blood? To this same gang of international 
Jewish counterfeiters, who although the U.S. Federal Reserve Board is the central aegis, its tentacles extend to every country in the world. In 
England, this same gang of Jews owns the Bank of England and has for nearly three hundred years. In Germany, it is the Reichsbank, and so 
on down the line, to where they own, control and manipulate every "central" banking system in the world. 

But let us get back again as to how the U.S. government (really the Jewish Occupational Government, JOG for short) is taxing the hell out of 
the productive White American taxpayer and squandering and proliferating it to subsidize the scum and freeloaders of the world. 


Let us now look a the 1 986 budget and see what JOG is committed to spend in the major categories that it has so assiduously planned. When 
we do so, let us remember some cardinal rules of what JOG is determined to do, and they are these: 

1 . It wants to destroy America, and reduce it down to the lowest common denominator of all the mud countries of the world, such as Mexico, 
India, Korea, Japan and dozens of others. It wants to reduce the whole world to a horde of hungry coolies. 

2. The prime target for destruction la the middle class White family of America. JOG wants to especially destroy every self-supporting 
independent entrepreneur and make every individual a whimpering dependent on government handouts. Why? Because this is the road to total 
control and total slavery. Every goy a coolie, every Jew a king. 

3. The overall target for destruction is the White Race itself, not only in the U.S.A. but throughout the world. 

The best way to accomplish these goals is to "take it from the thrifty and give it to the shifty." (Part of my Florida Senatorial campaign slogan in 
1966.) In other words, tax the hell out of the creative productive workers and producers (mostly White) and transfer the largesse to the 
freeloaders, the scum and the shiftless (mostly mud races). The means through which this is done is by what used to be called Welfare. JOG, 
of course, has now upgraded and devised a more sophisticated name for it. 'Welfare is now called "Human Resources." 

1. Welfare in the U.S.A. 

The total (estimated) budget for 1 986 is $979,928 billion dollars. Of this "Human Resources" takes the biggest bite, namely, $479,765 billion, or 
49.0 percent. Again to see how far down the road we are, let us compare this to what it was only 20 years ago. It was then $43,257 billion, or 
less than one-tenth of what it is today. Of this, $68,661 billion goes to Medicare, which 20 years ago (1966) was only $64 million, in other words 
less than one-thousandth of what it is today. Social Security has leaped from $20,694 billion in 1966 to $200,053 billion in 1986, a tenfold 
increase. Health services (other than Medicare) have jumped from $2,543 billion to $35,669 billion in the same 20 years, a 14 fold increase. 

As far as "Welfare" is concerned, we must remember that the Federal Government's assistance (expenditures) are by no means the sum total 
"taken from the thrifty and given to the shifty." The states, the counties, and the cities, too, each have a multitude of programs of their own. 
These go down the line health, education, welfare, aid to dependent children, and a plethora of others. Some are grants- in-aid, collaborating 
with the Federal government, some are additional and independent. The main recipients are the niggers, as any one can observe if they watch 
the comings and goings at any county welfare agency. 

From the foregoing, it is easy to see we will soon all be under the umbrella of good old Uncle Sam, and none of us will need to work any longer 
and we will all have our corn dished out to us. Or will we? (Read again, C.C. No. 41 in the White Man's Bible, "The Jewish Program for the 
Mongrelization of the White Race.") 

2. The Defense Budget. 

The second largest item in the 1 986 budget is Defense, so-called. That awesome figure is $265,827 billion, approximately double what it was 
only five years ago ($157,513 billion) and 457 percent greater than it was in 1966. 

Now this is an astronomical figure, a tremendous rip-off on the American taxpayer. We would conclude that (a) we must have a formidable 
enemy against which we are now well prepared to defend ourselves, and (b) that we had the best and the most powerful defense system in the 

Unfortunately, the answers to both these suppositions is negative. The PRESUMED enemy, of course, is Russia, but the actual fact is the 
United States and Russia are buddy-buddy, are as much in cahoots as when they combined to fight Nazi Germany in World War II, and as they 
have been since 1917, when Jewish communism took over Czarist Russia. 

The fact is both Russia and the United States are today both controlled by the Jewish power network. (Read again, C.C. No. 40 "Russia, Israel 
and the United States" in the White Man's Bible.) The facts of history are these: (a) the Jews in the United States combined with the 
conspiratorial terrorists of Russia to put the communists in power in Russia in 1917. So corrupt and sleazy has been the Jewish communist 
regime in Russia that it would have broken down any number of times if the United States had not repeatedly bailed it out financially, and if it 
had not saved its neck militarily in 1941-45. The fact further is that the wealth, prestige and power of the United States government has been 
more effective in advancing the communist takeovers in two-thirds of the world since 1945 than has Russia itself. Again, all this at the expense 
of the ripped-off White American taxpayer. 

But why, you may ask, do we need to spend such tremendous sums on armaments if Russia is not really our enemy? 

The answers are several, (a) Defense contracts are a beautiful sweetheart arrangement between the Jews in our government doling out 
defense contracts to the Jews in the military-industrial complex who are at the receiving end. With charges of $700.00 for a hammer, and 
$100.00 for a nut and bolt, the opportunities for the Jews to rip-off the taxpayer and make a killing are unbounded, (b) The United States 
military forces are completely at the disposal of Israel for aggressive military expansion, and no cost is spared when Israel needs them. If tanks 
need to be flown in by air mail, the U.S. Defense Department is instantly ready and has done so on several occasions in the past, (c) It 
provides a strong-arm force against such countries as Germany, should Nazism and/or any other form of anti-Jewish hostility raise its ugly 
head in any country (such as Palestine or Libya, for example). 

The much maligned and looted American taxpayer is not paying for the defense of his country. It is not his country at all. It belongs to JOG, to 
the niggers, and all the alien freeloaders of the world. This ever patient patsy is instead paying for (a) the defense and expansion of Israel and 
(b) the advance of worldwide Jewish communism, (c) the proliferation and expansion of the mud races. 

I ask you, my dear White Racial Comrades, how long are you going to stand for such an outrage? Why not join the Church of the Creator, use 
your money for your own best interests, and get the goddamned Jews off your back. Join with us in a White Racial Holy War! Rahowa! 


We said earlier that the U.S. national debt now stood at more than two trillion dollars, a fantastic sum, an astronomical figure. But this is not just 
a bookkeeping figure it is very real and we do not "owe it to ourselves." We (JOG) owe it to the Federal Reserve, which as we also noted 
earlier is an international gang of Jewish counterfeiters, who have finagled us into a debtor's prison by shifty conniving and tricky paper 
shuffling. Paying the interest on this mind- boggling debt is now the third largest expense in the Federal budget. It is the fastest growing of all 
the last increasing Federal expenditures. For 1986 that figure is $142,740 billion, which is $42.74 billion dollars more than our total Federal 
budget was during President Lyn- don Johnson's regime. To show how fast this "interest service" (isn't that a cute name?) is growing we need 
only note that it was merely (!) $9,386 billion dollars in 1966, only 20 years ago. That, my dear friend, is an increase of 1,520.8 percent in 20 
years. At that rate, would you care to project it for the next 20 years? Well, my little computer tells me it would amount to two trillion, 169 billion 
dollars, (this is $2,169,000,000,000.00), more than twice what our whole national budget is today, and this is for interest alone. How do you like 
that, patsy? What are you going to do about it? 

We have here a built-in scam of major magnitude on a runaway slide to catastrophe that cannot and will not be stopped until the Jewish 
powerhouse is smashed. Rahowa! 

4. Foreign Aid. 

One of the most insane, most revolting and most devastating programs that "our" Jewish Occupational Government (JOG) has inflicted upon 
us was started when the Truman regime instituted the Marshall Plan. Initially it was ballyhooed as a wonderful idea by means of which we 
would "contain communism." (Remember, not destroy communism, only "contain" it.) 

The theory sold to the world's favorite patsy, the White American taxpayer, went something like this: 

Communism is a virulent, powerful force set loose upon the vulnerable, shattered post-war world. It is a sinister force threatening to gobble up 
one country after another, just as they already had done in Eastern Europe (Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and a 
host of others). Therefore - bright idea - let us rapidly supply vast amounts of financial aid to all the remaining "neutral" countries of the world, 
let us prop up their shattered economies, let us buy their friendship, and "wean" them away from communism, our most formidable enemy. The 
supposition was that, of course, every country would just be tickled to death to go communist, unless, of course, we could bribe them away with 
huge amounts of money. American taxpayer's money, endlessly, year after year. 

That was the official scam and so the Marshall Plan was launched. Henry Wallace, a sometime vice-president of the times, suggested that we 
share our wealth with the "have-nots," with the "less fortunate" (shades of the Sermon on the Mount) now "emerging" "Third World" countries, 
and that in the next several years we commit ourselves to giving away 50 billion dollars of the American taxpayer's money. 

And so the Marshall Plan was launched. It was named after that communist stooge George C. Marshall, our Secretary of Defense during World 
War II. The clincher in the argument was that it would be cheaper to give all this money away peacefully than to eventually have to go to war 
against Russia. 

That was the sales pitch in a nutshell. Our favorite patsy, the White American taxpayer, although nonplussed and confused, reluctantly bought 
it. He never really had much of a choice. JOG never gave him a decent chance to make an issue of it, or to vote on it. 

Anyone having a grasp of history and the world events that preceded the Marshall Plan and also the consequences that have en- sued since 
its inauguration, would find that argument fatally flawed. In fact, it is the most deceptive seam and the most suicidal course (for the White Race) 
we could have followed since Saul of Tarsus sold Christianity to the Romans. 

Here are some of the realities that preceded it and some of the consequences that followed it. 

1 . If the United States government really believed that communism was a dire threat to the world and/or our own national security, they could 
have had it handily eliminated without spending a dime. Germany's heroic armies in 1941 stood at the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and 
Stalingrad, and would readily have wiped this Jewish menace from the face of the earth had not the United States (read JOG) Intervened. The 
vociferousness with which the United States (JOG) launched a pro-Russian and anti-German propaganda campaign during the 1 930's and the 
vicious and brutal battle they waged to destroy Germany and save Communist Russia in 1941-45, tells the real story of where United States 
(read JOG) sympathies really lay then, and lie today. 

2. Even after Germany was smashed in 1 945 and when Russia was weak and tottering, the United States army, then the most formidable 
military force in the world, could easily have marched on Moscow and cleaned up the job, as General George S. Ration suggested we should. 
It would then have been comparative child's play. 

Did we do that? Hell no! Instead "we" (JOG), even before the war was over, sent 1 3 billion dollars worth of civilian goods (tractors, refrigerators, 
etc.) to communist Russia to help rebuild communism and get it back on its feet, lest it collapse and the Russian people get the communist 
Jews off their backs of their own accord. 

3. Since the inauguration of the Marshall Plan and the proliferation of a multitude of "Foreign Aid" programs that followed it, communism has by 
no means been contained. It has advanced rapidly, and in every instance the hand of the United States (JOG) has been instrumental in 
inflicting it upon each of its hapless victims. 

Since I have already explained in more detail how the United States, in cahoots with Russia, has enslaved most of the peoples of the world, I 
need not repeat it here. Suffice it to say that the major country George Marshall personally helped turn over to the communist monster was 
China, in 1 949, then and today, the most populous country in the world. There were a number of other such victims before China, and even 
more since. The latest series of capers the United States (JOG) is engaged in is turning Central America over to the communist behemoth. 

The role Foreign Aid plays in so doing is this: First of all we offer a prospective victim aid - free, and who is there in the world that will not 
accept the offer of a free handout? Like the wild hogs that were to be fenced, they will always take the bait. The second step is to get our army 
of CIA agents into the country, to offer them "free" advice, technical, military and otherwise. Once entrenched, the more cunning and affluent 
CIA begins to manipulate the nerve centers of the foreign government they have now infiltrated (Jewish interests predominating.) Usually the 
aim is not to direct, but misdirect the government to commit as many stupid and inflammatory acts as possible against the people, so there is 
greater hostility between it and the people. At the same time the CIA, loaded with United States money and techniques, covertly begins to 
organize and supply underground revolutionaries and create anarchy. The next step is to topple the government and install a communist 
government in its place. 

The record since World War II shows that in every country that had an anti-communist, pro-American government in its place, the United 
States (JOG) would undermine it, then torpedo it, then in- stall a pro-communist dictatorship. Examples: Pro-American General Chiang Kai- 
shek replaced by communist Mao-Tse-tung in China. Pro- American Fulgencio Batista replaced by communist Fidel Castro in Cuba. In 
Nicaragua, pro-American Anastasia Somosza replaced by a series of communist dictators. The irony in this situation is that the CIA replaced 
Somosza with the Sandinistas, and today Reagan is screaming to high heaven that we (taxpayers) hand the Contras (also communists) a cool 
1 00 million dollars to "help" oust the Sandinistas. Did you ever hear of anything more insane? 

And so it goes, country after country after country. Since this is not the main topic of this article, I cannot give a more complete history of this 

abject betrayal, but merely delineate the sleazy and deceptive format by which it is being done. 

So how much money have we spent on Foreign Aid since the Marshall Plan began this gigantic boondoggle? It is hard to tell, since it is 
disguised in many different forms and ruses. Dr. Martin Larson estimates that aid to Israel alone (our number one "ally"! - of course) has had 
the benefit of more than 50 billion dollars of taxpayer's money. What has Israel done for us? Well, although it badly damaged it, it didn't quite 
sink our billion dollar intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, in 1967. Of course, it did kill 34 of our American crew and wounded 171 others, but we 
can overlook that, can't we? 

When we consider that we are annually doling out free aid to 126 countries (more or less), of just how much money have the American 
taxpayers been bilked since 1 947? Again, I can't say, but it will run into the hundreds of billions, I am sure. 

And what have we received in return? Well, communism has spread rapidly and is on the verge of taking over all the remaining countries, 
including the United States. Thanks to our help, the mud peoples of the world have exploded like a horde of rats and threaten to engulf what is 
left of a shrinking White Race. There are a host of other goodies that JOG has bought for us, but the above will do for the near future. So there 
you have it, you gullible patsy. I ask you, my White Racial Comrades, how much longer are you going to stand for this Jewish rip-off and 

There are several other nasty aspects and treacherous consequences resulting from Foreign Aid, as there inevitably are from any form of 
subsidization. The most obvious consequence, of course, is the fact that it bleeds the working White American taxpayer dry, and leaves him 
looted and impoverished. But there are several other ramifications. 

1 . It has expanded the mud races in a runaway population explosion which soon threatens to strangle and/or engulf the shrinking White 
population in a sea of mud. 

2. It proliferates graft, corruption and crime, both here and abroad. Most of the money that is sent to these "Third World" countries goes directly 
to the corrupt and/or criminal dictatorships that "govern" their Stone-age inhabitants. Most of the money is pocketed by these thieves and never 
reaches the ever-hungry masses. 

I'm sure that United States taxpayer money was the source o{ most of Ferdinand Marcos' (estimated five to ten billion) stolen loot, and, also of 
the former dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier, who is estimated to have stolen 1 00 to 500 million for himself. Where was the easiest source of such 
vast sums of stolen loot? United States taxpayer's money, of course, in the form of "Foreign Aid." 

3. A secondary spin-off of the above, I am sure, are huge concealed kick-backs to JOG officials in Washington, who arranged for such "aid," 
and decide to whom it goes. 

4. As in all cases of subsidization (a tactic Nature frowns upon, except in raising its young) the recipient nations of such hand-outs soon 
become professional freeloaders and allow their economic structure to collapse, since it is easier to obtain all these goodies by merely begging 
and/or blackmailing from such a magnanimous dispenser of charity as is Uncle Sam. So why bother to work? Many countries such as Egypt, 
Israel, Haiti and dozens of others would collapse in a few months if the hand-outs should stop. After much turmoil, starvation and shake-out, 
they would then shrink back again to a much smaller, but self-sustaining population level. 

Foreign Aid must always, and inevitably does, lead to the next major consequence: 

5. Foreign Entanglements Foreign Wars 

Since JOG managed to smash Nazi Germany in World War II some 40 years ago, there has been, on a worldwide scale, warfare, revolution 
and turmoil. At any one time there are approximately 40 wars going on, major and minor. The United States is usually directly or indirectly 
involved in approximately three-quarters of these wars. When traced, we will find that somehow JOG'S CIA instigated practically all of them, if 
we lump Israel in the same camp with JOG. 

Some of these wars, like Korea and Vietnam have been devastatingly expensive for the United States taxpayer, and all of them have been a 
no-win for the United States, but spelled victory for the communists. 

In any case, the United States has stuck its nose into the business and government of every people in the world, has tried to manipulate their 
governments and life-style, and wherever possible, thrown it into turmoil and confusion. It acts as though it had been anointed from on high to 
play both policeman and Santa Claus to every country in the world. All this highhanded maneuvering goes on abroad, although the U.S.'s own 
economy is tottering, the farmers are going bankrupt and being dispossessed, its steel mills, its textile mills, Its manufacturing plants, are going 
bankrupt, and the U.S. government debt exceeds that of all the other countries of the world combined. 

6. United Nations. 

The American taxpayer subsidizes more than 25 percent of the cost of this alien nest of vipers. What has the U.N. done for the United States? 
Nothing, except act as a platform on which every thug in the world can get up on his hind legs and denounce their host country - the U.S.A. 

But it has done much more damage than that. Because all of these alien thieves and criminals that are running loose are accredited with 
"diplomatic immunity" it has served as one of the world's most ideal centers to carry on espionage, terrorism, sabotage and mayhem on our 
soil, all with blessed immunity and impunity. 

So why do we have it? Because JOG knows it is another expensive, but effective means of sabotaging the United States. 

7. The Peace Corps. 

Started during the Kennedy regime, the Peace Corps is now a quarter of a century old. It is another tremendously expensive boondoggle in 

which JOG helps drain this country of resources, wastes the best years of our volunteers' young lives in some stinking foreign country teaching 
some niggers how to live and produce like a White Man. It is an impossible and pointless task, and a complete waste of our money and young 

8. Thousands of other Programs and Boondoggles. 

The list is too long to catalogue, so I will only list a few more expensive, useless, counterproductive programs that JOG has dream- ed up in 
order to drain the White American taxpayers of their money and substance. 

Some of these are: the National Cancer Institute, not really looking for a cure, but spending about a billion dollars a year; Community Action 
Programs, a perfect set-up for niggers and Mexicans to steal and pocket taxpayers money; a vast network of prisons and penitentiaries, where 
murderers and criminals who should have been executed in the first place get free room and board for the rest of their days at a cost of 
approximately $100.00 per day to the taxpayers; The Space Program, on which we have spent approximately 150 billion dollars of the 
taxpayer's money since its inception. And for what? Absolutely nothing except to further squander the taxpayer's money. (Read again. Racial 
Loyalty No. 33, "Planet Earth Our One and Only Home. ") For less than this sum we could have comfortably shipped all the U.S. niggers back 
to Africa in style. 


There are thousands more, and the list is endless. The evidence is overwhelming that the working White American taxpayer has been ripped- 
off on a scale never before encountered in history, as if he were an unending goldmine. The most amazing aspect of this whole phenomena is 
the patience and submissiveness with which the White Man has endured all this thievery, especially over the last 40 years. 

The strong-arm goon squad that JOG has employed to threaten, cajole and loot all this wealth from the productive worker is the Jewish IRS 
(Internal Revenue Service). It, the Federal Reserve and JOG work together in a perfect three-cornered combination to loot, steal, and strip the 
working man of his means and substance. 

The basic goal is to destroy the productive and independent White family man. At the same time, no expense is spared to subsidize and 
support the shiftless niggers, spies and mud races so that they will breed, multiply like rats and proliferate the White Man's territory and crowd 
him out. 

This process is expanding and growing exponentially, as we have shown repeatedly, both by statistics and by programs. It will continue to do 
so until every inhabitant becomes a drone, a shameless freeloading bum. Once the Jews have every one homogenized into this category, then 
comes the next sinister stage - hard-line tyranny and coolie type of slavery. 

But by that time the White Man will have been exterminated. 

So I say to you, my White Racial Comrades, unite, join together and help n build a mighty and massive steamroller. Let us get the Jewish 
tyrant off our backs. How much longer are you willing to play the world's favorite patsy? 

Join with the Church of the Creator and be a submissive patsy no more. Stop helping finance your own destruction and enslavement. 

It is time for the productive White American Taxpayer to bluntly tell the Jewish parasites: Enough! Get off my back! 

The most astounding phenomena about the White American Taxpayer is the subservient docility with which he is submitting to this piratical 

Groundless presumptions should not be confused with substantiated facts. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Operation Rip-Off 

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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XII - Odinism 

In this series on Comparative Religions we have previously dealt with eleven different religions, cults or sects, all of which have either been 
extremely hostile to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, or at best, indifferent and/or destructive to that goal. In 
analyzing Odinism, we have a religion that although small and insignificant, is at least concerned about the survival of our race. We Creators 
therefore consider them as our racial kinsmen who have the potential of helping win the fierce and hostile racial war which we are now 
inextricably locked into, whether we like it or not. 

Let us make it clear at the outset that this overcrowded world of five billion hungry and clawing people is rapidly heading for more chaos, 
turmoil, anarchy, revolution and terrorism. We are locked in a racial war, in which each of the participants is keenly aware of their race and 
ready to fight for its survival, with one exception. The only participant unaware is the White Race, .and it is not so much as lifting a finger to 
defend itself. It is, in fact, giving aid and comfort to the enemy and massively collaborating in its own destruction. 

Therefore in order to arouse and rally the White Race to take up arms and fight for its very survival, we will need to take some hard and 
ruthless measures. We will need to follow a battle plan that is well thought out and is willing to go all the way to do whatever in the hell it takes 
to win and survive. In Creativity we have such a program and blueprint. It is the objective of this analysis to find ways and means by which the 
Odinist can join us in this endeavor in order to most effectively help win such a battle. 

What is Odinism? Is it a religion? Is it a racial movement, or is it a social club embroidered with ancient myths and folklore? 

Odinism is a recent revival in America of a few small groups who have resurrected the ancient myths and folklore of the bellicose Vikings who 
were the scourge and terror of Europe during the Dark Ages. "From the fury of the Northmen, Oh Lord, deliver us," was a common prayer in 
the Christian churches of the Viking era, which was at its peak between 800 to 1000 C.E. 

Before writing this article, I wrote to Mrs. Else Christensen of Crystal River, Florida, and asked her to send me whatever books or literature they 
had available on Odinism. Mrs. Christensen, a fine elderly lady (about my age) kindly sent me three booklets, namely An Introduction to 
Odinism (12 pages): Wisdom from the Edda (8 pages); and Can We Still Say God? (40 pages). Of these, the latter is really the only one of any 
depth in giving any philosophical insight about Odinism. It devotes practically all of its 40 pages in giving a scholarly analysis of what a pious 
and treacherous fraud is Jewish Christianity and how it has entrapped the White Man's mind in an alien philosophy that is repugnant to its own 
"Aryan Soul." We Creators have no argument with this either, and have more or less said so repeatedly and vehemently in our basic books 
Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, our supplementary books Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World, 
and also our tabloid, Racial Loyalty. 

However, much like in the case of Atheism, whereas all three booklets make it clear what they are against, they say precious little about what 
they are for, except they want to replace an ancient alien religion (Christianity) with an ancient religion based on the folklore and mythology of 
the Norsemen and Vikings. They say that instead of looking to the Jewish Yahweh and Jesus Christ, we should now worship Aryan gods, 
specifically Odin and Freya and Balder. Also enmeshed in this pantheistic conglomerate are Aesir, Loki and Tyr, not to forget Yggdrasil, that 
great ash tree whose roots and branches supposedly hold together the universe. Also in the picture, engirdled by a huge serpent, is Midgard, 
which represents the earth, and regarded as midway between heaven and hell. The Werewolves also play an important part in this droll and 
confused mythology, which, strangely, the Odinists have selected as their representation of the true "Aryan soul." 

There are three aspects of this peculiar choice that we want to take a closer look at, namely (a) of all the thousands of myths and folklore with 
which the White Race is so richly endowed, why should anyone want to choose that of the Norse? (b) what, precisely, is the "Aryan soul", and 
what group represents it, and what meaning, if any, does the word "Aryan" have? and, (c) instead of asking "Can we still say God?" a better 
question in this enlightened and scientific age might be: do we still need to play with imaginary spooks, White or otherwise? 

Let us examine (a) first, and make a partial list of thousands (myths, legends, folklores and dead religions to which the present day White Race 
is heir. 

A. Myths, Legends and Folklore of the White Race. 

1. Probably two of the greatest of the very ancient literary epic are Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, dating back to the 8th century B.C.E. 
They are rich in heroism, drama and virtues characteristic of the White Race. Much better than the Norse myths. 

2. The Greek Pantheism and Mythology are rich, colorful and interesting. 

3. Roman Pantheism and Mythology. Many of these are a take-off of the Greek models, but have Romanized names and many gods and 
goddesses are essentially Roman. Both Greek and Roman gods and mythology are wholly White in essence and evolved before Jewish 
Christianity contaminated their "pagan" gods. Both much superior to Norse mythology, and preceded the latter by approximately a thousand 

4. Teutonic Mythology. I have a four-volume set of books by Jacob Grimm, (1785-1863) entitled, "Teutonic Mythology," a total of 1,887 pages. 
Whereas some of these interweave with Viking myths, they are essentially separate and much more extensive. 

5. The Sacred Books of Hinduism. These consist of such classics as (a) The Vedas (b) The Brahmans (c) The Upanishads (d) The Bhagavad- 
Gita and (f) Epics and Puranas (See "Hinduism", Racial Loyalty No. 30). These were all written by "Aryans," but great literature though they be, 
they failed to stop the "Aryans" from race-mixing and being drowned in a sea of mud. An interesting side-note is the fact that bits and pieces of 
Norse mythology stem from these earlier "Aryan" writings. 

6. The British Edda (See L.A. Waddelt's classic by the same name). These stories recapitulate the Epic Poem of the Ancient Britons, the 

exploits of King Thor, Arthur (or Adam) and his Knights in establishing civilization, reforming Eden and capturing the Holy Grail. Great literature 
that supposedly goes back as far as 3380 B.C.E. 

7. Aesops Fables that go back to the times of Ancient Egypt. In my opinion there is more good advice and common sense contained in these 
short and simple stories than all the Viking myths combined. 

8. Donald A. MacKenzie has put out a book that is a collection of German myths and Legends (different from Grimms collection of Teutonic 

9. There is the Nibelungenlied around which Wagner built his "Ring" of four operas. 

10. There are Irish myths, Scottish myths and legends, there are Rumanian myths (Dracula, etc.), there is a large collection of Hans Christian 
Anderson's Fairy Tales. There are the Mother Goose Rhymes, in which I am sure, if you looked hard enough you could find some kernels of 
wisdom. In fact, just about any and every country had their set of myths and legends, whether they are White or not. Even the Indians and the 
Mexicans have theirs. 

So, with such a large selection on the menu, with such a vast array of myths and legends that originated with the White Race, what is so 
special about the Viking myths? 

The answer is: not much. It is not a great choice. 

B. Who or what represents the "Aryan soul?" 

The word Aryan has been widely bandied about in the White Man's literature. Such people as Houston Stewart Chamberlain in "Foundations of 
the 19th Century" and Alfred Rosenberg in "Mythos of the 20th Century" have used the word extensively. However, it was brought into first rate 
prominence by Hitler and the Nazi Party during their hegemony in Germany, in fact, to such an extent that in the minds of the present White 
world the term "Aryan" is closely associated with Nazism. 

We of the Church of the Creator shun the word, for several good reasons, but basically because the term is so vague and ill-defined that it is 
practically meaningless. Like the word "spirit" used so profusely by the Christians, it, too, is widely used, but nobody knows what it means, if 

I tried to look up the word in two encyclopedias I have and it wasn't even listed. Finally, I looked it up in an old Britannica (1929) and found a 
short paragraph on it. ARYANS: This word is used by some of the "Satem" speakers of Indo-European languages with the meaning of "noble" 
and is the name of one of the tribes of these people. As Sir George Grierson points out, "Indians and Iranians who are descended from an Indo- 
European stock have a perfect right to call themselves Aryans but we English have not." 

The paragraph ends with this admonition: There is not a better or more striking example in science than this (Aryans) of the danger of affixing 
labels without due scrutiny and intelligent discrimination. 

The Nazis, too, never really defined the word, but it had the implication of a Nordic type of people, with blue eyes and blonde hair, but even this 
they did not clarify. If that is what it was meant to imply, many of the most prominent Nazis and Fascists would not qualify. Hitler was not 
blonde, neither was Goebbels, nor Himmler, nor Mussolini. Expanding this to whole nationalities, most of the White Race would not qualify. It 
would exclude most of the Austrians, the Italians, the French, the Slavs and a hundred million others. So why make such a fetish of the word 
when its meaning is so obscure? 

We Creators use the terms White Race, White Man, etc., as our standard definition of the people we espouse and for whom the religion of 
Creativity was conceived. We mean to accomplish for all the White nations of the world what Hitler did for the Germans. We want to unite them 
into one powerful massive steamroller with which to smash the Jewish monster. The word Aryan will not do. We discard it as not only being 
useless, but also as a detrimental roadblock in achieving this great and noble goal. 

Now for the Odinists to say that the Viking myths represent the "Aryan soul" is a lot of nonsense. Just whose soul are they talking about? The 
Nordics? The Austrians? The French? The Polish? The Hungarians? If we were to carefully catalogue the innermost feelings, the "souls" of all 
the White Europeans, we would find there is no one common "soul." We would find that not only would the different people "feel" and "cling" to 
thousands of different myths, fables, legends and folklores, but even in one and the same country there would be a vast diversity. The most 
common denominator, if any, would be alien Jewish Christianity, and even this is splintered and fragmented into a thousand different bits and 

So let us forget about trying to represent or find the "Aryan soul." In the first place Aryan is next to meaningless, and secondly, if it is meant to 
imply the White Race, there is no common "soul" that represents it. The best we can do is to construct a common religion that is in the best 
interests of all members of the White Race, one that all can intelligently embrace and then rally the White Race through long and arduous 
propaganda and enlightenment to accept it as their own. 

This is what we are trying to do in promoting Creativity, the White Man's religion. 

Before we leave this subject, let me make one further cogent comment. We have often been criticized that the term "White Race" is an 
imprecise, unscientific description. Granted, it is. But then the White Race as such consists of a polyglot, imprecise group, or groups of people, 
with only certain common attributes (other than the color of their skin.) The Austrians are different from the Nordic Germans, who arc different 
from the French, from the Irish, from the Italians, etc. So there is no precise definition. Nevertheless, it is the best there is. Everybody knows 
what and where the Atlantic Ocean is, but its boundaries too, become vague where it merges Into the North Sea, or the Caribbean, or the 
Pacific. So, too, with the White Race. Everybody knows what the White Race is, although its fringe boundries are somewhat obscure, and of 
some of which we are not too proud. 

C. Do we still need spooks? 

The Odinists evidently take the position that for some reason spooks are good for us. Why, they don't explain. Somehow to have a religion in 
which you, too, have a set of gods that you can bandy about, is a big asset, they say, even if you know they are phony. 

We Creators take a dim view of such nonsense. We don't need a belief of spooks, we don't need a belief in Santa Claus and as grownup 
intelligent adults we don't need a pacifier to suck on. It is this silly hangover from our primitive Stone Age ancestors that has so confused and 
distorted man's thinking over the millenniums and caused so much havoc and misery. 

So let's have done with the spookie nonsense. Let's go about our business and solve our problems the way they have always been solved 
correctly - by means of our intelligence, by means of reason and logic. In so doing, let us learn from the greatest teacher of all time - by 
observing the laws and workings of Nature. 

Speaking of Nature, there is one other point to which we take exception with the Odinists. They claim that by reverting back to the ancient 
Norse gods they are more closely aligned with Nature. Not so. Any gods, spooks or spirits are not Nature. They are an un- natural aberration of 
the mind. They arc not in harmony with Nature, but supposedly operating supernaturally, i.e., outside the Laws of Nature. So when someone 
tells us that what they call god or God is really the same as what we call Nature, we disagree. What they are spouting is an anomaly, a 
contradiction. We say: make up your mind. Do you believe in spooks or do you believe in the Laws of Nature? 


We believe the Odinists are a fine, intelligent group of people, and we want to remind them that the grim racial battle for the survival of our race 
is a desperate race for time, energy and resources. We cannot afford to indulge in childish games, nor dillydally in any half real, half make- 
believe fantasies on cloud nine. We cannot afford to do so any more than a fighting army can afford to indulge in LSD, go into battle half-stoned 
and expect to win battles against a deadly and determined enemy. We appeal to you, we implore you, forget about the spooks (even if they are 
White) and join with the Church of the Creator in a planned, militant, fully structured creed and program that is based on reality, on logic, on 
common sense and the wisdom derived from the Eternal Laws of Nature. We need you and you need us. Together we can wage a meaningful 
racial war and win. 


A religion that failed to withstand the Jewish-Christian onslaught a thousand years ago cannot reasonably be expected to roll it back now, 
under conditions a thousand times more adverse. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Comparative Religions - Part XII - Odinism 

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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Odinism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 

A. Basis of Belief. 

What Odinists profess to believe in is rather vague and undefined. They claim to believe in a pantheon of Viking gods, of which Odin, a one- 
eyed old man, is the father. Built around this pantheon is a random collection of myths and fairy tales. While the Odinists claim this is the basis 
of their religion, they readily admit that they don't REALLY believe in these fairy tales. So where are we? 

There is no recognized official text or literature, or even a set of beliefs in capsulate form. 

Creativity on the other hand has clearly spelled out its militant creed, programs, philosophy and religion in Three Basic Books: Nature's Eternal 
Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious living. This is further amplified with two supplementary books. Expanding Creativity and 
Building a Whiter and Brighter World. 

B. Goals and Objectives. 

The basic goal of Creativity is clear and militant: to provide the White Race with a powerful racial religion (such as Judaism has pro- vided for 
the Jews) and unite the White Race into one powerful battering ram (as Hitler did for the Germans some 50 years ago) and smash the Jewish 
behemoth. We are determined to do this and have the White Race again take full control of their own destiny. From there on out it is our goal to 
upgrade the genetic quality of our race (through our program of Eugenics) and expand the White Race at the expense of the mud races. We 
intend to keep building a Whiter and Brighter world. 

Outside of promoting racial awareness, the goals of Odinism are as nebulous as is its religious creed. They do have social gatherings, drink 
mead (because the Norse drank mead) and discuss imaginary Viking exploits and folklore. 

C. Racial Attitude. 

The racial attitudes of Odinism and Creativity are both pro-White, although the Odinists like to talk about Aryanism instead, a next to 
meaningless word, as I have already explained in the main article. In any case. Creativity is more militantly pro-White, and more militantly anti- 
Jew, anti-nigger and anti-mud. It is the unswerving goal of Creativity to not only fight for the survival of the White Race but to expand our 
numbers until we inhabit all the benign territory of Planet Earth. At the same time it is our constant goal to upgrade not only the quality of our 
White gene pool, but also the quality of our environment and the quality of life itself for the White Race. 

To sum up: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. 

D. The basic question we pose is this: 

If Odinism did not have the intellectual and spiritual strength to hold its own against Jewish Christianity a thousand years ago when the Vikings 
had Europe at its mercy, what would lead any reasonable person to believe it can now reverse the situation under conditions that are a 
thousand times more unfavorable than they were then? Why would anyone want to resurrect an ancient failure from the scrap heap of history? 

When you encounter CREATIVITY for the first time in your life, you're presented with a Cause towards which you can finally dedicate Total 

Revolution, anarchy and turmoil throughout the world: it doesn't just happen. They are instigated by JOG, executed by the CIA, and paid for by 
the White American Taxpayer, the ultimate patsy 


Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be - Will it help promote CREATIVITY? 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 n 

Odinism vs. Creativity -A Comparison 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

A Letter to Ms. Else Christensen Inviting the Odinists to Join With Us 

Ms. Else Christiansen 
The Odinist Fellowship 
Crystal River, FL 

Dear Ms. Christiansen, 

Thank you very much for sending the three booklets on Odinism, and also many thanks for your letter of February 27. 

I don't know if you remember me, but we met accidently at Bob DePugh's meeting, 1977, in Kansas City. We were sitting beside each other in 
the audience and introduced ourselves. 

Mrs. Christensen, I have no "beef" against the Odinists, and I am completely with Voltaire when he said "I may violently .disagree with what you 
say, but I will defend unto death your right to say It." Although I disagree violently with all the spooks-in-the-sky religions that clutter up man's 
thinking, the White Man's in particular, I have the least disagreement with, and the most respect for, the Odinists. I believe they are among the 
finer and more intelligent members of the White Race, and I believe you are aware that I have said so on several previous occasions. 

If you have read my editorial in Racial Loyalty No. 32 entitled "HUBRIS, HUBRIS," I believe that you will understand what my overriding 
concern is all about. If you have not, I will state it briefly. It is this: Unless the White Race polarizes into one united battering ram (one party, 
one movement, one religion, or whatever) soon, to smash the Jewish monster, it will soon be all over for the White Race. I cite the Nazi 
movement in Germany as a prime example, but history has many others. 

We Creators do not believe that Odinism inherently has the credo, the philosophy nor the program to do that job. Neither does the Identity 
movement, or any of the other White Racial movements on the scene today. 

If Odinism had it, I would dump my hubris tomorrow and join with you. The fact is that the Odinists of the Viking days hardly even knew what a 
Jew was, and when the cunning Jewish onslaught (in the form of Christianity) came along, they had no defense against it. It was, in fact, like 
taking candy from a baby. 

Now I'll readily admit that most Odinist members of today are far ahead of their creed in this respect, but that's beside the point. Odinism itself 
inherently doesn't have it, any more than the Roman and Greek religions of Zeus, Neptune and what have you. Those same Odinist members 
would be ten times as effective had they a more comprehensive and militant creed and program to lead them, a better vehicle to ride in. 

Let me ask you seriously - how many "Odinists" really believe in the archaic Norse gods? If so, who is kidding whom? 

Hubris or no hubris, in Creativity we have it all. Just as Hitler designed and constructed National Socialism from ground zero specially tailored 
to unite the Germans and overcome communism and the Jews, so, too, do we now have a specially constructed racial religion to unite the 
White Race on a worldwide basis, and build a powerful racial steamroller with which to smash the Jewish monster. No hocus-pocus, no deceit, 
no make-believe, no silly games. Just damn good logic, common sense and militancy based on the massive problems at hand, based on 

We don't want to quarrel with you or any other Odinist members. We like you. We want you to join with us because you need us and we need 
you, if either of us is to survive. 

The question you must ask yourself is this: which is more important - salvaging your own little hubris, or salvaging the White Race, including all 
our future progeny that is coming up? 

Depending on what we do now, our future generations are going to be either eternally grateful for turning this sick world around, or they are 
going to curse us in our graves for the hellish mess we left them. 


Creatively yours, 
Ben Klassen, P.M. 

This letter was mailed March 26. Since no reply was received until May 8, we could not include it in this issue, but we did print it in a later issue. 
Here is her reply: 

May 8, 1986 

Dear Mr. Klassen: 

Thanks very much for your letter of March 26/86. I appreciate your straight talk and I think we can trust each other enough to keep it on that 

First let me tell you that I have been accused of being an Odinist who doesn't believe in Odin; and of course this is true; I do not 'believe' any of 
the gods exist in the same way the Christians say they believe their god exists, or any of his three parts. What the gods represent to us is the 
natural forces, the universal powers, good or bad human traits. We might say when the thunder rolls - 'My, Thor is busy today!' but no sane 
Odinist believes that the god is traveling across the heavens in the goat-drawn chariot; to us Thor at that point is a reminder of the terrific 
powerful forces of Nature. 

I would like to go back to one sentence in your letter - You say Those same Odinists would be ten times as effective had they a more 
comprehensive and militant creed...' You overlook the fact that these people don't want to be 'more effective' and yet they need something 
upon which to base their moral concepts. Odinism is that base. The belief we present is undogmatic, so people can chose how they want to 
see the gods; if they want the crutch, it's there. If they have progressed so that they can stand on their own two feet, the religion will let them do 
just that. 

At the same time Odinism gives them an opportunity to light candles, to celebrate the seasons or other such 'days,' giving them an occasion to 
get together in an informal, friendly atmosphere. For, believe me, one thing our folk needs is companionship, to be among their own kind with a 
common purpose. And logic is not going to do it entirely. Odinism cannot, and should not, go against logic, but there must be something for the 
emotions as well, and this is what the gods provide. 

You refer to Hitler; what he provided for the German people was solidarity, emotional involvement, inspiration, but these feelings are not 
rational. Man is (unfortunately) not a rational being; there are degrees, of course, but most people are directed by their emotions, not by their 

I believe that we need to fight on all fronts; your creed is built up logically and appeals to some people; Odinism, from the Fellowship's point of 
view, gives something for the emotions and at the same time also is acceptable to people with a rather good rational sense. The Asatru Free 
Assembly has more for the emotions than both you and we have, but they are not that far down the irrational path that their version cannot be 
acceptable to people with a fair sense of rationality. It's not a very good explanation but I hope you understand what I'm trying to show. We 
need to work on all fronts; what one organization cannot do, the people they cannot reach, one of the other two can (I hope). 

We have members who are also members of the AFA; I gather simply because they think we do not have enough rituals and ceremonies 
(which I keep to a minimum); and obviously they have a need for some emotional expression. That's good, Steve can provide that and they do 
not need to go to the Moonies, the Hare Krishnas or the Christian churches; they can stay within a religion that is based primarily on our 
cultural heritage. They can follow the code of conduct as it is expressed in the Havamal and the code will not be imposed from some outside 
'god' but from within, from their own intellect. And when they first understand this, when they feel the racial solidarity and have an emotional 
basis for their inborn inclination, then political action will follow. It takes time to get that far, but it'll come. 

It is our destiny to be born in a historic period where the present cultural period is dying; it will still take maybe a couple of more centuries 
before the final collapse. The new has not been born yet, but I hope and believe that we are today doing the groundwork for the foundation 
upon which the new basis for the religious/philosophical moral concepts will be built. They will have to be racial, discriminatory, self-assertive, 

It is a shame that we haven't in English been able to stay with the, or get a better translation of, the German idea of 'Das Gottliche'; the godly is 
neuter, it is beyond gods and goddesses, and certainly a far cry from the Christian 3-in-one god. 

I remember we met many years ago but never really had time to talk; it would be nice some day to have the occasion to sit down and exchange 
a few thoughts, I believe we would come to an understanding. 

Before I finish, I'll have to add that I know that what I've been saying here is not understood by all Odinists; we have them right from the stage 
where they just want to exchange Odin for Jesus and carry on business as usual, so to speak. Many do not understand the depth of the beliefs 
or the potential they have. But everything takes time; it's a big jump from the Christian creed which most of us have been brought up in, and to 
a mature understanding of our emotional and intellectual needs, and then to absorb this understanding in an intelligent manner. As the saying 
goes, Rome was not built in one day, neither is Odinism. And as society changes and our culture becomes more and more distorted, we may 
have to change our approach somewhat; our enemy is flexible in the sense that he uses all physical and psychological methods available to 
him; we must do the same. 

I hope this makes some sense to you and it might be expressed better but maybe you get an impression of what we're trying to do. 

Else Christensen 
The Odinist Fellowship 
Crystal River, FL 32629 

(Ed. Note: Thank you, Mrs. Christensen, for a forthright and informative description of Odinism. I look forward to meeting with you again soon in 
a friendly exchange of views.) 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 r-j^- 

A Letter to Ms. Else Christensen Inviting the Odinists to Join With Us 






Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Conclusion of Our Series 

This issue concludes our 1 2 part series on Comparative Religions. In our series we have tried to point out several cogent characteristics of 
religion and compared them to our own, Creativity. 

One of the observations is that practically all other religions, whether ancient, medieval or modern, are man-made, all promote spookcraft and 
are constructed on a flimsy base of deception, lies and superstition. In general, they deserve neither the awe, loyalty or respect that a foolish 
and gullible mankind has been all too willing to give them. 

On the other hand, we have also pointed out repeatedly that religions have had a powerful, if not major, effect on the course of history, 
unfortunately and invariably to the detriment of the White Race. Why? Because the White Race has never had a truly racial religion of its own, 
such as do the Jews, the Mohammedans, and even the Black Muslims. 

Now the White Race does have such a religion in Creativity, comprehensive, fully-structured for the benefit of the White Race and the White 
Race alone. I hope it is not too late for the White Race to realize this phenomenon, to fully understand it, embrace it and polarize around it for 
its own salvation. The basic question is this: is the White Man's brain already too heavily encrusted with the barnacles of deceptive Jewish 
shibboleths, of spooks and ancient hangovers for the White Man to be able to think straight and fight his way out of his present predicament? It 
is our unswerving, irrevocable determination to pursue this fight, to scrape off the barnacles, to straighten out the White Man's scrambled 
thinking and unite our race under the one mighty banner of Creativity. Rahowa! 

Roman Catholicism is the original wellspring of all 
Some even call it the Church of the Devil. 

repeat, ALL subsequent Christian religions, thousands of which now rabidly denounce it. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 35 - May 1986 

Conclusion of Our Series 








Racial Loyalty Issue 36 - June 1986 

Saving Our Planet - Part III - Clean Drinking Water a Scarce Commodity 

We began this book with the article RAHOWA! since that is what this book is all about. Here is the rest of Issue No. 36. 

Saving our Precious Planet from becoming a Poisonous Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty 

Part III: Clean Drinking Water A Scarce Commodity 

Supposing we were able to man a spaceship and roam throughout the vast universe in search of another planet that had all the right 
combinations of components that make life viable on good old Planet Earth. Even though we embarked on voyages to other galaxies, I doubt 
whether we would ever find another such genial environment in 1 billion years. This combination consists of the right temperatures, the right 
gravity, soil, elements, atmosphere, water, as well as thousands of other vital components of which we are not even aware. 

But of all these that make Planet Earth unique and such a viable place to live, it, is our vast atmosphere and the abundance of water that are 
the major contributions to life on this planet. Certainly no other planet in our solar system has anything like it to generate or sustain life. In fact, 
science has pretty well determined that no other exists on any of our companion planets in our solar system. It my opinion that life such as we 
experience here on Planet Earth not duplicated anywhere else in the universe, and that we are unique. Nor do I believe that we are being 
visited by little green men from outer space " or have been in the past, or will be in the near future. 

Be that as it may, up until very recent times we have taken our major assets, fresh air and fresh water, so for granted we scarcely them a 
second thought. We assumed both commodities to be such vast and boundless quantities, we took them for granted and as natural as 
breathing in and out. But no more. As the song goes -- never miss the water until the well goes dry. 

Today we want to examine the water situation on this Planet - our one and only home. The well is not only going dry in some places, but in 
many others it is being turned into a cesspool. An overcrowded planet, too many people, too much industry and technology, and criminally 
irresponsible housekeeping on a worldwide scale are rapidly turning both of these, our greatest assets, into a polluted garbage dump, unfit for 
human consumption. 

I read the morning paper. In the same issue I find on one page that "Large illegal chemical dump found," that 1 ,700 drums of chemical poisons 
have been dumped on some abandoned site on a farm in Georgia. Apparently these have been surreptitiously transported from some 
bankrupted chemical company in Tennessee, during many midnight forays. On another page I read "Soviets try to deaden nuclear reactor. 
Scientists fear a 'China Syndrome' with the hot nuclear molten mass burning its way down towards the center of the earth and on its way 
polluting vast quantities of underground water supplies." Meanwhile, millions of square miles of the atmosphere are being polluted with nuclear 
radiation that endangers not only vast areas of Russia itself, but also the nearby countries of Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Poland and 
others. The jet streams in the upper atmosphere are even carrying the radiation to the United States, but, "our" government tells us, we have 
nothing to worry about. (Do you still believe anything JOG says?) On another page I read a little item by Evans and Novak that says, quote: 
"Top secret White House Information strongly hints that many of the thousand Russians evacuated - 36 hours later - from the nuclear power 
town of Chernobyl will die of radiation exposure. That horrible possibility, not planned to be made public by the U.S. government, results from a 
long gap between the nuclear explosion and the beginning of evacuation a day and a half later. One Soviet specialist here believes the 
radiation victims will be shipped to remote towns to die forgotten and unknown." 

Another item, next day, same paper, tells of the prolonged drought in our area, North Carolina, Georgia, and the southeastern United States in 
general, and how a week old forest fire in eastern North Carolina has already devoured 73 thousand acres of forest land and is still going 

Another Item: Forests are dying in many parts of the country, due to acid rain and due to thousands of tons of nitrogen oxides and sulfur 
dioxides being spewed into the air daily. Dumped into our atmosphere, they do not stay there. They come back down as either dry acidic 
powder, or as nitric or sulfuric acid with rain, snow or fog. And because of our moving atmosphere, it does not necessarily come down in the 
area that produced it. Hence, some international and regional disputes. 

Another item: Poisoned wells. For instance, TCE (Trichloroethylene), a common chemical used as a solvent and having dozens of other uses 
for the last 60 years, is now found to be highly carcinogenic and has seeped its way into the ground water in most of the wells in the country. 
But it is not the only substance. At least 22 other cancer-causing chemicals and 1 000 organic chemicals have intruded into the tap water we 

So there we have It. Polluted water on the surface, polluted water in the skies and polluted water under the ground. 

Water. Yes, Indeed, It is a precious substance. It makes up 77 percent of an infant's body, 59 percent of a child's body and between 45 and 65 
percent of an adult's body. An obese person might be able to go without food for 1 20 days, but not without water. They would be dead in five 
days, or in a hot dry climate, in about half that time. 

Water. There is a lot of it, but precious little of it clean enough to drink. Three quarters of the earth's surface is covered by it. Only .01 percent of 
the planet's water is in the atmosphere, whereas the bulk of it, 97.2 percent, is in the oceans and inland seas. Another 2.15 percent is locked 
up in ice-caps and glaciers, and a remaining .64 percent is liquid fresh water that is available to us in groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams and 
surface soil. 

When we say fresh water, we should modify that and say it used to be relatively fresh and clean, but no more. It is almost impossible to find 
any unpolluted water anywhere near an inhabited area, now in the 1 980's. Hundreds of contaminants now pollute our "fresh water" reserves. 
Concentrations of such metals as copper, cadmium, zinc, lead, mercury, and hundreds of toxic commercial chemicals, (as well as the TCE 
already mentioned) now pollute our water resources. 

Many people are still under the mistaken impression that, well, at least in the cities, where our water has been processed by the municipal 
"treatment plants" it is safe to drink. Not so, my friend. 

A recent study was made by the General Accounting Office (GAO) to provide Congress with facts about our drinking water. The study included 
446 water supply systems in six states. Of those 446, only 60 systems met the Federal standards set for interstate planes, trains and buses. 
That's only 13.5 percent. But that does not mean that even that 13.5 percent of the systems had good water, only it passed minimum 

There is one other pernicious factor about "treated" water that the government does not protect you from, and that is the addition of such 
chemicals as chlorine, and, in thousands of systems, fluorides, that are deliberately added in order to presumably kill "bacteria." In most cases 
the chlorine and fluorides, both deadly poisons, are more dangerous than the bacteria they are supposed to kill. 

We could go on analyzing both the identity and quantities of chemical poisons, not to mention the radioactive poisons, in our drinking water, but 
it would be a non-productive pursuit. I have already adequately covered the ominous aspect of pollution from chemical poisons (Issue No. 26) 
and of radio-active poisons (Issue No. 27) that contaminate our Planet Earth, and how we are reaching an absolute dead-end in this insane 
desecration of this unique, beautiful planet with which Nature has provided us. 

The question is: what are we going to do about it? 

In this respect there are two parts to the problem, (a) the short-range amelioration and survival until our Planet Earth is cleaned up, and (b) a 
total, fundamental and basic long-range solution to the whole worldwide pollution problem. This means restructuring our whole social, 
economic and racial thinking. Only then will we be able to restore our Planet to the clean and beautiful environment It once had, and make it a 
fit place for a proud and orderly White Race to live. 

Let us tackle the short-range problem first, and say that as long as we have a Jew-dominated government and society worldwide, the problem 
will not be solved, it will get worse, much worse. The population problem will escalate, the mud peoples will desecrate an increasingly larger 
area of our planet, and both the toxic chemical wastes and the radioactive wastes will burgeon to ever more intolerable levels. 

So what can we, the White Race, do about drinking water? We can do two things: first, go to drinking distilled water, which is what my family is 
doing. This can be done by either buying bottled distilled water at the supermarkets, or setting up your own household distiller. I have done 
both. For several years we used our own small distiller, until one day the safety-feature on it malfunctioned and nearly burned our house down. 
We have been buying bottled distilled water ever since. 

The second thing we must do until such time as we get the world restructured is to reassess our whole approach to our fresh water resources. 
We must come to grips with the fact that the amount of fresh water we have available to us is strictly limited, that we are wasting a lot of it, 
polluting the rest, and there just is not enough to go around. We must do a better job of housekeeping - utilization and management of the fresh 
water available to us. Worldwide, 75 percent of the available fresh water supply is used for irrigation. Much of this comes from dwindling 
underground aquifers, such as the vast Ogallala aquifer in the Midwestern Plains, and the now almost exhausted San Joaquin Valley in 

A partial answer to the irrigation problem is that if we (in the United States) changed our obsession about feeding all the freeloaders of the 
world and just took care of our own, we would not need to produce such a surplus of foods, and need much less irrigated farmland. Secondly, If 
we changed over to scientifically planned organic farming, we would produce more nutritious food, and hardly need any irrigation at all. 

About 40 percent of all water piped into homes Is used (or wasted) by the flush toilet - one of our proud hallmarks of civilization. The most 
negative aspect of this is that some of the effluent becomes part of the water supply to those who live downstream. The average person using 
a flush toilet contaminates 13 thousand gallons of fresh water a year to wash away 165 gallons of sewage. Multiply that by 180 million people 
using such In the United States alone, and you have some idea of the dimensions of this problem. 

A better, more efficient and less wasteful means must replace the flush toilet. There are already better systems available, and ever better 
means could be devised if we set our minds to it. 

Let me reiterate what I have pointed out any number of times before: none of these problems will ever be solved as long as the Jewish 
behemoth is in control of the world. In fact, pollution, crowding, famine and anarchy will get worse, much worse, until and unless the White Man 
forcefully regains and takes charge of his own destiny. And unless he does this soon, it will be too late. We will only have a crowded, poisoned, 
polluted, radioactive planet to cling to, one in which the White Race will soon no longer be able to survive. The point of no return is rapidly 

Therefore we must go back to square one: 

1. Build up the World Church of the Creator to one dynamic, aroused, unified battering ram, a powerful tool in the hands of the White Man with 
which to smash the Jewish monster. 

2. Take charge of our own destiny, practice racial teamwork and stop subsidizing the mud races and freeloaders of the world. 

3. The latter will then soon wither on the vine and the world population will shrink back to what it can comfortably support on a perpetual stable 
basis, probably about one-fifth of today's crowded five billion. 

4. From there on out the problems can, and will, be solved. We can then go to work systematically and efficiently in cleaning up our precious 
Planet Earth to where it will again be a wholesome, healthy and beautiful place for our future progeny to live and to prosper for the next million 

If we are ever to restore this Planet Earth to its original pristine beauty and fecundity, there is only one answer - RAHOWA! Total racial warfare, 



Even if we overcome the mud races, it will be of little benefit to our future progeny if all we leave them is a Planet that is no more than a 
poisoned garbage dump. 

Salubrious Living is a life style that is sound, safe, sane and sensible - the only way to go. 

Racial Loyalty Issue 36 - June 1986 

Saving Our Planet - Part III - Clean Drinking Water a Scarce Commodity 

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Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

The Holy Trinity 

Don't Worship It. Instead, Become One. 

A Meaningful Program for putting Muscle into the White Racial Movement. 

While professing to have a monotheistic religion, the Christians have their "Holy Trinity," a three-god complex, which is the central object of 
their worship. It consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This three-god complex represents the ultimate in power and glory, in 
wisdom and in idolization. Any words (supposedly) emanating from the Ups of the Holy Trinity are to be obeyed without question, and woe 
betide any sinner who dares to challenge the authority or the power from up on high. So intimidated arc the gullible "believers" that neither the 
wisdom, nor the authenticity, nor even the existence of that supposedly "Almighty" power is ever questioned. 

Getting back to the world of reality, we find that even without being on "Cloud Nine" and without being a believer in spooks, there Is a sort of 
"Holy Trinity" that pulls the strings and wields power far beyond its entitlement. This they are able to do because the general public, like the 
spook chasers, "believes" in them. Like the "other worldly" religions, their premises are based on fraudulent dogma, and their power rest on lies 
and deceit. 

If you were to take a street survey to find out what three professions were regarded as the most prestigious and the most influential in our 
everyday life, undoubtedly the ministerial (religious) profession, the medical profession and the legal profession would rank high on the list. We 
are talking about the preacher, the doctor and the lawyer. These three, although highly controversial, and no necessarily loved by everyone, do 
carry a tremendous amount of clout in the affairs of men. 

It is our objective to take a closer look at all three of these professions, callings and/or businesses, and make an incisive analysis as to how 
these three (whom we will designate as the "Holy Trinity") fit into the philosophical pattern of the Church of the Creator. We also want to 
examine their past records and see if they have honestly earned their prestige, and if they have been helpful, or detrimental to the White Race 
in the pursuit of their "callings." 

In analyzing these professions we find that all three have much in common, and all three have been thoroughly steeped in the Jewish milieu of 
what they profess, in contrast, to what they actually deliver. 

Here are some of the many traits and characteristics they have in common. 

1 . All three profess to be "serving" mankind in a generous, charitable dedication to help work for the improvement of society and the common 

(a) The preacher claims that he is engaged in the noble "calling" (from God, no less) of saving souls from hell, of improving the public morals, 
and helping to build a better society. 

(b) The doctor professes to uphold his Hippocratic oath and help the sick and the ailing, to help them to better physical health and mental 

(c) The lawyer claims to help people in legal troubles, to uphold the law and serve justice, and to protect the individual's constitutional and civil 

The fact is all three are crassly mercenary, selling deceit and double-talk. Their main interest is taking in money and ripping off the public. 

2. In actuality all three are a highly commercialized business, so much so, in fact, that they are a deleterious racket, intruding on the personal 
lives of people who "believe" in them. For this blind faith the public has in them, all three extract a heavy fee from their gullible victims. 

3. All three are based on highly concocted conjectural dogma, each in their own category. This dogma is then heavily fortified with, and 
defended by, massive propaganda, much of it for more than two thousand years. Each will not only vociferously defend their dogma, but will 
brook no opposition. In the case of the doctors and the lawyers, they have gone further, and formed tightly knit unions, a closed shop, as it 
were, and will viciously attack either by ostracism, legal actions, deprivation of license, and/or other penalties to keep any outsiders from cutting 
into their racket. 

The Catholic Church, during the Dark Ages, had the tightest "closed shop" of all. It not only used ostracism and excommunication against those 
recalcitrant members who would not toe the official line of their current dogma, but used the ultimate in terror to enforce its creed. The 
thumbscrew and the rack, burning at the stake, and other such gentle means of persuasion were the order of the day. 

Whereas today's fractured churches no longer have the supreme monopoly on using force and terror, nevertheless, ostracism and 
excommunication are still used very effectively by the Catholics, the Mormons and several other Christian cults. 

4. All three of these rackets cut deeply into the private life of each citizen, and all three owe their basic attitude, their long-standing dogma to 
the treacherous influence of the Jewish power structure. 

5. Furthermore, the medical and legal professions are heavily staffed by Jews. The percentage of Jewish doctors and and Jewish lawyers far 
exceeds that which their percentage of the total population would warrant. But more than that, the control of the American Medical Association 
(AMA) at the top, whether on the local, state, or national level, is overwhelmingly Jewish. The same thing is true with the legal profession. The 

predominance of Jewish judges, the Bar Association's control of lawyer's guilds, of legal publications, all are heavily staffed with Jews, Jews 
and more Jews. 

In the case of Christian preachers, the Jews, of course, cannot openly be a Christian preacher and a Jew at the same time. Nevertheless, the 
Jews wrote the Christian bible and told the Christian preachers to go out into the world and peddle the idea that the Jews, and the Jews only, 
were God's Chosen. This the Christian idiots have been doing faithfully for nearly two thousand years. Furthermore, through such organizations 
as the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, the Conference of Christians and Jews, and hundreds of other "Christian" 
organizations the Jews lay a heavy hand on the doctrinal teaching of the goyim, all of which leads to the worship of the Jews and the Jewish 
Yahweh, and the glorification of modern day Israel, today's foremost parasite. 

Also the publication of most of the Christian literature, such as model sermons, monthly publications, or whatever, is in the hands of the Jews. 
This is true whether it be the bible thumping Baptists, or the Presbyterians, or the Episcopalians, or the Mormons, or even the Mennonites. 
Back of it all is the hidden hand of the Jew. 

6. All three professions are based on deceptive dogmas, on blatant lies. They are based on the con-artist's approach of "TRUST ME," never 
mind the evidence. 

7. All three professions prey on the gullibility and superstitions of mankind. They capitalize on the misery and weaknesses of the human race, 
not by solving their problems, but by exacerbating and compounding them, and even inventing phony problems that don't exist. A prime 
example of the latter is a Christian preacher convincing his gullible victim that he is going to "hell," a fictitious idea that has no basis in reality. It 
is, in fact, a horrendous concept invented by the Jewish scriptwriters by which they have over the centuries gained a handle on the minds of 
hundreds of millions of the goyim. We will have more to say about this in the following paragraphs. 

8. According to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, specifically No. 6, it is the objective of the Jews to consolidate all the reins of power into 
fewer and fewer hands, which are, of course, Jewish hands. (See Page 217, Nature's Eternal Religion.) All three of the "Holy Trinities" are 
doing just that so that more and more centralized control can be exercised from above. 

9. All three of these mercenary con-games are not financially rewarded by solving your problem as quickly and as easily as possible, even If 
they could. On the contrary, it is in their financial interest to exacerbate, compound and prolong your problem, imaginary or real, as long as 
possible, and extract the maximum fee in so doing. 

In summation of these nine points, let me say this: All three professions are based on deceit, on fraudulent lies, designed to exploit the goyim, 
particularly the White Race. Behind them all lies the hid- den hand of the perfidious Jew in his fanatic obsession to destroy the White Race and 
enslave the mongrelized product. 

Let us examine in further detail how this is being done, and take each of the professions or "callings" one at a time. 

A. The Christian Preachers. 

The Christian bible, both the "Old" and the "New" Testament, were written by Jewish scribblers. The "Old" Testament was supposedly written 
by such characters as Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Micah, Obadiah, Solomon and a passel of other Jews, all of 
whose names are alien and repugnant to the Innermost essence and nature of the White Race. Furthermore, as far as authentic history is 
concerned, with perhaps the exception of David and Solomon, all are fictitious and unheard of. I have grave doubts that such people as Moses, 
Joshua, and the rest of the passel of Jewish characters that are mentioned in the Old Testament ever existed. I am convinced that they are no 
more authentic than the myriad of characters enumerated in the Mother Goose rhymes. In any case, fictitious or real, they are all as Jewish as 
Henry Kissinger. 

We now come to the New Testament, the hero of which is a character named Jesus Christ, which character the bible plainly tells us was a 
circumcised Jew, the seed of the House of David. Authentic history has no record that such a character ever existed, and until such time as the 
Christians come up with some meaningful evidence, we are entitled to conclude that said character too, is fictitious, a figment of the 

But, who wrote the New Testament? Supposedly the whole Christian ethic is based on the four "Gospels" Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, 
who (again, supposedly) were disciples of a fictitious Christ. History has no knowledge of these characters either and we can logically conclude 
that until such evidence surfaces (not likely at this late date) that these characters, too, are fictitious and an invention of the Jewish conspiracy. 

However, it was Saul of Tarsus who wrote over half of the Christian New Testament with his Pauline epistles, and there is substantial historical 
evidence that not only did he indeed exist, but he was the mastermind that concocted the whole Christian conspiracy in order to humiliate and 
destroy the great Roman Empire. (See Creative Credo No. 43, "Confessions of a Jew - The Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus and 
Christianity in Destroying the Roman Civilization.") This Jew - and practically any Christian Minister will admit that he was a Pharisee Jew - 
wrote more than half of the Christian New Testament. The other incidentals, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the 12 disciples of a fictitious 
Christ were all admittedly Jews, according to Christian literature. 

I have said earlier that all three of the Holy Trinity are based on highly concocted conjectural dogma. This is especially true of the Christian 
"belief." This unworldly "faith" is based on the presumption that there are a flock of spirits (we call them "spooks") floating around in the 
atmosphere, or above it, or somewhere. The preachers con you into believing that although no one has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt a single 
spirit, there is a vast world of spirits existing out there along with the real world. Not only docs it exist, they claim, but it is really much more 
important than the real world, because, they say, the real world will pass away, and when we die we will all turn into spirits and live forever and 

Now comes the real hooker, the real power play. These con-artists, known as preachers, claim that while we, the people, are alive these 
unseen spirits are hovering all around us, watching us, monitoring and recording not only our every word and action, but even our every silent 
thought. Talk about thought control in communist dictatorships! These sneaky little bastards (supposedly) hovering over and around us are 
evidently more efficient than the most sophisticated computer could ever be. 

Comes the day when we shuck our mortal coil, we, too, become a spirit, but our troubles are far from over. All these little gremlins that have 
been monitoring and recording our every deed, word and thought now spring into action and haul us up for trial. We are now called on the 
carpet to account for our every deed, word and thought that has ever transpired during our long and eventful lifetime, and woe betide those of 
us who failed to shape up. For those poor unfortunates (99 percent) there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth as we are tossed into the fiery 
pit. (Those who were toothless when they died will be provided with a set of teeth so that they can gnash.) 

What percentage will be able to cut the mustard and what percentage will be gnashing in the fiery pit? Well, according to the confusing set of 
rules, regulations and guidelines set forth in the New Testament just about nobody will be able to shape up and just about everybody will be 
wailing and gnashing. (Read again, "Getting to Heaven - Mission Impossible" Page 172 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) Not a happy prospect to 
look toward to, and hardly the "Glad Tidings" so many preachers contend Christianity has brought to a long suffering world. 

But there is hope, the preachers say. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, in conjunction with their ministrations they can get you off the hook. 
Just keep coming to church every Sunday and put money in the plate (lots of money) and he, in collaboration with J.C., will save your soul from 
the fiery pit. It is a foolproof racket, and nobody has ever come back from the "Great Beyond" to press charges and demand a refund. 

One question these con-artists will never explain to you is this: Who built this fiery pit in the first place so they could torture all those billions 
forever and a day? Who set the goddamned booby trap? 

In compliance with Jewish Protocol No. 6, the Christian power play, too, is drawing the net tighter and converging more and more power Into 
select and fewer and fewer hands. Whereas we have had the evangelical tent show artists, such as Billy Sunday, Elmer Gantry, Billy Graham 
and their ilk around for a hundred years and more, with the advent of the electronic age the scene is shifting to really big bucks on a national 
scale. We now have such electronic con-artists as Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker who 
persuasively peddle the spooks in the sky racket for a financial rake-in that far exceeds that which used to be the national budget of the entire 
nation in the days of Calvin Coolidge. 

Many of these spook peddlers rake in 50, or 60, or 70 million dollars a year, and Pat Robertson, who now feels he has the cash flow (of about 
$340 million a year) and the muscle, thanks to TV, has decided to run for President. 

One thing every one of these con-artists have in common is this: they are all unanimously in favor of the parasitic state of Israel, they all preach 
that the Jews arc God's Chosen, and are rarely ever at- tacked or even criticized by the Jewish press. Of course. 

B, We now come to the Medical Profession. 

The heart of their dogma is the practice of medicine. What Is medicine? Basically medicines are drugs, which are chemicals, which are 
inherently poisonous to the human system. Doctors claim that these poisons, if and when administered through their loving care, can and do 
cure different illnesses that may afflict you. 

For administering these potions and poisons unto you and into you they will not only charge you a pretty penny, but an exorbitant fee, a king's 
ransom in fact, that is yearly rising faster than inflation or the cost of just about any other product. But then, what the hell, look at all the years 
and money these fellows had to expend before they could legally be qualified to practice their voodoo art. 

How valid is the theory that "Medicine" and the practice thereof cure illness? 

Well, if you have cancer, it will take you about three years (on the average) to die after being subjected to a frightful ordeal of cut, burn and 
poison. It will also cost you, or your insurance company, or your relatives, about $50 thousand (on the average) to die this gruesome way. On 
the other hand, if you had cancer and never went near a doctor, your chances are you would (on the average) live another thirteen years, 
without being subjected to the torturous cut, burn and poison ordeal. 

Here are a few more statistics. Records show that 40 percent of all deaths are iatrogenic, that is, directly caused by treatment ad- ministered by 
doctors, or the hospital staff. One ex-doctor who has written a book about his colleagues calls hospitals "Temples of Doom." 

Here are a few more indicators. When doctors have gone on strike (as they did in Canada, in Los Angeles, in Israel, and other places) it was 
noted that deaths declined sharply and undertakers complained loudly. 

Has the general health of the people improved with the ever in- creasing sophistication of "medicine?" No, it has not. People in America and 
other advanced nations are today sicker than they have ever been. More people suffer and die from cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and 
other systemic ailments than ever before. 

How about the practitioners of medicine - the doctors themselves? Well, strangely (and not so strangely) they are on the average sicker, 
mentally and physically, than the victims they treat. More of them commit suicide, more are addicted to drugs, more die of heart attacks, cancer 
and other systemic diseases at an earlier age than does the average individual who never goes near a doctor. 

A recent (1986) Harvard University survey of doctors shows that more than half of the physicians and three-quarters of the medical students 
had used drugs (we are talking about marijuana or cocaine) at least once for self-treatment, to get high, or to help stay awake. Over half the 
doctors up to age 40 have used drugs recreationally and 38 percent have continued to use drugs, mostly marijuana and cocaine, to get high 
with friends. Three percent of the doctors and five percent of the students reported drug addiction at some time. An additional four percent of 
the medical students were judged by researchers to have been at risk of abusing drugs at some point. 

Dr. William McAuliffe, who directed the study which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, added this com- forting sop, 
however: "When psychoactive drug use becomes a fad and is approved by the broad spectrum of society, just about all groups get involved." 

In other words, everybody is doing it, so what the hell, what if the doctors are somewhat more drug happy than the average yokel? Does that 
sound reassuring to you if you were lying there on the operating table and wondering if the doctor wielding the knife was high on cocaine? Not 
to worry, says the good doctor, only one percent "admitted" that their drug abuse had caused them to give poor care to their patients. Does that 
reassure you? It does not really answer the question how many were high on drugs at the time they treated patients but did NOT admit it. How 
many doctors would? 

I could prolong this analysis to a greater length than this article warrants, but we have already covered the subject of medicine and its errant 
dogma fairly thoroughly in several chapters of the White Man's Bible and in Salubrious Living, and there is no need to pro- long it here. 

Let me, however, point out the Jewishness of the practice and the dogma. 

The medical profession is one of the costliest and most lucrative rackets now in existence, even exceeding that of peddling hard drugs, (The 
latter is catching up, though.) In order to keep it so, the AMA has one of the tightest closed shops since the Inquisition of the Dark Ages. Woe 
betide any doctor who does not ascribe to the official dogma of the AMA. Ostracism, debasement and punitive strong-arm legal action await 
those who will aver that drugs do not cure illness. 

The AMA, heavily staffed by Jews, runs a tight ship. They are one of the most affluent and powerful lobbies in the country to make sure that 
they and only they will have the legal monopoly to peddle "legal" drugs and practice the art of cut, burn and poison. 

In true conformity with Protocol No. 6 to centralize the power into fewer (Jewish) hands, huge medical clinics and complexes have sprung up all 
over the country. These are run by a financial syndicate, operate strictly for profit and exclude other doctors from using their clinics, beds, or 
any part of their facilities. Strictly commercial, con trolled at the top, and many of them operate nationwide in chains, as would any good 
hamburger business. 

C. We now come to the third member of the Holy Trinity, the Lawyers. 

Back about 400 years ago William Shakespeare already recognized the sinister influence of the legal profession and in one of his plays - King 
Henry VI, he had one of his characters suggest "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," in order to remedy the situation. 

But lawyers aren't all bad. They have a keen sense of loyalty and have their priorities neatly proscribed. The priorities of their loyalty run 
precisely in this order: 

1 . The first loyalty is to their pocketbook. 

2. The second loyalty is to the Bar Association. 

3. The third loyalty is to the bench. 

4. The fourth loyalty is to their fellow colleagues. 

5. The seventeenth loyalty is to their client, who pays for it all. 

Of the three Holy Trinities, the legal profession is undoubtedly not only the most heavily infested with Jews, but it is also the most Jewish in its 
essence. They have their own set of unspoken and un- written rules and every lawyer is keenly aware of them: 

1 . Never buck the Jewish establishment. 

2. Never defend a White Man in his demand for his constitutional rights. 

3. It is alright to do so for a Jew, a nigger or a Mexican, even a Cuban. 

4. Never expose (or even question) the counterfeiting racket of the Federal Reserve. 

5. Always urge the client to submit to governmental regulations and "guidelines", no matter how arbitrary or tyrannical. 

6. Never sue another attorney for malpractice. (A handful of mavericks have violated that rule and have more business than they can handle.) 

7. Never allow a layman to cut into their business, even though the constitution entitles him to do so. 

Earlier I have stated that neither the preacher, the doctor, nor the lawyer is really interested in solving your problem, or problems, quickly or 
easily. If he did so he would be letting you off the hook too cheaply. When you come to them with a problem they want to capitalize on your 
misery to the ultimate since that is the basis of their livelihood. The best way to do so is to prolong your case as long as possible and keep you 
coming back indefinitely. 

This is especially true of the lawyers and it raises havoc with the client, who is the victim. The client is seldom aware of the fact that when he 
enters the lawyer's office, the lawyer sees dollar signs in front of his face. He looks at his client as a milk cow to be milked, that he is planning 
to take his client to the cleaners. Seldom does the client realize this until the disastrous experience is behind him. 

All my life I have tried to stay away from lawyers as much as possible (also preachers and doctors.) However, when you do bring a problem to 
a lawyer it has been my experience that the first thing he will do is try to scare you to death, impress upon you that you are in deep trouble, and 

how lucky you are that you came to him just in the nick of time. He will then make several unnecessary moves that will compound your problem 
and involve you even deeper than when you first entered his office. This is especially true of divorce cases. (This observation from the cases of 
others. My wife and I are still married after 40 years.) He will then try to drag your case on and on, all the while impressing you with legalese 
mumbo-jumbo as to how professional he is, how complicated it all is, and how we need to go through endless moves and motions in order to 
"win" the case. He has a well rehearsed program for milking you dry. 

The end result usually is that the only winner is the lawyer, who ends up with most of your assets, and chances are 50-50 that he will lose your 
case for you as well. Even if he "wins," you are usually no better off than before, but the lawyer is, and he couldn't care less about your 
situation. As I said before, his first loyalty is to his pocket- book. Rev. Don Johnson, who is joining with us as our layman legal consultant, 
regards the average bar lawyer as a "paid legal whore." 

Not only has the whole corrupt legal racket been in the hands of the Jews from time immemorial, but of late there has been an ominous 
escalation to bring control of the massive collection of lawyers into fewer and fewer hands, strictly in accordance with Protocol No. 6. 

We have all read financial articles in recent years about numerous megamergers of huge corporations in the airline business, in the oil 
business, in the field of banking, and many others. Not so aware, however, has the public been about the recent growth of megafirms in the 
field of law. The public Image of lawyers still is that of a consortium of two or three lawyers, or perhaps even a dozen. This, however, is no 
longer the case. Huge legal megafirms are now in, the coming Jewish vogue, and they are expanding their bases with a vengeance. 

Only as recently as eight years ago, the National Law Journal conducted its first survey of the biggest law firms in the country. They found that 
only one firm at that time employed more than three hundred lawyers. Today there are 28 such firms that have expanded (or merged) to that 
size, and there are 1 1 of those that have more than four hundred lawyers. 

In his forthcoming book "Power of Attorney: The Rise of the Giant Law Firms," author Mark Stevens says, "Ten years ago there was really no 
such thing as giant firms. Now there are these enormous firms that dwarf all others." Stevens defines a "megafirm" as a group of financially 
oriented law firms that employ more than three hundred lawyers." 

You have a profession today where a lot of midsize and smaller firms are struggling for business and profitability, and the giants have twice as 
much work as they can handle," says Stevens. "They (the megafirms) have really cornered the market of corporate law." 

The largest law firm today is Baker & McKenzie (now there is a nice Anglo-Saxon name! Would you care to bet that the overwhelming 
membership consists of Jews?) with 808 lawyers on its staff in 1 986. Within 1 8 months it expects to pass the one thousand-lawyer barrier, the 
first firm to do so. Although it has no "main office," Baker & McKenzie has 31 offices dispersed over six continents. Big business, including the 
law business, is going international with a bang, and with its explosive expansion the control at the top is converging into fewer and fewer 
(Jewish) hands, as Protocol No. 6 has so clearly prescribed. 

Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher (again, notice the Anglo cover) a 546 lawyer firm based in Los Angeles, had 115 law students working for it in its 
summer program this year (1986), which number in itself a short while ago would have been considered enough to staff a major law firm. 

So we see from the above that the legal profession is moving progressively into that centralized state of affairs where fewer and fewer Jewish 
hands control more and more of the power below, as envisioned in the Protocols. We also know that behind the courts is the strong-arm police 
force of the whole state, the law enforcement agencies. This includes the local police, the state police, the FBI and the CIA, as well as a myriad 
of other special law enforcement agencies, such as BATF, and of late, we have seen the special SWAT teams in action. It is in the courts, 
however, that the decisions are made as to whether a murderer or a rapist is to be let off scot-free (which they often are) or whether a law- 
abiding White freedom fighter is to be framed and put away for the better part of his life (which also happens repeatedly). So we can safely 
conclude that whereas the shyster game played by the lawyers may be corrupt and chaotic, it is nevertheless extremely powerful and crucial to 
our welfare and survival. 


Although there are any number of other major influences, such as government, education, finances, and several others that severely affect our 
lives, we of the Church of the Creator zero in on these three, the Holy Trinity, as being the most important. If we, the White Race, can get a 
handle on these three areas we can get control o{ the government, the finances and, in fact, control of our own destiny and wrest it out of the 
hands of our pathological enemy, the sinister and rapacious Jew. 

This we must do, and we of the Church of the Creator have a pervasive and meaningful program to do so. 

Welcome to the Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity. 

The Church of the Creator has a basic and far-reaching program whereby every White Racial Comrade has an opportunity to become a 
preacher, a doctor and a lawyer in his or her own right, and all in the same person. We must realize that despite the fact that these three major 
fields are now occupied by a horde of con-men and swindlers that, nevertheless, religion, the physical well-being of each White individual, and 
the legal protection of our interests, are of prime importance. If we, the White Race are determined to survive we must get a handle on them, 
we MUST get control. 

This we can do and the Church of the Creator has already taken two of the major steps in order to do so. 

We have already instituted a basic new religion for the White Race to replace the Jewish spooks-in-the-sky swindle that hundreds of thousands 
of preachers have been peddling for 1 7 centuries. Now, by studying our Three Basic Books and the supplemental books, (which will further be 
expanded) any good member of our church can become an ordained minister and not only correct his or her own basic outlook on life, but also 

help straighten out the confused and muddled Jew-concocted philosophy with which his or her fellow kinsmen have been afflicted for the better 
part of their lives. 

In the Health and Physical Fitness area that the drug-oriented AMA doctors now dominate, we also have a far-reaching and meaningful 
answer. By each and every Creator practicing Salubrious Living and promoting and teaching it to others, we can destroy and replace these 
odious "Temples of Doom" that now kill, injure and poison hundreds of thousands each year, and milk the general population of somewhere 
around three hundred billion dollars each year as well. (It will be much higher in the coming years.) We can and we must expose this nefarious 
cut, burn and poison racket, and educate the general public that drugs DO NOT HEAL, but on the contrary, they are toxic to the human body. 

In this respect, besides our basic book. Salubrious Living, which covers the subject pretty thoroughly, and needs little further amplification, we 
now have a series of video tapes forthcoming that will add significantly to the health program. Mr. T. C. Fry, who is head of the Life Science 
Institute, is coming out with a series of 12 video tapes on the subject. You have probably read several of Mr. Fry's excellent articles under 
Salubrious Living in past issues of Racial Loyalty. 

Let me make it clear that whereas I know Mr. Fry personally, he is not connected with the Church of the Creator in any way, but is head of a 
dynamic health movement based at 6600 Burleson Road, Austin, Texas 78744. He Is undoubtedly the leading proponent today in the field of 
Natural Hygiene, and, in my opinion the rightful heir to the late Herbert M. Shelton, who recently died at the age of 90. Mr. Shelton has probably 
written more significant material on Natural Hygiene than any other man in history, and we owe much to his longstanding contributions over the 

Let me further make it clear that the teaching of Natural Hygiene and Salubrious Living are practically identical, except that Salubrious Living 
includes a significant chapter on Eugenics, (i.e., genetic health) a subject that, unfortunately, Natural Hygiene has ignored. 

We now have the first video tape of the series of 12 being compiled by Mr. Fry and we find it to be professional and well done. It covers the 
subjects of (1 ) The 1 9 Elements of Health, (2) Food Combining Principles, (3) The most commonly asked questions about Natural Hygiene. 
This tape is the first of the series of 12 tapes, each of which is approximately 90 minutes in length. 

This briefly, covers the second step, an ongoing process. 

We now come to the third step upon which we are embarking which is to provide our members with legal know-how in order protect 
themselves, their property and their racial religious activities from the onslaught of the hostile Jewish establishment. We ha become painfully 
aware that there is practically no lawyer that a member of the bar who is not mortally afraid of the wrath of the Jewish Establishment and will 
risk losing his license by defending the White racial cause. Nor will any establishment lawyer fight case for you that involves defending your 
civil rights based on the constitutional guarantees. This they will dismiss as "not their specialty," and in any case it would cost you $100,000.00 
and you would have to take it right up to the Supreme Court, they say. For niggers Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Jews (especially Jews!) 
yes, n problem. But never, in any case, for a White racial freedom fighter! 

Therefore we have to build a new force on the legal front, the citizen lawyer, the layman lawyer, who has the legal knowledge and expertise to 
fight his own case pro se, and not only his own, but who can also manage and provide expertise on another's case who lack that skill and 
knowledge. There are a number of such layman lawyer active now, and it is surprising (even to the bar lawyers) how often they win. 

In this matter we are most fortunate in having the able assistance of Rev. Don Johnson, formerly of Houston, Texas, who has joined us and is 
now residing at the headquarters building of the Church of the Creator. He and his gracious wife, Bobbi, are a most welcome and significant 
addition to our staff. 

Rev. Johnson is now planning to institute a series of law classes at our school and our church during the coming months. 

In any case, I am convinced that this third segment of our program, the legal action field, along with the Leadership courses for Gifted Boys that 
we intend to pursue, will do much to complete a powerful, well-structured program to give the Creativity movement the muscle and the know- 
how to survive and expand. 

We therefore intend to build a corps of the elite which we will call the Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity. Those who qualify will receive a 
Certificate of Membership. 

In order to qualify, you must first become an ordained minister of our church, the requirements of which are set forth in Racial Loyalty No. 10, 
and again on Pages 189 and 196 of Expanding Creativity. 

Secondly, you must become well versed in Salubrious Living, which can be done by reading our basic text of the same name, and passing a 
proscribed test, the details of which are still to be formulated. Studying T.C. Fry's video tapes will also be of considerable help. Thirdly, by 
taking Rev. Don Johnson's law course and passing an exam at the end of it, will qualify a Creator to become a certified member of the 
Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity. 

That is our program. We want to build an army of qualified members. It is our passport to life, liberty and happiness and the redemption and 
resurrection of the White Race. So let us get to work and DO IT. 


The medical profession is based on the false premise that drugs, which are chemical poisons toxic to the human body, can "cure" ailments, 

By the time of the Middle Ages (The Dark Ages) the Christian church had already perfected all the basic techniques of torture, terrorism and 
mind-bending later to be copied by the Communists. Both are Jewish inventions. 

When you ask the question: What is the alternative to Creativity? The answer is loud and clear: The dismal demise of Nature's Finest. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

The Holy Trinity 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part I 

The Story of Adam and Eve 

From time immemorial mankind has pondered some of the philosophical mysteries of the universe. These mysteries are endless and most of 
them will not only never be solved, but for many the questions have not even been framed. Some of the common questions that the inquisitive 
mind of the White Man has been asking during historical times are such as these: How did it all start? When did it all start? Who made it all? 
Where did we come from? What is our purpose in life? 

Whereas the Church of the Creator does not have the answers to all, or any of these questions, it has at least set these questions in their 
proper perspective and looked at them squarely in the face, in an open common sense approach. For instance, in answer to the first three 
questions posed, the article "Not Likely a Who" in Booklet No. 101 examines these questions and delineates the areas we don't know, and 
those we do know, without engaging in endless hocus- pocus, superstition and double-talk. The last two questions are covered in a similar 
manner in Nature's Eternal Religion under the chapter "Our Purpose in Life" page 263, and many other supplementary chapters in both 
Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible. All our conclusions are based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, on the Experience of 
History, on Logic and Common Sense. Nobody, I believe, has ever come up with a more reasonable approach, nor a more solid foundation on 
which to base a comprehensive and cohesive philosophy. 

We now come to the other side of the coin - the kind of conclusions, lies and fairy tales our religious enemies, the Jews, have concocted for us, 
the White Race, in answer to some of these basic philosophical questions. Let us see what they have come up with, using superstition, hocus- 
pocus, ignorance and exploiting the gullibility of the masses. Let us see what kind of a story they have concocted. 

Let us start at THEIR beginning, which is Chapter 1 of Genesis, the Old Testament, all of which was written by Jews. 

According to their story everything that exists in this universe started only as recently as six thousand years ago. To be more exact, at 9:30 in 
the morning, on a Tuesday in the year 4004 B.C.E. That is the big watershed. Before that there was nothing. Then suddenly all hell broke 

Before that time there was no universe. There was nothing but darkness and void, and a lone, idle spook floating around in that darkness with 
nothing to do, nothing to see, nobody to talk to, leading an extremely useless and boring existence. Then, suddenly in that point in time, 4004 
B.C.E., he got the brilliant idea of creating "heaven and earth" out of nothing. (It was a he, the Bible says so. Without any female counterpart, 
how could you tell, and what difference would it make?) 

This he did on the first "day." What this spooky story fails to mention is that at the same time he also must have created that ghastly fiery pit in 
which he intended to torture people millions and billions of them people he had not even then "created." 

How do we know he created the fiery pit the same day? Well, he laid the basic foundations of the firmament that day and hell was, and is, more 
basic in his plan than anything, because, the good Jewish book says, "heaven and earth shall pass away," but not hell. Besides, since hell is 
evidently where most people' souls are destined to go, (something like 99 percent, a conservative figure) it is, undoubtedly, the biggest project 
of all, the most important and the most permanent. 

Let us not forget this key item in the Christian religion: HELL. It is the threat of hell, it is this diabolical brow-beating, to stampede the gullible 
yokel into obeying and pretending to believe anything the priesthood dictates that is the central driving force of Christianity. 

We now come to the story of Adam and Eve. After all the creating this lonesome spook had done for five days, finally, after smugly surveying 
his handiwork and almost as an afterthought, he created man. How did he do it? Simple. He took a piece of clod, blew into it, and presto! there 
was instant Adam, full-grown and full-blown. The first thing Adam did after he was full-blown was take a snooze (there was little else to do). As 
the great Creator was still in a creative mood, he viewed Adam while he dozed, and suddenly he was seized by another brainstorm! He 
decided Adam needed a helpmeet, a female helpmeet, something the superspook, although a male himself, had never had the privilege of 
having. So he created Eve. 

How did he do that? Well, to make the story more interesting, instead of taking another clod and blowing a whiff into it, he did a strange thing. 
He took a rib out of Adam instead, and presto again! in no time at all he had a female helpmeet for Adam. 

And that, my dear friend, if you're willing to believe this droll episode, is how our first ancestors got their bearings, and this less than six 
thousand years ago. Never mind that there are fossil finds that show our human ancestors, such as the homo sapiens, were already present 
300 thousand years ago, or the genus Australopethicus bolael already appeared 1.8 million years ago and A. afarenals more than three million 
years ago. Just act dumb, pretend you can't read, and just believe! believe! believe] the Jewish scribblers. If you don't, they've got that terrible 
weapon, HELL, hanging over your head. 

Anyway, so there they were, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Where was-that lovely garden? Well, again, the scriptwriters are sort of 
vague about that, but presumably, it was somewhere on the face of the earth. 

Things were going great at the beginning of the first day. Although Adam and Eve were naked as jaybirds, no problem. Christianity hadn't been 
invented yet, telling them that sex was evil. That was still another four thousand years down the road. 

But soon there was trouble in paradise. In fact, it appeared in the middle of that very first day In the form of that evil serpent, call- ed Satan 
(another spooky spook). Where he came from, the script- writers seem to have deleted from the script, but if we piece the pieces together, we 
must presume that the all-powerful, all-wise Creator created him too. (Satan, too, is a he, with no female counterpart, poor devil. It was strictly a 
man's world up there.) 

Now at this point there is a queer quirk in this story, and it doesn't make much sense. For some reason God pointed out to Adam and Eve that 
there was one tree in the middle of the garden whose fruit was a no-no, they mustn't touch, they mustn't eat. If they did horrors! They would 
have their eyes opened and know the difference between good and evil. So! They had been warned. 

Along comes this slippery evii villain, the talking snake. (Everybody in this little party could already converse fluently with each other, although 
Adam and Eve were not even a day old. Evidently they conversed in perfect Hebrew, which hadn't been invented yet. But no matter. Adam and 
Eve didn't know that, so they had no problem talking with the snake.) 

Now this snake was a real con-artist, and for reasons not too well explained he wanted to buck the establishment. In fact, he wanted to torpedo 
this nice, cozy little set-up and aggravate the hell out of the head honcho, the Lord himself. So he conned Adam and Eve into eating this 
forbidden fruit. First Eve took a bite, then gave the apple to Adam, who also took a chomp out of it. (We presume it was an apple, because I 
have seen a picture of an apple that Eve had taken a bite out of. The picture was used as a reinforcement to advertise Eve Real Estate.) 

That did it. All hell broke loose. The superspook was mad, really mad. They had disobeyed HIS command! He would punish them for that, and 
severely, too. 

Suddenly Adam and Eve were up on the carpet before the superspook. Their eyes were opened and suddenly they had become wise. 
(Evidently prior to eating the fruit their eyes were closed and they were dumb.) In their new wisdom they suddenly realized they were naked 
and they were ashamed. 

A little later, as the Lord was nonchalantly walking the garden in the cool of the evening, he did not see Adam and Eve anywhere around. (It 
was a big place!) They had hidden themselves, because now that they knew they were naked they were ashamed, and they also had the first 
tinges of a guilty conscience. 

So the Lord called out, "Adam, where art thou?" He knew very well where Adam was, since he knew everything, but he was playing games 
with them. Also he figured if Adam showed up his helpmeet would be there too. 

Adam responded from behind the bushes and said, "I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself." Brilliant dialogue. 

And the Lord said, "Who told thee thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat?" 

The superspook had him there. But Adam took it like a man and blamed his wife. (Husbands have been doing the same thing ever since.) 

'The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." 

Well, the fat was in the fire. The Lord was a vengeful fellow, and he was mad as hell. He cursed the serpent, told him he would have to crawl 
on his belly as long as he lived and eat dirt all the days of his life. There is a little bit of befuddlement here, since supposedly he was speaking 
to Satan, and all the pictures of Satan I have seen in Sunday school show him deftly dancing around on his two cloven feet, with horns on his 
head and fire in his eyes as he waves his red hot poker. 

But poor Adam and Eve. He drove them out of the Garden (the very first day yet!) He cursed Eve and vowed to greatly multiply her sorrows 
and in sorrow shall she bring forth her children. (Did she already know about children that very first day?) 

As for Adam, because he had harkened to the voice of his wife and eaten of that damned apple, he, too, was to have a sudden, drastic, 
shameful fall. The Lord cursed the ground that Adam would have to farm and decreed that it bring forth thorns and thistles Just to aggravate 
Adam. Not only that, but he would have to work like a mule and eat his bread by the sweat of his brow. 

So there you have the story, according to the Jewish scrip- writers, as to how your first human ancestors got their start in homesteading among 
the thorns and thistles. 

Looking at it from the long dispassionate distance of six thou- sand years, I would say Adam and Eve got a raw deal. After all, why did the 
superspook put that goddamned tree in the middle of the garden unless he wanted to booby-trap them. Was that fair? Why did he send that 
slippery snake of a Satan over to con them? After all, they were less than a day old and as innocent and naive as a new born babe. How would 
they know whom to believe? And while all this conning was going on where in the hell was the superspook who hears all, sees all, knows 
everything forwards and backwards? Why didn't he rush to their defense, unless he deliberately wanted an excuse to drive them out of the 
garden as he had planned to do all along. 

Not only were Adam and Eve severely punished for having walk- ed into the booby-trap set by the superspook himself, but on top of that all of 
us millions and billions who are supposedly their progeny, we too are now guilty of their little faux-pas, which now has been full-blown into the 
"original sin." 

So there you have the story of Adam and Eve as concocted and recycled from earlier pagan religions. This was done by the ignorant 
superstitious Jewish scribblers a few thousand years ago, and it has absolutely no relevancy to reality, nor is there any shred of historical 
evidence to substantiate this fantasy. Considering the importance that billions of gullible yokels have attached to this cock-and-bull tale, it is in 
fact, one of the silliest stories ever written. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part I 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

Purpose of this Series 

The overriding goal of the Church of the Creator is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the immediate goal is to 
free the White Race from the worldwide yoke of Jewish tyranny. In order to achieve both goals it is necessary to build a massive powerful 
movement that can smash the Jewish monster. Before the White Race can ever be in a position to unite, polarize and build such a power 
structure it will first of all have to get its thinking straightened out. This it can never do as long as it entertains in its innermost thoughts that 
most diabolical of all mind-scramblers, Jewish Christianity. By using ridicule and exposing this idiotic age- old spooks in the sky swindle, we 
believe we can best help lead the White Race back to sanity, common sense and a healthy constructive attitude towards its own best interests. 

Political parties are prone to enter compromises, but a Weltanschauung never does this. A political party is inclined to adjust its teachings with a 
view to meeting those of its opponents, but a Weltanschauung proclaims its own infallibility. - Adolf Hitler 

The demise of Latin, the White Man's foremost language for more than two thousand years, is no accident. It is completely in line with the 
Jewish dictum of "always kill the best first." They deliberately set about in a gradual, but determined program, to first minimize Latin, then kill it 
altogether. It is the aim of the Church of the Creator to reverse this Jewish atrocity. We plan to first restructure and modernize, then restore 
Latin as the universal language of the White Race. 

We need all the help we can get. If you are in a position to do so, please donate $1 000.00 to the Church and have a tree planted in your name 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 37 - November 1986 

Purpose of this Series 








Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 38 - February 1987 

I Talked With God 

Undoubtedly, you might think that I would be the last person in the world with whom God would have an in-depth, heart-to-heart talk, or even a 
tete-a-tete. But not so. There is every reason why he should, and the fact is, he did. The time was October 25, 1 986, and we spent a cozy six 
hours, from 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. of that day, reviewing and discussing the overwhelming problems of the world, a world that is now in utter 
chaos and rapidly coming apart at the seams. 

Talking with God is not really a new phenomenon in my family, My dear departed mother, bless her kind, loving soul, used to talk to God on an 
almost daily basis. Brought up along the strictly orthodox Mennonite creed, her religion was as vital to her as her dally bread and butter, if not 
more so. 

Then there is my youngest sister, who is four years my senior. Although a sixth grade drop out, she suddenly got bitten by the Christinsanity 
bug some 45 or 50 years ago. She too, talked to God and claimed that God told her she should become a missionary in South America, which 
is overrun with those sinful, deranged Catholics. She promptly enrolled in a Bible school in Alberta and after a year or two of further intensive 
indoctrination she went to Colombia., South America, to "convert" these misguided Catholics, who, she was told, worshipped the "Church of the 
Devil". In Colombia she met another bible-thumping Christian missionary and they were soon married. Eighteen years and eight children later 
they returned to Canada, after having confused a relatively small number of Catholics with their own brand of Christianity. She may not have 
drastically changed the course of Christianity in South America, but she did do something very constructive. She contributed eight beautiful, 
healthy children to the White Race, and who could ask for more than that? 

But going back to talking with God, and who can and who can- not talk to him. We have the story of Job in the Old Testament in which it says 
that one day "the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them." Now we should remember that 
this was written long before there was a New Testament telling about the supposed birth of Jesus Christ. At this time God evidently already had 
a number of motherless sons, of which Jesus Christ was not one, but Satan was. Not only was he a son of God, but evidently the most favored 
of them all, since the rest of the chapter chortles about how he and God had themselves a Jolly good sport tormenting the hell out of poor old 
Job over a period of years. Who the other motherless sons were, it doesn't say, and we can assume that they got less than their share of 
fatherly attention. 

Be that as it may, surely, if he can have a friendly chat with Beelzebub himself, he should certainly be willing to talk to a fine upstanding fellow 
like myself, whom he created in his own image. In any case, I want to state at the outset here that my credentials for talking to God are as good 
as those of any man in history. I challenge any doubting Thomas to produce meaningful proof to the contrary. 

Then there is the story of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion. Although he had all the morals of an alley cat, and "sealed" at 
least 50 women officially (and at least another 1 00 unofficially, and had a lot of fun doing it) he, too, claimed he talked to God. Well, if not God 
directly, at least his somewhat camouflaged surrogates. Anyway, and be that as it may, his deified and edified successors claim they have a 
direct hot pipeline to God, and get ongoing, (although strangely contradictory) messages from him repeatedly, and five million Mormons believe 
both Joseph Smith and his subsequent purveyors of this weird and confusing story. The most recent message from God to the head honcho 
was in 1 978, when President Spencer W. Kimball claimed God told him to forget all previous directives to the contrary and invoke race-mixing 
in the Mormon church with all deliberate speed. 

I could add here, that according to the Old Testament, God also communicated repeatedly and incessantly to the point of nausea with such 
pimps, murderers, whoremongers and swindlers as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but since in no way do I want to be in the same pen with such 
swine, we will blot them out summarily and flush them down the memory hole. 

Now I'll admit, God and I have not been on the best of terms for the last fifty years of my life, and many is the time I have thank- ed God for not 
believing in him, and I still do so today. But no matter. I am as well qualified to talk to God as anybody. If Pat Robert- son can talk to God, and 
have him tell Pat not only to run for president, but also how to run the country, why, so can 1 . If Oral Roberts can stand there and see a nine 
hundred foot high Christ looming up in front of him, telling him to build a half billion dollar medical center, then I, too, have such prerogatives. If 
Jimmy and Tammy Bakker, Billy Graham, Rex Humbard, and a host of other electronic con-artists can talk to God, and have God talk back to 
them, well, so can I. I am here to tell these bible-thumping escapees from Cloud Nine that they may be far more adept at scrounging for the big 
bucks, but they have no monopoly on talking to God. After all, we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and we poor sinners too can establish a 
pipeline, even a hotline, to God. After all. If God can have habitual cozy chats with Satan himself, as he has done for the last six thou- sand 
years, why shouldn't he talk to Ben Klassen? After all, I am the founder of a highly constructive religion, a religion designed to save from 
extinction God's finest handiwork, the White Man, whom he created in his own image. Surely, he also would be interested in saving his most 
precious creation from pollution, contamination and devastation. The fact is he is very much interested, and he told me so. 

The occasion was on a Thursday on the date I mentioned earlier and I was sitting at a big table in the empty meeting room of our Church, 
mulling over the miserable fate of the White Race unless there was soon some powerful intervention that at present had not yet materialized. 
Suddenly, as I looked across the big table, there was God, smiling at me. 

Before I go into detail about our heavy conversation, let me first of all describe a clear picture of him as he appeared to me. Now we have all 
been burdened for centuries with this ancient image of God as was portrayed by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, namely that 
of an ancient Patriarch with blue eyes, white hair, and a long, flowing white beard. In fact, we have always pictured him as a wise old sage, but 
so old and gray that he is well over the hill and practically senile. Nothing can be further from the truth. Although he had been around from time 
immemorial, he appeared to me as a vibrant young man, about 35 years of age and in the prime of his life. He was handsome in a manly sort 
of way, average in height, but athletic of build. He had wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. He seemed, in fact, the epitome of the ideal Nordic. His 
voice was vibrant, resonant and mellifluous. 

So there we were, sitting across the table from each other, eyeball to eyeball. He was smiling (he had gloaming white teeth) and he started the 


"Ben, this may come as a surprise to you, but you and I have a lot to discuss and I want your undivided attention." His smile set me at ease. 

I admitted I was surprised, but I quickly assured him that I was all ears, and had been wanting to discuss some extremely crucial matters with 
him for some time. I further assured him that he was most welcome to make his appearance here in our church, and did he mind if I turned on 
the tape recorder so that I could record our meeting for future generations. He declined the latter request on the basis that some pecuniary Yid 
would undoubtedly get hold of the tape sooner or later, botch it up to suit the Jewish storyline and further confuse an already too mixed-up 
world. He also said he had some secret directives to relay on to me as to how to deal summarily with the Jews, a matter that was for my ears 
only. I quickly realized the gravity of the situation, and that this was no incidental happenstance meeting, and therefore quickly withdrew my 
request about the tape recorder. Since he was not the type to waste a lot of time with meaningless chit-chat (he is a busy spirit, having a whole 
universe to run) he immediately got down to the nitty-gritty. 

"Ben," he said, (I was pleased we were on such intimate terms) "I am here to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the course the Church of 
the Creator has taken. When I created this Planet Earth, I had in mind that mankind, whom I had created in my own image, would have at least 
the sense of a bird-brain and would follow my Natural laws. If you look at the world around you, you will find millions of species animals, 
birds, reptiles and insects. In each creature I have implanted the natural instinct to propagate and perpetuate its own kind, to multiply its own 
kind, in short, to take excellent care of its own. Not only to preserve and take care of its own kind in the face of all opposition, but to cull out its 
defects and to upgrade its own species for a more secure and compatible existence on this Planet Earth. One of the basic natural laws I have 
promulgated in order to achieve this perpetuity and continual improvement is the segregation of not only each species, but even each sub- 
species to its most intricate hair-splitting difference. There may be 250 sub-species of hummingbirds, but each sub-species mates only and 
exclusively with its own." 

"Then you are strictly in favor of racial segregation for the human race?" I asked. 

"Absolutely!" he thundered, as he smashed his powerful fist down upon the table. "What is now happening to this once beautiful and pristine 
human race is the most disgusting spectacle that has occur- red in the course of the living species over the last several billion years. It is an 
utter abomination in mine eyes. When I created the human race it was a beautiful intelligent creature. I proudly created it in my own image, as 
you see me today. I also created monkeys, gorillas, niggers and other inferior sub-species, such as you call the mud races, but that is another 
chapter. In no way were they representative of the human race, nor did they have any remote relationship to my own image. That there is now 
a total bastardization of all those inferior creatures with the human race I created in my own image, is a flagrant violation of my natural laws. 
What is now left of a muddled and contaminated 'human race' is going to pay dearly for that transgression." 

'Then you don't consider the niggers and mud races as part of the human race?" I queried. 

The color was rapidly rising in his florid cheeks and I could seethe wrath of God erupting like a volcano before my eyes. 

"Do I look like a goddamned stinking Hottentot? Do I look like a filthy New Guinea headhunter?" he thundered back at me with fire in his eyes. 

The whole room was beginning to vibrate and I shook in my cowboy boots for having asked such a stupid question. "No," I admitted meekly, 
"you sure don't, and I retract the question. But what about the Mexicans?" 

"I loathe and detest the Mexicans. I hate all mongrels whether they categorize themselves as humans, or whether they are in the bird, animal, 
insect or reptile groups. In fact, if you will open your eyes you will learn from the laws of Nature, which I instituted and arc MY laws. You will 
learn that nowhere else outside of the degenerating human race will you see such bastardization taking place. Only in that species to which I 
have allocated the most precious treasure intelligence, creativity, even genius, do I now regretfully find those precious gifts being trampled in 
the dirt and cast before swine." 

"But what about the Jews? They claim that they are God's Chosen, and that you made a special covenant, an exclusive promise to them that 
they could have the world as their oyster. Even most Christians believe that. Is there any truth to that claim?" 

I could see the color rising in his face once more and again there was fire in his expressive eyes. 

"It is a damnable lie! The Jews are the excrement of humanity doomed forever to be miserable parasites until such time as the White Race 
again regains its senses, its pride, and its fighting courage. It is this very issue that I came down to talk to you about, and we will get back to the 
Jews later. First of all let me put the picture in proper context for you. 

"When I created this beautiful Planet Earth with its majestic mountains, with its clean lakes and rivers, its pristine forests replete with green 
meadows and beautiful flowers, I did not have In mind the despoliation and contamination to which the air, the water and the land has now 
been subjected. My beautiful Planet Earth, which is distinctly unique with life and which I created as the apple of my eye, has now been 
polluted, ravaged and raped! This must stop! 

"Basically at fault is that greedy, grasping parasite, the avaricious Jew. He has first of all bastardized and contaminated the supreme pinnacle 
of my creation, the human race, and when I say that, I do mean the White Race, which I created in my image. Having despoiled my pride and 
joy, he then rapidly proceeded to exploit the intelligence of the White Race and despoil, pollute and contaminate my beautiful Planet Earth as 
well. Whereas the parasitic Jews are the prime cause, I blame the White Race secondarily for allowing this abomination to be foisted on them 
and on the planet. The time has come for a drastic accounting and a ruthless correction." 

"This brings me to an extremely important question I have been wanting to ask," I Interjected. "The Sermon on the Mount repeatedly preaches 
the idea of perpetual subsidization of the misfits. 'Bless- ed are the meek, the halt, the lame, the idiots. Sell all thou hast and give it to the poor. 
Love your enemies,' etc. Yet this is completely contrary to all the laws of Nature followed by every other creature. What is your position on that 
issue?" I asked the great Creator. 

"Of course It is completely contrary to my eternal laws and contrary to common sense. It is another treacherous and destructive idea spread by 
the parasitic Jew in order to sap the vitality of the human species, drag it down into helpless degradation and feed on its carcass. In their blind 
fury to do so they are too dumb to realize that when the parasite destroys the host, the parasite will die with it. 

"Anyone observing the healthy propagation and perpetuation of the species, any species, will note that in order to stay healthy and viable, the 
culling process is absolutely essential. Cull out the misfits, the weak, the sick, the deformed. Do not allow them to reproduce. Put a premium on 
the reproduction and expansion on the strong, the healthy, the virile, the competent. Every species in Nature does so, except the White Race. 
This is an abomination in mine eyes, and it must change, and change immediately." 

"But," I said, "all this runs counter to all the claims of the Jewish- Christian bible, which they say was written strictly under your direction. Then 
obviously you disavow writing it?" 

"Most definitely! It is another abominable Jewish lie! Think about it! Would I write such garbage as having the Jews, that despicable parasite, as 
my 'Chosen People? 1 Would I care to have my image desecrated as that of a parasite? The very idea is enough to make a sane person throw 
up. The Jews, I am telling you right now, are going to have to pay, and pay dearly for such an insult to me. I will wipe this miserable pestilence 
from the face of the earth!" 

"What about Christianity, the Catholic church and the popes?" I queried further. "What about the story that you fathered a son called Jesus 
Christ...?" Again, I saw that fire in the eye and a volcanic eruption of fury. I was sorry I had raised such a sensitive question. 

"The story that I would stoop so low as to fornicate with a mere earthling, that I would commit adultery with a married woman and a Jewish hag 
at that, is one of the most repulsive rumors ever promoted by the dregs of mankind. Think of it, Ben! Here I am busy running a universe, so 
vast your little minds cannot even begin to encompass it. The galaxy in which your sun is placed and which you call the Milky Way, alone 
consists of 200 billion stars more or less equal to the sun. But the Milky Way is only one of billions of other galaxies that stretch out in endless 
space and into infinity. I created all that and manage all that. This little planet you call Earth, is only a speck of dust in that vast and endless 
firmament. Do you think for a moment that I would indulge in such stupid peccadilloes as humping a married Jewish broad?" 

I admitted that I never did believe that stupid story, and apologized for even bringing it up. 

"This idiotic rumor was recycled by the Jews from previous myths. It was then sold to the popes, who then peddled it with gusto. Damn the 
scurvy Jews! Damn the lying popes! If there really ever was a hell, I would gladly relegate all the Jews and all the popes to stew in It endlessly." 

"You say If there was a hell'. That, too, is a myth, is it not?" 

"Of course it is a myth, in fact, another contemptible slur on my character. Anyone who would create people by the billions and then build a 
huge fiery hot furnace in which to burn and torture them, would have to be a monster a despicable sadist of the worst kind. Why in the hell 
would I want to commit such a horrible monstrosity?" 

I admitted that no one in their right mind would, and that I never really believed that stupid story either. But why had this story reached such 
widespread publicity and acceptance? 

"The cunning and treacherous Jews realized early in their conspiracy that by creating a horrible monster, a bogey-man so horrendous to 
contemplate that the average gullible yokel would panic at the very thought of it, that they would then have a weapon in their hands with which 
to cudgel and enslave their superstitious and gullible victims. This they contrived to do. They then sold it to their mouthpiece, the Catholic 
church from which the thousands of other Christian religions have spawned. As you can see, through this perfidious apparatus the Jews now 
control the wealth and the people of the world. But more than that, they arc now destroying the very people that I created in my image, they are 
contaminating and polluting my beautiful Planet Earth, to which I devoted so much special care and attention." 

"You say there is no hell. I presume then that it follows that the story about devils and demons is also a myth?" I queried further. 

"Yes, of course. Even a fool should be able to see that Nature's laws are MY laws. Who else could and would institute such a vast complex of 
harmonious laws but I? Who else could get them to function and mesh perfectly? Now would I then louse it all up by creating a hostile 
adversary to continually throw a monkey wrench into the works and aggravate the hell out of me? Only an idiot would do that, and believe me. 
I'm no idiot. I never make mistakes, but if I had blundered into creating a hostile, aggravating troublemaker I would remedy the situation in the 
flash of an eye. I would smash such abomination to smithereens and waste him in the outer fringes of the universe. The story about the devil, 
as the one about hell, and the rumor about my affair with the non-virgin Mary is a despicable lie, invented and spread by that perfidious 
parasite, the Jew." 

"What is the solution?" I asked. 

'That is the very reason I came down to see you. I am deter- mined that this lovely Planet shall not be desecrated and polluted into a pigsty. I 
am determined that Nature's Finest, created in my own image, shall not be bastardized into a shameful mess of mongrelized zombies, to be 
ruled by the excrement of humanity. 

"No! I will smash the goddamned Jew and wipe him from off the face of this beautiful green earth! I have chosen Creativity to be the instrument 
with which it shall be done. It is up to your movement to remind your racial comrades that the Laws of Nature are MY laws. If you want the truth 
and if you seek wisdom, do not waste your time reading and re-reading the idiotic, contradictory and slanderous shibboleths contained in that 
nefarious collection of nonsense known as the Jewish-Christian bible. It is the most insidious pack of lies ever assembled between two covers. 

"No, indeed! If you want truth and wisdom, look to the Eternal Laws of Nature. They are MY laws. Who but I could create such a well 
coordinated and functioning system of laws that dove-tail beautifully in eternal harmony, that have functioned from time eter nal and will forever 

continue to do so in the eternal future. These are MY laws, and mankind would do well to observe, to reason and to learn." 

Having given me this intensive background briefing, the Master planner then got down to the essence of our prolonged meeting, namely his 
secret directives to me as how to deal summarily with the world's foremost parasite and its most persistent plague. He swore me to secrecy 
and then set forth the detailed plan and program. Whereas we, the White Race, needed much further preparation and build-up in the fields of 
organization and propaganda, he reminded me emphatically that we already had the means and the muscle to institute it now If we would get 
our act together. He would, however, give me a clear signal when he deemed us ready to strike and resolve the issue once and for all. At such 
time I should go public with the directives he had given me and broadcast them to the world at large. 

He went further, "I hereby make a solemn promise and a bin ding covenant with the White Race, whom I created in my own image and love 
above all others. If your people, who are also my people, will obey the Laws of Nature - MY laws, rouse up your courage, and your will power, 
unite and fight, not only for your survival, but also for your expansion and advancement, I will bless them to become super-beings, a true 
human race, in fact, demigods, faithfully created in my own image, a creation of whom I can truly be proud." 

"In Creativity, you have made the first stumbling attempt to steer the best of mankind in my direction, to obey the Eternal Laws of Nature. I am 
here to tell you that you have my blessing and that you will succeed, I promise you. It is my will. God is on your side." 

I was thrilled. I was exhilarated! I blushed and looked down on the floor. When I looked up he had vanished. But his message was indelibly 
etched in my mind. Now I didn't have to depend on the garbled and confusing reports of such con-artists as Billy Graham or Pat Robertson or 
all the rest of that money grubbing ilk. Nor would I ever again waste my time trying to unravel all that confusing and contradictory claptrap 
attributed to Moses, or Jesus Christ, or all the rest of that Jewish passel, whoever they were. Now, I had it directly from the highest authority, ex 
cathedra, straight from the horse's mouth! I heard it with my own ears. We were on the right track! It was God's will! We were going to win! God 
was on our side! 

RAHOWA, all the way! 

My credentials for talking to God are as good as those of any man in history. I challenge any doubting Thomas to produce meaningful proof to 
the contrary. 

It is God's Will that the White Race prosper, expand and inherit all of this beautiful Planet Earth. 

The culling process is absolutely essential for the survival and health of any and every species. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 38 - February 1987 

I Talked With God 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 38 - February 1987 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part II 

The Story of Noah and the Great Flood 

Some years ago someone gave me a thick, heavy bible that was published around the turn of the century. A novel feature about this particular 
book, a King James Version edition, was that it caption- ed every page in the Old Testament not only with titles, but also with a precise date, as 
if to emphasize that each of the events and stories chronicled was an historical fact, whose year In history was well known. Apparently 80 or 90 
years ago, they could get away with indulging in the risky art of lying with pretended precision. Today no publisher would dare to emulate such 

In this particular edition the date attached to the Great Flood story was the year 2348 B.C.E. 

Now let us examine just what the King James Version says about that Great Flood that supposedly covered this Planet Earth to the top of its 
highest mountains and beyond. It is a droll story. 

In Genesis, the first book of the Jewish bible, is unraveled the story of how a lonesome spirit floating aimlessly in the dark void for the last 
zillion years, suddenly, only six thousand years ago, got the brilliant idea of creating "heaven and earth" out of nothing. He wrapped up the 
whole job in six days, and more or less as an afterthought created man on the sixth and final day. He then told man to go to it, be fruitful and 
multiply and populate the earth with people. (See "The Story of Adam and Eve" in Racial Loyalty No. 37.) 

This apparently they did with gusto, according to Genesis, but they had this damn nagging flaw in them they were "sinful", and each 
generation continued to be as sinful as the previous, if not more so. Finally this began to get under the Creator's skin and he got mad - real 

He decided something drastic had to be done and he had just the ticket for these nasty sinners: he would drown them all, like a bunch of rats. 
That should not only solve the problem, but also teach them a lesson they would never forget. 

In Genesis 6:12 it says: "And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth." 
Nowhere does it say that perhaps the Creator had somehow botched his prize creation, man, and done a sleazy job. After al, he knew what he 
was doing, knew the precise consequences forwards and backwards, and everything was under his control. Why did he inject this sinful 
characteristic into mankind if he didn't like it? 

The bible doesn't answer this question, but pretends it was totally the fault of the product rather than the designer, because "He gave man a 
freewill". Freewill in what direction? 

Be that as it may, he decided to take precipitate action and get rid of his masterpiece all of them all except a fellow by the name of Noah 
and his immediate family. 

Now this fellow, Noah, by this time was six hundred years old, and we would think that after having been under close observation for all that 
time a shrewd judge of character would have selected a paragon of virtue to be the lone surviving progenitor of the future race. Strangely 
enough the lonesome ghost made a poor choice, a boo-boo, in selecting Noah, as we shall see later. 

Anyway, God told Noah what was coming up and he had better get ready for it. In Genesis 6:17 he says to Noah: "And behold, I, even I, do 
bring flood waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and everything that is in the earth shall 

Poor animals; poor birds; even all the creepy-crawlies were to die. In fact, all flesh. However, it does not mention that all the fish who also 
were flesh would have a field day. 

So the Lord told Noah to get ready for the greatest deluge in history. He told him to build an "ark", a sort of floating motel for people, animals, 
snakes, insects and birds. He told him to build it out of gopher wood and to build it in three stories. It was to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide 
and 30 cubits high. Since a cubit is about 1 8 inches, this would make it about 450 feet long, by 75 feet wide, by 45 feet high, three stories yet 
no small project to hammer together by the stick method, especially since nails had yet to be invented. 

The Lord gave this six hundred year old man and his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, seven days in which to do the job. Not only were 
they to hammer together out of gopher wood this huge monstrosity in seven days and seal it watertight with pitch, but there is more, much 
more, they had to cram together in seven days. 

The Lord instructed Noah to gather into this floating motel at least one pair of every kind of creature on the face of the earth, since he was 
going to drown all the rest along with his sinful people. Poor animals, birds, reptiles, and insects. What had they done to deserve this? Such a 

When you analyze the immensity of the job Noah had to perform in seven days, it staggers the imagination. Poor fellow, and him being six 
hundred years old. In Genesis 6:19 the Lord commands Noah: "And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the 
ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female." Now, "every living thing" of course, also includes insects, not to mention 
animals, birds, reptiles and other categories. Since approximately six thousand years later scientists claim there are at least 10 million species 
of insects of which they have, after all these years, gotten around to identifying and cataloguing only about 1 percent, you can form some idea 
of the immensity of the job that Noah had on his hands. 

According to a pulicologist. Professor Robert Lewis, there are 2,381 species of fleas in this world. (A pulicologist is a flea specialist, of which 

there exist only about a dozen.) Now, did Noah realize there were 2,381 species of fleas to round up and did he faithfully catch two of each, 
male and female, and put them in the ark? Or did the poor jerk know a flea from a louse? On having put 4,762 fleas into the ark, how did he 
keep them from spreading to all those cooped up animals and multiplying into the billions? The Jewish scriptwriters neglect to shed any light on 
this problem, as well as hundreds of other problems. 

He only had seven days to do it in, which included building the ark itself. Would you believe your own daddy if he told you a tail tale like that? 

But the Jewish scribbler's who wrote that story complicate it further by saying in the next chapter. Genesis 7:2: "Of every clean beast thou shalt 
take to thee by sevens, the male and the female: and beasts that are not clean by two, the male and the female." 

So, Noah had a further problem: deciding which beasts are clean and which are unclean. Are elephants, rhinoceroses, hippos, and giraffes 
clean? I presume they are as clean as any animal, at least in their own habitat. So evidently, he would have to round up 14 of each of these, as 
well as horses, zebras, deer and antelope, not to mention lions and tigers and monkeys and gorillas. The task is endless, and even Frank 
"Bring 'em back alive" Buck, could not have accomplished this little feat in a lifetime. Then there are all those birds to catch, and all those 
snakes, pythons and cobras, and alligators. (I wonder how he got to Australia and back to catch the kangaroos and wallabies?) What a 
fantastic job all in what was left over of the seven days after he got through building the ark. 

But the job doesn't end there. They were to be cooped up in this watertight box for a whole year. It only had one small window at the top, one 
cubit square, and it was closed because it was raining. There was no light from any source, no electricity, no ventilation, no air conditioning. All 
these animals had to be provided with at least a year's forage of whatever food they preferred. How would you like to gather enough hay to 
feed 14 elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes and thousands of other animals? Also, the lions, tigers and other meat eating animals, they, too, had 
to be fed and there was no cold storage refrigeration on board. On top of this was the messy job of cleaning out all the manure and offal from 
all these thousands of animals. Who was in charge of that stinky job? Fourteen elephants alone can do quite a job in short order. If all these 
animals were really in there and properly fed, they would have sunk that stinking ark within a week from the sheer weight of the refuse alone. 

Anyway, according to this wild story the Lord himself sealed the door of this watertight box after they were all in, hay or no hay. A trainload of 
hay would not have fed all those browsing animals, and a million rabbits would not have fed all the meat eating animals for a year. If all these 
"creatures of the flesh" could have been crammed into that dark and unventilated box (which they could not) they would all have suffocated 
from the stench and lack of oxygen within 24 hours. Whoever wrote that dumb story certainly didn't take logistics, or even the slightest 
modicum of common sense into their calculations. 

So, what with Noah having built the ark, rounded up all the millions of "creatures of the flesh", presumably provided them with ample 
provender, and also for his own family all in seven days the Lord sealed the door and let her rip. 

In Genesis 7:11, 12 it says: "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day 
were all the foundations of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and 
forty nights." 

Evidently all you had to do was open the windows in heaven and the water will gush out by the ocean full. Now that is real news. I had always 
been told that heaven was a wide airy place inhabited by harp playing angels. But evidently I was misinformed. It is filled with billions and 
billions of tons of water. Since that huge fiery pit called hell is right next door to it, I would presume that they would have a rough time 
containing all that water and getting a good hot fire going at the same time. Or having done so, why doesn't the good Lord have mercy on all 
those poor sinners cooped up in that fiery pit, open the windows on the hell side and douse that excruciatingly painful fire? I'm sure the victims 
therein would appreciate it, even if he had to drown them all along with it. It would be a lot better than eternal torture. 

Good point. Why doesn't he open the windows on the hell side, deluge it with all that water, douse the fire and drown the inmates. They would 
greatly prefer that. I'm sure. It would be a tremendous "relief from that burning sensation." 

Getting back to poor Noah and his family cooped up in the ark with all those millions of "creatures of the flesh," and all that stench. 

According to this wild story as it rained for forty days and nights, the waters rose and rose until it covered all the land of this fair planet, over 
and above the highest mountain tops. Now considering Mount Everest is more than 29 thousand feet high, that is one hell of a lot of water, 
more than our atmosphere could ever hold, or again re- absorb. But no problem for the scriptwriters. Within a year it had all subsided, and dried 
up. Noah and his family all survived beautifully and not a single "creature of the flesh" had starved or was lost in the stench and the darkness. 
After one year, the land was dry, the forests and the flowers were all intact after having been submerged under six miles of water for a year, 
and all the animals, birds, in- sects and reptiles traipsed out the door, happy as a lark and healthy as all get-out. Not a single mouse, mosquito 
or louse got sick or died during that year they were boxed up. Wasn't that nice. 

So every creature resumed mating and multiplying (with gusto!) to make up for lost time. They now had a brand new world to fill! 

After building an altar to the Lord, Noah, "took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar." 

Since there are thousands of beasts and foul in this world, one as clean as the next, it must have been some bang-up barbecue. But the 
Jewish God, being a bloodthirsty monster, relished it greatly. After drowning millions of people, and billions of "creatures of the flesh" it says: 
"And the Lord smelled a sweet savour." Nothing like burning flesh to get his Juices flowing. He must really get his kicks sniffing the burning 
flesh of billions in hell. The Jewish Bible is full of offerings of burning flesh. Anyway, that smell of burning flesh mellowed him and he promised 
Noah that he would never again do what he had just done that is drown everybody, no matter how rotten they were. Just to remind himself 
not to pull this nasty trick again, he set a rainbow in the cloud. Just to make sure he would remember to cease and desist and not go overboard 

But to get on with the show. Apparently a layer of water six miles high for a year had not noticeably affected the forests, the trees, the grasses 
and the meadows, nor the vineyards, for It says. Genesis 9:20,21 : "And Noah began to be a husbandman and he planted a vineyard: And he 

drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered in his tent." 

Poor Noah. Back to his old tricks of nipping at the kickapoo joy juice. He not only nipped, he was stinking drunk and naked in his tent, dead to 
the world. While in this shameful condition, his three sons. Ham, Shem and Japheth saw him. The latter two were embarrassed and covered 
him up. But apparently Ham was a fag, a homo, and he went back and committed an obscene act with his drunken father. 

It says in Genesis 9:24: "And Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his younger son had done unto him." 

He roundly cursed Ham and doomed him to be a "servant of servants to his brethren", in other words, a slave. Not only did he doom Ham to a 
slave, but, all his descendants as well. All the dark skinned, niggers and muds are considered by theologians to be the descendants of Ham. 

And so, we have another episode in the family of the Noah's as they set out to become the progenitors of all future mankind. The Lord had 
goofed again, and made a lousy choice in picking such a drunken lout as Noah to be the father of future mankind. (See C.C. No. 54 in the 
White Man's Bible, "The Lonesome Ghost Blunders from Blooper to Blooper all at the Expense of Suffering Humanity".) 

Drunk or sober, the now 601 year old Noah lived on for another 350 years after the flood, if you care to believe such a wild story. 

Evidently there are intelligent men and women, people who should know better, who will strip gears, throw their brains out of gear, and profess 
that such a wild story is the "gospel truth". This despite all the accumulated knowledge of history, geology, astronomy, anthropology and 
paleontology that overwhelmingly indicates: that the world has been around for approximately 5 billion years; that there has been life on earth 
for more than two billion years; that man's ancestors can be spasmodically traced for more than a million years; that civilized peoples, such as 
the Egyptians, existed long before the supposed "Great Flood" of 2348 B.C.E.; that their dynasties were recorded in considerable detail long 
before that date; and that the deserts on either side of the Nile were as dry before that date as after. Also, their Pharaohs lived normal life 
spans and none reached the ridiculous age of 951 . 

On the other hand, all that supports (if you can call it support) such a wild story is the lying claims of Jewish scriptwriters whose veracity at best 
is notoriously the worst in history. 

Yet intelligent and well-educated people, and I use these descriptions loosely, will go and organize expeditions at great expense to their 
donors, to find traces of a lost ark, an ark that never existed. They will go to Mount Ararat in Turkey, where the non-existent ark is supposed to 
have made landfall. There is not the slightest connection between Mount Ararat in Turkey and the Jewish account, except for coincidence that 
some yokel during the Byzantine rulership of Asia Minor chose the name Ararat for an inconsequential mountain, just as hundreds of other 
names were picked out of the bible by Christian zealots. 

When these modern day "explorers" then find some old decrepit piece of wood on the slopes of Mount Ararat, they will scream to the world that 
they have found a relic from Noah's ark and a cooperative Jewish press, with tongue in cheek, will gladly spread the story for them. The 
Christian zealots of today, as in past centuries, will vociferously gobble it up and point with certainty that here is concrete evidence of Noah's 
ark and that the Great Flood did in deed cover all of the earth. 

How crazy can you get? 

We Creators take the position that: It is not only morally justified, but our beholden duty to ridicule that which is ridiculous when such garbage is 
deceitfully being disseminated as the "Gospel Truth". 

It is not only morally justified, but our beholden duty to ridicule that which is ridiculous when such garbage is deceitfully being disseminated as 
the "Gospel Truth". 

The Christian con-artists in two thou-sand years have never even bothered to define the basic product they have been so vociferously 
peddling. Pray tell me, Preacher, what is a "spirit"? 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 38 - February 1987 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part II 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 39 - June 1987 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part III 

The Story of ABIE, IKIE and JAKIE 

Once upon a time there (supposedly) lived three Yids. Their names were Abie, Ikie and Jakie, and they were father, son and grandson, 
respectively, but it cannot be said, respectfully. They were swarthy yellow Asiatics, and in their Gypsy-like travels they roamed in the areas of 
Mesopotamia, Egypt and that pesthole in the desert that has been in perpetual turmoil since Ancient Times. It was call ed Palestine. 

These three Yids were strictly from hunger and abhorred doing an honest day's work. So they specialized in becoming con men and swindlers. 
For this they had an inborn proclivity and soon became experts in their field. Over the years they also became the most celebrated and 
notorious liars and swindlers in history. 

Their special gimmick that really propelled them into the BIG TIME was to invent themselves a tribal god, for whom they had a number of 
names. At one time or another it was Yahweh, Jahweh, Jehovah, Immanuel, Emmanuel, and a whole passel of other Jewish names. 

Now, they claimed this tribal god considered their nefarious antics as something sacred and beyond reproach, and had edified them and their 
descendants as a very special people. They further claimed that because they had this special privilege they now also had a license to indulge 
in any kind of criminal activity they pleased. So they soon became experts in pimping, thieving, whoremongering and in murder. They also 
developed an infamous reputation for being the world's most prolific liars. They skillfully plied their trades on Gen tiles, whom they termed as 
"goy", their derogatory term for cattle. They were, it must be said, notoriously successful. 

Abie and Ikie got their start in a remarkably similar way. When they got hungry they peddled their wives as prostitutes to a rich king or Pharaoh. 
By the time they got through confusing their victim with the proclaimed powers of their tribal god and blackmailing them with the dire 
consequences their tribal god would wreak on them, they usually walked off with loads of gold, silver, oxen, and asses. 

Strangely, old Abie's wife Sarah was barren, but somehow they managed to come up with Ikie when he was ninety-nine and she was ninety. 
They attributed it to the miracles their tribal god could perform. But then they used the same ruse for every other fantastic lie they conjured, so 
who knows? 

Anyway, the favorite target of both Abie and Ikie was this same King Abimelech who must have lived a long time. He evidently didn't learn 
much over all those years, because Abie peddled Sarah as prostitute when Abie was seventy-five and she was an old hag of sixty-six. (These 
Semites get to be pretty haggy out there in the desert by the age of sixty-six.) It is extremely hard to understand why an affluent King such as 
Abimelech would fall for an old Jewish prostitute of that age when he undoubtedly had a choice of dozens of young beauties in his own realm. 
Be that as it may (and we must remember these Yids were notorious liars) it is even more strange that this same King some sixty years later 
felt for the same gimmick again when Ikie came around and peddled his wife, Rebekah, off on him. As had his father, Abie, so Ikie too walked 
off with a ton of loot. This he soon squandered, because in the third generation, Jakie was again hurting, strictly from hunger. 

However, their miracle worker Yahweh produced another one of his slight of hands for his pet conniving Yids. Jakie had twelve sons by two 
wives, and one of these sons was called Joe. 

Joe was an astute hustler in his own right after his brothers sold him into slavery. (These Yids would do anything for a little loot. Such a deal!) 
He managed to lie himself into the confidence of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Soon he had the Pharaoh so bamboozled he didn't know which end 
was up and Joe was soon running the Kingdom. 

This opened the door wide to all the other Yids and their kidlings and they soon multiplied, overran the kingdom and looted it dry. All with the 
blessing of their own private Yahweh, of course 

This fairytale goes on and on, and ends happily for the Yids but not the rest of the world. As told in the Yiddish Old Testament the descendants 
of these original con men multiplied until they numbered as many as sands on the ocean beach, or at least so their private Yahweh promised 
they would. (Most of his promises weren't worth the paper they were written on.) Anyway, this robber band of Yids soon overran Egypt and 
were shortly in control of all the food in the land, as well as other goodies. They got so obnoxious the Egyptians finally ran them out. (The Yids 
claimed they left on their own free will, under the leadership of their hero by the name of Moses.) 

After wandering in the desert for forty years and being fed intermittently by their private Yahweh with manna from heaven, the unruly band of 
cutthroats invaded the lands of the Canaanites, and the Philistines. These Canaanites and Philistines had been doing real well in their 
vineyards and the invading pirates looked upon their properties as a land of milk and honey. Since their Yahweh had promised the Yids that the 
world was their oyster and that any other peoples' properties were theirs for the taking, the Yids after much conniving and treachery and an 
occasional boost from their Yahweh finally managed to steal these lands. 

We will now skip the next three thousand years in this fairytale and come to the happy ending I promised earlier. These crafty Yids, spread all 
over the world, and over the centuries they developed their skills in lying, deceit, piracy and thievery to a fine edge. As a result of their cunning 
and treachery, their cohesiveness and racial loyalty, the world now is indeed their oyster. 

There is one other aspect of this deceitful story the Jews have concocted about themselves that needs to be brought out at this point. The 
historical fact is that 90 to 95 percent of all the Jews who roam the world today are not descendants of any Palestinian Hebrews, but are the 
descendants of a fierce swarthy tribe known as Khazars, inhabitants of a small kingdom that some twelve centuries ago existed in the area 
between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in present day Russia. 

In the year 800 C.E., or thereabouts, the then ruling King decided it was incumbent upon him to make up his mind and choose a religion for his 
subjects. He had Christian missionaries brought in, also Jewish rabbis, and even Mohammedan representatives. He patiently listened to the 

sales pitch of each, and finally decided Judaism was his best choice. He and his emissaries then promoted it to the lower peasants with a 
gusto, and history can vouch for their success. 

These Khazars were a swarthy rebellious tribe of Mongol stock. They were later conquered by the Russians, much to the latter's misfortune. As 
they spread westward into the rest of Russia, Poland, the Ukraine and Europe as a whole, they became the money bags, the traders and 
manipulators, not only of business, but governments as well. There was continual subversive warfare between the Jews on the one hand and 
the Russian Czars and their government on the other. This was brought to a climax in 1917 when the Jews turned Russia upside down, shot 
the Czar, and clamped the Russian people into ironclad slavery under Jewish Communism. 

So when the Zionist Jews profess that they have a religious claim to Palestine, they are, as usual, lying through their teeth. Ninety to ninety-five 
percent of their ancestors are Khazars and never set foot in Palestine. (See again RAHOWA! at the beginning of this book.) 

The Jews now manipulate and control practically all the governments of the world, and its tax-paying slaves as well. They also own most of the 
gold, silver, real estates and Federal Reserve notes (lOU's) as well. How lucky can you get? And It all started with the fiction of Abie, Ikie and 
Jakie and their private tribal god named Yahweh. Such is the power of a RACIAL RELIGION. 

Does the above sound like a ridiculous fairytale to you? Well, it sounds like a pretty stupid story to me, and all but the happy en- ding (for the 
Yids) is probably pure fiction. It is extremely doubtful there ever was an Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, and authentic history has no record of such. 
The strangest part of the whole story is that the hundreds of millions of Christians, past and present, believe the fictional part of the story about 
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their shenanigans with the double-dealing Yahweh, but can't for the life of them see the tyrannical control the 
Jews exercise over the world. 

Since I have already explored and documented the latter premise repeatedly and exhaustively, it is not my intention to review that aspect here. 
Instead, I will go straight to the source and briefly review the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as set forth in the Old Testament, which 
constitutes approximately 73 percent of the (Jewish) Christian Bible. 

The story of the Israelites begins quite early in the Old Testament. After devoting only ten pages to the creation of the universe, to the story of 
Noah and the Great Flood, to the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages, it then gets down to business in Chapter II of Genesis and 
gives a genealogy of Noah's descendants (a concocted melange, of no historical value). In Genesis 1 1 :27 it comes up with the claim that 
"Terah begot Abram, Nohor and Haran." It then goes on and says in Verse 29 and 30 that "Abram and Nahor took them wives: the name of 
Abram's wife was Sarat; but Sarai was barren..." So now we have laid the foundation for the progenitors of a people that was to be "as 
numerous as the stars in the sky". But no problem. With a little hocus-pocus Yahweh can do anything, as we shall see in the next chapter of 
this thriller. 

In Genesis 1 2 the Lord really dishes it out, gratis, blank check, no limits. He tells Abram to get out of this country he is in and away from his 
father's house, because, man, oh man! have I got goodies in store for you. "And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make 
thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: ..." How blessed can you get! And all this from his private tribal god of whom Abe at this time 
knew absolutely nothing. He had just run in- to him, and he wasn't going to turn down any favors or ask too many questions. It was just an 
everyday occurrence. Doesn't everybody run into a Superspook who has magnanimous goodies to offer? 

But the Superspook wasn't through with Abie yet. There is more much more. In Genesis 12:3 it says "And I will bless them that bless thee and 
curse them that curse thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed." 

Wow! That is quite a mouthful, especially coming from a Superspook who has unlimited clout. How lucky can you get? 

What had Abram done to deserve all this good fortune? Well, here he was seventy-five years old, and we know absolutely nothing about his 
past except that he had a daddy by the name of Terah, brothers by the names of Nahor and Haran, and a wife by the name of Sarai, who was 
also his half-sister. Does that qualify him at the age of seventy-five to be picked from the multitude of millions and be showered with a profusion 
of blessings? Hardly. 

Considering that we know nothing of his past but plenty about his next hundred years (according to this crazy story) we can presume that he 
indulged in the same activities in the first seventy-five years as he did in the last hundred. 

And what did flood old lucky Abie indulge in after he inadvertently ran into this super-generous, super-accommodating Superspook at the age 
of seventy-five years? 

Well, since the next nine hundred pages of the Old Testament are concerned with the shenanigans of good old Abie and his multitudinous 
progeny, we have plenty of material to work with. 

At the age of seventy-five and after the magnanimous promises the Lord had gratuitously given him, it says that "Abram took Sarai, his wife 
and Lot, his brother's son ... and went forth into the land of Canaan." After building a couple of altars to the Lord on the way (the Lord just loved 
the savor of burning flesh!) Abram kept pressing south. "And there was a famine in the land (Genesis 13:10) and Abram went down into Egypt 
to sojourn there." 

So here he and his cabal were finally in Egypt, strictly from hunger. What to do? 

Being a resourceful pimp he decided his wife was fair game and he successfully peddled her to the Pharaoh, it says. (Can you believe a sixty- 
six year old Jewish hag?) Having at first pawned her off as his sister, he then used blackmail and apprises the Pharaoh that, hey! you have 
been messing around with my wife, and I have a spook out there that will make mincemeat out of you if you don't pay me off and let us go. 

It was no idle threat. It says in Genesis 12:17 "And the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's 

Such a deal! Abram pimps his own wife and sells her to the Pharaoh and the Superspook doesn't even admonish him for it. In- stead he drops 
a plethora of plagues on the Pharaoh, poor deluded victim that he was. Anyway, it scared the hell out of the Pharaoh, and the ruse worked 
beautifully. (Abe had good scriptwriters). The Pharaoh sent Abie and Lot and Sarai and their whole kit and caboodle on their way, but not 
without first rewarding all of them, including Lot, with a slew of goodies. Would any Pharaoh in his right mind ever do a stupid thing like that? 
(As I said, Abie had good scriptwriters.) 

Anyway, they left, and in Genesis 1 3:2 it says "And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold." After getting into a fight with Lot about 
dividing the loot, they parted company and Abe went back to the land of Canaan, Lot to the land of Jordan. 

Let us just stop the scenario right here and again ask the obvious questions: Just what kind of a man was Abie, and what had he been doing in 
his first seventy-five years before the Superspook singled him out and went berserk over him? 

Well, it can reasonably be presumed that he had been doing the same thing before as he continued to do in the next one hundred years, 
namely pimping, whoremongering, pirating, stealing, lying and cheating, even committing murder, as we can see if we care to continue his 
story further, which I do not. 

Yet for some crazy reason, according to this stupid Jewish yarn, the Lord God picked this degenerate, scurrilous scoundrel out of millions and 
promised to shower him with untold blessings. Does that sound reasonable or does it sound insane? It sounds pretty in- sane to me, and it 
doesn't say very much for the integrity of the Lord, nor much for his sanity either. 

If we follow the droll inanities of his offspring Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Judah and all the rest of that Jewish passel, we find more of the same, as 
the Jews are carrying on today on a grand scale. Why not? They wrote the book and it has served them well. 

Since I have already capsulized the shenanigans of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, as well as the other stalwart heroes of the Jewish cabal in Nature's 
Eternal Religion, I need not repeat them here. Let me just say I find them extremely disgusting and repugnant. (See Nature's Eternal Religion 
"The Old Testament" P. 106.) 


Whereas the antics of these Yiddish progenitors are disgusting, despicable and repugnant, there are two aspects that are extremely strange 
about this concocted story. 

1 . The first is, why would the Jews concoct a fictitious story about their ancestry and then depict such obviously sleazy characters as their role 

2. Even more strange is the fact that hundreds of millions of White men and women who call themselves Christians should first of all believe 
these stupid and degenerate stories; and then secondly, seemingly break their necks to want to have these unsavory criminals as the heroes of 
their religion, even to the point of where they will claim that these despicable bastards are the Lord's chosen and are their own forefathers. 

Are there some people really that crazy? Yes, there are. There are hundreds of millions of them. As I have said before, Christianity is MASS 
INSANITY. Once you accept the claim "the Lord wrote it", well, that is the trap door that will lead to any aberration, no matter how insane. 
Going even further we have such White people as the British Israelites, and the Identity crowd who will chuck their brains overboard and 
vociferously proclaim that we White Europeans are the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 
Frankly, I would much prefer to have an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned horse thief as one of my ancestors than these degenerate Jewish 
bastards. (See "Identity" and "British Israelism", Issue No. 32 in this book.) 

We Creators have a great and powerful job to perform, and the first step, as I have said innumerable times before, is to straighten 
out the White Man's thinking. Once we have done that much, the rest will be relatively easy. 

Let us bend our energies to that noble and sublime task. 

Promoting the idea that the White Race is the seed of pimps, murderers and whoremongers like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not only an insult 
to any man's intelligence, but also a direct insult to the White Man's genealogy. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 39 - June 1987 

The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Part III 







Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 39 - June 1987 

Cleaning Out the Augean Stables 


Part IV of a Series on Pollution 

As the population explosion in the latter half of the 20th Century continues unabated, this once lovely and pristine Planet Earth is becoming 
unbearably polluted to the point it will no longer be a viable habitat for Nature's Finest, the White Race. In fact, what with nuclear pollution, 
chemical pollution, the pollution of our land, our oceans, our lakes, our rivers, our air, the stage is rapidly being set for the extinction of all life on 
Planet Earth, except perhaps some most primitive and bizarre aberrations. We Creators are intensively concerned about this spreading cancer 
and I have written a series of articles about this escalating situation. (See Issue No. 26, "Saving our Precious Planet from Becoming a 
Chemical Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty", P- 210 of BWBW; Issue No. 27, "Nuclear Pollution", P. 245, ibid; Issue No. 36, "Clean Drinking 
Water a Scarce Commodity.") 

There are several other areas of pollution that are of major concern to us and need to be brought to the forefront. In this treatise we want to 
examine one particular phase of pollution from which, I am convinced, tern all our other problems of pollution, in fact, all our other problems. 
That area of pollution is brain pollution, or more correctly, mind pollution, of our own White Racial Comrades. 

This problem is so vast, and of such long standing, that it preceded all other forms of serious pollution in the history of our race. Whereas 
chemical and nuclear pollution have only become major problems in the last 50 years, mind pollution has been going on since the dawn of 
history. Even our major classical civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece and Rome were polluted with erroneous and destructive ideas that were 
dumped like tons of garbage on their gullible and receptive victims. In fact, we, the descendants of these illustrious forebears, are the heirs of 
much of this ancient garbage, debris that has piled up in our minds like mounds of manure in an unclean- ed barn. 

All of this reminds me of the story of a Greek myth written thousands of years ago and commonly referred to as "Cleaning out the Augean 
Stables." This story is part of the "Twelve Labors of Hercules", and it makes interesting reading. In fact, I find that most of the classical myths of 
Ancient Greece and Rome, not to mention Aesop's Fables, make much more interesting reading and make more sense than do the stupid 
stories about Abie, Ikie, Jakie and their alleged descendants as set forth in the Old Testament of the Jewish Bible. But let us get back to the 
story at hand. 

The scene of our story is Elis, a mythical little kingdom in the Peloponnesian Peninsula of Ancient Greece. The ruler of Elis was King Augeas, 
but he is not the hero of our story. 

The hero is Heracles, or as he is better known from the Roman myths, the one and only Hercules. The Muses sang proudly of him and 
proclaimed him to be the strongest man that ever lived. Whereas his great strength was a creditable asset, it also proved to be his greatest 
problem, as we shall see. 

Hercules was the son of the god Jupiter, and of Almena. Since the goddess Juno was always hostile to the offspring of her husband by mortal 
mothers, she declared war against Hercules from birth. She sent two serpents to destroy him as he lay in the cradle, but the precocious infant 
strangled them both with his bare hands. 

Hercules was, however, by the arts of Juno, rendered subject to Eurystheus, King of Mycenae, a weak little man who was a cousin to Hercules. 

As Hercules grew up, his superior strength, of which he did not seem to be fully aware, got him into some serious troubles, the details of which 
we will not go into in this dissertation. Suffice it to say that King Eurystheus imposed upon Hercules "twelve labors" or almost impossible feats 
he had to perform in order to redeem himself. 

It seems that King Augean, mentioned earlier, had a herd of three thousand oxen, whose stables and barnyards had not been cleaned for 30 
years. Heaps of dung rose mountain high. No man alive could clean these stables in a year, thought Eurystheus. 

In order to humble his powerful cousin. King Eurystheus ordered Hercules to clean the stables of King Augeas. This was the fifth of the twelve 
labors. We will not go into the details of the other eleven, but take our lesson from how Hercules neatly disposed of this particular mess. 

With his tremendous strength, Hercules diverted the course of two rivers, the Alpheus and the Peneus. He flooded these combined waters 
through the stables and barnyards of King Augeas, and washed them clean in less than a day. End of story. 

Similar to the dung and garbage that piled up in the Augean stables in 30 years, so also has the dung and debris of ideas piled up in the minds 
of mankind over the thousands of years. Whereas this garbage collection of erroneous, stupid and destructive ideas has been collecting in the 
minds of Jews, niggers and mud races as well, we of the Church of the Creator are primarily concerned with the garbage collection that has 
accumulated in the minds of our own race, our own White Racial Comrades. That collection is considerable, and unfortunately, no Hercules 
has ever come along to flush away all the B.S. that has been assiduously dumped on the minds of our people over the millenniums. That 
accumulation is now so overwhelming that it may very well not only suffocate our ability to think straight, but may also render our Planet Earth 
an intolerable, stinking cesspool, unfit for human habitation. 

The brain of the White Man is one of the most wonderful and complex mechanisms in all of Nature's realm. In all the billions of years that 
inferior life has existed on Planet Earth, nothing like it has ever been witnessed before. Or if it has, at least there is no record of it, and with all 

the fossil evidence we now have available to us, such previous existence is most unlikely. 

The brain is the seat of our intelligence, and it houses the human mind, that ethereal quality that enables us to think, to reason, to recall, to 
imagine and to create. Only a healthy, well-functioning brain that is alive can do that. We know of no dead brain, of no "spirits" that can do that, 
although there are any number of misguided "mystics" who would have us believe such nonsense. 

Just as our physical bodies need proper nourishment of food to which we are biologically adept, so too do our minds need a proper 
nourishment of ideas to properly function. Just as our bodies need to avoid the ingestion of poison, chemicals and toxins, so also do our minds 
need to avoid the absorption of destructive and erroneous ideas. In a way our minds are very similar to huge computers (but with several 
added advantages.) As they say in computer parlance: "Garbage in garbage out." So it is with our minds. 

Just as much of the foods, medicines, drugs, and chemicals ingested by the bodies of today's consumers are not beneficial nutrients, but in fact 
are out right poisons, so too, are not all ideas being slopped upon us (and especially upon our children) beneficial, nor do they necessarily 
"enrich" our minds. As in the choice of our foods we must necessarily discriminate and be selective, so too must we be even more careful and 
selective in the choice of ideas that we embrace as "our own" and profess to "believe in." 

There is one further analogy between the nourishment of the physical body and the ethereal mind, and that is the accumulation of, and 
disposal of, toxic wastes and poisons. No matter how careful we are in the selection of our diet, the body in its natural processes generates 
wastes and toxins that must be disposed of daily. This we do by means of our kidneys, by alimentary elimination, by means of our lungs, our 
skin, our livers and other bodily functions. If, for instance, our kidneys fail to eliminate uric acids and other wastes for even a day, we are 
headed for the scrap heap. 

If we further abuse our bodies by ingesting drugs, chemicals, medicines and other poisons, we may overload our eliminative systems to the 
point where they cannot get rid of the toxins as fast as they accumulate, and the result is toxemic poisoning and death. Furthermore, there are 
heavy metals (such as mercury) and thousands of modern-day chemicals (such as dioxins) that ac- cumulate in our system and stay with us for 
years, if not the rest of our lives. 

Our minds react in a similar fashion. We are today, unfortunately, the heirs to many erroneous, harmful and poisonous ideas that have 
accumulated in our civilization over the thousands of years. It is these erroneous, harmful and poisonous ideas, many of them deliberately 
slopped upon us by our enemies, that are slowly but surely killing the White Race in this century. Unfortunately, no Hercules has yet come 
along to cleanse and flush out of our minds all those poisons, toxins and aberrations that are perpetrating genocide on Nature's Finest the 
White Race itself. Nor is it likely that there ever will be a flushing out of poisonous ideas in one fell swoop or in one day. As Hypatia of 
Alexandria said in the Fourth Century C.E. "Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach 
superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child-mind accepts and believes them, and only after great pain and perhaps tragedy can he 
be in after years relieved of them." (See P. 310 of WMB.) A most astute observation. 

The fact is, bad, erroneous and destructive ideas, once implanted in the mind of a child, can, like a drug addiction, linger in the mind for 
decades, usually for the rest of their lives. Especially those ideas implanted at our mother's knee in early childhood are the most enduring and 
will affect us the rest of our lives. That is why the Catholic church brags that "give me a child until he is eight, and we will own him for the rest of 
his life." Yes, like dioxins. PCB, DDT, which can linger in our bodies and/or in our environment for decades, or like the nuclear pollution of 
Plutonium which has a half-life of 24 thou- sand years, so too can poisonous ideas linger in our minds for decades, and in our civilization for 
thousands of years. 

As I have already alluded earlier, unfortunately there will never be a Hercules who will come along and flush away the mountainous dung heap 
of fallacious concepts in one day, or in one fell swoop. It took thousands of years to build this mountainous dung heap and we are going to 
have to clean it up shovelfull by shovel full, one item at a time. However, it need not take thousands of years to do the job. It could be 
substantially cleaned up in a lifetime, once Creativity is in full swing. Once the White Race gets behind Creativity, once in control of its own 
destiny it will be like the torrent of several rivers washing away the superstitions, fallacies and idiocies of the millenniums. We will go back to 
the fundamental wisdom of all eternity: the laws and lessons of Nature. 

As a small beginning in cleaning up the mountainous heap of disinformation, I am going to start by listing at random a few of the fundamental 
misconceptions that have misled and confused mankind from time immemorial, and some that are of more recent vintage. 

1 . The Spooks in the Sky Swindle. Undoubtedly the most pervasive influence directing the course of human events from time immemorial has 
been religion. I do not condemn religion as such. A good religion can be extremely constructive, unifying and a guideline to higher aspirations. 
However, nothing can be more treacherous than a misguided faith in a deceitful hoax. (See "The Spooks in the Sky Swindle", P. 330, WMB.) 

Most religions today are based on the swindle that there are spirits, ghosts, spooks, or what have you, out there somewhere which supposedly 
are extremely powerful, are in control of our lives, our affairs, our world, our destiny. Not only is there not a shred of evidence to support such a 
supposition, but nobody has ever even bothered to define just what a spirit is. (See "What is a Spirit?" R.L. No. 29 in this book.) 

The most treacherous booby-trap of all time that has ensnared the White Race for the last two thousand years is Christianity, an extremely 
destructive hoax concocted by our natural enemy, the perfidious Jew. It is driving the White Race towards self-imposed genocide. 

2. Belief in life in the "hereafter", in heaven and hell, eternal life, etc. This is an adjunct of the above. Again, no evidence whatsoever, but these 
fantasies have been most useful tools in the hands of the enemy, using the carrot and stick approach as a club with which to manipulate the 
gullible, the superstitious, the weak and the cowardly. 

3. The Jews are a special people, they are "God's chosen." An idiotic seam giving a major advantage to our natural enemies, free and gratis. 
Only a perverted monster would choose such a perfidious people as his favorite. (See "Masters of Deceit A Short History of the Jews", P. 61 , 

4. The Sermon on the Mount. Love your enemies. Sell all thou hast and give it to the freeloaders. Judge not. Turn the other cheek. Pluck out 
thine eye. Cut off your hand. All the kind of advice you would dispense to an enemy if you wanted to drive him insane enough to destroy 
himself. One of the basic tenets of the Christian religion. (See "The New Testament", P. 144, NER.) 

5. Belief in the wandering "soul", that we have lived in a previous life, and that our "soul" will wander into another body when we die. This is 
also known as "reincarnation", and widely held by the Buddhists and other eastern religions. Again, there is not a shred of evidence to 
substantiate this superstitious nonsense, and nobody has ever even bothered to define just what is a "soul." 

6. Belief in the "rapture". A segment of Christianity that believes a select few of them will be sucked up into the sky at an undisclosed moment 
"when the Lord returns." How silly can you get? 

7. Belief in prayer. Evidently the "Lord" up in the sky somewhere can be cajoled or flattered into dispensing special favors. Not unlike the 
practice of bribing government bureaucrats that is so rampant in most Latin American countries (and fairly prevalent in our own.) 

8 All men are created equal. This blatant lie, imbedded in our Declaration of Independence, has done more to aid the Jews in their vicious 
program of race-mixing and mongrelization of the White Race than any other single statement. Nature clearly refutes this deceitful piece of 

9. In a "democracy" the country is ruled by the will of the majority. Not true in the slightest. America supposedly is the epitome of democracy. 
But the real power is exercised by big money (The Federal Reserve), by the news media, and by the bureaucracy, all firmly in the hands of a 
small coterie of international Jewish gangsters. 

10. The Federal Reserve is a Federal Agency, owned and run by the government. Not true. The Federal Reserve is a private gang of 
international counterfeiters who own and run the government, and, in fact, this same international band of Jewish gangsters runs and controls 
the world. (See "The Federal Reserve Board", P. 259, WMB.) 

1 1. The Social Security system will take care of the present working generation in their old age. Another blatant hoax. The Social Security 
system is nothing more than a deceptive chain letter in which the present generation will be left holding the bag. Whereas the system started 
out with one Social Security recipient being supported by 1 5 workers, by the year 2000 (not far away) there will be only two heavily taxed 
workers for every recipient. That is if the system doesn't break down in the meantime. Every indication is it will break down long before that. 

12. Foreign Aid. (a) We owe every country in the world a huge supportive subsidy (b) This will buy us the friendship of these "needy" countries. 
Both premises are false. We have been subsidizing 126 countries, more or less (mostly more), for the last 40 years. We have never been 
hated by more people and countries in all our history than we are now. The world is in greater turmoil than it has ever been, and more wars, 
insurrections and hatreds now abound than ever. In the meantime, due to our feeding and subsidizing, the mud peoples are multiplying like 
cockroaches at an explosive rate, all the while hating us with a passion. (See "Operation Rip-off', R.L. No. 35 in this book.) 

When I was a young man, aiding the enemy used to be called TREASON. Now it is called FOREIGN AID. 

1 3. The idea that it is to the benefit of America to carry on foreign trade with all the world, carry on unrestricted free trade, or else foreign 
countries won't buy from us. Another fraudulent and cruel hoax on the American worker, where the Jews have put him in the position of 
competing with the coolie workers of Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and other mud peoples, dragging him down to their dismal level. The result for 
all plain to see is long unemployment lines, idle factories, our key industries going bankrupt and a plummeting standard of living. 

14. The idea that due to our advancing technology, each generation will naturally live a better and more affluent life than their parents. This 
could be true if the White Man was in control of his own destiny, but since we are being manipulated, exploited and ripped-off by the world's 
most deadly parasite, the international Jewish powerhouse, unless we drastically change course nothing but a dismal future of slavery and 
poverty is in store for the present young generation of White workers. The way the system now operates the harder a White couple works the 
more free-loaders the government loads onto their back. The fact is that the chance of a young White married couple ever owning their own 
home are much more dismal now than those of only a generation ago. 

15. Tolerance is a virtue. We Creators take the position that when tolerance as such becomes a cop-out in confronting either an insult to our 
honor or good sense, or a threat to our race, then tolerance is no longer a virtue but an excuse for cowardice. If niggers are moving into your 
neighborhood, that constitutes a threat to the safety of your family and property, not to mention a property depreciation to the whole 
neighborhood. To be tolerant and ignore such a situation is essentially a hypocritical piece of cowardice for which the neighboring residents will 
pay dearly. 

16. We should always respect the other fellow's customs and religions. This fallacy is concomitant to the above. Again, we take the position of 
reason and good sense. If the Hindus want to practice some revolting and repulsive customs in their religion such as drinking urine, making 
patty-cakes out of dung, blood and milk from cows, that is their affair. But we will not condone such outrageous practices by "paying respect" to 
them. On the contrary, we will roundly condemn and denounce them and make damn sure they and their practices are kept out of our territory. 
We Creators look at everything through the White Man's eyes, and will do our own thinking and form our own conclusions, according to our 
own standards. 

1 7. Adolf Hitler was a power mad monster. When we study the brief history of Hitler's Third Reich, we find that while the rest of the world was 
floundering and wallowing in depression, misery and unemployment. Hitler brought a defeated broken people out of their misery and lifted them 
to new heights of pride and enthusiasm, to full employment and productivity such as the world had never seen. He also broke the back of the 
Jewish money-changers in Germany, drove the Jews out of the German universities, schools and other cultural institutions, as well as 
government. He set the stage for a racial house-cleaning in Germany itself. The brief peacetime episode between 1 933-39 was the happiest 
and most vibrant period in the history of the German people. For these accomplishments alone (there are many more) we Creators deem Hitler 
as the greatest leader the White Race has ever had and the greatest White Man that ever lived. 

That the Jews were able to snooker the rest of the White nations to smash Germany and Hitler's ideas is small reflection on Hitler, but rather a 
shameful reflection on the stupidity and cowardice of the White Race under the heel of the Jewish monster. If you were bushwhacked by a 
gang of ten niggers and beaten to a pulp, it does not necessarily mean that your ideology was inferior to that of the black bushwhackers. (See 
"Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism", P. 290, NER.) 

1 8. Force is a nasty thing and should never be used. This silly idea runs counter to all the experiences of history. The American Revolution of 
1776 was decided by force. The Civil War was decided by force. So were World War I and World War II and thousands of other forceful, 
decisive actions. This includes not only military actions, but revolutions, police actions against criminals and many other situations, even 
football games. 

There is an old maxim that says "When reason falls, force prevails." In the final showdown I am convinced that only force will break the back of 
the Jewish tyranny, and we had better make sure we build a power structure that is superior to that of the Jews. The only way to overcome 
force is to meet it and beat it with superior force. 

1 9. There is nothing you can do about it. You can't fight City Hall. There is plenty you can do about it, and in this respect I am reminded of 
wisdom inherent in the basic prayer of A. A.: "God grant me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change; the courage to change that which 
I can: and the wisdom to know the difference." This pretty well says it all, and we focus especially on the second part, namely to do that which 
we can, which is plenty. To throw up our hands and say there is nothing you can do to destroy the Jewish tyranny now destroying the White 
Race is to resign from life itself, and is a shameful, cowardly cop-out. 

20. The Holahoax. This modern Jewish swindle is the biggest hoax since the Jews invented Christianity nearly two thousand years ago, and 
they have capitalized on it handsomely at the expense of the White Race. (For more details see "The Six Million Lie", C.C. No. 37, WMB.) 

21. By feeding and subsidizing the niggers of Africa (or America) the mud peoples of India, etc., we are being kind and charitable, and it is our 
beholden duty to do so. Wrong, from the beginning to end. It is neither kind, nor charitable, nor is it our duty. History shows that we have set 
the stage on a worldwide scale that these same mud races to which we have been so (stupidly) charitable, are going to wreak havoc on our 
own future progeny and exterminate them entirely. Another secondary consequence will be that this Planet Earth will be turned into a 
devastated, polluted, poisonous pigsty, unfit for decent human habitation. (See "Expanding and Proliferating the Misery", P. 134, and "Saving 
our Precious Planet", P. 21 of BWBW.) 

22. You can't unite the White People. We just happen to believe that we can. If Hitler could unite the Germans, it is also logical that the White 
Race can be united on a worldwide basis. The problem in the past has been (a) Jewish Christianity, and (b) the White Race has never been 
given a worthwhile creed nor goal to rally around. In CREATIVITY we now have a more sensible and dynamic religion with which to replace 
decadent, suicidal Christianity, and a worthwhile creed and goal that deserves the loyalty and dedication of all White Racial Comrades. As the 
White Race is crowded further to the edge of the precipice, this will become more and more obvious and inevitable. 

23. Medicines, medications, pills, help to heal and restore people to health. Rather than go into detail on the hoax of medicine, I refer you to the 
chapters on Salubrious Living in the White Man's Bible, which amply refute this long enduring hoax. This is further expanded and amplified in 
our book "Salubrious Living" 224 pages, which is one of our own Three Basic Books. Let me just add that all medicines are drugs, are 
poisonous chemicals that do not heal, but on the contrary, are toxic to the human body. 

24. Lawyers have their clients' best interests at heart. Since I have gone into this in full detail in Issue No. 37 contained in this book under the 
title of "The Holy Trinity" there is no need to repeat it here. Suffice it to say that the first loyalty of the majority of licensed attorneys is to their 
pocket book, and loyalty to their client is far down the line. That is why it is of major importance that the Church of the Creator build its own 
legal defense system through a comprehensive and aggressive Layman Law Course. (See "The Holy Trinity", R.L. No. 37, also contained in 
this book.) 

25. All we have to do is expose the menace, the criminals the conspiracy, and the problem will solve itself. Unfortunately, it is not the way it 
works. For instance, everyone in Sicily knows t Mafia is a gang of criminals, knows who they are, and what they are doing. But the Mafia is so 
powerful that there is no counter force to oust them, and just about every law-abiding citizen is afraid oppose them. The Jewish tyranny is in a 
similar position on a world wide basis, only most White people are not really aware of the depth of the conspiracy, and the majority doesn't 
even realize that it exists. It is the goal of the Church of the Creator to lay out in clear detail the whole depth of the Jewish conspiracy, starting 
with Jewish Christianity, and expose it thoroughly. But we intend to go much further. By giving our White Racial Comrades a clear creed, goal 
and program upon which to build we intend to construct a powerful White tidal wave that will demolish the Jewish tyranny. We intend to meet 
force with superior force and smash the Jewish parasite once and for all so that we can get on with building that Whiter and Brighter World we 

Above I have listed at random more than two dozen basic fallacies that have cluttered and impeded the minds of our White Racial Comrades 
for centuries and have prevented them from using their innate common sense in thinking reasonably and logically. These are only a random 
sample of thousands of other misconceptions, lies, myths, fallacies and beliefs that have fastened themselves on the human mind like 
barnacles to the hull of an old ship, or to put it in the parlance of the Augean stables, like so much dung and debris piled up in a barn that has 
not been cleaned out for 30 years. 

In this respect let me observe that the most treacherous booby trap to which the human mind is vulnerable is having blind faith in some 
unsubstantiated supposition that is warranted neither by evidence, experience or common sense. Most of mankind's spooks- in-the-sky 
religions fall into this category, and consequently have been the cause of untold misery, confusion and chaos to mankind. 

It is our devout hope and aspiration to clean up this mess, slowly at first, shovel full by shovel full. Then, as the White Race begins to step into 
the bright sunshine of common sense, reason and logic, it will at last be able to get a handle on its own destiny, and utilize it's tremendous 
energy, intelligence and resources for it's own best interests. 

It is this lofty goal to which CREATIVITY is dedicated. Let us each and everyone devote our energies and resources to make sure this dream 
becomes a reality. We have the means to do the job. Let us do it. (See "We are not helpless", P. 148, and "How to Utilize Your Wealth 
Effectively", P. 203 of EXPANDING CREATIVITY.) (~) 

Even if we overcome the mud races, it will be of little benefit to our future progeny if all we leave them is a Planet that is no more than a 
poisoned garbage dump. 

Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 39 - June 1987 

Cleaning Out the Augean Stables 

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Creativity f^iTl f^n 

Creed and Program 

Fundamental Points: 

1 . CREATIVITY is a racial religion whose prime goal is the sur vival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 

2. Our organization is known as the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. Our movement and religious philosophy are called CREATIVITY, and 
members of our church arc called CREATORS. 

3. Every issue, whether religious, philosophical, political or racial, is viewed through the eyes of the White Man, and exclusively from the point 
of view of the White Race as a whole. 

4. The cardinal test of any theory, plan, or program is this: Will it accrue to the benefit of the White Race? 

5. We believe that the White Race is Nature's finest creation of all time and that our most precious treasure is our White gene pool. Guarding 
the purity of our worldwide gene pool, enhancing it, and the upgrading of our future generations is our highest responsibility and our most 
sacred duty. 

6. The four basic foundations of our religious creed are: A SOUND MIND in a SOUND BODY in a SOUND SOCIETY in a SOUND 

7. Our GOLDEN RULE is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. 

8. A thorough and comprehensive study of history has convinced us that the Jews, with their odious Talmudic and Judaic religion, are the most 
sinister and dangerous parasites in all history, and that they now control and manipulate the finances, the propaganda, the media and the 
governments of the world. It is our sacred duty and unswerving goal to get these parasites off the back of the White Race, and enable the 
White Race to again take control of its destiny and restore it into its own capable hands. 


9. We mean to cleanse our own territories of all the Jews, niggers and mud races, and send them back to their original habitat. Starting first 
with the United States, we then want to help each White country to free their territories of the contamination of mud races, and prevent not only 
race-mixing, but geographic mixing of races within any of the lands now occupied by the White Race. 

10. A tremendous weapon in the worldwide Jewish drive of race- mixing and proliferation of the mud races has been Jewish Christianity, 
concocted for the very purpose of mongrelizing and destroying the White Race. It is our avowed objective to expose this Jewish swindle and 
replace it with a sound, healthy racial religion of our own. 

11. Our first and foremost problem in saving the White Race from mongrelization and genocide is to straighten out the confused and scrambled 
thinking of the White Race itself. Once we have accomplished that much, getting the Jews, niggers and mud races off our backs will be 
relatively easy. When this has been accomplished, we then propose to expand the White Man's territory slowly and gradually, similar to the 
historic "Winning of the West" in early America, until the White Man inhabits all the good lands of this Planet Earth. 

1 2. Simultaneously with the above, we mean to promote and practice Eugenics for the upgrading and advancement of the human species 
itself, as is spelled out in our THREE BASIC BOOKS, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living. 

1 3. We also are deeply concerned about the now rapidly deteriorating environment of our Planet Earth, which has not only become racially 
polluted, but is becoming highly contaminated with overwhelming masses of chemical wastes, nuclear wastes, and other dangerous and toxic 
poisons. As soon as the White Race again has control of its own destiny we mean to reverse this process, clean up the Planet and again make 
it a clean, pleasant and viable place for the White Race to live. 

14. We also mean to address the problem of farmlands and soil fertility, a problem that is now out of control. As set forth in The White Man's 
Bible (Creative Credo No. 13, 14, and 15), we plan to put in operation a program to restore the fertility of the soil and conserve its stability on a 
worldwide basis. 

1 5. We are also concerned about the physical and mental health of our people. In order to enhance and upgrade the physical well- being of 
both young and old, we mean to promote a natural life style as set forth in The White Man's Bible, and further amplified in Salubrious Living. 
The salient components for such a program are summarized in both books under the "FOURTEEN BASIC POINTS" of Salubrious Living. 

16. Our basic philosophy is spelled out under the heading of "THE SIXTEEN COMMANDMENTS" in both Nature's Eternal Religion, and The 
White Man's Bible, and is part and parcel of our creed. 

1 7. Our "Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny" is set forth in The White Man's Bible, (Creative Credo No. 67). 

1 8. Our program to overcome the tyranny and violence directed against the White Race is spelled out on Page 401 of The White Man's Bible, 
and we mean to follow and implement these steps, including Articles 7 and 8 in the order listed, if and when the time should come when we are 
compelled to do so. 

19. In Creative Credo No. 65, we have an additional creed of our Church enabling the White Race to protect itself from a hostile government, 
under the heading of "Articles for the Defense of the White Race". This, too, is part and parcel of our creed and program. 

20. In a rapidly degenerating world that is now overcrowded and overrun with an explosion of inferior mud races; a world that is drug- ridden 
and already overly polluted with toxic chemicals and nuclear wastes; a world now steeped in anarchy, chaos and terrorism, it is nevertheless 
our ultimate and continuing goal to build in its place a WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD for our future generations. 

If we are ever to restore this Planet Earth to its original pristine beauty and fecundity, there is only one answer 
warfare, total WHITE VICTORY! 

RAHOWA! Total racial 


Creed and Program