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Powlasti, a son of Bramkadev,* was married to Deva-
yarni,  and he liad a son called Vishrava.    A daughter
of Bharadwaja,  a Rishi, | was given away in marriage to
Vishrava; and she had a son called Kuber.    Bramhadev
had created Lanka and given it to Kuber.   While Kuber
was ruling there, a demon came from Fatal J   in the form
of a Brahman and became very  jealous of him.    The de-
mon said to himself, '* Lanka is my country and this man
has no right to rule. here."    So saying to himself  he gave
away his daughter, Kakesi, in marriage to Vishrava with
a view to drive out Kuber of his country, Lanka, with the
\ help ol the sons who would be born to her by him.    Vish-
Sv^Thad got by Kakesi three demons, Ravana,   Kumbha-
karna, and Vibhishana and two demonesses,  Tateka and *
Surpanakha.    Eavan and his brothers went to  Gokarna,
where they performed severe penances.    Siva§ was pro-
pitiated by Havana, Bramhadev by Kumbhakarna,  and
, Vishnu 1f by Yibhishana.    Bramhadev wag pleased with
them and called upon them to ask him for blessings. Ea-
vana was blessed with a power to  imprison all    gods
and also with wealth and learning.    Kumbhakarna wanted
such a blessing from Bramhadev as would enable him to
devour heaven and earth.   All the gods  were,  therefore,
alarmed and prayed to the goddess, Saraswati, who induc-
ed the demon to ask the god for sleep. Bramhadev blessed

* The. creating god of the universe, j- A sage. J The re*
gions under the earth. § The destroying god of the universe,
$ The protecting god of the universe.