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2                         Ramavijaya.

Mm with sleep, saying that the demon would rise every six
months to eat his  meals and indulge in all other luxu-
ries.    Yibhishana was blessed with a power to pray always
to Vishnu.   Ravana and Kumbhakarana then collected all
demons including Kharadushana and Trishira and march-
ed against Kuber to conquer Lanka.    They fought with
Kuber with bravery,  but the latter repulsed them with
heavy loss.   Ravana  then went to Vishrava and brought
his'letter to  Kuber asking him to give  Lanka to. the de-
mon without any resistance.    On reading the letter from
his father he gave the country to  Ravana and proceeded
to    heaven : by a   Viman*   Mayasur, a demon,   gave
away his  daughter, Mandodari, in marriage to Ravana.
J)irghajwala, ,a  grand-daughter of Bali,, was married  ta
Kumbhakarna, and Sharma, a daughter of a Gandharv,^ to
Tilihishana.    Ravana conquered all countries and devour-
ed a large number of Brahmans  and cows.    He robbed.
Kuber of his treasure and oppressed  all other people.
Be had eight thousand wives, one lac of sons and one la&
and twenty thousand   grand-sons.     He   had eiglitaa**
tcshoyanis^ of musicians^ who entertained him with music.
All kings were his  slaves, and eight thousand torches-
lighted his sabha § every night.    All mountains  for fear
of Xndra$ Ravana for protection, who told them
to'Ibecome elephants.    They accordingly became elephants-
wh^m/ he  engaged  as his  servants.    He then marched
against Indra with his eldest son, Meghanand.    A severe
battle took. place between the gods and the  demons, but |
the former . were defeated by the latter.    In that battle?*
Meghanand  flung down Indra  with his hairawati$,  and^


* A conveynance or a chariot serving as a throne throaghJ/
*tfe skies, self -directed and self-moving, f A demi-god. % One'
Kshoyalu consists of 21,870 chariots, 21,870 elephants, 1^09,350-
foot, and 65,610 horses, , § A court. ^f The "king of the gods/
$ An eiephaiit» """ *"'               •••••. -                   .••*• </