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Ramavijaya.                        3

hence he was called Indrajit, the conquerer of Indra. All
the gods were seized by Havana and released on the condi-
tion that they should serve him in. his household in dif-
ferent capacities. All the gods became his slaves ; Indra
served him as his butler, Chandra held a chatra* over
him, Kuber and Anil cleaned and washed all the things
in his house. Agni served him. as his washerman, and
Gabhasti as his page. Brahaspati was his pleader, Bra-
rnhadev his priest, and ISTarada always entertained him with
singing. Ravana became a great favourite of Siva ; and
by his blessing he had got ten faces and twenty hands. One
day he, proud of his prosperity, went by his viman to
Kailasa, the place of Siva, when Nandi^ who was guard-
ing the door of the abode in which the god lived, prevent-
ed him from entering it. The demon was greatly insult-
ed at the conduct of Nandi, and said " I do not care a fig
of thee and thy master." So saying he began to force his
way in, when Siva cursed him and said to him, " A human
being and monkeys will kill thee in a battle.** Enraged
sú this curse he tried to pull off the mountain on which
the abode of Siva stood with a view to carry it to Lanka,
when, the god pressed it in such a manner that the domon-
king was confined to it for one thousand years. He always
cried and prayed to Siva during the time for his release.
One day the god pitied him and set him free. Thence
he went to Sahasrarjua and praised his own. strength
there, when the latter caught hold of him and jput him in
his arms. He was ashamed and went to the kingdom of
Bali, who possessed prodigious strength. He entered the
palace of the king and praised his valour and bravery, when
tire latter said in order to test his strength, u There lie
the kundalas J of the demon, Heranyakashapu, whom Vi*
shnu had killked to protect Pralada. Just go and get the

* A large and lofty parasol,   f The bull on whiph Siva rides.
J Ear-ornaments,