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4                       Ramavijaya.

ornaments here." Ravana went to t>ring them but he could
not lift them up, when Bali said to him, "If thou canst bring
the kundalas, just get that die which fell down there, while
my wife and I were playing together/' Havana accord-
ingly went to bring the die but, to his great surprise, he
could not remove it, when both Bali and his wife heartily
laughed at him. Ravana, humbled as he was, set out for
Lanka; but on the road he was robbed of his clothes and
ornaments and let off with soot being applied to his ten
faces and with his hands tied up behind like a prisoner.
He was much troubled by the people on the road. Some
threw dust at him, some slapped him in the face, some
pulled him by the beard and others made him sit down
on a dung-hill. A maid-servant of Bali caught Mm so for-
cibly that he implored her to spare his life. Vishrava
then came there and begged of Bali to make a present of
the demon to him. His request was granted and Havana
iras let off. The demon-king returned to Lanka with shame
and confusion. A few days after his return to Lanka he
went to catch Vali, who carried him away in his arms t^-
his house and tied him up to the cradle in which his son,
Angada, was fast asleep. Vishrava came and requested
Vali to set him free. Vali granted Ms request and, ap-
plying soot to all the faces of Ravana, allowed him to go
to Lanka. One day lie asked Bramhadev to inform him
by whose hands he would die, when the god told him that
he would die by the hands of Rama, a son of Dasharatha
and grand-son of Ajapal. Ravana got very indignant and
said that he would kill Dasharatha and his wife by any
means. Soon after, Ajapal made preparations for celebrat-
ing the marriage of Ms son with Kausalya, when Narada
told Mai to watch his son and daughter-in-law, because;
Ravana would kill them under any circumstances. Where-
upon Ajapal took Dasharatha and Kausalya on board a
ship in the sea far off and was about to tell his priest to