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Ramavijaya;                         9

wanted from him. Kayakayi replied, « Kindly give me
your promise that you will give me whatever I will ask
from you; and 1 shall ask you for it whenever I like." The
king generously gave the promise she required.

The victory, gained by Dasharatha in the battle with
the demons, was due to Kayakayi, because when she was
young, a Tapaswi* came to her parents and stayed with
them for a day. At the time of his bathing her mother
told her to go and rub his body with scents. She accord-
ingly went to him with-the scents; but finding that the
Tapaswi was absorbed in meditation, she applied soot to his
face instead of the scents. Having found that the soot
had been applied to his face, he got indignant and cursed
the doer of the mischeif and said. " Whoever has applied
this soot to my face, will always be looked upon by all
people with contempt." Her mother was afraid of this
•curse; and finding that it washer daughter's doing, she
threw herself at the feet of the Tapaswi and implored him
to make the curse a little milder. Whereupon the Tapa-"
swi said, " The hand with which your daughter has appli-
ed the soot to my face, will give success to her husband in
a battle which he will fight with demons and for which
only she will be praised by all."

After the battle was over, Brahasapti asked the king
whether he had any issue. Dasharatha replied, " I am
very sorry that I have no issue." The god blessed him
and said, " Vishnu, the protecting god of the universe, will
be born to you." Indra said, " There is a Rishi called
Shringa Rishi, who has not yet seen a human face. He
lives with his father in a forest; and if he is induced and
brought to Ayodya, his father, who is a great Tapaswi, will
come there in search of his son; and by his blessing you
will get children. I shall, therefore, send a devangwnti f,

*, An ascetic,   f The wife of a god.