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Ramavijaya.                             11%

air with it.    She became exceedingly sorrv and began toj
weep, when Dasharatha prevailed  upon Kaiwa^a to
de her  pinda into  two halves and give one
and keep the other for herself.    Kausalya accordingly did
it; and  Sumitra also  did the same thing in compliance
with the wishes of the king.    Thus Kayakayi got one full
pinda for  herself, which she  ate heartily.    Kausalya and
Sumitra ate their own halves.   Soon after, the three ladies
became pregnant.    The pinda which was snatched by the
ghar from the hands of   Kayakayi, fell by a  blast  of wind
into the hands of Anjani, the wife of a monkey called Kesari.
She also swallowed up the pinda  and became pregnant.
The story of the child born to Anjani is as  follows:

Anjani, the wife of Kesari, performed a severe
penance for seven years on the hills called Rishiparvat,
in order that the god, Siva, might be pleased to bless
her with an immortal son. Siva was pleased with her
and said, " An immortal son will be born to thee as
thou wishest. He will be a part of my body. I, there-
fore, tell .thee to sit here in meditation and swallow up
any thing that falls into thy hands, so that thy wish
may bo fulfilled/' So saying Siva dis-appeared. The
pinda from the bill of the ghar fell into the hands of
Anjani,-and she swallowed it up as directed by Siva.

The ghar was a devangana who had become a bird
by the curse of Indra. This god was displeased with
her, because she did not dance properly; 'and it was
appointed by Bramhadev that she would be released from
the curse, as soon as the pinda fell into the hands of Anjani.
The devangana was accordingly released from the
curse; and after her release she went to Indra. Anjani,
after a period of nine months, was delivered of a powerful
json called Maruti He was a monkey and had a long
ytail. When he saw the light, he was hungry; and when
^he did not get any thing to eat, he went to devour the