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12                      Kamavijaya.

sun, taking him fora fruit. At that time Eahu also
came there to devour the sun, when Maruti said to him>
" Who art thou ? I have come here first to devour the
fruit." So saying he broke the head of' Rahu with his
tail and, catching him by his feet, flung him down.
Ketu then came to help him, but he was also severely
beaten by the monkey. In the mean-time, Maruti was
brought down by his father, the wind.

After nine months Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaya-
kayi were delivered of sons. Rama was born to Kausalya ;
Lakshuman to Sumitra; and the twins, Bharat and
Shatrughana to Kayakayi. They grew up, and the
ceremonies of investing them with sacred threads were
performed. They were taught by Vashista the Vedas*
and mantras.1[ On his return from a pilgrimage Yis~
wamitra, a Rishi, came to Ayodya. Dasharatha received
him cordially and worshipped him with devotion. The
Rishi blessed him and said to him, " Dasharatha, I want
you to give me a promise that you will give me whatever^
I will ask from you.'' The king gave him the promise
the Rishi required, when the latter said to the former>
" We all the Rishis are very much troubled by the
demons, Maricha, Subhahu, and others. They have often
destroyed our havans; and consequently we are not able
to perform our yadnya% successfully. 'No one can kill
them except Rama. I therefore, wish you to send Rama
with me to kill the demons/' Dasharatha was startled
and replied, "Rishi, how can I send my tender child
with you ? How can he kill the mountain-like demons 1
You may ask me for any other thing but not Rama/'
Yishwamitra became very indignant and said, " You
ought to have considered well, before you gave me the
promise. At any rate I must now take Rama with me."

* Sacred writings of the Hindus,   f Incantations.   {  A