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Ramavijaya,                       13

la the mean-time Vashista came there and advised the
king to send Rama with the Bishi, saying that if he
did not listen to him, he would curse him and his sons, as
he was obstinate and of a choleric disposition. Dasharatha
then brought Eama and Lakshutnan before his sabha
and gave them in charge of the Rishi. Vishwamitra thea
accompanied by two young boys, set out for the forest,
where the Rishis were performing their yadnya. But
on the road they were encountered by Tatika, a hide-
ous and frightful demoness. She had the strength of tea
thousand elephants, her chest was as large as a mountain,
her hair and dress were saturated with blood, the strings
of dead-bodies were put round her neck, and her head was
besmeared with shindur* As soon as she saw them, she
opened her mouth and went with other demonesses to de-
vour them, when Kama instantly killed her with one ar-
row. Twenty croresf of demons, headed by Banasur, <a
very powerful demon, then came upon Rama to revenge the
killing of the demoness; but they all were rej>uls§d by him
with heavy loss. After the defeat of the demons they
proceeded on their journey ; and when they came near a
shfla^ it began to tremble as soon as the dust from the
feet of Kama fell upon it; and no sooner did he touch it
with his feet, than it became a beautiful woman who, uow-
ing to Rama, returned to her husband. The story of how
the woman became a shila is as follows:—•

Bramhadev had a very  beautiful daughter,  named
Ahilya,    Many gods  and kings  requested  her father  tb
give her away in marriage to them.    But Bramhadev had
made a condition that whoever would go round the earth j
, and return  within six  hours,  should marry her without !
loss of time.    Whereupon all the kings and gods, includ-
ing Indra,  went round the  earth, but none could return,
within six hours except Gowtam, a Rishi, to whom Ahiiya
* Bed powders,       f r^en millions,          J A flat stone.