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14                        Ramavijaya,

was married agreeably to  the condition.    Indra   became
very jealous of  the Eishi and sought to  outrage her mo-
desty.  Some time after his marriage he and his wife went
to a river with Eishis for ablutions on the day of an eclipse.
After  their ablutions    were    over,    Gowtam  sat there
with  other Eishis for meditation; and his wife returned
home.    While  she was  alone in her abode, Indra went
there in the form of her husband and outraged her mode-
sty.    In the mean-time,   Gowtam returned home;  and
finding Indra in the abode he cursed him and Ahifya, say-
ing that there would be one  thousand ulcers on the body
of the god  and that his wife would  be a shila and remain
in that  state for sixty  thousand years,~ But that as there
was no fault on her part, she would be released1 from the
curse, when Eama would touch her with Ms feet.   Ahilya
accordingly became a shila and  Indra a peacock with  one
thousand ulcers on his body.    While the god in the form
of a peacock was flying  about in forests,, the other gods
prayed to Gowtam for him, who, having been pleased with
them, restored  Indra to  his  former state and turned all
the ulcers on  his body int® eyes.    After the release of
Ahilya from the curse, Yishwamitra proceeded on his jour-
ney with  Earna and Lakshuman.    Shatanand, a gon  of
Ahilya and the priest of the king, Janak, also- accompani-
ed him.    They all arrived at the city  of Mathila and put
up at a garden there.   At the -request of Rama Yishwa-
initra related  the story of the birth  of Sita,, a daughter of
. Janak, which is as follows:—

" There was a king called Padamaksha. One day
he said to Lakshumi, wife of Yishnu, c I wish you would
be born in my family and become my daughter.' She re-
plied, 'If I be born in your family and I become your dau-
ghter, you will be miserable. I have however no objection
to become your daughter, if my husband tell me to do so.7
Whereupon the king performed a severe penance,to gain