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Bamavijaya.                        15

tlie favour of Vishnu, who was pleased with him and gave
him a fruit, which the king took at home and kttpt with
him. After nine months were orer, the fruit bore a fe-
male child, the same Lakshumi. The king, having got a
daughter, became exceedingly glad and named the child
PadmakshL She grew up and became marriageable.
Many kings, demi-gods and Rishis requested her father to
give her away in marriage to them, but he refused to com-
ply with their request, saying that he would marry her to
a man whose body was dark blue. At this refusal they all
got enraged and killed the king on the spot. Whereupon
his daughter threw herself into a havan m which the con-
secrated fire was 'burning. At that time Ravan happened
to look at her, amd was -captivated with her charms. He
immediately extinguished the fire with a view to catch her,
but she disappeared. He found in the havan five ratnas*
which he gave to his wife, Mandodari. The five ratnas
were placed by Havana and his wife ia a box; and soon
after, they found, to their great surprise, that a female-
-child played in it with pleasure. Ravana lifted the child,
but Mandodad. said, * If you keep this child here, the
whole of Laaka will be set on fire. The kingdom of
Padmaksha was annihilated on account of this child,
and the poor king was killed by the kings and demi
gods who had gome there to marry her I, therefore, pro-
pose that the box should be thrown somewhere else.' Ha-
vana was alarmed, and ordered his minister to bury the
box in the kingdom of Jamak, who was the bitterest enemy
of the demon-king. The minister accordingly ordered his
men to carry the box and bury it as directed by Ravana.
The men lifted up the box, when the child said, ' I shall
again come here and extirpate all the demons.' Ravana
got enraged and was about to kill the child, when Mando-
ri prevented aim from doing so. The box was then car-