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18                       Ramavijaya.

ried at night and buried in the field presented by Janak to
a Brahman.    One day while the Brahman  was ploughing
"liis field, he found the box and carried it to the king.   The
box was opened and, to the great astonishment  of all, a
girl of the age of fire years was  found in it.    As soon as
the king saw her, he was moved with affection, and broug-
ht Ixer up as his daughter.    One. day Pur us ha ram, having
killed all the KsJietriyas* on earth, came  to  the kingdom
Ľof Janak.    He went into the palace with the king to take
dinner ; and when he came out  affcer  dinner,  he  found
that some one had removed the dhanusha^ placed by him
at the court of the king.    He  was  greatly  enraged  and
said,  'Who has taken my dhanusha I  It is so heavy that
t can not be removed even by thousands of elephants.'   So*
saying he came out of the court with  the king to look for
11 but, to his great surprise, he saw the girl  riding on it.
"No sooner did she behold her father than she left the dha-
nusha there and ran away, when Pumsharam said  to the
king, * My incarnation is now over.    Let the dhanusha be
here.    I now advise you to hold  a  sayawar^ and  marry
your daughter to any man  who  will lift up  the bow and
break it off.'   So saying Purusharam left for his  abode.
Soon after, the king held a  sayawar and invited to. it all
the kings and Rishis on earth.    All attended the sayawar
including Havana, who came there without invitation. The
king told the assembly that Sita wo-uld  be married to> any
man who would lilt up the dhanusha  and  break  it  off*
Many kings attempted to lift it up but they all failed in their
attempt.    Havana then stepped forward and' loudly said
with pride and vanity, ú This bow is a trifilBg thing to me?
I shall break it off in a second.    I know, ye,.,weak  kings,
and Rishis, will not be able to lift it up. It is I who would
lift up the dhanusha and break it  off.    Sita  will  be  my

* Warriors.       fA bow       J The choosing from amongst a
public assembly, of a spouse by a female.