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Eamavijaya,                        17

wife, and I shall ba her husband,7    So saying,   lie  began
to lift up the dhanusha with  all  his   strength and force ;
and while he was lifting it up, it fell heavily on his breast,
and consequently he panted for breath and implored others
to help him, when Rama immediately removed it,   at tlie
suggestion of Viswamitra, and broke it  into  two  pieces,
Sita, who was seated all the time on the back of an elephant»
put the garland in her hands round the  neck   of  Rama,
when Ravana returned to  Lanka with shame and  confu-
sion. Janak informed Basharatha of the sayawar and reques-
ted him to come to Mithila to  celebrate the marriage  of
his son with Sita. Dasharatha, full of joy, went to Mithila
with his wives, sons, and courtiers.    Soon after,   Rama
Was married to Sita, and Yarmila, Maliti and Shrutakirti*
the other daughters of Janak, to Lakshuman, Bharat, and
Shatrughna respectively.    Rama knew that Purusharam.
would come and fight with him on account of the dhanusha
he had broken ; and, therefore, he did  not like to stay any
longer at Mithila.    But at the request of his father-in-law
lie stayed there for. a few days  more.    In the  meantime,
Narada went to Purusharam and told him that a man call-
ed Rama had broken his dhanusha.    He was greatly ea-
raged at this news ; and having come to Mithila, he kicked*
up a great row about the dhanusha. To foment the quarrel
Barada told him that Rama had broken the bow and that he
was so proud that he did not even come down to receive him.
Purusharam "got indignant and let off arrows  at Bama,
which melted away, as soon as the latter saw them. Pura-
sharam, knowing that his incarnation was over, laid down
his arms and weapons, when Rama came down and em-
braced him heartily.''

Soon after, Dasharatha; accompanied by his wives and,

\ons,  returned to Ayodja with exultation and joy.    The

^ %g had invited to the marriage of Rama his brother-in-

1'&> Sangramajit, who requested the former to send Bha-