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22                       Bamavijaya.

abode of Bharadwaj, a Rishi, who worshipped him and re
quested him to stay with him lor about fifteen days, when
the prince said, "I cannot stay with you any longer, because
the people of Ayodya will often come here and entreat
me to return to the kingdom. I shall, therefore, go to the
Dandakaranya"* At the request of Rama Bharadwaj
showed him the way that led to the hills called Chitrakuta,
where many learned Rishis lived. He went up to the hills
and saw Yalunka, a Rishi, and worshipped him with respect
and reverence. Lakshuman built a parnaJcutiJca^ there,
and they all lived in it.

 On the return of Sumant to Ayodya Dasharatha died
of .grief for Rama. It was a pity that none of his sons
was present at the time of his death. His wives, Kausalya
and Sumitra, much mourned for the king but Kayakayi did
not shed a tear for him. To perform the funeral ceremony
of the king his sons, Bharat and Hhatrughana, were sent
for, and until they returned to Ayodya, his body was pres-
erved in a Kadayi^. full of oil. Soon after, Bharat and
Shatrughana returned to the city ; and, having seen the
lifeless body of their father, they violently cried and much
lamented for him. Vashishta said, "The body of the
king cannot be burnt, unless some one is placed on the
throne of Ayodya. Rama and Lakshuman have gone to the
forest and I, therefore, ask Bharat to occupy the throne,
us Kayakayi has got them banished to the forest to se-
cure the throne for him. " At this information Bharat was
startled, and said to Yashisfota with tears in his eyes, "0 ! .
how can I bear this grief ? I ,do not want the kingdom. I
want nothing from this city, I go down on my knees and
beseech you not to install me in the throne, as my beloved
Raina is a rightful claimant of it. I will go wherever Ra-
ma is, and pass my days with him,'* Having known the

* A forest called Dandakaranya.   f A small hut.     J A large1
yessel made of iron.                                                                 - '