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Kamavijaya.                        25

Chitrakuta, said, " Rama, your wife is very handsome and
attractive. If you stay here with us any longer, the de-
mons will come here and devour us all. We are informed
that the demons, Trishira, Khur, and Dushan, will shortly
come here to carry off your Sita. We, therefore, request
you to leave this place at once." Kama replied, " You
need not be afraid. Let all the demons on earth come
here, I shall kill them all and defend you/' The Brah-
mans, having no faith in what Rama had said, left the
hills with their wives and children. Soon after, Rama
removed to the Dandakaranya ; and on his way to the
forest, he killed a demon called Yiradha.

Yiradha was a gandharv called lumbar. One day
Kuber, having called him in his presence to sing for him,
the demi-god got tipsy and went before him. Kuber
got enraged at his conduct and cursed him, saying that
he would be a demon and would wander in the forest for
ten thousand years but that he would be released from
the curse, when he would be killed by the hands of Rama.
As appointed, the gandharv was killed by Rama and
released from the curse.

Rama spent thirteen years with Sita and Lakshu-
anan in visiting holy places. And during his pilgrimage
he visited the abode of Atri, a Brahman, where he worship-
ped the three headed god, Datatraya. Thence he went
and visited Agasti, a very powerful Rishi. The story
of the power of the Rishi is as follows:

" There lived three demons called Atapi, Vatapi, and
Alva. They were blessed by the god, Siva, with the art
of enchantment, by means of which they devoured the
innocent Brahmans. Vatapi became food and Alva
water. Atapi became a benefactor and invited every
Brahman, to partake of the food and water. The Brah-
man came; and as soon as he ate the food arid drank the
water, Atapi cried aloud the names of Vatapi and Alva.