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Ramavijaya.                       31

with some bad motive." "Is this your affection towards
your brother?" exclaimed Sita. li While Rama is actu-
ally in distress, you refuse to help him. Methinks you
wish your brother's death and marry me after him." At
this accusation Lakshuman shed tears and, having drawn
a line around the parnakutika with his dhanushaban, said
to her, " I am now going to help Rama. Look at this
line. I beg you not to go behind it, and: if you go,
you will be in distress." So saying Lakshuman left the
parnakutika with his dhanushaban ; and when he went far
off, Havana disguised himself as a Fakir* peeped at Sita
through the door of the hut and cried out in a plaintive tone,
*' Is there anybody in? E am a fakir here and dying of
hunger. It will be a great meritorious act, if some one
comes oui and gives me something to eat." Sita, who
was full of kindness, came out and said,." Please sit
down there. Rama will be presently he-re-; and as soon
as he comes, he will attend to your wants/' " I sha1%
not live until Rarna comes here. If you now give  me
something to eat, I shall bless you/' So saying he
threw bimself on the ground and pretended to be worse*
Sita was alarmed and left the line- to give him? succor,
when Ravana immediately caught hold! of her an d said,
" Do not be alarmed. I am Ravana,, the king of Lanka,
I am now going to take you to my kingdom. Quietly
follow me.'' Sita rolled on the grousnd and violently
cried, imploring him to leave her where she was. Her
tears and entreaties did not move him in the least. He
seated her in a chariot and set out for Lanka. Sita/
all the time cried aloud the name of Rama, which Ja-
tayn heard and went to her rescuse. " Ravana," said
Jataym, " I command you to set Sita at liberty; and if
you disobey me, I shall instantly kill you." ' Who
art thou,>y replied Ravana. "What thoti hast to d
* An ascetic.