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32                        Ramavijaya.

with this lady 7   Thou fool.    Go  and  mind thy busi-
ness."    Jatayu insisted and  Havana  let  off  arrows at
him.    The bird cut  off with his  bill all the arrows of
the demon-king,  broke the head of his charioteer and
killed   his  horses.    Havana   alighted,    when  the  bird
pounced upon him and pulled off his 4air. He was alarmed
and stood there  bewildered, not  knowing what to   do.
Tha bird broke his  chariot, when the  demon-king said,
" Speak the truth.    Just tell me how you will die.    I.
shall also tell you how I shall die."    Jatayu, who was a
simpleton, replied ts If you pull off my wings, I   shall die1
instantly."    " ISTow just tell me," continued Jatayu, " how
you will die."    u If you break  my  toes/' said  Havana,
u I shall die in no  time,"   As  soon  as  this secret was
disclosed by Jafayu,  Havana ' went to  catch him.    The
bird broke one of the toes of his  enemy,  when the latter
pulled off his wings.    Jatayu,  saturated with blood, fell
there rolling;  and the demon-king, taking  Sita on his
shoulders, proceeded towards  Lanka.    When he reached
the hills, called Matang, five powerful monkeys, Sugriva,
Mala, Nila, Jambuvant and Maruti, who lived there, found
the ornaments thrown by  Sita on the  ground.    Looking
at the ornaments Maruti said, "Pity, some wicked demon,
must have been carrying off a poor  woman.    I shall kill
the demoa and rescue her."    So saying he jumped in the
sky but, in the meantime,  Havana  entered Lanka with
his prize .and despatched eighteen huge demons to  search
.and kill Rama.    A few days  after his return to Lanka
the demon-king said to  Sita, " I  beseech you to Harry
me.    I am very powerful and have made all the gods my
slaves.    There is not a single soul on earth who can equal
me in wealth, strength and valour.    If  you be  my wife,
you will be very happy."    "Thou art wicked and a villain,"
replied Sita.    " Thou wilt  soon die.    I   shall never bet
thy wife.    I   loathe   thee.    Begone, thou fool."   Hav-