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Ramavijgoya,                        33

ing heard these words of Sita, Ravana said tŪ himself,
" Sita is very much excited; and unless she becomes calm,
I shall not be able to win her heart." So saying to him-
self he placed her in the Asoka forest and posted five
crores of demonesses with his sister, Trijata, at their head
to watch her there with instructions to frighten her and
make her marry him at any rate. The demonesses often
showed their teeth and opened their hideous mouths as
if they were going to devour her, hut Sita was- calm and
did not heed them. Trijata, who was kind, encouraged
her and told her not to frighten herself.

Lakshuman joined Rama in the forest and informed
him of what had passed between Sita and himself. Lak-
shuman wept and Rama pacified him. They then return-
ed to panchawati; and finding that Sita was not in the
parnakutika, they were alarmed and went in search
of her. They could not find her. They then went "to
the Rishi, Agasti, who informed them that Sita was
carried off by Ravana. They returned to their abode
and saw the footprints of the demon and Sita. They
immediately set out in search of Sita in the forest.
On the road they met Jatayu, who informed them of
what had happened. " I," said Jatayu, "mustered up all
my strength and courage to rescue her from the wicked
demon, but as soon as he cunningly knew my secret, he
pulled off my wings and left me here in a dying stateJ'
So saying Jatayu breathed his last. Rama grieved for
him and performed the funeral ceremony of his death %
The princes proceeded on their journey. On the road
Farwati, the wife of Siva, took the form of Sita and stood
before him; but he did not receive her, as he knew that
she was Parwati. A little further on, a huge demon
called Kaband, stretching his arms for some eighteen
yojwn.8* and with his head separated from his trunk, sat
*.. -TIT^ jofan measures nine miles. "T"~~'