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36                      Eamayijaya,

.Sugriva said that yesterday he heard screams of a woman
Ľand showed the ornaments found hy the monkeys to" Ra-
.ma. The prince identified the ornaments as belonging
.to his wife and shed tears, when Sugriva said, " Do not
"be, afraid. I shall help you with my able ministers, Kala
Ma and Jambuvant in recovering Sita from Havana.
Let us kill Vali first and then we^ shall set out in search
of Sita," As soon as Sugriva spoke these words, Rama
aimed his arrow, when the former stopped him and said,
41 Yali is my mortal enemy and will fight with us to his
last gap.'* Whereupon Rama asked him the cause of
the enmity with his brother. " Dudhurnbi, son of the
.demon, Maishasur," continued Sugriva, u was very power-
fui, and oppressed the gods in heaven and the people on
earth. Nobody could fight with him. At last the de-
mon went to Yama aad challenged him to fight with
Mm. Yama said, * I cannot fight with you. I, there-
fore, tell you to go to Yali at Kiskinda and he will fight
with you to your satisfaction*' The demon immediatelj
.came to Kiskinda and challenged Vali to fight with him,
.when the latter killed the former and hurled his body in
the air which fell on the hill? called Rishimukha Parwat.
All the Kishis on the hills were killed by the weight of
the corpse, when a' Rishi called Matang cursed Vali,
spying that if the latter touched the hills, he would in*
ptantly die. Mayasur, son of Dudhumbi, came to avenge
the death of his father but he ' fled to .patal through a
pave, when Vali gave him blows. 'Vali pursued him,
having posted me at the mouth of it. For many months
he did not return, though I was at the cave aE the time
watching it. During this time demi-gods entered Kis-
kinda and sought to take possession of. it. I, therefore,
placed a mountain at the mouth of the cave and drove ,
all the demi-gods from the kingdom. Vali did not return
t? Kiskinda" for twenty' months, and from this fact all