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Kamavijaya.                       37

Concluded that he was no more. Whereupon the people
cjf Kiskiada proclaimed me as their king against my
wishes. la the meantime^ Vaii returned to the cave
with the head of Mayasur and, haying seen the mouth
of it blocked up, he was alarmed on account of me. He
immediately removed the mountain and directly came to
Kiskinda. As soon as he saw me on the throne, he,
boiled with rage, said, ' You blocked up the mouth of the
cave with a view to kill me and take my kingdom.' So
saying he attacked me but with the assistance of Kala,
!Nila, Jambuvant and Maruti 1 escaped and made my abo-
de on these hills, because he would not come here for fear
of the curse/' Sugriva then showed the body of Dudhum-
bi to Rama, who flung it at a distance with his toe. u Itfow
do one thing," said Rama, " Just go and challenge Vail
to fight with you." Sugriva accordingly went to Kiskinda
and challenged him to fight with him, when Tara said to
her husband, " I implore you not to meet Sugriva today.
He comes to fight with you every six months but he has
now come to combat with you three days after the
battle you have fought with him. I think, Eama and
Lakshuaian have promised to help him. I, therefore,
pray that you will not go to fight with Sugriva today.3'
44That will not do/' replied Vali, "I must fight with him
and cut off his head. If I am killed in the fight, Angada
will protect you." So saying Vali went and attacked Su-
griva, when Rama killed the former with one arrow. Tara,
his wife, violently cried for her husband, when Eama con-
soled her and advised her to marry Sugriva. At first
she hesitated; but soon after, she married him. Sugriva
began to rule and forgot all about Rama in his luxury.
Rama sent Lakshuman to Kiskinda. Maruti said to Su~
griva, " It is a bad thing that you have forgot Rama and
left him alone in the forest. There stands Lakshuman at
the door of your palace. Take care he will kill us" all'*'