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38         -              Haxnavijaya.

Sugriva was alarmed and, having thrown himself at % j
feet with his wives and other monkeys,, implored the par-
don of Rama.. He then came with, all his monkeys' to
Bam a to help him- in recovering his wife,. Sita. Rama put
liis ring on one of the fingers of Maruti as a in a :k. from
him. All the monkeys set out in search of. Sita. On
their way they came across a forest and could not proceed
further,, as they were bewildered there* This forest was
cursed by a Rishi, called Dandaka, saying that those who
entered it would remain there bewildered. The Rishi
cursed the-forest,, because his infant son was devoured
t>y the-goldess of the forest. The infant son, became a.
demon and devoured all the persons and creatures that went
into the forest. Angada, son of Vali, killed the demon;;
and as soon as hit was killed, he was restored to his for-
mer- form... All the monkeys escaped unhurt, as they were-
repeating the name ot Rama . all the time in. the forest..
They left the forest, and, having, searched Sita. at several
places-in vain, at last came to a very large cave,. The-
monkeys entered the cave but they all fainted suf-
focation. Maruti lifted them,up with his tail and came out of,
the cave to a place where there-was a, beautiful garden. All
the monkeys climbed up the trees in. the garden,, laden
with fruits,, but they could not get a single fruit to eat. A
mare, called Suprabha, came where the monkeys were*
standing.. Maruti asked her who. had. created the garden,,
when the mare replied, '* Brahmadev. was pleased with.
Mayasur, a demon, and, having created the cave for biro,;
said, * I have created this cave for you. I require you to,
be always in it and not to leave it under any circumstan-
ces; and if you come- out of the cave, you, will instantly
die? While in the cave the- demon always prayed to,
Vishnu for the protection of the demons on earth. Indra
was alarmed and implored Bramhadev to get the- demon*
out of the cave. To get him out of the cave the g'oct