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40                      , EamavijayaJ

blows, when she implored him to spare her life. He
haying granted her request, &he blessed him, saying that
he would be successful in his undertaking. He then came
to lower I^anka, called Padalanka. Krocha, the youngest
sister of Rayana, whose husband, Gargar,. was killed by
Indra, liyed there. As soon as she was informed of his
arrival there, she went with a number of demons and de-
monesses to catch him? when he became a small and beau-
tiful animal. Krocha said to the demons and demoness-
es, {C This is a very good and pretty animal. Let. me
have it for my breakfast. Just kill it and cook it for
me.'' " My body/' replied he, " is full pf water, and if
you order me to be cooked for your breakfast, you
will get nothing. I, therefore, tell you to swallow me
up, so that you may have a delicjqua taste." Krocha
accordingly swallowed up Maruti, who entered her heart
and pulled ofj her flesh. The demoness tossed about with
pain. Her companions gave her medicine mix^d \vith
the dung of a hog, but the monkey was so disgusted),
with the dirt that he let out his tail through her nose and
ears. All the demons • and demonesses believed that
the tail was a jlisease, and began to pull it out, when
Maruti, having torn off her belly, came out and threw all
the demons and demonesses into the sea. Frpm lower
Lanka he went again to upper Lanka; and aj» sunset
he entered Nikumbala, a county in Lanka, where Indrajit
the eldest son of Havana, lived with his family. He went
into the palace of the ciemon- prince and saw him with
his beautiful wife, Sulochana, there. M^rutj said to him-?
self, " ISFo doubt this is Sita, and she has fallen in lom
with this wicked demon/' So saying to himself he was
about to kill bot}i of t}iem but, in the meantime, she said
to her husband, " Just think for a moment. Is it not a
bad thing that your father has unjustly brought Sita heref
Jf she is not restored to her husband, a great calamity