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feamavijaya.                       -4l

will befall him:" Having heard this conversation, Ma~
niti was convinced that she was not Sita, sn'd went to
the palace of Vibhishan- the youngest brother of Havana^
where he was much pleased, because the demon was the
devotee of Rama, arid every thing there was clean. He
also saw there ail idol of Rama, which Yibhishan worship-
ped every day. Thence he went to the palace of Kumbha-
karna, where he Was in deep sleep snorting all the time**
Maruti was disgusted with the sight of the heaps of bones
an'd the flesh of hilm'an beings and animals scattered
around his palace. When he faile'd to find Sita there and
at other places, he was eriraged; and, assuming an invisi-
ble form, he began to trouble the demons arid demonesses"
df Lanka in various ways. When they carried water la
their potsj he broke them with his" taih He 'dashed to
pieces the chariots of the princes whb happened to drive
in the streets. One day a barber began to s'have. the
beard of Havana, when Maruti stood behind him in an
invisible form and thrust his tail into the nos"e of the
former. The barber1 was startled; and iii corifiision he
shaved the mustaches' of Havana. Havana got angry
and slapped the barber iri the face, when the morikej- also
gave a fclap to the demon-king. Maruti pulled down the
hduses of the demons with his tail, while their families
Were asleep: One day in a miniite he extinguished all
the lamps in Larika, arid consequently all of a sudden,
were in confusion and alarm* The" inhabitants of Lanka
said to themselves, " Sita, whom Havana has brought
here, has created the devil to^ annoy and trouble us."
Maruti then entered the palace of Havana, where he and
his wife; Mandodari, were fast asleep. On beholding
Maiidodari; Maruti thought that she was Sita and that
she fell in* love with the demon-king. He got much en-
raged, aad was about to carry them where Rama w&s stay-
ing witk Lakshtirnaii. Bat, in the meantime, Mandodari