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42                      Eamavljaya,

was awakened in a^rm and said to her  husband, " I hare?
dreamt a dream which indicates that Jadragit and yon will
be killed, that the  Asoka  forest will  be  destroyed,  and
that  Lanka  will   be   burnt, because  you  have unjustly
brought Sita her©,   ,1, therefore, implore  you  to- restore
her to her husband."    " You  need not be afraid of it in-
the least/' replied   Ra?ana,    a I have  posted: five crores.-
of the demons and demonesses to watch the- Asoka forest
and they will not allow  Rama to  kill us and destroy the'
forest.**"   So  sayi'ng Ravana  despatched  his servant toy
the Asoka forest to see whether Sita was  there.,   Marati
accompanied the servant in art invisible  form.    He  saw
Sita  sitting under  the shad©  o! a tree.    The- servant
returned to Ravana and Maruti  remained in-the Asoka
forest.    The monkey was exceedingly glad,-when-he found
Sita* and threw before- her -the- ring  which  Rama had put
on his finger.    8h» looked at the rin.g and asked it with
tears in her eyes-, i4 Ring ?. Where  have you  come'from f
How is my Bama T   Is he safe ?**    While Sita  was thus
asking the ring, the depones,-es came there and. told her'
to keep quiet,, saying that if she did not  listen- to them,,
they would devour her,, when Marati,.. with his-tail,, tied up
all of then* together and  fkng   them down*    Some of
them died and some fled.    He then began  to sing,, which
was so, pleasing to her ears that    she- was    very anxious
to-   see  who    that  creature  was*    She called the   crea-
ture several  tiiB^s but  nobody  responded' to.' her  call.
She was disappointed, and prepared' herself to,-commit sui-
cide, waea the  monkey eame and stood before hen    She1
asked him,   "-Who , are you £    What is your z^aine and;
where hav© you come from ?.J>    " I am a servaivt af Rania^
and have came kece six search  of you,"   replied .Maruti,,
a Your Rama  is well anyd  has corue to Kiskiada for you*
He ^ ill  shortly take you from this place.    You; need' not
Tbe afraid of me*   I aiu aot a deuaou.    I am soa of ti^