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and my name is Maruti." " Besides that ring,*'
continued Sita, *' have you go^ any other proof from Ra-
ma that you are his servant ?" Whereupon' he recapitula-
ted all the calarnaties that had befallen her; and she' was'
thereby convinced that he was her husband's servant.
" I should have annihilated Lanka in a moment and-'
' taken you to Kiskinda," said Maruti, " but Kama did
not order me to do so. I am very hungry. Will youy
therefore, allow me to take fruits from the trees ra the
fore'st for my breakfast ?" "' It is not in my power to'
allow you to take' fruits: from tins' place',3' replied Sita,
** and if you forcibly tak& them, the' demons and demones*
ses will kill you^ I however tell you to gather for your'
"breakfast the fruits that have fallen on fee ground and
not to take them from the trees with your hands anct
feet." " I sweair that I shall not take any fruits from
the trees with my hands and feet," said Maruti, " I shall
take the fruits wh'rch have fallen on tire ground,-" So
saying he lengthened his tail and plucked' all fruits' with
it; and after a few minutes he destroyed £he whole of the-'
Asoka; forest. The sixty crores of the demons, who- were'
watching the forest, at once came upon- him; but He tied
them up with his tail aM flung them down. Some died
and some fed. Hearing this news Bavana' sent eight thou-5
sand demons to catch the monkey but the latter tied
them up with his tail and killed them all. Bavana wag%
greatly eft raged, and sent one1 lac of warriors whom the'
monkey threw into the sea with his tail.- The demon-king-
then sent his son, Akshaya, with a .la-fge army;' but he'
was also killed with his other sons. Immediately after,'
Ike- despatched a irightM demoness, called Asali, who1
lad thİ' strength of ten thousand elephants. She opened^
Her hideous mouth one yojan in length and breadth an&
devoured the MSran key, but tie1 latter tore her belly off
at. At last Havana sent Ms son,, Indrajitft,