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44                       Kamavijaya:

with a large army of demons. He let off his arrows at
Ma'ruti, which the latter broke off with his hands in no;
time. The monkey pulled off his mugut with his tail
broke his chariot arid killed his horse. He took tip an'
Iron har and went killing the demons with it, when Indra-
jit attempted to catch him in a snare but the monkey be-
came as small as an atom and escaped through it every
time the p'rmce put it upon hhn. Whereupon In'drajit
made a sriare with a: small noose and put it upon him,-
when he assumed a large form an'd broke the snare.
"When the prince failed in catching him in the snare,'
lie combated with the monkey, ^tmt the latter flung
him down' on the grotfnd. The Prince wa's alarmed
and said to himself that i! he was seized by the'
monkey and carried io Rama^ he would he Cruelly treated.
So' saying1 he hid himself in a cave, when Maruti1 blocked
up the mouth of it wifclr a mountain: Indrajit cried and
wept. Ravana, having been acquainted with this news*
imploringly s'Ģid to Bramhadev, " You see, Indrajit is in
difficulty. If you personally go there, you will be able to
insnare the monkey. I,- therefore,- beseech you to do the
work for me/' Whereupon Bramhadev went near the'
cave, when Indrajit hung his head down with shame and
said, " Unless you catch hold of the monkey,- I can not
venture to come out of the cave.*' Whereupon Bramha-
dev put upon Maruti the BramJia pasa* which the latter
could have broken in a minute, but he allowed himself to-
be caught in it and carried to the court of Havana.-
Indrajit went and vainly told his' father that it was he
who1 had caught the monkey. Maruti made a coil of his tail-
higher than the throne of Ravana and sat lipon it." The
demon-king indignantly asked, " Who are you- and what
is the name' of your master ?" " You are'/' re'plied Maruti,
" a great rogue. Do you know who I am 1 I am a ser-
* A .complicated snare-