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48                       Kainavijaya.-

two kotis* of warriors under the command of an old mon~
key, Jambuvant, and fifty-six kotis of other monkeys.
When they arrived at the sea which Maruti had first cros-
sed, they were encamped there, there being no way to pro-
ceed further. This news having spread through-
out Lanka, Viblushan, the youngest brother of the de-
mon-king, entreated him to restore Sita to her husband^
and set all the' gods at liberty. He said,- " If you do not
listen- to me,, the whole of Lanka will be annihilated and
all the demons-destroyed." Ravan and his son, Indrajit,
replied, " We do not care at all about it. Let Kama and:
all the monkeys come upon us,- we shall kill them all in a
s-ecorsd." Having failed to persuade the demon-king to
restore Sita to Raiiia,. Vibhishan, accompanied by four de-
mons, came where the monkeys had been en'camped and
sought to visit the prince. The monkeys were about to1
kill the demons, when Vibhis*han said, " I am the young-j
est brother of Ra-vana and have come here to see Rama.
I hear that he killed Yali and gave his kingdom, to Su-
griva.- In like manner,- I want him to kill Ravana and
give his Lanka to me. He is wicked, and has oppressed
bath- the gods and Brahmans»Jy The monkeys looked up-
on him with suspicion and did not believe' at first what her
had said. But Marati said, " Vibhishan' is not a wicked
demon. He is a devotee of Rama,, and has come here'
with some good object/' Whereupon. Rama desired the
monkeys; to allow Vibhishan to see him. Sugriva went
and bfo^ght him to Rama. The demon fell at the feet
of the prince, when the latter blessed the former saying
that he would be the king of Lanka and wo-uld reign,
there as Jong as the sun and the moon last, Rama asked-
him what he should do to cross the sea with his larges
army of monkeys, when Vibhishan replied, u Pray to the
sea, and he may make way for you and your
* One koti is equal to tea millions,