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Bamavijaya*                      4&

Eama went to pray to the sea and Vibhishan left for Lan-
ka. Havana was informed by a demon called Shardula,
that a large army of monkeys under the command of Su-
griva had been encamped near the shore of the sea and
that they would invade Lanka in a day or two. Where-
upon a demon called Shuka came to Sugriva on behalf of
Havana and said to him, " Eama is a wicked man, and
why do you help him ? What have you to do with Sita 1
Quietly return home with your army. If you do not listen
to me, the heads of all your monkeys will be cut off ; and
Bama, Lakshuman &nd you will be killed." The monkeys
were enraged at what the demon had said and beat him
severely, when Lakshuman interfered and let him go.
The demon again said, " You are all stupid donkeys and
will be shortly sacrificed here." Rashabha, a monkey,
replied, u Just tell Havana to restore "Sita to Rama; and
if he refuses to do so, his neck will be cut off with his
ten heads." " Hold your tongue,'"' said Shuka, " Sita
will never be restored to Rama, I again tell you to leave
the prince alone here; and if you do not listen to me,
your days are numbered." The monkeys again caught
him by his neck and, having belabored him, bound him.
with a cord.

Rama prayed to the sea for three days without eating
a morsel of food; but the sea was so impertinent that he
did not listen to his prayer, when the prince got indignant
and aimed his dhanushaban to dry up the sea. The sea
was alarmed and said, " Kindly forgive me and do not
dry me up. I am ready to do what you bid me do."
 Very well," replied Rama, " but what shall I do with
this dhanushaban ? It must be at any rate let off accord-
ing to my solemn resolution which cannot be changed under
any circumstances." u There lives in the west a demon"
called Maru, continued the sea, "He devours all crea-
tures in 4he .water. Please, therefore, let off the arrow