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SO                           Ramavijaya.

at him and cut off his head."    Kama accordingly dischaŁ
ged the  arrow at  him and  cut off his head.    When the.
head fell on the ground,-it'drank  off a   sheet of the sea-
water in the west and: thereby a  tract of land, which is!
now called Marwad, was formed.    The sea regarded Rama
as his  son-in-law and presented him  with a dress and!
ornaments, which he accepted at the request of the mon-
keys; and when he wore them, he looked very beautiful,
Rama asked the sea what means he shonld adopt to  cross
the water with so many  monkeys,  when he said,  *k You
can have a sketu* built over me.    Leiit^e built  by Nak
with stones and mountains, which will float on the surface
of the water only by his hands.    When Eala  was young,
he'always worshipped slialigrams^  and  threw  them into
the sea-water.    A Rishi was pleased with him and blessed
him,    saying that by, his  hands,  stones  and  mountains
would float on the water.*'    So saying to Rama,  the sea-
disappeared.    Immediately  after,   Rama called  ISTala and*
said to him, " To cross the sea, a shetu must be built by-
you of stones and mountains, which will float on the water
by your hands  only.    I, therefore,  beg  you to  order all
the monkeys to procure  stones  and  mountains  and lay
them by your hands in the  water.*'    ISTala  was puffed up
with pride and said to himself  that the  shetu could not
be built without him.    So saying Nala  ordered  the moa-
keys to get stones and mountains which the latter brought
and gave in charge of the  former.    Nala  built a portion*
of the shetu, but the fishes in  the sea ate it.    He agak
built it but the fishes again  ate it.    He was  at a loss^to
know what to do, when Maruti said to him, " Pride gcjf|'
before destruction.    You thought that the  bndge'coiii*
not Be built without you.    What do you. say now ? Le^ye
off your pride and be humble.   E"ow write  the  name d*

*A bridge or pool.   |A black stone found in tk©
Gadartki, and worshipped as sacred-to Vishnu,