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Kamavijaya.                         57

trees and rocks at the demon-king, when the latter hi
off a Bramhasra* and made them all disappear in a
second. Lakshuman then let off a Bramhaslcti* at Havana,
which was cut off by the latter into two parts. One part of
it fell on the ground and with another Lakshuman was
struck; and consequently he fainted. Maruti was greatly
enraged and gave Ravana blows, which made him vomit
blood and return to Lanka. When the demon-king was
thus defeated, he sent his demon-subjects to arouse his
brother, Kumbhakarna, from his fast sleep. The demons
went and shook him but he was not awakened. Whereupon
they threw rocks and mountains at him, pierced
him with sharp weapons, and scratched him with their
nails, but nothing could arouse him from his sleep. He
was snorting with a great noise and drew in and sent out
with his inspiration and respiration the demons, bullocks,
cows, elephants and other animals that had come before
Mm. At last the demons brought two nymphs and made
them sing before,him. By their melodious voice he was
aroused; and as he was hungry for six months, he at once .
devoured billions of bullocks, she-buffaloes, Brahma ns,
cows and even demons, and drank off gallons of liquor
and gJiee\. After his hunger was appeased, the demons
informed him of what had happened to his brother, Ravana,
his kingdom and subjects. Whereupon Kumbhakarna
immediately stood on his legs and began j to walk
towards the palace of his brother. The monkeys, looking
at the huge size of the demon, were greatly disheartened
but Maruti went to him and lifted him up thrice in order
that* they might not be afraid of him. Kumbhakarna
' reached the palace of Havana and stood before him, when
the latter said to him,  Brother ? I am now in difficulty.
I have brought Sita, the wife of Rama, as I wish to
marry her. In order to recover her from me Rama has
* A weapon. t Clarified butter.