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Ramavijaya.                       59

The demon-king was ashamed to behold him in that
state ; and in order to avoid an interview with him he
ordered his barber to show him a mirror. The barber ac-
cordingly held a mirror before the demon in which he
beheld his disfigured face and immediately returned in a;
great rage to renew the fight with the monkeys. t)espe-
rate as he was, he devoured many of the monkeys and
attempted to rush upon Rama, when Lakshuman let off
arrows at him, which lie broke with his hands. In the
mean-time, Vibhishan went to fight with his brother,
when the latter said, " You are a great scoundrel. Do
yon know who I am ? I am your brother.- You are trea-
cherous, and have joined our enemies, I should have just
killed you on this spot, but as there will be no one left be-
hind us to perform our funeral ceremonies, I apare your
life and command you to leaVe this place immediately. Do
not show me your face again." Having heard these words
from the mouth of Kumbhakarna, Vibhishan immediately t
disappeared. Kumbhakarna then rushed upon Rama,
when the latter let off arrows at him, but they all were de-
voured by the demon. Lastly the prince discharged a
deadly arrow at him and cut off his hands with it, and,
with other arrows, his feet, trunk, and head. On receiving
the ilews of the fall of Kumbhakarna in the field Ea-
vana much grieved for him, when Indrajit came and con-
soled his father. Immediately after, Atikaya, the second
son of Eavana, with other warriors, abravely attacked fhe
army of Rama and shot a great number of the monkeys ;
but at last Lakshuman killed him with his arrow. Eavana
much lamented for him, when Indrajit consoled his father
and, having washed his body with the blood of human
beings and cows, performed a penance. His goddess was
pleased with him and presented him with a chafiot, k>rsei
and weapons. He seated himself in that chariot and jumped
imto th» Bkj'} and? having hid himself m the clouds, lie let