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60                         Kamavijaya.

off arrows at the monkeys and killed them all. Even Rama
and Lakshuman were struck with his arrows.  The demon-
prince again returned to Lanka with  success.    To resus-
citate the monkeys, Maiuti went to get a mountain called
Dronagiri, which was full of medicinal plants.    For some
time he stood at the foot of the mountain entreating him
to accompany him to Suvela, the place of the war, and re-
suscitate the  monkeys with his medicinal plants.    The
mountain said   " Be gone.   You,  fool.    I am  not ex-
pected to  accompany you to Suvela.    Depart from  this
place."   Maruti got  indignant at the  insolence of  the
mountain and, having lifted him up with his  tail, brought
him to Suvela.    By the odour of the medicinal plants on
the mountain all the monkeys with Rama and Lakshu- .
man were resuscitated;   and  soon after,   they entered
Lanka and  set fire to it.    Whereupon Ravana sent the
demons, Jang Prachang,  Krochen, Nikumbha and others
to oppose them and quench the fire.    The demons let off
a rain-weapon, which produced water and quenched the
fire.    By his mantra Indrajit then created a female called
Kritya and jumped with her into the sky; and hiding him-
self behind her back he let off arrows at the monkeys and
killed many of them, when Rama, at the suggestion of the
wind, let off the weapon called Angirastra, which cut ofi
the female.    Whereupon Indrajit immediately came down
and, having defeated the army of Rama with heavy loss,
returned to Lanka with success.    The monkeys were ajar-
med, when Maruti immediately kept the field.    At this
time Indrajit created by his mantras a woman exactly like
Sita and, having seated her in his  chariot,  cam$ to the
field and loudly said in the hearing of all the  monkeys,
" You see, on account of this wretched woman my father
has suffered much.   If her head is cut off,  every thing
will end in peace, and there will be no war''   So saying
he cut off the head of the woman and immediately wsnjfc %);