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$2                     Ramavijaya. :

ing that- the havan was destroyed, he was so furious :tfiaf
he let off at them a rain-weapon, which produced the rafo
and flowed the army of Lakshuman. The prince dis-
charged a wind-weapon, which produced the wind and dis*
persed the rain. Indrajit stopped the wind byamoun-
tain-weapon, which produced innumerable mountains, wheo:.
Lakshuman let off a diamond-weapon, which produced dia*
monds,'and broke the mountains1. Indrajit let off a fire-
weapon, which produced fire and began to burn the army
of Lakshuman, when the latter discharged a sea-weapott,
which produced Yolumes of water and- extinguished the
i fire.' '• Indrajit lastly let off five 'arrows and struck Lakshu-
man with thorn, when',Yibhrishan threw his gada* at the
i demon-prince, who cut it off and struck his uncle with five
Arrows.1-At last Lakshuman let off' a deadly arrow and
Broke-~his head with it, and his chariot was broken and
Horses killed! by -Jambuvant. Indrajit however fought
alone on the' ground, when all the monkeys threw at him
innumerable mountains, 'racks, and : trees at one and the
same time, but-he broke them with his* arrows in no time.
He-then jumped into the sky and, hiding1 himself in the1
clouds, let• off-arrows at Lakshuman when Maruti placed
the. latter 'on ih&palm of his hand and lifted him up irt
.the sky, where he fought with Indrajit. Whereupon
tHe detnon-'prince came down," when Maruti brought
Lakshuman on the ground1. They fought for some time
6n the ground but at last Lakshuman cut off with his
arrows the thighs, arms and the head of his enemy. 0u&
of the arms of the'detnon-prince^ when cut oft, fell dovm
in the compdund of the, palace of Ms .wife, Sulochana, a
Daughter" of Sheshav and the monkeys carrie^ ' 6ff ,the
head to their camp/with exurfcation. Kama, rejoiced at'the
success and: told: the : monkeys to preserve; the head.'and
hand it over .to^ a,woman,, who ;woul^l co^e hither to ask
lor it, Sulochana came out of her room,- and as soon as