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Eamavijaya.                       71

immediately got up and began to waik towards his place,
accompanied by Maruti, when Chandraseni indignantly
exclaimed, '* Ah, monkey ! Thou art a great scoundrel.
This is1 thy dodge. I will now curse thee to death."
Maruti was alarmed, when Rama went and pacified her,
saying that he would marry her during his another in-
carnation and that she would be called Satya bhama.
After all the demons were killed, Rama gave Mahikavati
to Makardwaja and returned to- Suvela with Maruti and
the other monkeys.

On the return of Rama to Suvela Ravan said to Jifs
courtiers, " There is no use of my living in this world
without my beloved son, luxlrajit. I must now either kill
Rama or kill myself.'' So saying he commenced to- let off
.arrows at Rama which the latter cut off. But the prince
was straek with one arraw, when Vibhishan let off arrows
at the demon-king, who boiled with rage, discharged at
his brother a weapon called Bramahshakti. Lakshuman
immediately cut it off, when Ravana discharged another
powerful weapon at the priDce but Maruti caught hold of
it before it struck him. To the great surprise of all, the
weapon became a female in the hands of Maruti and said
to him, <<r Well, Maruti, yon say that you are a Brahma-
chari and how do you touch a female? You will be
sinful, if you do not let me go." Maruti was greatly asto-
nished at the female in his hands; and as soon as she
uttered the word, *sirr/ he placed her on the ground, when
she immediately became a weapon and, rushing upon
Lakshuman, struck his head and chest; and consequently
he fell down lifeless. Rama and all the monkeys were
alarmed, and much lamented for him. Kavana, elate
with the success, returned to Lanka with exultation.
Rama and the monkeys were in confusion, and did not
know ivhat to do. All were discouraged, and thought of
leating Suvela, Shortly after, Ravana "again came tŪ