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72                     Kamavijaya.

fight, when Rama, boiled with rage, let off arrows at him
and the other demons and killed many of them. The
demon-king, being unable to overcome him, trembled from
head to foot. He became mad and the picture of Rama
presented itself before him wherever he went. Having
been frightened, he immediately returned to Lanka and
told his wife, Mandodari, about it, when she said, " My
love, my dearest, even now restore Sita to Rama and be
,his friend." " $0, no," Havana indignantly replied,
, u that can never be done. I will either kill myself or
kill Rama." Immediately after Mandodari had returned
to her -palace, he ordered the demons to dig an excavation
in the ground. The excavation was accordingly dug; and
in that excavation he performed a penance to get a divya .
ratha from the god of fire and sat there in deep meditation.
Rama grieved for his brother, and all the monkeys were
alarmed. In the meantime, their physician, Susena, felt
the pulse of Lakshuman and. said, " Lakshuman has still
life in hini and he will be no more, as soon as the sun rises
in the morning. If the plant of nectar is brought here
from Dronagiri in the course of the night, Lakshuman ^can
be restored to life. Is there any warrior who can go forty
millions of yojans from this place and get the plant here
in the course of the night f As soon as the physician put
the question, Maruti said, "I will just go and bring Drona-
giri here in three hours." So saying he took his leave
of Rama and jumped from Suvela. He came to a hill
palled Madaranchela which was close to Dronagiri. Marati
was very thirsty ; and to refresh himself he went to the
abode of an old Brahman and requested him for a cup of
water. This Brahman, who had a number of disciples
with him, blessed Maruti and said, " I am very glad to
see you here. Kindly spend this night with us here aiwi
go in the morning." "I can not wait here for a minute,''
replied'Maruti. "I must (Jo my business as ^poft as