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Kamavijaya,                       63

she identified her husband's arm, she took it up in her
hands and lamented over it She said to the arm with
tears in her eyes, лл My love, just let me know how you
were killed. If I am faithful to you, let this your arm
write a short a-ccouut of the battle you had fought with
Kama." So saying she placed a piece of .paper, pen and
inkstand before the arm, which wrote the full account of
the battle and informed her that the monkeys carried off
his head to Suvela. As soon as Sulochana read the ac-
count,, she grieved much and placed the arm and paper be-
fore his father-in-law, Havana, Havana read the letter
and ffainted -away, when Mandodari came out of her room
and, hearing the sad news of the fall of her brave son,
violently cried-and wept. Sulochana^ said, " I am going to
barn myself with my beloved Indrajit. I, therefore, im-
. plore you to get his head back from the .monkeys/' At
the entreaties of his daughter-in-law the demon-king was
moved, and pitied her-; and at the same time, he was
foiled with rage at the monkeys, and exclaimed, "Daugh-
ter, I shall get the head back. Rest assured. I will now
fight with Rama and never return, unless I kill him." So
exclaiming he ordered his courtiers to make prepartions
for march against the priaee, when Mandoda-ri said to Su-
iochana, " There is no necessity for fighting with Rama.
If you go to him alone, he will give the head to you, as he
is very kind.'* Ravana said, " She is helpless, if any body
commit outrage upon her.'' " There is not a single mon-
key with Rama," replied Mandodari, " who will covet
another's wife/' As soon as Mandodari said these words,
he hid his face with shame and confusion and allowed Su-
lochana to go alone to Buvela. Sulochana came to the
camp pf the monkeys, when the latter took her to Rama.
She said to the prince, i( I am wife of Indrajit and have
come hither to carry the head of my husband, as I am go-
ing to burn myself with him. I, therefore, implore you to