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6d                      Ramavijaya.

and trace the whereabouts of Rama and Lakshuman.
" Even at the risk of my life I will get Rama and Lak-
shuman back," replied Maruti. Having thus spoken
Maruti entered the excavation with ETala, ISTila, Angada,
and Jambuvant and went through it to the sea-shore half
dead, where they refreshed themselves with a fresh breeze.
Looking at the large numbers of the demons they disguis-
ed themselves as Fakirs* and asked the monsters to show
them the way that led to Mahikavati. The demons did
non listen to them and prevented them' from proceed-
ing further, when Maruti got indignant and threw them
into the sea with his tail. Makardwaja was greatly in-
censed, and combated with Maruti but the latter flung-
him down and sat on his chest. Makardwaja was alarm-
ed, when Maruti called upon him to name the espouser of
his cause. " If my father, Marati, were here," said Ma-
kardwaja, "he would kill you and save my life." As soon
as the demon mentioned the name of Maruti, the latter
wa startled, and, getting up from his chest, said, " My
name is Maruti. I am a Brarrihachari j and how do you
say that I am your father ? Just give me an account of
how you were born to me." " When you burnt Lanka/*
replied Makardwaja, '* yon threw into the sea your
sweat, which my mother, a Mapari, J swallowed up ; and
of that sweat I was born to you." Maruti was astonished
at the account given by Makardwaja, and blessed him
when, the Magari came to see the monkey and said to him,.
" When you came here last time, you had a large "size ;
but I now find that your form is very small. I doubt
whether you are that Maruti whom I had seen." Where-
upon Maruti assumed his former form and removed her
doubt. He then acquainted her with what had happened

* Mendicants,   f A Brahman that religiously abstains from
aU sexual comnerce with woman; either fora, time
life.       J An alligator.