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Ramavijaya.                       67

to Kama, when she said, " Ahirayana and Mahiravana are
two brothers. They are wicked and treacherous demons.
I know that they have carried off Rama and Lakshuman
to Mahikavati, and they will sacrifice them to their goddess
tomorrow. I, therefore, advise you to go and hide yourself
in the temple of the goddess, where you will find both the
princes." "Have patience," replied Maruti, " I will -kill all
the demons and give Mahikavati to your son." " Mahi-
kavati," continued the Magari, " is at a distance of 13
yojans, and to reach there you will have to cross a vast-
sea, which you will not be able to do. I, therefore, beg
you to sit with your companions in my mouth, and I will
convey you to that place." Nala, Mia, Angad, and
Jambuvant were afraid, as they thought that the Magari
might swallow them up on their way to Mahikavati.
They, therefore, refused her kind offer and stayed on the
sea-shore, while Maruti alone jumped over the sea and
immediately reached Mahikavati, where he became as-
small as an atom and entered the temple of the goddess;
As soon as he saw the goddess, he put lier into a drain
and, assuming her form, sat in her place. The goddess
was frightened, and did not speak a word for fear of life.
The demons as usual made offerings to the goddess consist-
ing of boiled rice, milk, butter and other things which Maruti
swallowed up to his heart's content and loudly said to the
demons, " I am very much pleased with you, because you
hare brought today Kama and Lakshuman for my tiffin
Let me have them. Do not open the doors of the temple*
because you will not be able to bear my power and lustre.
I, therefore, command you to make an opening to one of
the walls of the temple and push them in through it, so
that I may devour them with a great relish. Do not kill
them." Believing that the goddess was much pleased
with them, Ahiravftna and MaMravana removed the trance
Jrom Kama and Lakshuman and brought them to the