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Ramavijaya.                       69

ravana, and when Rama killed all the MaMrayanas produ-
ced by all the drops of the firit Mahiravana the drops of
so many Mahiravanas produced innumerable Mahiravanas
and thus the more Bama killed the Mahiravanas, the
more they were produced.   At last Rama was confuse dĽ
and did not know what to do.   Maruti went and asked
the Magari to acquaint him with the cause of the pheno-
menon.   The Magari referred him to Chandraseni, wife
of Ahiravana, and told him that she would tell him all
about it.   Whereupon Maruti called upon Ohandrasenl
and implored her to tell him the cause of the phenomenon,
when she said, ci I shall be very glad to tell yoxi the cause
of the phenomenon, bttt Sinless Rama marries me, I shall
not tell you the cause.   I am charmed with the prince,
and if you promise me that you will ttoake him marry me,
I shall tell yott the cause." " Oh, yes.   I can do it veiy
easily," replied Maruti.   c* Then give me your promise,"
continued Chandraseni.   Maruti gave his promise to her,
"when she said, ** Ahiravana performed a severe penance
'on account of which the god, Siva, was pleased, ^an d,
blessed him, Saying that every drop of the nectar in the
*kundas in fatal, if mixed,  with every drop of the blood
of Mahiravana, it would produce one Mahiravana and that
the drops of the blood of the Mahiravanas produced by
such drops would multiply the Mahiravanas.    So saying
he presented the dernon with a string of ) Bramahras and
told him that the Bramahras would supply  his brother
with the nectar at the" time of a war.   Now you see, these
Bramahras, who are as big as mountains, go to Fatal and
sprinkle the nectar over the blood of the Mahiravanas and
consequently there is no end to them.   1, therefore, tell
you to go to Patal* and kill all the Bramahras, so that
the nectar may not be sprinkled over the blood of the
MahiraVanasi killed by Rama."   As soon as Maruti knew
""    * Holes in 'the ground,   f Big black files,                   "~~