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Ramavijaya.                       73

possible.J>   When the Brahman found that Maruti did
not comply with his wishes, he showed him a river. Maruti
went there and stooped to take water, when a vivasi* as big
as a mountain came out to devour the monkey, who at once
Seized   her by her legs and instantly killed her.    Whea
she was killed, a beautiful devangana^ came out of her
belly and threw herself at the feet of Maruti. She said, " I
was very beautiful; and, being proud of my beauty, I laughed
at a sage,  who got indignant and cursed me, saying that
I would be a vivasi.    I implored him to look  upon me
with mercy and make the curse a little milder, when he said
that I would be released from the curse by your hands.    I
also inform you that the Brahman, who lives in tbat abode,
is a demon called Kalnemi.  He  has been  here for many
days with his companions, who are also demons. Havana has
sent this demon to detain you here, and when you refused to
comply with his wishes, he told you to go to that  rivet in
order  that  I  might  devour you."    No  sooner did the
devangana inform Maruti  of this  than he  came back to
the abode of the  Brahman,  when  the latter said to the
monkey,  " You ought   to  give  me some presents, as
I have pointed out  the river  to you." " I  shall  be very
glad to give you presents," replied Maruti.    The demon
stared at the monkey, when the latter gave him blows as
precious   presents  from him.    The  demon immediately
assumed his original form which was five yojans in length
and breadth,  and combated with Maruti but the latter
instantly killed him; and his  companions fled to  Lanka
to inform Havana of it.   Maruti  then went to Dronagiri
and Implored him to accompany him to Suvela, when the
mountain said, u Thou art a  troublesome  creature.    Go
away,    Thou, fool. I will never come with thee."    Maruti
got enraged and. having lifted up the mountain with his
tail, set out  for  Suvela. > But on the road  Bharat, the
*A goddess,   f ^ courtesan of heaven.